Hey Hey

Hello friends and family!!! This week was the best of my mission so far numbers wise. We had 4 baptised 31 lessons and 7 new investigators the work continues to get better. Just as president Porter say this mission doesn’t work on a quota system, the lord has more and more blessings we just need to continually qualify to receive those blessings. We also have 3 other men that we will be setting with in the next week or two for baptism so the month of October will show no signs of slowing down. This week we got to teach the primary so that was heaps of fun and they are some smart kids. This week at the baptism I was thinking how great it was, but I wished my family was here to enjoy the same blessings I have!!! Please continue to pray for me and my investigators, it really helps.
Earlier in the week my companion and I were talking about our parents and I couldn’t hold my emotions as we discussed our extreme love for our mothers like the stripling warrior my faith started with my mother, and Mom you mean the world to me. The only problem will be some day trying to find a partner that matches my mom. I am here to tell you no one will match you mom. Fortunately I have ages until I have to think about that. Mom I will send pictures ASAP just down load them and then send me back the memory stick please. Mom I did get your letter and I got my New Zealand License today thanks for the hard work Uncle Les and Dad!!! Driving here is different than Vegas not only the opposite side of the roads, but when it rains here the roads don’t get slick. I guess that’s because it rains so much so the oil isn’t like it is back home.
So Conference you all will see it a week before me, we will watch it the Saturday after. It is crazy that our ward is changing so much. Bishop Jolley you are the man thanks so much for all you have done for me personally. No matter where you serve now you will be great!!! Tell me all about the new wards and all that good stuff. I liked the article you sent about the girl in the stake and ward I serve in. I don’t know her, but I know no one ha-ha. Sorry this email is short just not too much to report. I love it here I am doing great I love you all heaps and miss you just as much, but the time will be fast I mean it has already been 4 months crazy huh? The nature walk last week was way fun so you can see it all in the pictures everyone have a great week and read those scripture and pray often the Lord will bless your families more than you know.

We arent called Kiwis for nothing

Well it was amazing to hear from everyone this week and it has definitely been a week of miracles!!! My companion and I just Laugh all day and are still getting along way good. We are so busy that the average turn around time for us to se people again is about a week. We run out of every house to the car to try and get to the next one on time, and we are rarely back to the flat before 9:30 (we are always there before curfew though). It is tough covering to wards trying to get to know double the people, but it makes Sundays very eventful!! We have to pack a lunch so that we can eat on our way to the second ward.
Dad this week we ate at a members home and guess where they are from CHILE. They were both there when President Monson Visited back when you were there and the sister had missionaries that lived with their family. Do you know or recognize either of these last names Aedo or Avila one from San Fernando and the other from Curico. It was one of my most fun family meals they have a family similar in ages to ours and we just laughed and laughed. It is true that laughter heals all wounds!!! Kyle today I took a picture in front of a Korean flag. I guess I was sent here to experience every culture in the world and I am getting close to accomplishing that haha. Just so you know my address is 2a Manapouri Street Pakuranga 2010 so you can see it from Google earth. You can also check out how huge my area is if you go on the church website and check for the Howick and Waipuna wards in the Panmure Stake. (Don’t send mail directly to this address though) Some weird things that happened this week include getting cursed at multiple times haha people just don’t get what they are missing out on. The other is that I ate kina. That is the prickly things that are in the ocean kind of looks like a porcupine. What you do is cut them in half the get rid of all the black stuff and then you eat the orange stuff which is actually their tongue. Let me tell you it was definitely on my top 5 worst things that I have ever tasted listed. I almost threw up!!! To some questions: Yes I love the car!!! Our Flat is one bedroom one bath with a kitchen and living room. Only 1 set of missionaries in each flat and that is mission wide, too much trouble when lots of missionaries are together. We don’t cool much we get fed almost everyday now since we have 2 wards, but if we do it’s usually pasta or rice or something simple. Elder Rezel has been in the area for 1 transfer before me. He does the driving because I am not yet certified, but that’s ok I am still trying to learn my way around this area. The fruit here is ok, but the kiwis are amazing Alyssa you would be in heaven!!! Last week we went to Mount Wellington, once a volcano, and the view was awesome of the harbor and lots of sail boats and just green every where. Mom thanks for the letter with my license and the sports articles!!! I have never heard of cash getting stolen, I would just send it in a piece of paper or a thick envelope so it can’t be seen. Tell Michael Shaw Congrats and to have fun. How is Paul, Tony, Justin, Gavin, and everyone else that you see their parents? Alyssa and Liz you still haven’t told me who your teachers are. Aunt Tiffany and Uncle Steven how are your kids? Aunt Doreen how is the new school year? Aunt Cassie thanks for all your support I have a couple that I am teaching right now that are just like you and Uncle Scott. His name is Scott ironic enough haha. Aunt Teresa don’t you just love to learn!!! I wish I could attend institute the mission gives you such a desire to learn. Mom tell Nemcheck to keep up the good work I expect a State ring in the mail!!! Thanks everyone else for your love and support!!!
Now to the good stuff, this week we smashed the standard of excellence. We had 10 people at church we have 5 set four of which get baptized this weekend and we should be setting more in a week or two. Last night at dinner we were asked to baptize a 9 year old girl that now lives with her aunt and uncle. The Lord is just pouring down his blessings in this area and mission wide. Something I learned in zone conference this week is that the Lord is blessing us because we are qualifying for those blessings!!! It was so amazing to go through the temple this week!!! The spirit was so strong and to see 50 or so missionaries there it was amazing. As we went into the Celestial room president hugged each of us and I couldn’t help remember the first time I went through and all the people that were there to support me. It made me think of the next life when we all can be with each other again, but we all must qualify.
I was studying this morning and just became overwhelmed with the work that needs to be done right at home. With my friends and family who don’t have the same knowledge as I have. I wept with regret of not being a better missionary before my mission, but I promise when I get back I will do better. I have come to know with out a doubt that the Church of Jesus Christ of Later day saints is true. Not just kind of or sort of feel it, but I KNOW. I know that Joseph Smith was called to be a Prophet of god. Through him the keys were restored to make us be able to have eternal life. I know there are some of you that are not members of his church or may not understand why I am doing what I am doing. Well I will tell you why I know my Savior lives, even Jesus Christ. He suffered for me and for you. If you want to know this for your self or remember it because you haven’t been to church in a while ask a member you know to help you!!! I beg and plead with each of you to get on your knees and ask got the Eternal father in the name of Jesus Christ if these things are true. I know you will receive an answer. Most likely not a vision, but the way you will feel when you pray. When your heart and mind are filled with peace and joy I testify to you that that is the Holy Spirit telling you that these things are true. No matter what you have done or no matter what belief you have at this time the Lord loves you and wants you to have the blessings that I have. If you are lost you can be found. If you are Scared you can be comforted. If you have questions find someone to talk to about those concerns. The reason I do this is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. Those who are reading this and may ask why didn’t you tell me this sooner or why didn’t you take me to church or invite me to be taught by the missionaries, I am sorry I wasn’t doing my job, but I know that the Church will bless your life more than any of us can comprehend. Again I plead with you find out for yourself and then act upon what you learn. I love this work and I love the Lord. I love each and every one of you very much, pray for you often, and think of you even more!!! May our heavenly father bless us all as we try to live with him again is my humble prayer!!!
Your Kiwi Missionary, Elder Stucki

New Things to See

Hello to all!!! Well this week was transfers and I am in a new area it is a city called Pakuranga like 10 minutes from my old area. The 2 wards I am in now are great!!! We have a car which is such a blessing and we are able to get a lot more work done!!! One of my wards had their primary program this week so it was the best Sunday ever!!! Estee they are just like the wards in America funny and so spiritual just like we love. One of the wards (Howick) is mostly Polangey (white people) and the other one (Waipuna) is just like my last one mostly islanders. Howick ward is really organized, but Waipuna is bursting with missionary spirit. We had a baptism on Saturday with five other people set with a date and we will set at least 2 more this week. The lord moved me into a beautiful area and I am so thankful. My companion is Elder Rezel another Australian that has been out for 7 months. It is nice to be with someone that doesn’t go home soon it makes me feel less young. He is 26 however haha. He is a convert to the church the only one in his family and his father passed away just over a year ago. We plan on doing his work Wednesday when we go to the temple. That brings me to the temple trip we will meet at my old building and bus down to Hamilton and do 2 sessions then have our zone conference so it will be a jam packed spiritual day for sure. I am so excited I haven’t been to the temple in ages. My thoughts are scrambled because I am at a different email place than I am used to. This week was full of firsts for example this bed is the only other bed I have slept in New Zealand. My last Flat was the only one that I had ever slept in. Even on trade offs the other Elder always came to my flat so it was weird to wake up in a different place!!! My new flat is really nice and super clean. This morning I vacuumed the house and car my companion was thrilled because he is a very neat elder and all of his other companions never cleaned. I guess I get that from you mom haha!!! Today we are going to go hiking which will be a nice change to basketball. I was happy to hear there is actually cool stuff to see in this area. Oh I got a letter from Jared this week he sounds so good!!! It was weird to see an envelope from Japan!!! Brynn I finally got your letter and I will write you back today!!! It was really hard to leave Eseta tears were definitely shed, but she is going to bring us food this week so that will be so nice!!! Also the good by to my old ward mission leader was a tough one, but it was nice to leave it was definitely time to see other things especially with my new companion. We laugh so much. I found out today that he though I was going to be a boring guy. Guys he was in for a surprise when he met Elder Stucki huh??? But it has been great so far. Oh and that is funny about fathers day and I now do remember that I sent a card from the MTC, but we need to celebrate our parents more so there you go haha. Thanks everyone for writing it keeps me going through out the week. It is crazy to see how Life continues on even when you are so far away. I forgot my email list this week so I am sure I am forgetting things to say, but I told you the important stuff!!! Hope everyone has a wonderful week. Those of you that are member of the church I commit you to do one missionary act per week. I promise the blessings will come to you and your family more than you can imagine!!! For example bear testimony to some one, invite them to church, bring them to an activity, or just let them know that god loves them!!! This is the true church here on earth and it is an honor to wear the name of the Savior on my chest along with my own name. May the Lord help us each day do be a little bit kinder, a tad more patient, and a lot more loving.
Love you all!! !Elder Stucki

From Over Seas

(Just to preface, this isn't an old e-mail. Matt didn't realize that other countries have different dates for some holidays)
Well hello to everyone over seas haha it is weird how far away we all are, but the love I feel is as if you were here with me. Last Monday evening I went out and just looked at the stars and it reminded me how small we really are. It also reminded me of the times that all of us grand kids would sit out with grandma Stucki and try to find the big dipper. I also think that grandma has a little Samoan in her blood because we always had food with us!!! Also, last Monday I went to get a few things from the shop and looked up and saw a father’s day sign, my heart sank and I felt like a terrible son, I forgot say happy fathers day in my email. Luckily here in New Zealand we are a step ahead, well at least in time, so technically I didn’t miss it, but it is today. So happy Fathers day dad!!!
Yesterday I got up in fast and testimony meeting because it may have been my last in this ward, since transfers are this week. I wished all the fathers a happy father’s day and with the emotions I get from my dad cried as I finished the things that I know to be true!!! It was a powerful testimony meeting, so many people came up to me after and threatened to tie me up so I don’t leave the ward. It was a great feeling to know that I am wanted hahah, but I will go where ever I am called!!! I also asked Brother Lavea, my ward mission leader for a blessing, because it is the start of a new school year in America so I wanted to keep the tradition alive, as he spoke I imagined dad speaking to me and wept like a little girl who lost her doll. It was a powerful and much needed blessing that was said with so much love. That will be the hardest part about leaving, if I do, saying goodbye to all these wonderful families. It is crazy how through service you develop such a love for people.
Well this week we taught heaps of less active lessons, and are trying hard to help them get back to church. It is crazy how many of them are return missionaries, and just fell away a few years after they got home. I pray everyday that that will never happen to me. Marc should be getting the priesthood this next Sunday so it is all very exciting!!! Eseta couldn’t make it to church, but we are still praying for her always, that she will be able to act on the faith she has.
So Alyssa and Liz who are your teachers, how is the 6 class schedule, and what is new @PVHS? I admit it is a little sad, but I was stoked to hear they stomped Mojave!!! Mom do you like having only 6 periods? Mom you asked about the exchange rate, and it is something like a $1.67 to 1.00 American dollars, but the stuff is just more expensive here to the exchange rate doesn’t matter much for me. I’m glad you found my license if you could send that asap and just keep looking into the thing with Uncle Les’s friend that would be great!!! Brynn your letter still isn’t here so I am expecting that it will come this week, when did you send it? Elise (Dondero) how is college? Ashby girls are you still loving school? How are your teachers? Aubrie and Brian how are the quads? Do you like your teachers? Are you keeping your mom in line? HAHA Steph you know I love you and Dane heaps!!! Valerie how is your class? Are you still living alone or do you have a roommate? Aunt Teresa I think you should get a 60’’ Plasma instead of the 19’’ TV haha Remember I am your source for technology information haha. Kyle I love how you call your apartment a flat. It is way cooler anyways. I hope classes are good for you and one of them will have my sister in Law waiting for you haha jokes bro jokes. I would much rather you find the right one when she comes than rush, besides I want to be there for it!!! Estee I hope you are saving a room for me in that house of yours!!! It sounds so sweet!!! Does your stainless steel all match HAHAHAHAHA??? How is your new ward? Dad keep on trying with those deacons some day they will be missionaries and regret how they ignore there leaders (personal Experience) Honestly they are just confused, but try using Preach my Gospel it is what made the church so important to me!!! Grandpa and Grandma Stucki have you started the fire place up yet??? Grandpa how is the wood pile? Make sure you teach Garret to work like I tried to!!! Garret and Kelsea how is school? It’s been ages since I have heard from you, miss you both!!! To all my other family how are your kids, are you having family prayer and family home evening, if not its ok just please start now. Your children will be righteous if they are taught upon the principles of our saviour. I encourage all of you to have a copy of Preach my Gospel in your home and teach from it. It could be renamed “How to raise your Children, or A guide for Family night.” I love that book if you can’t tell I just finished reading it cover to cover last week and am now going back and studying individual topics. Kyle I took your Challenge and Studied charity. Man it is a lot more than just being nice to people!!! Well everyone thanks for all the love and prayers!!! Keep up the good work and remember no matter what we have done or what we will do in our lives our Saviour Jesus Christ is there for us. I plead with you all to continue to follow the counsel of our leaders and make your life right!!! It is so important that we all make it to the Celestial kingdom (heaven) so we can continue to live laugh and love together. May the Lord bless us all is my prayer everyday!!! I love you all heaps and heaps!!!
Your missionary man, Elder Stucki

Sunday of Miracles

Well friends and family this was probably the fastest week on record at least for me. I finnaly feel like I am a missionary and getting used to the schedule so the days just kinda fly by. It was just as my Zone Leader Elder Larson said three months into you mission the days fly by, and he only has one transfer left!!! Although I am happy the days are going by fast, I am not “wishing away the present” I enjoy every experience I get and this week there were some good ones. The best one of all happened yesterday at church. ESETA WAS THERE. Through our continued prayers and faith along with some revelation from the lord we were able to teach some really good lessons, well the spirit taught them we were just the physical being, but they went really well. The best one was on Thursday night I was on a trade off with Elder Afoa and we were going back to follow up on the commitment that we left for them to read and pray about Joseph Smith. We figured since we taught them everything already we would go back and help them gain a testimony of living prophets something that no other church has on earth. So we watch a general conference talk in Samoan and then discussed it with them, after which we asked her 16 year old son David to tell us about his experience praying. He said he is beginning to believe, but not for sure yet. The 25 year old daughter had the same response. I had the thought to ask them a question that I have never heard nor asked before in my life. The question was, “When you do receive your answer what will that mean to you and what will you do with your answer?” As the question was asked i got a little nervous because I wasn’t the one in control of the lesson any more, the spirit was. They looked at each other then back at me and both agreed that they could someday in the future see themselves as members of the church. That was such a greatfeeling to hear them say this. We then bore strong testimony and asked if any one had any questions concerns or comment this is when the miracle happened. Eseta thanked us as usual for coming and said I did what you asked I prayed to know if Joseph Smith was a true Prophet and i felt peace and happiness. She then said as you asked David what he would do with his answer it was something a I asked my self and something I never thought of before. She then went onto say that with further study, lessons, and a more solid answer to her prays that she would become a member of our church. I'm telling you that I wanted to do a back flip and shout Halleluiah. Aunt Cassie she is starting to accept the “Kingdom of God.” Thanks to everyone for your prayers on her behalf!!! I know that someday she will make the covenant, of baptism, with our father in heaven. Marc also loves the church as a new member. They both stayed the whole 3 hours ofchurch which is a really big step for both of them. The Lord is blessing us greatly as we try our best to be faithful. That was my spiritual story for the week and one I will never forget.
Some other bits of information I learned this week is that President Porter was set apart as a Stake president by President...........STUCKI, the same one who is now the Las Vegas Temple president. Man we have some good blood in us. Speaking of good blood I was watching a church history movie this week, a segment called and Ensign to the Nations, it is a movie showing the growth of the church throughout the world and the missionary work. The First place was England, then NEW ZELAND, then CHILE, then KOREA, and SOUTH AFRICA. So besides England I'm serving in New Zealand, Dad you served in Chile, Kyle in Korea, and Brian in South Africa. Those were some of the top places for missionary work. Our blood line runs rich with sacred places to serve missions. By the way I tracted into a woman from South Africa this week and I know that Brian was the one that led us to here!!! Now to some questions, Brynn no letter yet I think it takes almost 2 weeks by the time it gets to me, but thanks in advanced for it. Its always nice to get letters in the mail. Mom no worries on the bank thing just get to it when you can. Oh happy birthday Hugh what arte you like 58 now hahah. Mom we don’t have sprinklers in New Zeland only at the church and I have never seen them on. The rain is more than sufficient for all the plants here which is crazy. So far I havnt been to any historical site. My area right now doesn’t have many and since its the city no real place to go and see awesome things. Most of my pdays are spent playing volleyball, shopping for food, and writing emails and letters. Uncle Les I did think of one thing that I need. It’s a DVD called reflections of Christ. You can get it off the internet @ RelectionsofChrist.org it is an awesome movie that missionaries like to show at baptismal services, butif you cant get it no worries!!! The weather is starting to warm up, but the past 2 days have been really windy and raniy. Well time is up so I love you all and keep up the prayers and everything!!! Thanks for all the encouragement and love!!! Elder Stucki