Dropping Matt Off

Matthew was set apart bright and early Tuesday morning. He said goodbye to Alyssa before she went to school. Then it was off to Utah, to bring Elder Stucki to the MTC. Grandpa Stucki came with us and we dropped him off for a visit with his friend Gerald Finch. After Matt said goodbye to grandpa, we continued on to Provo. We picked up a couple of things Matt still needed for his list. That night we went to Carrabba's. It was the last dinner we'll have with Matt for awhile, but it was a great one. We laughed and ate and ate. The next morning we took Matt to Denny's for his free missionary breakfast. We headed over to the MTC. It brought up a lot of happy memories for Kyle. He was telling us a little bit about what it will be like for Matt. But unlike when Kyle went into the MTC, everything was green and gorgeous. Lots of pictures were taken. Then it was time for Matt to enter through the missionary door. He got his missionary badge and an orange dot to show he was a brand new missionary. We headed into one of the chapels at the MTC. We sang Called to Serve and it was amazing. After some short talks and a video it was time to say goodbye. We all hugged Matt goodbye, some tears were shed. Then it was out one door for Matt and another for us. I was happy and sad, and proud, and excited and I'm not even going, so I can only imagine what Matt was feeling. When we hear from him though, I'll be sure to let you know. For my vote, the first day was a good one.

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