Two e-mails

We had two e-mails from Matt this week.
Here's the first: i had a huge email all typed but the computer froze hopefully i will have time later today to write again sorry all is well happy birthday alyssa and estee talk to you all later!!!!
Love Elder Stucki

Here's the second : well i managed to get a few more minutes on a computer so i will write you a short email. First of all thanks to everyone who sent me emails this week it was so awesome to get so much love all in one day!!!!!

My flat adress is 5b wroughton Otara, South Auckland 2023

Everything is going well the work is getting hot and I am excited to be a tool in the lords hands to bring his chirldren back to him!!!! The weather has been crazy rainy the past three days all day and it never falls down it comes from every direction because of the wind last night was the worst yet even my comp said that he has never heard the wind and rain so hard. Also a few big claps of thunder and a little lightning which is pretty rare for new zealand.

Its great to hear that everyone is doing well I love you all and hope you have a great week may the Lord bless all of you in every way as long as you are trying to be obediant and working each day to become like our Saviour jesus Christ. I love the people here and they are teaching me so much. the biggest thing is patients i definately need that and its some thing that i have never really been able to master, but thith the help of the lord i am getting better each day.

Sorry again for the short email i had a huge one all typed and then mycomputer froze so next week I will have more time and it will be better i promise. Mom please keep sending these to my friends all the ones that you have emails for. I love you all and will talk to you next week!!!!

Auckland Mission Blog

Matt's mission has its own blog. I think the mission President's wife keeps it up. Here is the address and two pictures of Matt from the blog.

MTC Pictures

Matt sent us a cd of pictures from the MTC. Here are some of them.


Well hello to all first of all mother i couldnt write much because they told us we had only a minute to write geese haha and you found out about my companion probably before i did. Well his name is Elder Byrnes and yes that is how you spell it he is from Australia the sydney area so he has a weet accent and way fun to be around, but very obedient. Our "Flat" or apartment is the tiniest thing ever with no heat haha so its been freezing haha a cold 5 degrees celcius and its a wet cold so it goes straight to your bones. I dont need a blanket for now the sisters in the word came to the rescue and brought me a few which was so nice of them. That is how just about everyone is here we eat pretty well but are only allowed to get four meals a week from the members (mission rule) so far everything i have eaten is pretty good nothing to crazy, but the ice cream here just as hugh promised is amazing and we get some almost everyday. Most of the time when we stop into members houses they will bring us icecream of cookies or someithing good to munch on which usually makes us even colder but its still way nice. The houses in my area look like the ones on D street and probably smaller. Its a very humble people where family is at the top of their priorities list. We have not had too much sucess this week has been tryiong to find people to teach our pool was very low, but saturday we went out for the most of the day and we found 11 new people that wanted to be taught I know that it was only through our obedience and our faith along with work did the lord make that possible for us. WE are so blessed to be in OTARO (thats the city name) its called the ring of fire in our mission because that is where most of the baptisms come from our mission. We have a couple that we will probably challenge to be baptized next visit and a few others that hopefully shortly they will be commited to being baptized.

Mom hopefully this is better than my last long email because you said it was too much like me texting, but take waht you can get i never have liked to write hahaha just kidding i am trying to be coherent in my writing but its hard to say all i want to say and write while im constantly thining about the mission. I love it here the first few days took some ajusting but my companion was a huge support and now i just take it one day at a time. Also I must not have made the CD until after i took those pictures with Justin so i will make another and send it when i get the chance. And i am allowed to send my email home and to my imediate family i.e. mom dad kyle estee and alyssa, but any one and everyone can email me!!!!!! There are a few cool pictues that i have from presidents house so i will try and upload them and send them hopefully it will work haha. Other than that everything is great and wonderful I love the people , but the flight to get here was a little intense. It was a boeing 747 the biggest in Air New Zealands fleet and it was huge!!!!!! The workers were so kind and helpful. They fed us breakfast and Dinner And i tried to sleep for the majority but that wasnt workin to well haha.

thats crazy to hear about the tailor. Was it the lartches i welded on? I cant beblieve they came off that must have been a lot of weight but its good to hear that all is well.

Looks like the upload isnt working these computers rnt so good but hopefully i can make that cd and ship it out soon. and any packages that you send i wont recieve until transfers. well i send all my love if i think of anything else i will send it to you. oh btw we have as long as we want on the comp it just costs 2 dollars an hour at the library.

Estee that would be great if you could put my email on my blog and on my face book thanks!!!!

Hey young ladies please give my email to our friends and have them email me there addresses and then i will have their emails as well!!!

Mom please send this email to these people:

Sam Scott:




Arrived in NZ

well we got in safe and all is well just letting you know and i will talk to you all later love ya all mucho!!! P day is on monday Oh and Here are the adresses for my mission

Packages:New Zealand Auckland Mission7A Auburn StreetTakapuna, North Shore City 0622New Zealand

Letters:New Zealand Auckland MissionP.O. Box 33-840Takapuna, North Shore City 0740New Zealand

Thanks to everyone!!!!!!

Here are some pictures Matt sent from the MTC. I think the first one is his companion from Moapa, NV. The second must be him testing out the smile feature on his new camera.

Nothin Much To Say

well this week has been pretty good haha umm one ofour elders is finally out of quarentine and is so happy to be out. Sunday was super long since it was fast sunday but it gave us a lot of time to study and to teach one another. our lessons are getting better and better and its so nice to be able to count on the spirit whan you teach. In other news we had some elder bednar from like the quorum of the 12 or some thing and i kinda gave the invocation at the devotional he spoke at i guess that was pretty neet hahahahahaha Actually it was amazing i was so nervous but it turned out great. the Whole mtc was there and it was amazing he gave a wonderful talk and he has such a great spirit about him. We didnt know who was coming to speak so i was on the stand with my companion and they said if there is a general authority who comes in please stand sure enough in walked elder bednar and we all arose my face went white and my eyes were the size of basketballs. It was such a good surprise he sat 10 feet away and im sure i breathed a little of the same air he did hahaha we leave monday after noon at one to go to the slc airport and i am so excited to be in public again the mtc bubble is taking a tole on me. I dont know how you did it for so long kyle. the lord must have known that i would have went in sane . mom my scripture was on the back of the letter i sent you the Dand C one thanks for all the goodies and pictues nd all the mail from everyone!!!! The food is styill good the rc is great and aunt teresa there have been no imparticular people that i can remember but as a district we have commited over 60 people to meet with the missionaries. I dont know about the whole no more parent drop offs i think its just a rumor but you never know if so we were the last ones to get that fun haha. My medicine for my face got5 here and i had it mixed so that is good i will be sending a cd home shortly with tons of pictures so you can have some for my blog. thanks for keeping that going. We do get to call from SLC and LAX airports so i will have plenty of time hopefully this isnt the week you go to girls camp but if so then i will have to get over it hahah Life is great and i love the lord i know if we invite him into our life we will be blessed more than we can handle. Aubrie brian thanks for the pictures i love them and i expect to continue gettting them haha remember brian you r a pansy but i love you lots im sure you have grown a foot already. aubrie everyone loves the pictures of us from your baptism keep up the good work and have a blast this summer with no school. Stephanie and valerie thank you both for the letters and the love it helps alot i love you both equally so i am not allowed to pic sides when i am a servant of the lord haha Alyssa thanks for the update on our house you have to be my eyes and ears of las vegas hahah have fun this summer and stay away from boys!!!!!!!!!! Love youEstee thanks for your letters i love you dearly and thats good you still have your job u kinda need that haha.Kyle I think i saw your truck at the temple today maybe not but it looked just like it.Grandma and Grandpa Stucki i love it here but miss your food a lot haha thanks for all you have done for me i love you both very much!!!!!Grandma and Grandpa Tryon Thanks for the card its always good to get mail it helps the day go by so much better!!!Aunt Teresa Your letters are amazing and i love the book i read it on the date that it says on the top so just making sure you are going it that way too. The party sounded like a blast wish i coulda been there but this is by far where i need to be and sorry mom im not gonna miss girls camp set up very much hahahahahaLexi i got your invitation and i will be there.....if you wait 2 yrs to be married haha i love you both and good luck Im sure i am forgetting someone but dad happy fathers day hopefully someone will bring you breakfast since i am not there to do it. I love everyone and remember to rely on the lord always its a beautiful thing and the blessings will be great!!!! The church is true and i love it and i am so stoked to share it to the people of new zealand. I wont email again until i am there which is crazy the days go by so slow but the weeks fly bye!!! I send my love to all and keep the love comming haha have a wonderful week!!! LOVE, Elder Matthew Lee Stucki

I Finally Get To e-mail!!!

Well it is finally my p day and my day to email!!!! The MTC is amazing. Lots of hard work but the spirit is super strong and we r obtaining the word before we can teach it. We taught lesson one a few times this past week and it gets better each time. My companion is Elder Johnson from Moapa NV so pretty close to us. His mom is from New Zealand and his dad served his mission there. He is a very chill elder and we get along great. The food is awesome and i never go hungry so no worries grandma and grandpa. I cant wait to get out it the field hopefully the whole swine flu this will die off and no more missions will be delayed there are now 5 confirmed cases i think and like 30 that have been tested. they are all in Quarentine, so no one else gets it. But if we do get held back its because we need to know the gospel more and the people of new zealand just are not quite ready. The RC (call center) is amazing i go almost everyday and have had some amazing sucess as well as a few people that are not to kind but thats missionary work for you. Our district is amazing its like a group of brothers we all love eachother so much and enjoy being with one another. The spirit is phenominal and i love hearing the testimonies of my fellow elders. I have to give the invocation next tuesday ad the MTC devotional. Last tuesday we had Elder Gonzalez from the quorum of the 70 presidency. So i could be praying for just about anyone we are hoping for a quorum of the 12 member but we will see. Its a little scary but the lord blesses those that try. We have a challenge to read five pages a day out of the book of mormon and if we do that we will ready the BOM 7 times over the next two years. P day has been fun we got to go to the temple today which was gtood cause its been 2 weeks since ive gone which is way to long for me haha. Gym is fun and yes aunt teresa i have been playing basketball up until yesterday when we were told that there can be no contact cuz of the flu so we are only allowed to shoot around and play volleyball. Thanks for all the letters and im super excited for the pictures!!! ive takin so pretty good ones so far so i will have to send you a cd with all of them here pertty soon. Estee good job on the blog post i cant see it but im sure its great!!! Mom if you can send this to everyone that would be great!!! Uncle leses email is and you should have everyone elses. Its cool if you email me back but i rather have you do the dear elder thing cuz then i can get the letters sooner. I am supposed to be leaving the MTC june 15 so ya im outta here im loving it and I LOVE YOU ALL. Keep up the prayers and letter!!!!! KIA-ORA

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