White Christmas!?!?!?

Date: Sunday, December 5, 2010, 3:19 PM

What a week we have been fighting the good fight, and definitely keeping the faith! Things are just humming along. Although we didn't have one full day to proselyte this week the Lord still provided a way for us to have many miracles! We taught and found like crazy, and Polly was baptized. Beau, who was baptized two weeks ago, was able to baptized his mom (Polly) on Saturday. It was very special to see now all that live in the home are strong, active members of the church! We had a Tongan family move in with a member family in our ward, and they came to church so we are going to teach them tonight, and hopefully set them for Christmas or one of the days before! There is now snow here to we just create our own white Christmas by baptizing people since we wear all white!! The mission took a big jump up this past week in sets so we just have to hang on to them for three more weeks, then we should accomplish our goal of doubling our baptisms! I definitely have never been so tired in my life, but I will rest some day, as for now I will wear myself out for the cause of Heavenly Father!

I really do love this work even through all the stink stuff the good stuff totally out weighs any other bad stuff there is!! On Saturday we had to "bashes". We do our best to never bash, but these people we not leave us alone. Many missionaries know in the mission that to bash with Elder Stucki is not a very good idea. I had an experience my 2nd transfer where a man from another church started to bash us and I was lost and I promised myself I would never let it happen again. I studied very very hard to understand any thing they try to throw at us, and am happy to say that I will never loose. The sad/bad part is they just get upset no matter how calm you present what you have to say they just want to argue, and of course that goes no where so as I said we do our best to stay away from the situation, but if does come we NEVER loose. Fortunately the people here for the most part are just loving and we have no troubles even if they are not interested, but you always have a few bad apples!! It is very fun to sort through them and see all the different types of people especially in such a small country!!

Anyways on a better note the zone is still working very hard we would appreciate all of your prayers and faith at an increased level and for the mission. The people we teach are really being hit hard by all sorts of different opposition from Satan, we just hope that they will gain a strong enough testimony that they can with stand the things that they get thrown at them. I am so thankful for what the mission has done to me spiritually it is such a great blessing!! Physically on the other hand I could have done without the mission (extra-weight) ha ha, but all is well in Zion! Thanks for everything that everyone does, and for the things that I learn and feel in your emails. I know that this is God's work. I am tired, and I'm sure I looked warn out, but I got the fire burning with in I will keep fighting to the end!!! I love life, and I love yous all!! Have a great week!!

Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!

Date: Sunday, November 28, 2010, 1:51 PM

Well yet again another week has come and gone. On Saturday I hit the 18 month mark which is a little scary, but very exciting! We had another great we of teaching finding converting and yes baptizing! This week Beau was baptized on Saturday morning! Mom he is the brother of the lady that wrote you the letter 2 weeks ago! It was a great baptism, but definitely a "nail bitter". We had to do the baptism on Sunday morning before church because the ward had so many other activities on Friday and Saturday! He was supposed to be there at 7:30, but we got a call from his mom telling us that he was not home yet and it was 7:45. After I got off the phone I looked at my companion and said well it is time to pray!!! We found an empty room in the Chapel and knelt down to plead with heavenly father to get Beau there quickly. He was out with his friends the night before and had not come home yet! We felt peace as we prayed and held out hope that he would still come! Sure enough about 10 minutes later we got another call from him mom saying he is home and getting ready! I t was a great success.

Last week we got a new ward mission leader so it has been good to "train him up" in righteousness. He is so humble and willing to do anything that we ask of him!!! He and his 3 daughters sung at the baptism. They are truly incredible singers! He is a Samoan man that drives a bus for work and so his hours are crazy, but he comes out with us any time that he can! We also found so really good people this week that we are hoping to get baptized in December. It will definitely be a crazy month with the holidays, and transfers half way through the month! We are working very hard as a mission to follow the call of a Prophet and saves souls monthly right now about 75% of the mission is doing that! Also President has released his new vision for 2011................he is challenging us to saves souls weekly. We have not focused on any number goal, but to just save souls. It is so exciting that our mission is getting to that level. The Lord is blessing us so abundantly. We are focusing on the basics as Always: Faith, Revelation, and obedience with exactness! These are the things that work no need to get fancy. the Lord has promised by small and simple means great things will come to pass!

I am glad to hear that everyone had a good thanksgiving, unfortunately that holiday does not exist in this country ha ha. It scares me to think and see how big and grown up everyone is getting with birthdays and such. I will not recognize anyone ha ha. Tonight we, Elder Brown and I, will have a party with the ward for our birthdays so we are excited for that. I think just about everyone that emailed me today was worried if I would get a cake or not. You should be more worried about me eating too much cake. We just get fed TOO much. I know many of you never thought you would see the day that I said that, but I am ready to get back to being me! We have started playing football every morning so that is helping me get in better shape! Sorry for the short email, but we have things to do I love you all and am thankful for the constant support that I receive from your faith and prayers!

Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

Just livin the dream!!!

Date: Sunday, November 21, 2010, 2:00 PM

Well I just blinked and now I am back at the library emailing home I can not believe it!! It has been a busy week with the Mission conference on Monday then Pday on Tuesday. It truly feels like I was just sitting here!! We had a great week full of teaching and baptisms. Definitely what every missionary dreams of!!! Moroni, the handicap boy, was baptized, and it was probably in the top 5 events of my mission. Elder Brown and I assisted Moroni's older brother Peter in baptizing. I was in the front on my knees and Elder Brown was at his feet. We practiced again on Thursday, and then the day came for the real thing on Saturday! We all assumed our positions, and after the prayer Peter and I held Moroni like a baby in a cradle and he went straight down, no hesitation and came out. This is huge since he has a fear of going under the water! He came out and was beyond happy!! The spirit was so strong and all who attended left better than they came!! I gave Moroni one of my badges so he is now "Elder Sckookey" just like me. (That is how he pronounces it) He proudly wore the badge to church on Sunday as well. Jireh a 12 year old boy who was baptized in October was finally confirmed on Saturday after the mother finally signed the permission form! We have been really blessed!

This coming Sunday BJ will be baptized, he is a 19 year old boy that lives with his member sister and her family and his mother, Poly, lives there too. He will be baptized on Sunday and receive the Priesthood, then baptize his Mum the following Saturday December 4!! Mom that is the family that sent you the letter! They both have come so far in their testimonies, and now are ready to make that step of being baptized!! I have been blessed in such a significant way with people that are so prepared to receive the gospel in their life. The other day I was going through in my head all their faces and stories, and I just felt good. I feel that I am truly doing all in my power to help all of God's children come home to him!!

We also we finally able to catchup with Eseta, and talk about her praying to be baptized we then had a powerful lesson with her, and she has accepted that she needs to be baptized. she just needs better fellowship to get her to stay solid in the church!! She is such a special lady!

I got word this morning that I have some packages in the office so we plan I driving out there this afternoon to get all the stuff for our zone. This time of year is nuts with all the things that come in for the missionaries!

That is great that Evan has his Farewell be sure to give him a huge hug for me and tell him to serve with NO REGRETS!!! Also tell Kyston Congrats on his call!! Alyssa has a job what?!?!? ha ha bout time lil lady! I will definitely miss Turkey day, but I get feeds just as big at least 3 times a week ha ha it is not good!! That is mean that Red Rock stake is taking over the Nativity! It was always such a special thing for all of us to go and see. Where will it be held? The year is just racing by don't you just love it!!!! I just love everyday and make sure I don't waste a moment. Satan is hard at work trying to discourage me and all the missionaries, but we are the life blood of the church of course he wants to take us down. We are on the front lines and boy is it fun to take Satan down or hinder his work ha ha just brings joy to my soul! Well a week from today I will be 21 that is a scary thought, but it will be good. Elder Brown and I will have a joint party since his will be on the 26. The ward is having a party for us so it should be good 21st is a huge deal in New Zealand!

Well mum that is the longest email you have gotten in a long while so I hope you enjoy it ha ha. I hope you all have a great week and have some turkey and pie for me!!
Love yous all!!!

Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M

What a blur!

Date: Monday, November 15, 2010, 2:45 PM

The past week has been exactly that a quick blur. We are over busy ensuring that all the people within the zone are going to be baptized. We went on Trade-Offs with ever Elder in the Zone and a Comp study with both of the sister companionship's. Things are going well, but Satan is in the details both with the missionaries and with the investigators! We have to beat him, which we know that if we qualify for, and rely on the Spirit of God then we will crush him!! When it comes down to it he has absolutely no power, he only can influence us it is our choice to make not his! We had many miracles over the past week, one with the Moroni a boy that has a rare condition that slows down the process of the brain. He tried to get baptized when he was eight, but has a huge fear of the water. He is now 12, and the parents wanted to try again. this past week we filled up the font, and his brother and him practiced in the water he wouldn't go under so Elder Brown and I got into the water with all our clothes on, and made him feel more comfortable. He went under the water multiple times, and now he is set to be baptized this coming weekend! Also Poly and BJ who attended the temple have been progressing really well. they are both looking forward to being baptized on the 27. With out even teaching her about it Poly has given up drinking and smoking, and has been coming to church consistently. This is the same woman that said she supported her daughter, and if her son, BJ, wanted to join, but she had her own and she was just fine. She has had a complete change of heart, and the light has come into her eyes!!! We had Zone leader council this past week, and Elder Brown, Elder Davidson and I played Satan in a Nerf battle as a part of President and Sister Porter's training hopefully they will put the pictures up on the blog they are just too funny! Things are going well with my new companion we are just striving to help the work to continue and to progress!

You may or may not be wondering why we are emailing late, but yesterday we had a mission conference (the whole mission!) and we met together to hear trainings from President & Sister Porter along with the assistants. I was the Chorister believe it of not, the senior couples and others were impressed that I can read music, and didn't just wave my hand in the air ha ha. I remember learning that skill in youngmens! Then Elder Brown and I sang with The Samoan and Tongan missionaries one Samoan song & one Tongan. The whole meeting was very powerful. Then for the second half of conference we had a special speaker come. I don't know if the name Hinckley rings any bells, but Elder Hinckley of the 70 came and spoke to us. Yes our late Prophet President Gordon B. Hinckley (1912-2008), his son. It was really good. he is the Head of missionary work for the church, and had some really good thoughts that we can do to continue to progress. He thanked us for following the call of his Dad to double our baptisms, we don't have it yet, but we are on track if we just hold out our last two months of the year!!! Then President Hamula, and Nielson spoke to us of the Area presidency. Over all it was a very spiritual day!!! Well I have to email in a miracle, for a book that Sister Porter will be putting together so I have to keep it short. I am glad to see that everyone is doing well and life is just chugging along!!! All my love!!!

Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

Week, month, & Transfer!!! 11/08/10

Well another week, month, transfer have all come and gone! So as you know my old companion Elder Rea is home. So I got a new companion, his name is Elder Brown from Khasville, Utah, so I am back to an American. He was companions with Elder Rea when they were my Zone Leaders in Manurewa. He just came from Waipuna ward where I have also served, and when I became a district Leader I replaced him in Papakura. He is a solid missionary, but the trend continues..... I have only had 1 companion that has been in the field for less time than I have, and that is when I trained! Elder Brown goes home in January, so I may also kill him off as well not to sure!! We have had a lot of changes in the Zone only one companionship did not have a change in it so now we are working at getting to know them and striving to help them catch the vision! Elder Brown and I also moved flats so now are flat is bigger than a shed, which is really nice, but we spent about 8 hours cleaning the filth that the old missionaries lived in and were ok with. Obviously they didn't have my mom as their mother! The flat is now super nice, and the spirit is strong!!

We have had a bust week with transfers and all that so not too much work going forward, but we were able to set a boy names BJ, and his mom named Poly for the 27 of November!!! They live with their Sister/Daughter Sister Pisa. We have had some very spiritual lessons with them!! They went down to the temple for a visit, and the mom just couldn't stop smiling and saying how good she felt!! We taught them that night after they got home, and they asked how they could go inside, we explained and then committed them to be baptized after a bit more talking they accepted, and now the work begins!!! Charles and Junior got the priesthood yesterday, and Charles bore his testimony in church so they are still progressing which is very good to see!! We are working very hard to "fill the pipes" we have a fairly low teaching pool, but we have faith that Heavenly Father is preparing the hearts of his children to help them receive us and his gospel!!

Well now to some home stuff... I am always happy to hear about Palo Verde victories I think I have more pride in that school than 90 of the students that actually go there ha ha. Hopefully they can take out Gorman or who ever is the competition of the year!! Speaking of sports I want to play rugby league when I get home, I know it isn't very popular, but it is so much fun. Of coarse I will be back in the wrestling room asap. Last week on pday I wrestled a few Elders one that wrestled in High School you will be glad to know that I remain Undefeated on the mission!!! Estee I am so excited to see your house it seems like each week you have done something more to make it a home. Have you "dedicated" it, if not get Dad and Kyle to!! Dad I miss dutch oven cooking heaps, and that food you made sounded delicious! I am glad to hear that Grandma Tryon doesn't have cancer that is a huge relief!! How are the Stucki's I have not heard from them in months!! I know everyone is busy so I don't blame any one!

Well that is my update for the week as you can tell things are going very well we are excited for the next six weeks and the miracles that will be about!! Please continue to pray for me and those that we teach!! Hope you have a safe and enjoyable week!!! I love yous all!!!

Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

November is here?!?!?!

Wow I can not believe that we are into the 11th month of the year that is truly insane! It was a really good week. Boy sometimes I wonder if I just copy and pasted an old email if anyone would even notice. Ha Ha just kidding, but I feel that I am at that point in the mission where home is a fairytale, and mission is the only life I know. Good mostly, but when it comes to P-days comes around it is weird trying to relay what is happening here in "real life" to "Fairy tale land". My companion leaves one Wednesday I take him home to the mission home tomorrow morning, then he flies back to Australia Wed. morning. He has definitely been one of my favorites! We work very well together and also goof around with the best of them! We have been very blessed this past month the zone Saved 17 souls, and has 21 lined up for November! I will find out who my new companion is probably on Tuesday, and then transfers in on Wednesday! This should be a really big transfer for the mission, due to the fact that the last two have been rather small.

Well news from this week Junior was baptized, so that was great to see! We also had quite a few people at church, so we are hoping to set a few more than we already have for the month of November. I spoke at our stake priesthood meeting on Sunday so that was a good honor. One of the stake presidency members asked me after speaking at his home, and at church! I feel it went really well I spoke to encourage all the young men to serve a mission. I hope that it went well. Well sorry, but I am out of stuff to say if I think of more I will come back later, but don't hold your breathe I love you all, and hope that Heavenly Father will continue to bless you as I serve faithfully!

Better late than never! 10/25/10

Hello to ALL! This Monday was Labour Day for New Zealand, so all the libraries were closed and you are getting my email a day later than usual! Things are still just chuggin along. We had a wonderful weekend both Michael and Charles were baptized as you can see in the photo! I baptized Charles and Elder Rea baptized Michael! That was definitely our most exciting news of the week, but I will now continue to write in fear that my mother would not be too happy if she only got a 3 line email ha ha. It was great to see the change in their hearts and in their countenance as they came out of the water. Charles could not stop saying how good he felt and smiling from ear to ear!

We had a very busy week with trade offs almost everyday helping to solidify the investigators through out the Zone. Friday night came around, and I was thrashed, my companion and I jokingly wondered how we could do it again? We have always been blessed with just enough energy to get through, but it is all worth it when you see the change in the lives of those that you teach. We have another busy week making sure that all 11 of the zones baptismal candidates go through this weekend, and the mission is really counting on it! We had a conference call with all the ZL's, Assistants and President Porter on Monday. It was really good to hear of some of the future events that we ave coming in the mission, and things that we want to accomplish! We now more than ever need the constants prayers of all. I wish I could explain more on the events that are in the future, but President made us all vocally agree to keep our mouths shut ha ha. So we put our head down, and do just as the picture says "Keep on Trucking"!! I am thankful to be in the service of a loving God that always provides a way for us to do what he has asked!!

We have been unable to catch up with Eseta, but I am still hopeful that the Lord will help her understand the importance of the decision that is before her and help her to make the right one! I am not sure how much I have talked about Morehu if at all, but she came to church on Sunday, in all white might I add, and she loved it. She is a Maori lady in her 50s or later, and for a majority of her life was big into drugs! She has lost a lot of mental capacity due to it, but she has been clean for a few years and has been searching for God in her life! She loved church, and said that it really helped her to get through the trials she is having. Right now she has a sister in the hospital sick with cancer, and she has lost 4 other family members in the last year or two, so she has a lot of built up pain and frustration. She will hopefully be set for November! Thankfully we have a very supportive ward that took her and all our our investigators right in!! Bishop is one of my favorite definitely in the top 2 and he is coming with us to her lesson tonight so I am excited for that!

Well I am off to slay dragons and save the world. All in a days work I guess ha ha. Thanks for all the emails, love, and Prayers. May God bless you all in your righteous endeavors!!! I love you all heaps!

Good times in South Auckland

Well Kia Ora to all!! What a week of adventures it has been. It is so true that emailing just does not do the stories justice, but I guess I will give it my best shot and your imagination can fill in the rest!!! I guess I will start with the things of no real value other than a good laugh. This past week between Elder Rea and I along with one other companionship, in a 3 meal event, ate 58 pieces of KFC Chicken, 12 chips (Fries full containers), 3 mash potatoes and gravy, 5 Coleslaws, and 5x 1.5 liters sodas. Boy was it tasty ha ha. It is really quite fowl if you think of it, but you only live once right? Point taken if I continue to eat like this my life will not be as long, but when it is put on the table you eat and don't say a word! It is funny the food we consume while serving in South, but what can I say I have always been a fan of food!

Well on a more missionary side of things we double our member present lessons this week with 18 and are really seeing some great progression in those we teach! This weekend a 19 year old boy named Charles will be baptized. He is doing really good and has been working very hard to give up smoking! Also Michael who is 11 will be baptized he is a very smart boy that comes from little parental support. It is super sad to see, but if he continues in the Gospel he will change generations and generations of lives just by one decision!! We are working closely with them this whole week to make sure Satan will be kept away! It will be a good weekend.

This week we also had interview with President Porter. He is pleased with how things are going for the most part, but he is the kind of man that just plain tells you what he expects and so we have got some things to work on. I find that style wonderful because we know exactly what he expects and so we know what we need to do!!! I will be forever grateful for him and his wife they truly have been called of God to guide this mission and they are doing s fantastic job. We had a fireside that they spoke at yesterday for all of Auckland, and I saw heaps of people from old areas it was really cool to see them and know they remember me. It is a good feeling when you see people still strong in the church or they thank you for the impact you have had on their life.

Eseta's lesson had to be rescheduled because of a family thing so I am hoping that this week we can set her for baptism! I went to Tangaroa wards primary program (my first ward) the kids were so cute. That definitely is the best Sunday of the year! In our ward my companion and I spoke. I spoke on the power of an example and how Christ mentions multiple times to "Come Follow me." He does not just bark orders, but he sets the example and then asks us to follow him! I am so thankful for that! Elder Rea spoke on the worth of souls! Things went very well and the word is very supportive. On the 31st I have been asked to speak in the Stake Priesthood meeting to encourage the youth to serve a mission so I have been gathering my thoughts for that. I love speaking I know that that is a big way that I am able to be used as an instrument in his hands!! For most people it is a dreaded assignment, but I guess I am just weird!

Well family and friends I love you and am thankful for all you do. Stay strong in what you know is right, and may God bless you as youmake decisions for good!! Remember that God lives and loves you!

So attached are some pictures! Police in New Zealand, Bentley which is Grandma Stucki's maiden name (hopefuly spelled right!), and I founs Uncle John's rd. ( John Stone's Rd), and the one year burning of the shirt! (mom the shirt wan no longer wearable to many stains that yould not come out)

looks good, feels not so. . . 10/10/10

Gooday to all!!! Well emails a lot later than usual we had to drive to the office and trade our car in and get a new one. Well the brand new one went to the sisters and their newer one came to us!! We were very excited! Our old car went up to the North land and their car went to auction!!! I read in Paul (Elder Turner's) email that they are driving a truck that makes me very jealous!!! I am grateful to have a car though! Well things in the zone on the outward are looking great we have 23 more set for the month and currently 8 of 9 companionships baptizing, but they just don't feel right. We had two minor disobedient issues come up. I won't say what, but this is what President was talking about when he said I need to learn how to deal with the "big time" zones. I just don't understand what the brain process of being disobedient is!!! This and one other zone have the worst record just because the missionaries live so close to each other and the members are all for the missionaries doing whatever! Things on the outside look OK, but complacency and laziness are coming in and we are working very hard to battle the attacks of Satan. Fortunately I know we will come out victorious in the war, but the battle could get ugly if we don't become humble and obedient very quickly!!!

Any ways on a much happier note I taught Eseta this week. She is my "Grandma" from my first area. She still has not been baptized, but we pretty much told her that I am back to bring her fully into the Gospel. She is currently praying about baptism, so please keep her in you prayers. We also had a beautiful feed with her and caught up on the past year. It was a very spirit filled lesson! Things are going well in Hillary ward (my ward) we have 5 set and are just doing all we can everyday. Last night I fell asleep while writing my weekly letter to President Porter, but it didn't help that I was writing it on my bed ha ha. I agree with everyone elses comment on General Conference very direct and to the point. The messages seemed to follow these topics: Repentance, Faith, Follow the Prophet or families. Also Elder Rea and I figure that we could by 2 buckets of KFC if we had a dollar for every time the warning was mentioned about Pornography. It truly is a terrible sin. That would be about 50-60 dollars ha ha. Fortunately in New Zealand it is not too big of an issue, it is the smoking and drinking that are just terrible!!! Oh and to answer someone's question we watch conference over Saturday and Sunday. The attendance was grim partially because they can get it over the Internet and mostly because people think it is just a week to take off. I often think the messages are most needed by those that don't attend.

Well it is off to go shop and play sport!!! I love you all more than you know and need your prayers just as much as ever if not more!! I love the work and the people I serve, this is God's work and we are here to rescue his children Results do matter and so do the numbers!!! God numbers his children so we must save souls constantly!!! He expects us to accomplish his work we were sent to achieve, not just to go through the motions! Have a great week and look for a way to be an instrument in the hands of God!

My address in 44a Ashton Ave in Otara right by MIT (Manukau Institute of technology).

Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

Brick house, 44, 13 Cobham Street

It is kind of getting old trying to fit a weeks worth of information into words and then into an email that will make sense. Most weeks I fail, but the experiences I have had are what shapes my character and helps me become what the Lord would have me be! I am thankful for another safe week filled with the spirit. I was writing a letter last night and in it I made mention that it is so nice to feel that if my card was pulled and I had to stand before my maker I would humbly stand tall and have faith that he would say unto me well done my good and faithful servant. It is a feeling of peace and hope that I am doing exactly what God would have me do and striving to do it on his time table. It is a feeling that I never want to let go and never will. I will stand firm and my testimony will remain unshakable because it is founded in my Savior and Redeemer even Jesus Christ! I am so thankful for his love and mercy that he shows to me on a daily basis!!

So my Subject heading comes from Saturday night. Elder Rea and I had 25 minutes left in the night so we decided to pray and ask where we needed to be. We asked for specific direction as to where we should go! The thoughts that came to my mind was the number 44 and bricks. Elder Rea said 13 Cobham which is an address we have never been to before. We drove to that street and sure enough number 13 was a brick house! I looked at the time and it said 8:44 ha ha so we were onto something good! In fact there was a 13A and 13B. So we went to 13A first knocked on the door and a younger Maori lady answered. We found out the family was all over because a family member had just passed away. Right then was not a good time, but she invited us to come back this week. I know that the message we have to share will bring her peace as she understands God's plan for us. She will come to know where her family member is and how she can live with them again!!! I know for sure that as we pray in faith God will lead us to where we need to be. I have great faith in following the call of a Prophet when he said that all missionaries throughout the world should baptize monthly. Some of you reading this may disagree, but a prophet said it can be done. Many missionaries thought that this mission would never do what it is now doing, but I know that it is only by faith. We must never doubt God will always fulfill his promises and it tells us in the scriptures that he is preparing the hearts of the Children of men. I have a firm knowledge of that!

Well I am excited to watch General Conference this coming weekend you lucky Americans get to watch it live ha ha. For us Celestial souls we have patience to wait an extra week ha ha. I love you all and am so thankful to have the family I have. I am reliving my first months of my mission and I again see how important it is to have good parents. It kills me to see the lack of care parents have for their children here. The conditions they live in would make any one with a conscience sick!!! Thankfully God's soldiers are out fighting the battle day by day!!! That's us Soldiers of God out to bring his children to the light.

I love you all and pray for you often! God be with you til we meet again!!

Coming home. . .

Well this week was the delightful week of transfers, and you will never guess where I am or should I say where I am back to. Can you say OTARA haha probably not, but I am back. That was my very first area, so today I am back on the same computers in the library, and will go back to the same shopping places and all the good stuff. I was definitely not expecting it!!! A few changes though, I serve in a different ward, just the same stake, and am still a Zone Leader! My companion is Elder Rea (pronounced Ray). He is from Australia, so I am glad for that, weird enough I get along best with the Aussies over the Americans. Elder Rea is like Australian version of Kyle (my brother). He has been a Zone Leader for quite some time now, in fact he was my Zone Leader when I was a district leader in Papakura! We work very well together and I am very excited about the upcoming 6 weeks. I will for sure only have 6 weeks with him because he is finished after this one. This is my first time killing off a missionary so it will be a fun experience, and very rewarding at the end because I will end up with all the stuff he won't need back home like ties and shirts and stuff! The tradition continues however I have only had one companion my whole mission that had less experience that me with regards to time on the mission haha. So we cover only one stake as a Zone which is the Great TAMAKI (Tom-a-key). It is literally the Heart and soul of the mission. This past month 9 of 9 companionship's baptized and hit a new zone best of 20. October is setting up to beat that as well. It is total shell shock from my last area of rich and white people back to my favorite Polys and poor as..... The food is to die for and the portions should be illegal!! The cool part is that y ward now meets in the same chapel as my first ward Tangaroa, so I was able to see many old faces. I also hope to see Eseta this week and commit her to be baptized. I know I was sent back for a specific purpose and I feel that she and a few others are a big part of that. Now I have a lot more in my library of knowledge for the Holy Ghost to draw from so I feel that now may be the time!! We are very busy all the time since people are so receptive here. Also busy with making sure all the missionaries are staying obedient the members love the missionaries so much down here that often times the missionaries take advantage of that or that we all live so close together. My last area was bigger than the whole zone I am over now haha. So there are a lot of the things that we have to keep an eye on. At transfers President pulled me aside and said that I need to learn from Elder Rea and connect with the language program missionaries because after 6 weeks I will be taking over the area, and he said there are 3 main zones in the mission and you have to learn how to make them successful! Needless to say, I accepted, and again have been humbled by circumstance! I am excited for the challenge and know that God will always qualify those that he calls! The two young girls from my last area were also baptized this past weekend so I was glad to get that news! Mission life is great it is now just time to sprint till the end of the year we are so close to following the call of a Prophet and to double our baptisms we just have to put it into high gear and qualify to be instruments in the Lord's hands! He will do the work we will just be used by him. It is good to be home or at least in a place that feels close to it! Oh and day light savings time was this weekend for us so that may be why you get this later than usual! Life is good and it was so great to hear from all of you today. I love you all more than words are able to express and will be eternally grateful for the people that have been placed in my life!!!

P.S. The picture is of the "refreshments" after a baptism we had this week this was about half the food I kid you not for about 35-45 people haha life is GREAT!


Date: Sunday, September 19, 2010, 6:10 PM

My goodness how can I be asked to think about Mom and Dad coming to pick me up??? I have eons, millenniums, ages, heaps long as (that's what we would say in New Zealand) the last thing well close to the last thing on my mind is picking me up so now that that is cleared up ha ha we can talk about my week. Well over all it was an incredible week we taught heaps and found new people that are ready to make changes in their life so it was really good! For example we had about two and a half hours this one morning and we were out being led by the spirit and we drove along and came across a street called Redwood yes Redwood. To some of you that means nothing, but to the Stucki clan that is one of our favorite streets. We know that when we are there we will have a cold Pepsi heaps of delicious food, and all the love one can handle!! That is because that is where Grandma and Grandpa Stucki live, in Vegas of course! So I felt the need to go down that street and we were driving down the street and came to the end where we parked then looked around and went to the first house, where no one answered the door, and then went next to and the young lady in her probably early thirties answered. It was very evident that she was a hard out smoker, but we began talking to her and as we were speaking we bore witness that God sent us to her door that day to help her. That is something that we don't do to often because some people think that we are nuts if we say it to them, but we say anything that the Holy Ghost tells us to. She looked at us with tears in her eyes and said I know you have been sent by God, but I don't know how to come back. We then found out she was actually a member of the Church, but hasn't been in ages! She knows that church is where she needs to be, but she is just not clear on what to do to come back. Unfortunately there was no other man there so we could not go in straight away to teach her, but we bore witness of the things we know to be true and were able to set up a return appointment. She had two very young kids, and they need to grow up in the Gospel so that will be a blessing to see! I have gained a great love for not only baptizing new people into the church, but seeking after God's lost sheep and bringing them back to the Fold. It is very special especially when they have family that comes back as well. The Lord has been merciful to us this week in letting us participate in many miracles.

Unfortunately we have some bad news as well! Lauren Mincher who was supposed to be baptized last Saturday will no longer be getting baptized. We found out this week that the church requires both parents permission. The Mother and Father are separated and the Mom has gone completely anti against the church!! She doesn't know we have been teaching her or that she has been going to church, which she doesn't need to know either, but for baptism the church requires it even though the Law says other wise. It was so sad because we found out late Friday night, and Lauren was really excited! I have a firm testimony that she will be baptized because the Lord will always fulfill his promise that he will prepare a way for us to keep his commandments!

This week is transfers I reckon that I am going, I have been here for three transfers (4.5 months) and that is the longest I have ever been in an area and with my companion for two so we will see what transfer call brings. However it is NEVER what you expect. There is only one thing certain about transfers and that is there is nothing certain!! Well ya things are good life is good and I am just chugging along thanks for everyone's love and support! Love you ALL heaps and heaps!

WET WET WET!!! 9/12/10

Another week has come and gone, and I am starting to wonder how can time continue to speed up, there has to be a limit, but I guess not! Things are going very well for the most part we took a big hit as a zone compared to last month so this morning we had a meeting with our district leaders to try and combat the trend of super months then decent months and do our best to focus on steady progression which is exactly what the Lord has required us to do! Dad asked about John Richardson his is doing well we had a great lesson with him this week focusing on the Book of Mormon. We played the talk by Elder Holland then bore our witness as well of the truthfulness of that remarkable book!! The spirit was strong, and will work on him just as it worked on Fred and countless others!

This Saturday I went on Trade-offs with Elder McKinley (his parents came to visit you in Vegas) It was so good to be with him again him and I improved our teaching together like no other companions either of us have ever been with so it was a great blessing. Bad part was we were on bike and the rain was non stop all day. After a while you just laugh at how wet you are, and just keep on keepin on! It is funny how little time I actually spend one on one with my actual companion. Between trade-offs and meetings we are rarely together. We had been very blessed with reguards to teaching and finding as usual, although we were taken out of our are God still provided over the standard in all most all areas of the work. From teaching to fining and everything in between.

We (comp and I) still have 3 set for the remainder of the month, but we want to get at least one more, and the miracle to precede that desire may have happened yesterday!!! I was talking to some member in church when a young lady caught my eye IN A MISSIONARY WAY and I asked the people I was talking to if that was so and so's niece and they said yes so I B lined over to talk to her and sure enough it was her. Her name is Whitley, and she has friends that are active members in our ward. She lives out of our area, but we found out yesterday she is moving over!!! We taught her in Gospel Principles class then went over later that day to teach her at the members home! She loved it and when we asked how she felt as we taught she said and I quote "Gobsmacked." I am not exactly sure what that means, but after further questions she said that she felt that she knew what we were teaching was true! It is the greatest of feelings to know that people can feel the truthfulness of what you teach by the power of the Holy Ghost!!! So for this weekend Lauren a twelve year old will be baptized, she is rather solid since her father is an active member. Her only hold back was that she didn't like church because she never understood what was being taught, but now that she has 2 personal teaches she is all goods! Then the following weekend we have 2 cousins Loleta and Georgina! They are 12 and 9, and Georgina's mom came to church yesterday for the first time in a very long time so we we so happy because she will now have a better support system!!! All three of these girls are incredible smart and remember very well the things taught in prior lessons.

On other progressing news FRED BODY RECEIVED THE PRIESTHOOD!!! It was great one week after becoming a member he was ordained to to the office of a Priest in the Aaronic Priesthood. The ward is very strong with support, so he will receive a calling and has already begun his new member lessons. Definitely a great blessing as a missionary to know that you can trust others with the people we have grown to love!!! He also has started to tell us about some family members of his that he wants us to teach, so it has been just a massive chain reaction!

Lately I have been thinking a lot about Alma chapter 29. In this chapter Alma starts off by stating the desire of his heart which is to teach with Angelic Zeal in other word to teach with power and authority. That is one of the greatest desires of all missionaries!!! He then goes onto say why he wants it and contrary to the intentions of today's society he says that he wants it to help his brethren, and to be an "instrument in the hands of God!" I feel as though I have gone through different stages of desire as I have been out on my mission. Of coarse at the beginning it was very selfish in my desire wanting to baptize a heap so I look good, but as I recognize my purpose more I have come to know in a very real way that I am here for God and his Children and no one else!! As much as I love my family they are not the reason in which I serve. I like Alma have had a mighty change of heart, have felt the pains of a damned soul, and felt the rejoicing love that comes only from the Prince of Peace, My Savior Jesus Christ!!! I have, like Alma, been praying very hard to gain a more pure desire to rescue his children and do it for him and so that the suffering of Christ will not go in vain. He goes onto remember the mercy that our loving Heavenly father showed to his people of that time. She recognized that all good comes from God and show gratitude accordingly! I am forever grateful for the mercy that come only through the Atonement of Christ! I, like Alma, also joy not in my success alone, but in the success of my brethren. Alma Closes this chapter in the way and manner that we too must seek things from God, that manner is thy will be done!! We must trust in God and know that He will grant us things as He sees fit and as He knows we need them!! I give my witness to the world that whatever we may be going through we are not alone! Like Elder Holland I wish for my witness to stand up to men on earth and to be recorded in Heaven as one who stood for truth. I know beyond the comprehension of the Human mind that God does live and that he does love us. I know that this is His church and His work. My promise to Him is that I will wear my life of for him and I will do it for Him and his children and not for myself.

I love you all and extend the invitation to you all to begin NOW making steps and preparation to be right with God. No one is exempt from his love, and no one was over looked when Christ suffered for us!! Make the change so that you can have all the blessings that God desires to give you!!! Again I express my love and gratitude to you and it would not be true love if I did not love you for who you can become, more than I love you for who you are. God expects us to progress and sin is what halters progression so rid yourself and press forward. Keep smiling life is a one time thing so make the most of today!!!

Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

No work like missionary work!..........9/5/10

Things are great in the life of a missionary we have had a very blessed week three of God's children were baptized this week for Elder Larsen and I as you can see in the Pictures!!! The older Gentlemen that is Fred Body he was baptized on Saturday, so I got the privileged to pull out the skirt again. Little side note, I am rarely wearing proper pants to church again when I get home skirts all the way!!! Anyways his baptism went well the West Harbour ward was there in full force, so it was good to see. His wife who is already a member was very very excited that he is getting baptized, and they have set a goal to be in the temple in one year so I will have to come back for that one!!! On Sunday he was confirmed, and also paid his tithing straight away, that is something that takes great faith, but he sis it straight away. He truly is converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ!!! So that was Friday then on Saturday we had Dillon Peteli and Kayla Schwalger get baptized as well. Dillon is 16 Kayla is nine, and they both come from Part member families. It was very good to be apart of their baptism as well. Unfortunately the ward support is less than ok, but that has been a struggle for a while since they have always had really good missionaries (it is the Zone Leader area) so they baptize very often and the people just take it for granted, and it is so very sad to see!!! We also had a very very incredible fireside on Sunday, Brother Sorenson our ward mission Leader in West Harbour ward put on a stake fireside. He is a former member of the 70 so as you can imagine he is the MAN!!! A local LDS choir cam and sang the he was the Narrator that led the songs through the plan of salvation. Then President Porter gave the closing remarks it was very powerful and the Chapel was full. That reminds me it was fathers day yesterday in New Zealand, but I remember from last year that it is different to America so Happy Fathers day anyways to all of you haha!!! Also this past week on Tuesday we went to the temple so it was sooo great to be at peace for a few hours, and feel of the spirit so strong!!! It really helped me to clear my mind and refocus on the things that are of most importance!!!

Not to much going on today just getting ready for the week, and playing some Rugby! Things are good here, even if my emails are terrible haha. I wish I could just talk into a microphone and send the things that are in my head, but I always sit down, and forget the things I wanted to share!!! Hopefully you can make sense of what is written, and no the earthquake did nothing to us we didn't even feel it of know about it until people we are teaching told us haha!! Well that's about it thanks for all the love and support I look forward to the day when I can give these stories justice, and properly explain the finer details!!! I send all my love, just know I am healthy, happy and doing the Lord's work. I know that this is not just my work, but his and I am pleased to do it for as long as my time will allow!!! s

Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

Records are meant to be broken... 8/29/10

What a week what a week what a week!!! For the big news first our zone was blessed in a significant way to be able to accomplish 30 baptisms this month. The prior record was 22 so it was nothing but a blessing from on high!! We are one of two zones that have ever hit 30 or above. Manurewa hit it this month as well with 31, but they have 14 companionship's hahah. We had a conference call with all the zone Leaders and President Porter this morning and he was just over the moon!!! As a mission we were able to save 172 souls another new mission best!!! In the coming months we are striving to qualify what they did at the waters of Mormon in the Book of Mormon, that would be a mighty 204 souls saved we have so much work to do, but we know that we have a loving Heavenly Father who is all about progression! My favorite part about the whole thing is that there is no way that we can be prideful about it!! There were way way way to many miracles that lead to the total out come. This is God's work, and we are simply instruments in his hands!!

Tomorrow we will head down to the temple so we are very excited to be coming to the end of our cold winter months and let the sun shine on!! I am in definite need of a large boost of energy from source that is beyond my own power! As President says to us zone leaders you are old worn out war horses, but we need you to keep fighting the good fight!! Things are overall just going very very well. This past week we gave tours at the new Missionary Training Center in Manukau it is an incredible building and the missionaries who get to go there will be very spoiled. The Technology is very up to date, and you all know how much I love my technology haha We also went as Zone Leaders up to Whangarei Falls that is where the picture comes from, and we had our meeting up there this month. It was great to be there, and we all had the chance to bare oue testimonies so it was a very powerful day! Not to much else to report we have 9 people that we are preparing for baptism for this month; Three for this weekend, and then at least every weekend in September!! There is heaps of work to do so we will stay very busy!!! So that's it for now I am sure I forgot stuff, but there is always next week!!! Love you all!!!

Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

Life is GREEEEEAAAATTTT.... 8/22/10

What a week it has been I say that every week but good gravy we have been incredibly blessed this week. We set 6 people for baptism this week, 1 for August and then the rest for September. We had 7 at church , and heaps of Lessons. Any missionary will tell you that that is what we love to do teach. Finding can definitely be a fun adventure, but teaching people is second to none, other than maybe baptizing. Well we were blessed in that regard as well this week!!! Te Whahuia was baptized on Saturday and confirmed as well. My last companion Elder Davidson came back and we both spoke, and then Te Whahuia Chose me to baptize him as well. The meeting was one of the most powerful of my entire mission!!! There was not a dry eye in the house. The Richardson family has literally become my home away from home, and my family in New Zealand. We absolutely love going over there and being with their family!!! The Mother is a member and hopefully before I go home John the dad will also be baptized!!! Sister Richardson also got up and spoke at the baptism and she calls Elder Larson, Davidson and myself her sons. I wish I could put into words the feelings of that day, but it would never do it justice!!! That night they took us to a Thai restaurant which was yum yum, and only like the 2 time I have been in a legit sit down restaurant since I have been in New Zealand. On our way there it felt like we were just meeting up with family for a dinner. Heaps of their extended family were there that are not members of the church, so were are looking for more opportunities from that as well! It was definitely a weekend to remember. Fred also came to church all three hours, and loved it again. He has quit all of his bad habits i.e. drinking and what not since we started coming over, and before we even taught him that it was bad!!! He is really doing great!! Also we found a 9 year old girl that there family just started coming back to church, and she will be baptized this weekend so long as we can get everything taught that we need to!!! That usually would be no big deal, but Tuesday- Thursday we are in Leadership meetings so that will be something we have to work around, and get to her in the night! Also there is a 12 year old girl named Lauren. Her dad is an active member, but the mom turned anti after being given some anti-Mormon stuff a few years back, so she won't let here get baptized, but now the Dad has full custody. She is really keen and loves the things that we teach so it has been a blast!! Then we have a young Samoan man that is also set for September. We taught him 3 times and set him that 3rd time. after that lesson we left him a plan of salvation pamphlet that he studied hard out, and the question he asked was this, "Will Satan be able to tempt those that are in spirit paradise after they die"? Pretty deep eh? He is just incredible unfortunately he was unable to make it to church since he was sick, he dances for a dinner show for some Poly restaurant, and they had a performance outside in the rain, and he got sick so that was stink! We truly have been blessed by our Heavenly father as we seek out his children where ever they may be! As for the zone we had 11 baptisms go through this week to put us at a month total of 24 which beats the old Zone best of 22, and we still have this weekend to count for August. We have 11 more set throughout the zone, but have heaps of work to do. It is super humbling to know that as we keep our covenants that we are blessed beyond our comprehension!! There has never been a zone in N.Z.A.M. that has ever done more than 29 yes we know it is not about the numbers, but it is about progression and we are ready do take the work to the next level!!! Each number has a name and a story and it is humbling to see how much God cares about each and everyone of his children!!!

Well that is my update for the week things are good busy, but good. I am thankful to be able to serve full time as a representative of Christ, and to help others be able to make it back to Heaven with their families. I love all of you and can not do this great work with out your support please continue to pray for those that we teach and for missionary opportunities of your own!! This is his work, and best case scenario I am just an Instrument in his hands. Love you all!!! Keep up all the good work!!

What a week!!!

No clever subject titles this week just kept it basic, but our week was anything but basic that is for sure. Right now as a zone we have accomplished 13 for the month of August with 17 more set for the month and an additional 8 sets that we hope to set for this month. Our Zone has truly taken off, but the best part is how humble everyone is staying, we definitely know that it is not by our power that these miracles are wrought, but definitely by the power of God!!! No Zone in the mission has ever done over 28 so we are working ever hard to help the work of the Lord to progress!! My favorite part is that each number has a name, face, and story that makes them unique and special to us and to our Father in Heaven. In studies one of the Elders shared a scripture in Mosiah 27: 25 & 26, in those verses it teaches us that we must be cleansed of our sins through baptism to return to live with God, but the part I like is that it, being the Gospel of Christ, must go to all nations and people. What a blessing it is to be apart of helping that scripture come to pass!!! Each time I see someones life changes it helps me to change even more so that I may have the blessings that God is so ready to give all of his children!!!

When I first came in to the area one of my converts sent me to her mother's house to re-activate her! Morehu Body is the mothers name. Probably the easiest reactivation ever, one visit and she was back to church!!! Since that time we go over weekly for a wonderful meal that her husband, Fred, always cooks for us. He is a mean cook!!! We usually leave with a spiritual thought and close at that. Over the past 3 months Fred and I have gained a very strong relationship, and Morehu kept telling us to just teach him. He showed no signs of even being remotely keen, but we decided to give it ago. About 2 weeks ago Elder Larsen and I went and literally laid it on the line with him. He said about half way through the lesson, "So what you are saying is that you are right, all of my beliefs are wrong." Some missionaries may dance around the subject and say well not wrong just not fully correct. NOT Elder Stucki!!! We told him straight up that yes that is correct and that he needed to learn about the Gospel and make the decision for himself!!! The lesson went FLOP he was a bit annoyed and ended it at that!!! We left thinking this guy is going nowhere, he is done for, and we felt bad for Morehu because she so badly wanted him to be apart of the church, and be an eternal family!!! About a week later we had a call telling us that Fred was ready for baptism, needless to say we didn't believe it really, but decided to follow up with it. We went back this past Friday and sure enough, a mighty change of heart. The spirit had worked on him over that week and a bit, and other members had been over there to see him and soften his heart. We taught about Faith, Repentance, and baptism and told him this is what he needs to do. He accepted, and is planning on being baptized on September the 11th. His only concern was that he doesn't have white pants haha, we laughed and said Fred we will work out the pants haha. He then asked well what about you, I said what about me. He said what if you leave the area, he was aware that transfers were coming up, but they were the day before on Thursday, by the way my companion and I are both staying, and he said are you leaving. We told him the good news and he looked at me and said good I was hoping that you would take me to the end, you are the one that came first, and asked me to listen, and I want you to see me through. That in and of itself was an answer to my prayers. I actually was hoping to leave the area, but Heavenly Father had other plans for me. I am grateful that I now have a purpose in the next six weeks, and his name is Fred!!! Funny too because that was like my favorite name as a kid I named everything Fred one thing that I can remember is a bird that Grandma Stucki and I nursed back to health or death can't remember which?!? So I definitely stand as a witness that miracles do happens and peoples hearts can be softened!!! I truly do love this work. I love watching people make life changing decisions and come closer to our Father in Heaven!!! The past few weeks have been a huge roller coaster, but I know that because of our diligent service, and staying the coarse of obedience and consecration we have been blessed beyond measure!!! I know more now than ever that were are merely instruments in the hands of God. We do nothing, but allow him to do his work, and that is all that I desire, to just simply be an instrument in saving souls!!!

I love you all and request the prayers of everyone for the many souls that we are striving to save this month within our Zone and within our mission. This truly is a mission of Miracles and we are doing our best to hearken to the counsel of a Prophet, To Save Souls Monthly!!! I love you all and am thankful each day for the blessings that I have been given. Each of you is a blessing and I for sure would not be the same Elder Stucki with out all of yous!!! I LOVE YOUS ALL!!!


1 Hospital 2 Surgeries 3 Pairs of Underwear 4 meal appointments 5 bagillion Nurses/Doctors 6 baptisms 7 Days

Sometimes I feel that the best part of my Emails is just the subject line. I can only imagine some of the reactions people would get if that is the only information that was given. It would leave so much room for Interpretation. Much like the Bible with out having a Prophet on the earth today the story could completely get blown out of Proportion!!! So thankfully for all of you I will tell the complete story. First and formost I am healthy and just fine!!! So last Monday after emails we got a call saying that Elder Filimaua (Filley-mo-uh) was in dire pain and the doctor wanted him to North Shore Hospital straight away for surgery. He was diagnosed with Appendicitis in which his Appendix had burst, and his pain level was through the roof to say the least. We rushed him over about a 30-45 min. drive and checked him into the hospital. Unfortunately the place was packed and it took ages to finally get him into surgery. My comp and his comp came back to our side of the zone since they had 6 people set for baptism in that week so we had to double manage both areas which was a task and I stayed over with Filimaua in hospital. During the first 5 nights I had the missionaries that serve near the hospital come and pick me up at night since visiting hours are only between 2-8, but the cool thing is that we are ministers of Religion so we could come and go 24/7 no questions asked just not to sleep there. So between myself and the other 2 Elders that live near hospital we were with him all day pretty much. Which was good, he also had an auntie come and see him and Pres and Sister Porter were over there 2 times a day. He ended up just having the "scope Surgery with just a small incision first, but then the doctors thought they may have cut something that they were not supposed to, and they cut him right open from the lower part of the rib cage to belly button so there are the 2 surgeries. As for the 3 pairs of underwear the story is like this. Since it was Monday when I came into the hospital I hadn't done my washing yet for the week, and I had no time to grab ANYTHING before we went to take him in the first place. So I literally only went with the clothes on my back! Fortunately, I like the apostles of Jesus Christ sought first for the kingdom of God and his righteousness and everything else was added unto me. After three days of the same garments Elder Smith was like bro. just wear mine, all goods haha. Elder Filimaua was of course in lots of pain and on all sorts of medicine and things, but after the Mission wide fast on Sunday he no longer needed the Morphine pump, no longer had a fever, could sit up and walk down the hall with little or no help it was incredible to see!!! I mentioned the 4 feeds because the two Elders that I stayed with are both bigger than me, one from Samoa, and the other from New Zealand so together we could put down some food, oh and by the way they are in the Chinese program so it is hilarious to watch these grown men approach these tiny Chinese people and just start speaking so so cool!! One thing I know for sure now is that the English program was just right for me!!! I am so lost when they study or teach it is not even funny. Luckily they also cover an English ward so we had a few English lessons! 5 bagillion Nurses and Doctors yes that is a number that just simply means heaps and heaps!!! The saddest part of the week came of Saturday when we, Elder Smith, Elder Tito, and I were with Elder Filimaua, and the man across the room, that was talking to us all week, and we made friends with passed away!! He was only 37 and was in for similar things as our missionary! He went to the shower on his own doing what we thought was very well meaning he looked healthy, then came back and sat on his bed, the curtain was closed and I heard him puke so I peaked my head in and asked if he needed some help, and he said all good, I just rang for the nurse. The nurse came in cleaned him up and everything seemed to be ok. About 5 minutes later his Uncle came to visit him and then the next thing we knew his uncle said oh man he need help and ran to get the nurse and we pushed the button for help and they took what seemed like ages to get in there. When they finally came everyone was rushing and giving orders and the emergency team was called up, and all the patients in the room were escorted out. On my way out I just caught a glimpse of him that I don't want to talk about, but I can still see it playing in my mind. They worked on him (CPR/Shock pads) for about 30-45 minutes before he was pronounced dead. Later we found out that the cause of death was blood clot that must have went to his heart. It really gave us all a fright so we made sure that our missionary was up and walking often, and the nurses gave him the blood thinner to make sure that didn't happen to him!!! It was awful to see the family of this man come in and be understandably devastated! I am so thankful for my knowledge of God's plan for all of his children and the knowledge that I have of the after life!!! What a week it has been, thankfully God blessed all 6 of those investigators of the other Elders to be baptized this week!!! I got to sleep in the Hospital on Saturday night since Elder Filimaua and his Auntie were so shaken up from the passing of that man and worried, so when Sister Richardson from my ward came to visit me and bring us some goodies she made a call to her Auntie who is on the board of the Hospital and got me Permission to stay the night. Funny part of that is when Filimaua's Auntie was explaining to Sister Porter that I was going to stay, I was not there to correct her, she said we are grateful that his girlfriend got him permission to stay the night haha. President called and was like what is this about a girlfriend I hear haha. Thankfully I helped him to understand that she is a 47 year old woman that is married and we are teaching her son haha. President just laughed!!! Needless to say my sleeping over the past 7 days has been minimal!! After this past week of being with him in hospital (weird that in this country you don't go to THE hospital just go to Hospital not like when we talk....I donno?) I am so confused as to why so many people are for the Government payed health care system. Indeed many pros being it is "FREE", everyone has the opportunity to be healed, and that's about it!! Verse the cons of no doctor cares about their work, the place is packed to the brim, and the quality of everything is just very poor. Makes me wonder what people see in the plan but oh well!!! So all in all the week was a blur, and Elder Filimaua is doing very good and we are hoping to have him out by Tuesday! I have a strengthened Testimony of the Healing Power of the Priesthood, of fasting, of prayer, and of God being mindfull of all of his Children. Things may get tough and challenging, but God never gives us more than we can handle!!! The work is good, and I am glad to be out of the hospital thanks for all the support that you all offer me day in and day out!! Hope you all have a great week and know that you are loved from a Kiwi Missionary trapped in a white boy body haha. Love ya all!!!

Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

Tooth Fairy!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Due to the subject let me reassure you mom that my teeth are all good, well at least I still have them all and I brush and floss all the time or in Kiwi talk heaps lots of ages!!! So the subject comes from my testimony on Sunday at church. I was bearing testimony on the difference of truth and belief. Truth is an Eternal Principle, something that will never change, something like I love food or Jesus Christ is our Savior never changing. Beliefs come and go with age, wisdom, knowledge, and all sorts of things. I gave the example over the pulpit of the tooth fairy then as saying the sentence realized my audience and thank goodness for the talent of being quick on my feet and covering up, very well might I add, that the tooth fairy is just a belief. The congregation laughed and the kids were puzzled and my comp and I have been laughing ever since!!! Elder Stucki the dream killer hahah. It was just to funny! We had quite a good week just working very hard at solidifying people for their baptisms and coming to church and everything in between. We had a conference call this morning with all the ZL's and President Porter, and he said now Elder I don't know about you, but some days I wake up and have nothing left or go to bed and wonder how I can do it all over again. He said now I know none of you have ever felt that way, we all laughed because most of us were just wondering that. Questions like how can we continue to progress as a mission or in our personal life. How can we find another 144 people that want to be baptized or more for August as we had in July. Plain and simple we are just tired or exhausted is more like it!!! I have a testimony that as we do what is required we will always find the strength to last another day or week or ___ Months haha. A huge pick me up for my companion and I was last night at dinner. We had a MEXICAN food which never happens. One of the recently married couples in our ward the wife is from Arizona and she made enchiladas. It was so nice to have that like a taste of home it was also a big treat to hear and American girls accent haha. Her husband is a Kiwi, but they plan on moving back to the states at the end of the year. She told us "man it is so good to have American humor in the home", but I don't know where that came from I don't know how to make others laugh . So ya it was really good and for the first time in my entire mission they brought up the topic of how they can do missionary work we were really thrown off, because usually member work is like pulling teeth. Unfortunately the work in the ward they are in is really slow. They live in our "rich" or what we like to call prideful area, but we are really going to work hard this week to find some one for them to work with or something, because we can't waste this perfect opening to have them help us.

Things are going well with our investigators, we are staying very busy with the Zone and working on their finishing skills. This zone has always had a problem with getting people set for baptism and then falling through so we must build our missionaries capabilities, by helping them recognize the spirit and to teach to the needs not just what is next on the list of lessons. We are going in to august strong, but like I said last week we will have lots of distractions from the opening of the new MTC. We have got so much work to do, but thankfully being busy means the time flies. I swear I was just here emailing you. My come and I have the joke that we tell every Monday night just before we go back out to teach. We just say sweet only 7 days left til P-day, then look at each other and say that will never come then Sunday night comes and we laugh and say remember last week when we thought this day would never come. Yes lame joke, but if you have served a mission you would understand haha. Not to much planned today just some things we have to get done for the zone like mail and delivering supplies, I miss the days of Dargaville when we would go and hike and see stuff, but right now I will serve God, and have plenty of time to see everything when I come back and am not on a schedule. Well family that's about it for updates I have made a goal this week to write down a few things each day that I can share with you through out the week, so next week when I get here I can actually have something to write about, but its hard I never remember what I have and have not told you so forgive me, but my only excuse is I am a missionary and that is a pretty good one!!! All my love and prayers from this tiny country in the Pacific!!! Ofa Atu eh?

14 months ohhhboy!!!

We had a wonderful week in so many reguards lots of lessons, but the most important was the Baptism of Mihi and Jessie-Lyn. In the Pics from left to right Elder Larsen, Mihi, Jessie-Lyn, and me in my skirt, boy I wish we could wear those EVERYDAY!!! The other picture is of a street Called Tabitha I thought of cousin Tabitha so make sure that gets to her!!! Anyways the baptism was great they had probably 60 or so family members there from all over, and good support from the ward members as well. After they had a huge Hangi which is where you cook the food in the ground with hot rocks. Just like we used to do with the turkey. It was pretty good. The girls looked so so so happy and clean and pure! It was one of the easiest/smooth baptisms of my mission. What is funny is that 1 month ago I did not even know them and now they are like sisters!!! As for the rest of the work it is going very well, we had 9 at sacraments meeting and have had to adjust some baptisms to make sure they attend church often enough and have had all the lessons so now August is stacked!!! I had the honor of giving Tanifa the Priesthood on Sunday so I believe on the 13th he will baptize three of his children!!! We are so excited for that family! I will be sad if I am transferred out before that date, but the most important thing is that they are getting baptized. Transfers is the day before, but you never know what is going to happen. The weeks just zoomed by tomorrow is my 14th month mark and I have such mixed emotions from happy to anxious nervous, but I am mostly working at staying focused so that I don't miss a beat 10 months is ages left. Many more promptings to have and live to change. Boy being apart of the work of God is the greatest! As for other work we had 2 men in their 20's just walk up to church after a casual invite on the street earlier in the week. We had a great lesson with them in Gospel Principles class and one said, after telling us he has been to the Mormon church before " I know the Book of Mormon is true and that this church is true." The only problem is his home life is less that supportive so we have a lot of work to do, but that is one thing I do know how to do is work!!!

I have had some great studies lately I have begun to read Jesus the Christ, for those of you that know how much I liked reading pre-mission you would not even know who I am now hahah. Definitely one of the biggest books I have taken on, but it is helping me to understand all the history of Christ. That is something I am working on now is being able to know the stories of the Scriptures. I feel I have the doctrine down quite well, but need to understand the background info so it gives me purpose in my studies. I am grateful for the time each day that is set aside for me to study and expand my knowledge. I would love to have a number chart or graph that can show my increase of knowledge, but then compared to the apostles I am still just "a babe on his mothers lap" just as the men in the school of the Prophets. That is what Joseph Smith told them when they talked about missionary work in the future. He pretty much told them they have no idea the magnitude of the work and where it will go. What a great time to be alive and apart of this GREAT work!!! Friends and family may I remind you of the knowledge in which I do have. I know that God lives and loves us. Jesus Christ lives and is our Saviour and Redeemer! I know Joseph Smith was called to be a prophet and to bring back the Church of Christ in its fullness. I know we have a living Prophet even Thomas S. Monson. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God along with the bible. I know this not because of brain wash of fact I know this because of the Spiritual experiences that I have on a daily basis as I stand as a witness of truth in a world of lies!! It saddens me to see people throw away what have brought peace, hope, and joy into my life. May we all come to the realization of these truths and then act upon that knowledge is my prayer and wish I leave with you in the Sacred name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M

Sick again?!?!?

What a week came down with the same thing again of flu and cough cold what ever you want to call it I like to call it near death haha, but I went to the doctors and forced them to give me medicine this time and so now I am getting better and finished the week strong as a companionship, but the mission had a bit of a dip with the # of sets that were lost so we had a meeting this morning and are working with our District Leaders to get everyone back into shape. We are excited and ready for the coming week. We had 9 people come to church yesterday haha I made that sound like we just sat at church and let them come. We fought Satan to the end as he tried everything he could to divert the people that we had invited to come to church!!! Everything from family popping up last minute to car problems. we saw it all. I now just find it humorous how hard he works for absolutely nothing!!! We had to reset TeWhai for August, but that's ok because his Dad also came to church yesterday!!! We were stoked. That is the Richardson Family that the Mom is a member, but the Son and Father are not, They are really close with me and my last companion and wanted us to stay in the house which is super super nice while they were in Australia, anyways things are good we have 5 set for this coming weekend so all your prayers will be needed please!!! This is a weak weak email, but we had been flat out and my brain is mush!!! We had an emergency shift of a missionary this morning so we have been running around like crazy hence my email is later than normal. Kyle you need to come and translate for me we meet heaps of Koreans in this area that are Christian, but the problem is that we have no Korean Missionaries!! We do have Chinese, but that isn't helping with these people!

Yes mom we get fed plenty not crazy new food, I have just started working out every morning like more that the old push ups sits ups stuff and really watching what we eat as a companionship. We have made a goal to live the word of wisdom better so I am excited for that and the blessings that will come of course sometimes at feeds we don't have a choice, but we can eat better when it is just us!!! I definitely feel healthier and have a bit more energy, but the sickness is kind of haltering those results haha. what else is new..... Oh I got a package from Leanne this week that was awesome and a sweet card from Grandma Tryon thanks sooooo much I know what it is like to be chased by dogs hahah!!! The new MTV in Manukau (MON-OO-COW) opens in a few weeks. It is so so flash holy moly!!! Our mission has been put in charge of all sorts of tours and singing for the Prime minister and stuff for the Grand opening so that will take lots of time for about 20 companionship's, but they hope to spread it out through all the city zones!!! Yep that's about all the updates, things are just chugging along!!! Love you all take care and have a good week!
Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

Mommy it's cold out side! 7/11/10

What a wonderful week it has been and just flew by!!! To expound on one of the miracles of last week. when we found the Samoan man on his porch in a towel.......Well we passed the family on to the Samoan missionaries and now the daughter of that man is set for baptism for the end of the month!!! Things are progressing nicely and it was so great to see our miracles pan out and we will be excited when she receives the blessings of baptism!!! As for the now 9 we have set 4 of them, Tanifa's children had to be pushed into August because they missed church, even after calling, visiting them, and making sure they were ready, and then doing it again for our afternoon ward haha Satan is in the details, but we will act better next week and just have a member pick them up!!! Other than that things are going great this past week God placed before us a 9 year old that has been coming to church so we taught and set her yesterday for the 24th of this month so that brings us to 5 set for the end of the month and 4 in August so far. Miracles are just all about if we but qualify and seek them out!!! This week we had Zone Leader council and then the next day Leadership training so we had minimal time in our area this week, but we stayed diligent and our numbers were still very good!!! We just got word as well that the missionary "Curriculum" and 6 week schedule will be making big changes over the next10 months or so. So now the missionaries will be taught 8 trainings repeatedly that will build their teaching skills, we only have Zone Conference every 3 months and interview every 3 months instead of once a transfer! They have also make ZL council1 time a month instead of once a transfer and a few other minor changes!!! This is not just our mission, but world wide from the brethren!! It is excited to see that the church will continue to progress and work on the things that God wants us to so that we can be effective as possible.

On other notes one of our investigators Mihi, who is 19 who we found when her mom said that her daughter wanted to be baptized, I talked about her 2 weeks ago, anyways she is just doing amazing!!! She shared with our Gospel Principles class that when we first set her for baptism she was scared to death and very unsure about it, but as the lessons have went on she is now just excited and loves everything she is learning. We went and taught her last night and she said she wants us over every night of the week. She has just brightened so much you can totally see the change that Heavenly Father is helping her to have as she keeps commitments and reads the Book of Mormon and attends church. She is one of those investigators that all missionaries search for, but I have been so blessed to find her. She loves to laugh so that works well with me since I love to joke, but she also is very receptive to the spirit!!! Also her niece who is 14 is doing great!! I am stoked for them to be baptized and to completely be into the Gospel.

It has been a week of work and miracles and meetings I have never realized how much one can accomplish in a day with proper planning and the assistance of a loving Heavenly Father!!! I am tired and freezing, the weather has taken a dive in temperature, but we work hard and the spirit keeps us warm and gives us the energy necessary to do the things that we have been asked to do!!! Mom I am not sure why you didn't like my joke about shorter emails it was a good one!!! Thanks Dad for your thought on Humility and the encouragement there!!! One thing I laugh at is having no idea what is going on in baseball. Mom always says Dad will fill you in, but nothing, so some updates would be nice!!! Love you all have a safe and happy week!!!

Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

Week of Miracles!!! 7/4/10

Well this week was transfers so I finally have a companion. His name is Elder Larsen from Sandy, Utah. He was my district leader while I served in Dargaville so we know each other well and get along pretty good. He has a lot of faith and loves to work so things will be great!!! I never went on a trade-off with him without setting someone for baptism so we do the Lords work well together. We currently have 8 set yes 8 in our personal area and 26 set throughout the zone for this month. The Lord is truly blessing us. One of my favorite qualities about Elder Larsen is his sincere humility. Something that I can always do better at. I feel that is a big reason we are together!!! Last Monday our zone had only 11 set, but they have been working hard and experiencing miracles everyday!!! This week should show more improvement as well so we are looking forward to another great month!!! On Saturday we had some extra time and through a series of promptings Heavenly Father blessed us to be led to a street. As we drove up the hill there was a house that had its porch light on, too perfect I know, but true story we got out of the car and walked towards it then we saw another man and went and talked to him then continued the journey to the house that we saw!! When we got there we talked to the daughter because the mother didn't speak very good English and got their details to pass onto the Samoan Elders!!! Then we went to our car and went to turn around in the circle. We looked back to the house and saw who we would later learn is the father in a towel in the freezing rain flagging us down. Come to find out he is less active and wants to come back to church and have his 12 years old daughter baptized!!! I stand as a witness that God will lead his children to us and us to them as we follow the promptings of the spirit. Some thing that my companion and I have been doing well and we have had other miracles just like this in the past few days!!! What a transfer it will be if we continue to qualify for the companionship of the Holy Ghost and listen to the quiet promptings it gives us!!! The work is great, but there is much more to be done. Things to perfect and skills to improve, until we become the precise instruments that Heavenly Father needs, what a life long and worth while pursuit!!!

My you asked for my flat address for google earth...it is 17a Flaggstaff so the flat under the house you will probably see just the carport down a little hill!!! I am glad you got my letters for everyone, and yes they all have a collage picture in them! Estee, Tanifa has 11 kids in the house 6 of which are his 4 of which are eligible to be baptized!!! Last week I told you about the mother coming up to us at church that wanted her daughters to be baptized so Monday we taught and set three of them, but only 2 came to church because one goes to another church for now anyways so the miracles are all about and I feel like I am doing what the Lord wants. So pretty much I am just letting him do his work instead of getting in his way through disobedience laziness and all that. IT feels good to be able to know that you are on his side, because you are either on his or Satan's we all have to make our choice!!!

Well I know the letter is short, but supposedly that's what happens on the last half of the mission hahah love you all I love to hear about your families and things each week. May Heavenly father bless us all as we strive to do his will I pray each day!!! Love ya loads

Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

What a week/month/year to date!!! 6/27/10

Well this morning we, the zone leaders of the mission, had a conference call with President Porter to account for the month and talk about goals for July. We learned that the N.Z.A.M. saved 156 souls in the Month of June what a miracle this beats the record set last month of 144, and we humbly pray that we will continue to be blessed with this progression!!! Things have been crazy everyday this week with out a solid companion, but I will get one on Thursday since this week is transfers!!! I am very excited for this coming month and transfer in about 1.5 months 8 of our Zone Leaders will finish so our mission will be very very young, but it is interesting to see that with each new intake the Lord is greatly blessing us with faithful young missionaries that believe that they, with the Lords help can baptize monthly and more than one. As a zone we accomplished 19 baptisms which is 7 more than the previous month and we have a goal of 24 for the month of July with many people that back up that goal. As we have been focusing on living our covenants as a mission we have seen how the Lord can truly use us as instruments in his hand. Just as President ALWAYS says best case we are just instruments in the work of God. Oh and if I remember correctly that puts us at 732 baptisms for the year!!! What miracles are all about!!!
So this past week I spent lots of time helping other missionaries solidify their baptisms and training so at was heaps of fun, but I am excited to work in my area again. We have a lot of good things going for the coming month. Tanifa who was baptized 2 weeks ago will get the priesthood and currently 2 of his children are set, with a potential of 5 more so that would be huge for us and his family!! That is the bet, when you watch families join the gospel and just observe how living the teachings of Christ completely unify the family. Also We have been teaching for a while now the Richardson Family who the mom is a member recently coming back to church, and the father and son are investigating. We are hopeful that they will choose a date this week that they want to be baptized on. They are an incredible family, and Elder Davidson and I got very close to them so is was hard for them to say good bye to him, but the work will go forward.
This coming month we will focus on the "Christ-Like" attribute of Purity. In everything from thoughts to actions and everything in between. It will be incredible to see what Heavenly Father can do with us as we purify our lives thus enabling us to hear the quiet promptings of the spirit!!! I truly do love the work all though I am worn out, I think of a picture Kyle sent me while on his mission that had Christ carrying a missionary and it says "If you had anything left you didn't do it right", I pray that I am doing something right and am grateful to my Savior that picks me up when I am down, and carries me!!!

Well that's about it for me no real plans for the day except we have a funeral to go to that bishop has asked us to attend because most of the family that will be there will not be members of the church so hopefully this will be a great opportunity to help them understand where there Father/Brother/Son is now and how they can return and live with them. Then tonight we are teaching a girl that her mom came up to us at church yesterday and said that her daughter wants to be baptized. Our jaws hit the ground and we said well yes we can help with that ha ha. So things are just looking great, some days I wonder why I am so blessed, and then just humbly bow my head and offer thanks to He from which all blessings come!!! Ts is is work, I am his servant , and what better thing could I ask for?!?!? I love you all and am grateful for your support remember we can choose who we are and what we become by deciding today who that some one is!!! God bless and take care!!!

Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

From dutch oven to 7-11 to wrestling tournaments and Yankees games he is my DAD!!! 6/20/10

What a week it has been!!! Things are just never dull when you have to account for 24 missionaries. I don't think my companion and I had a regular proselyting day this week. Then last night I got word that he is leaving me. He is headed to the office to be President's new assistant!!! It is way cool, but it stinks because he is one of my favorites and we are just like bread and butter!!! He will do great, and the mission needs him. So I will be a solo Zone Leader for 1.5 weeks before transfers comes. I am nervous, probably more than him, I stayed up late into the night just reading trying to get some direction and revelation on what the Lord would have me do to continue the progression instead of it coming to a grinding halt!!! I am so blessed to have a loving Heavenly Father that "comforts me when faint" or completely exhausted!!! The past 3 P-days we have been playing rugby in the rain and mud, so we have just been so tired. Plus the daily duties that are required. Today will be a lax day just running some errands for other Elders and taking my companion to the office, but all is well we always have just enough energy to survive haha. I got an email from Sister Bawden that was very touching please tell her thank you and I will be using her story as I teach those that have strayed away from the fold!!!

Well I think that today is fathers day back home, but I am not sure because it is different here, but Happy Fathers day Dad and to all the "Father figures" I have had in my life. Words can not express my gratitude and love for each one of you. I just pray that my life will merit one of a Disciple of Christ so that I may live how I was raised!!! Yesterday while at a fireside something reminded me of an event that I will never forget. One night after Mutual I was driving home with Dad, and we pulled into the drive way and he turned off the truck and asked if we could talk. I won't mention what was talked about, but I will never forget the look of concern he had for me and who he expected me to become. As many of you know I am blessed with a father that expects a lot out of his children, and we usually whine or whinge, but eventually we grow up and recognize that we are who we are today because he was who he was. He didn't settle for mediocre or average, he pushed us to do hard things and to earn all that we have!! I fought tooth and nail with him for the majority of my life, but looking back there is one thing that is very evident, he loved us and because of that love he wanted to help us reach our potential. Was his strict and bold and demanding yes, but make no mistake he loves his children, and it is not by chance that we are all active in the gospel, 2 missionaries, 2 college graduates, 3 seminary graduates, 2 eagle scouts, and the list continues. I would not be the man I am today with out the man I call Dad. Also as many of you know he has a soft side, and a testimony that is rock solid, he is passionate about the Lord's work and strives to magnify all of his callings. I still remember the days he would come home with dairy queen after his visits with Brother Presser!!! For everything we did we usually had a Pepsi on the side and never went hungry haha. I am so blessed to have a dad that loves me and wants what's best. Only if I realized this 10 years ago I could have avoided many silly situation and grief, but " I knew better" and when I came to my senses there he was with open arms!!! Happy fathers day dad I pray everyday that I will honor the family name and the name of Christ in whom I represent!!!

Sorry for the short email, but I am toast I love you all and appreciate the love and support I receive!!! From my heart to your Ofa Atu of Alofa Atu!!! (I love you in Tongan then Samoan)

Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

Surgery?!?!? 6/14/10

Well this past week I have spent heaps of time in hospital. The doctor looked at the X-rays and saw that the "great" toe had been broken, and the bone was sticking up so it needed to be reset and then a plate put in with screws, boy was it a pain. Luckily it was for a missionary in the Zone and not for me, hahah got you all. Any ways his name is Elder Wiggington and he is from California and fell down some stairs so this past week we have been nursing him back to health so to speak. He is a great missionary, but will be out for 2 straight weeks resting the foot. Things are crazy as a missionary, but fortunately he didn't have to go home for the surgery and it was free since NZ has ACC medical system.

I also got to speak in our other ward this week they told me to take 17-20 minutes, but I was only left with 7 so it was a mad rush to get in what I planned to say. People said it was good, but I felt it should have been better!!! I spoke on being spiritually prepared so it was a good thing for me to learn more about as well. We were also blessed with 2 baptisms this past weekend with Tanifa and Taryn and then later in the Month Taryn's husband will be baptized!!! It was great to see, but the member attendance at the baptism was pathetic. Again it is one of those wards that had had good missionaries for ages so baptisms are just another thing. It is really sad to see, but we are working to get more people excited about the work.

For me the best part of my week was meeting a man named Jared Smith. Jared works at the Pacific Area office which is just behind our mission office. Earlier in the week I ordered a new cell phone since ours was no good, and he is the one that takes care of the Technical support for the area. We went in to his office and I asked him where he served, and he told me Cape Town, South Africa, I asked him when and he said 2001-2002 I think. Most of you should be able to put those two things together, but for those of you that don't know. That is when my cousin served and passed away. I asked him if he knew my cousin, and he said yes, when he came into the mission I was working in the office. Everyone just instantly loved Elder Staples, he was just a great guy. He then shared with me that he was the one who answered the phone when they called to let them know that two missionaries had been in an accident. He also went to the hospital and his companions were the ones that packed Elder Staples things. He said that the whole mission was just changed and different for some time!!! What are the chances that I serve in this mission, at this time, in this area, and need a new cell phone. Then for me to be sent to him, and he knows my "ALL TIME COMPANION" Elder Staples. I left his office and walked down the stairs with tears in my eyes humbly grateful for the words that Jared Smith shared with me and how highly he spoke of Elder Staples!!! What a blessing and a much needed pick me up on the week!!! He has invited us to dinner , but he is not in our ward, but is in our Zone, so I hope that I will be able to have time to go and talk to him more!!!

To answer a few questions I would love to continue coaching when I get home, but we will see what happens I definitely wont be able to stay away for too long. The Cafe Rio was just a nice surprise they had no idea of my obsession. Alyssa you have MONO boy that is no fun I definitely know what that is like. I hope all went well with girls camp and with buying me a new car mom you are just tooo nice, hahaha you just know how much I loved the Aveo. I think an Audi R8 will suit our needs nicely hahah. Thanks everyone for all our your love and support please keep all the investigators and Recent Converts through out the world in your prayers. The world is really jumping to new heights and the help of the members is a must!!!

Well that is about the week in a nut shell I love you all and am grateful for all the love I recieve each day take care and have a wonderful week!!!

Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.