Movin on up to the rich side!! 5/23/10

Well as they say change is inevitable!!! And
sure enough Change has come; in a big way. I am now in apart of Auckland known as North
Shore, and lets just say the cars are nicer the houses are bigger, and
the people are well not as receptive, but fortunately we cover two wards and between the two of them we have a few humble streets!!! I also
have been called to be a Zone Leader so I am blessed with much more
responsibilities, but the blessings are as long as I don't muck up I
will have a car and a cell phone for the rest of my mission and those
two things are golden especially in the winter season that is now in
full for. A couple days back we literally had 24 hours of rain. It was ridiculous to say the least. Transfers were on Thursday and I don't
know if I have ever been so busy in my life. Phone calls up the yang
and trainings and calendars meetings on top of meetings plus all the
responsibilities of a missionary. Boy life is good!!! It is so cool
not to have time to think about anything, but missionary work. We just wake up put it into hypers speed then go to bed and thats about all I remember!!! My
companion is another Aussy from Brisborne he is heaps like me so it is
way fun he is excited to have me because unlike me he is skinny as and
can't eat heaps when we go to the member feeds so it takes the pressure
off him haha. Elder Hunt, my last comp, stayed in the old area, and
this will be his last transfer CRAZY!!! My companion has only been out 3 transfers longer than me, but the trend continues I have only had one
companions, my greenie Elder Heslop that I have more mission experience
than. Which funny thing is that he is now in my zone so it will be cool to see how he has progressed when we go on trade offs. We are now
super close to the office, and so we are the zone leaders that get
called on to do this and that. Any ways the work here is good we set
some one this past week and have a baptism on Saturday so we have a lot of work to do with minimal time to do it in, but when we do what God asks then everything
else just seems so work out!!! Sorry for the short email, but not too
much else to report!!! All my love!!!

oh and that is my head from 2 weeks ago in the picture me with Tina and a couple of rabbits me with Jason and Renee, and then my shoes that have been retired!!!

Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

Stitches?!?!? 5/16/10

What a crazy week it has been all sorts of rain and mud and work and sleep haha what sleep? On Wednesday we came in for lunch and it started to pore down rain like no other, New Zealand rain is like swimming, you get soaked straight away no matter how long you are in it. So I took off my Proselyting clothes (Suit) Jumped into some mufty (b-ball shorts and wrestling shirt) and my companion and I set out to have and adventure in the rain!!! We noticed the gutters were full of the fall leaves and the drains near our flat were all clogged up, we walked around and cleaned them out and just laughed as the rain pored, what a blessing it is to preform random acts of service. After about an hour or so we went in I took a hot shower had some Milo (similar to hot cocoa) and then got back into Pros and went back to work. You may now be wondering about the stitches as my subject. Well after coming into the flat all the shoes out side the door were getting wet, and so I bent over to bring them all inside after a few reaches and twists I went to stand up and twist back to stand up, but I ran straight into a metal box that is apart of the huge dead bolt on our door. I instantly fell to my knees in pain, and sat there for a moment when I took my hands off my head I looked at my hands and saw a familiar red substance, what most people call blood haha. Well sure enough it was blood so I went and cleaned it up and had Elder Hunt call Sister Porter. She was on speaker phone so I heard the conversation. Prior to calling I jokingly told Elder Hunt to just ask Sister Porter how deep does a cut need to be to get stitches, so after a bit of small talk he popped the question I was laughing so hard because Sister Porter went into "Mother" mode and asked 192837498 questions at once. She said go to a doctor and get it looked at. So we called a nurse in the ward told here what it was like and she said oh it will be ok. So we called back Sister Porter and told her and she said well if it is little then just "MAN-UP" Elder Stucki. IT was so funny!!!! So my head is ok and is healing nicely, but Estee this again proves you right when you told me that I will need Health insurance for the rest of my life haha. Just another day at the office for Elder Stucki I guess!!! I tried to attach a picture of the blood, but for some reason it doesn't want to work today.

Well on to the spiritual stuff. This past week was wonderful; Jason was baptized on Saturday, and President Porter made a special trip to come and see it, what a GREAT blessing it was. He is so different CLEAN AND PURE from his old habits and addictions. He truly is a changed man and you can see it from a mile away. We had Tina attend his baptism. She is a rabbit breeder, and not one to leave her house ofter. She came and loved it then was at church again and just was glowing!!! She also came to our monthly mission fireside where she was in tears for most of it. At the end of it we had a Great talk about what she was feeling and things like that. This whole week we have been wanting to move her baptism forward, but she said I am not ready. She was set for June 19, but after the fireside said you are right I need to do this sooner. Tina will be baptized on May 29 and is completely loving everything about the church. I love to see the "mighty change of Heart" in people!!!
This week is transfers so who knows what is next, it will be interesting to see. I still haven't moved flats we are working at getting one this week, but you never know. The new ward is great, and I was able to speak in the old ward. I gave a similar talk to the one I gave a year ago at my farewell changed some of it, but it went really well. Mom I am not sure where you are getting this burning thing, but if I do burn a shirt it will be one that has been "retired" due to holes of stains that are too big no worries all is well haha. Things are great and I am loving the mission. I am looking forward to new challenges and test that come with missionary work and am so grateful for the spiritual growth that I have seen over the past year in myself!!! Thanks you all for the emails, support, love and prayers

Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

I still got it!!! 5/9/10

Oh boy my joke from last week had everyone, but my mother. As many of you read I took the "challenge" of our mission President to not call home on mothers day. Well this Wednesday I called my mom at work and she said I thought you weren't going to be calling, but she knew darn well that I need the call just as much, if not more than she does. There was no such challenge just a joke from Elder Stucki. So yes I still got it, I can joke with the best of them!!! I hope that no one was hurt in the process, but from the emails I got many of you took it seriously!!! So I officially talked to my family this morning so not much to report, things are going well and the work is progressing. It was good to hear the family is all healthy and happy!!! Weird to be away from my mother for the first time on mothers day, but I wouldn't be any where else right now and she would be more sad if I wasn't serving our Heavenly Father.

Well yesterday (Sunday in New Zealand) we had a lesson in Gospel Principles on mothers, so of coarse they asked what should a mother be like, I confidently answered just like mine she is PERFECT!!! Then they asked us to find a scripture that we felt described our moms. I turned to D&C section 6 : Then I imagined my mother saying it to us, which was mainly through her example, and the Christ like life that she lives!!!
33 Fear not to do good, my sons (Elder Stucki &Kyle), for whatsoever ye sow, that shall ye also reap; therefore, if ye sow good ye shall also reap good for your reward.
34 Therefore, fear not, little flock(All of us kids); do good; let earth and hell combine against you, for if ye are built upon my (Christ's) rock, they cannot prevail.
35 Behold, I do not condemn you; go your ways and sin no more; perform with soberness the work which I (and Heavenly Father) have commanded you.
36 Look unto me (Christ) in every thought; doubt not, fear not.
37 Behold the wounds which pierced my (His) side, and also the prints of the nails in my (His) hands and feet; be faithful, keep my (and His) commandments, and ye shall inherit the kingdom of heaven. Amen.
If I wrote all about my mother today I would be one crying mess, and two, run out of day light hours just scratching the surface of who she is. Those of you that know her know she is second to none. Those that have gotten in trouble for ditching school still love her. I have never had a single person tell me anything negative mostly because there isn't anything, and secondly they know they would have been in much pain after their comments were concluded or interrupted. She is the glue of our family, the peace maker, the chef, the over all WOMAN!!! I love her with all of my heart and like the Strippling warriors I was taught in my youth to not doubt and I never will because "my mother knew it".

I have been blessed in my life with many "mother" figures. From Aunties, to Grandmas, Friends mothers, to sisters from church, and the Women that help me through the mission. I would say my mum needed some back up when it came to me, but with many prayers and a lot of love I have turned out okay I hope and pray!!! To all of the Women that receive this I wish you a happy mothers day and your children better be good or in a years time I will haunt them hahaha. Well have a wonderful week and stay strong in the Gospel, life is good and the Church is True!!!

All my love, Ofa Atu
Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

Winter 5/2/10

What a week of cold wind and rain!!!! HAHA biking in the rain just makes me laugh and think of how funny it must be for other people to drive past and see two guys in suits pedaling away and smiling and laughing all the way. We came in a few times this week and had to change all of our clothes down to the, as dad would call it our "skivies". Well this week started our 24 hour suit coat policy which is a drag, but it was funny how when that day came it was freezing and windy. The weather here goes straight to the bones due to the humidity. Everything is back to being mud and puddles. The shoes just don't stay polished like they used to haha. Amazingly we are letting the covenant burn with in as Brigham Young would explain it. President last winter asked us have you got fire? We would reply yes of coarse and now his next step is how hot is your fire and we reply volcanic President. So bring on the winter the numb fingers and toes and lets get working the Lord's children still need the fire we have!!! This week was pretty decent numbers wise, but the greatest part of the week was Renee's baptism on Saturday. Everything went great and I even volunteered to sing. Not alone of coarse I don't wish that upon anybody, but 6 of us elders sang Joseph Smith's first prayer to the tune of "come thou fount." It was really good and many were crying hopefully not because they were in pain, but they felt the love of our Heavenly Father. On another very exciting note our ward was split on Sunday so now we are waiting for word from President who will stay of who will move. One of us will have to move because the boundaries have both our flats in them. We are excited because there is a lot of untouched work that is waiting. The new bishop is very missionary minded, but there is pros for both wards. Hopefully now will be a big turning point for the wards to begin their personal missionary work instead of relying on us. We were very blessed as well to have many investigators attend the baptism and feel the spirit.

Well thanks to those that emailed me this week. Uncle Stephen I am so excited for your family and happy to see that it is growing. Aunt Cassie Elder Mataele (Arizona) and Elder Vaolupe (Tonga) say hello to the missionary in your ward. How crazy is that!!! Your missionary knows elders that are serving with your nephew. Small world or just small Poly culture. They all are related hence we tell them they aren't serving missions just on holiday to visit family haha. I love the culture of it and how close they are something I definitely will take home with me. Estee you mentioned that April must have been the month to teach me Patience and Long suffering I think that is the 2 year lesson. Although I have come along way as most of you know my patience level pre-mission was -1928719827 and not I am maybe a 1 out of ten haha no its better, but I agree all trials have lessons that need to be learned behind them!!!

This week is the week that most missions call home, but President Porter has asked and promised if we don't call home that our baptisms will double so I will be testing that out and waiting til Christmas to call. I know it will be hard, but the worth of souls is great in the sight of God!!! Besides we are way blessed to email weekly missionaries back in the day served for twice as long and some never heard from family of friends. As the song says "sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven."

Other than that things are going great and we are enjoying everyday that we have to serve our father in heaven!!!

All my love as a servant of the Master to my friends and family around the world!!!

Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.