Another one bites the dust

Date: Sunday, April 10, 2011, 4:43 PM

Again I sit here and write another email home. It is crazy to hear that Justin will be home in 5 or so days and that Tony should be home any time as well! It scares me because I know that I left not too long after them! We had another wonderful week! Heaps of teaching and finding our personal area is really chuggin! The zone in like manner is doing very well. We had a few bumps dues to people missing church, but overall things are going very well! We really need all of your continued prayers and support as we come to the last two weeks of the month and head into "Massive May". The McIvor family are all doing so well along with Jasmine and Etienne. They all will be baptized this coming weekend! On even more exciting news this man Ray, I never know who I tell you about and who I do not, but Ray lives in the apartment complex we knocked a little while ago. He slammed the door in our face, and we just kept going. We have a member that stays in that same apartment complex and They are friends, last Sunday she brought him over and said you need to listen to these young men. We have been teaching him all week and is now set to be baptized early in May. Saturday we taught him the word of wisdom, and he went from 20-40 smokes down to 0. He has made a HUGE change in his life. He turns 60 in a week or so. He has made a 180 in a matter of a week. No matter how many conversions I have seen on the mission each one still amazes me and just clearly shows that this is the Lord's work. He is in Charge and when we do it His way we will have miracles! We also set a young girl for the 28th of May. Mom, Dad, and Estee you will see what we are all about, Saving Souls. We will make it for the evening so you can have a granny nap after your flight. HAHA People just never stop asking when I am done or the missionaries in the Zone have a countdown, and most of the emails I get are just filled with trunky thoughts. It does not seem real. I feel that I will be doing this forever which would be just fine with me as long as I had 2 weeks with my mom every 2 years! I love life. Heavenly Father is so good to me! After General conference I think it is quite clear what the next step in my life must be!! If you don't get it watch conference and take note at how many times Marriage is talked about. Every time something was said the Elders on my row would all just turn to me and give me a grin or just smile. It was so dumb, but many prayers were answerd in that 10 spiritual FEAST! How grateful I am for a loving family and Parents that beat the gospel into me so that when I was humble enough to listen it was already there. OK beat is a little harsh, those that know my mom know she has no angry bone in her body unless she has to pay full price or for silly parents that come into her office! But what a magnificent life I have because of how I was raised. Mom and Dad I hope and pray that I have made you proud. I know the Lord has blessed us all because of how we live our lives. I don't know where I would be or what I would do with out Loving parents and patient siblings. Estee Kyle Alyssa I love you (even if your emailing has been slack omit that Estee you are faithful) I pray for each of you daily and know the Lord will guide your paths. It will be great to come home and be mature together and progress in the Gospel as a family!! Until then I will give my all to the people of New Zealand and to the Lord for that is what they deserve. Work work work there is nothing like missionary work. I love you all and hope your week is filled with opportunities to build your faith and testimony of our Saviour Jesus Christ and His gospel!! I testify that this is his work. This is His Church, and I am his Servant, I bear witness of the reality and truthfulness of the Restoration through the Prophet Joseph Smith, we have a Prophet on the Earth today, President Thomas S. Monson, God lives and loves us, Jesus is the Christ and or savior and Redeemer. Aunt Cassie I will testify all of my days. I took your challenge all week and watched the hearts of other change! God be with you til we meet again!!
Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

I love my life!!!

April 4, 2011
Well we have had an incredible week in the zone! On Tuesday we went and trained each of the districts on how to use Faith as a Principle of Power. We shared with them how we received this revelation and the spirit bore witness to each of them that we are here for them and that this is what the Lord needs us to do! We shared that as we live our covenants this is how we obtain power. We have studied different covenants as a zone over the passed week and committed them to live them more fully. We had 4 baptized this weekend and 18 new sets. That puts us as a Zone to a projected of 28 souls saved with 10+ more that are shaky and need more guiding!! I know for a surety that when we do it in the Lords way and in His time table we will be blessed beyond measure. President was beyond happy and said he wanted to give me a big kiss. I was grossed out and asked him if he was feeling ok. HAHA

In more personal news the Nigerian Family of 3 has been set for baptism on the 16th we are so excited for them. They just absorb all the information that we give them and they are just fully surrounded by support and love! Also we set a girl for the 16th that comes to church with her Grandma. Her name is Etienne, she is 12 and very shy, but loves the Gospel and is so ready to be baptized! Jasmine is still doing well and her sister is just in limbo on whether she will be baptized here or in Australia. So right now we have 5 for the 16th, but hopefully with Salafai it will be 6. We have seen so many miracles with these people it is just crazy, but we always give thanks to a merciful God that loves his humble servants. I know that he will continue to bless us as we qualify and for his power.

Conference will be shown to us next weekend so I am really looking forward to that, from the stories that I hear it has been really good. It scares me to think that it is my last General Conference as a missionary. Nothing is greater than wearing a black name tag. I am so convinced of that!! Thanks for all your love and support. I love you all and pray for you constantly.

This is His Work!!!

Date: Sunday, March 27, 2011, 3:34 PM

Well thanks mom for the reminder that only 2 months left that is insane and I believe last week I asked for no more trunky comments. Oh well it is reality. This week was faster than ever we only have 1 full day of proselyting due to Monday P-day, Tuesday District meeting, Wednesday ZL council, Thursday Leadership Training, Friday weekly planning, Saturday baptisms, Sunday Church and come and see fireside that the mission puts on once a month! It was a quick one for sure. Of course lots learned and so much to apply. I am thankful that I still have so much to learn and am not just accepting fate. I will learn til my last day. The month was slow for the new zone I am in, we finished the month with only 19 baptisms, but the problem is we have 11 missionaries. We are refocusing on living our covenants like we did last winter as a mission and this will increase our faith as a principle of power. We have the action side of things our missionaries are working very hard, but they need to work smart and remember only in the strength of the Lord can we do what we have been asked to do and go to the next level.

My companion and I have been focusing on this a few days before we told the zone. Our pipes for baptizing in April were looking pretty dry. Sunday we found 6 new investigators. 3 come from a Nigerian family. Their father moved to Australia for work. He moved in with their Auntie, and when he found out she was a Mormon was convinced that he would go and "save" her. Little did he know he would be the one getting converted. Then he called his wife and 2 kids and said you need to go to this church. Sunday after sacrament we were walking around meeting people and we met them. They loved it, stayed for all three hours, and then came to the fireside. We have full faith that they will be baptized in April. Also a girl names Sally got permission from her mother to start the lessons and prepare to be baptized. She is the Sister of Jasmine. Who over the past week has quit smoking. Mom you will never believe how we helped her to quit. Of course it was by the power of God, but I have been bugging President to allow us to text so we can have more contact with our investigators and on Tuesday he finally approved. We send Jasmine random messages and she messages us when she needs help. She has been smoke free for almost a week. Now she just needs to be married which they have planned for this week and she will be all set to be baptized. Also We went and taught our bishop's Sister in law and some of her family before Church on Sunday. She lives out of our area, but in our zone. We had a great lesson with her and Bishop was so happy with how we handled her. She will still be baptized in the proper ward, but we will do our best to help her to feel comfortable and gain a solid testimony of the Gospel.

In other wonderful news Jenny was baptized, we helped her overcome her concern last Sunday, but were not sure if she would be baptized. We went Monday night and she said Elder I will be getting baptized this weekend. I said pardon me. Then she repeated I will be getting baptized this weekend. We were happy as! I have come to know that living our covenants truly is what brings us power. Not our own power, but the power that can only come from God. So many things this week, and throughout my whole mission have given me a sure knowledge that this is his work, and when we do it his way we will find great success. I love you all and ask that you pray that Elder Ward and I can DO what is required to take this Zone to the next leve

Here we are again!

Date: Sunday, March 20, 2011, 4:01 PM

My goodness I feel like I was just here, but it has been a whole week and not too much to report. We had a baptism on Thursday of a Niuean boy name Masiniua. He comes to church with his Grandma and is such a good boy. He was so happy and excited and it was a special day for him. Other than that it has been a faith testing week many things falling through, but miracles are brewing. It is definitely a challenge to stay motivated toooo many people ask me when I am done, and I just want them to all go away. Thankfully I am losing myself in building others so that when I do go that they can carry on. There is so much young talent in the mission that I am excited to see what happens over the next year or so. New mission President comes in in July so that will be an interesting transmission for the mission, but President Porter is doing an incredible job to keep things on a high so the new guy can come in and just keep it rollin.

Well this is probably the weakest email EVER, but I have not much else to say. I am thankful for the energy I do have and the time that I have left. I will finish strong and to the end because I can't live with the what if or wish I would haves. This is the Lords work and the greatest work on earth. Thank you all for your love and support. I love yous!!!

BYE BYE transfer #15

Date: Sunday, March 6, 2011, 2:36 PM

Well things have been unusually slow this week here in Tamaki, but our slow is much much different than other peoples slow! I am grateful that we endured well, and still had some wonderful miracles. One of the Sisters in the zone Sister Elisaia goes home tomorrow. She is a very high baptizer, but was disappointed as to how her last 2 transfers here in Tamaki has gone. During the day I felt a prompting to call her and share with her my testimony. When I called I told her about the prompting bore my testimony to her then told her that Heavenly Father was so proud of her and the things that she has done! I then asked her how she felt and what she has been praying for. she shared with me that she was unsure if Heavenly Father was happy with how her last 12 weeks have gone! She, through tears, expressed her gratitude. Little does she know I was benefited of the experience. There are few things better than being used by Heavenly Father to answer someones prayer! I am thankful for that prompting and being obedient to what it asked me to do. I learned this from Sister Porter she on many occasions will tell us as Zone Leaders how much she is proud of us and that Heavenly Father knows what we are gong through. IT always is at the right time or when you feel that you just can't keep going! She has also called me multiple times just to say she cares or that she is thankful for us. She is the best example of gratitude I know!

In other News Crystal, Matt, and Theodore's mom is getting baptized on the 19th of this month she is very excited and as been so very touched by the change in her children. It was weird to have my last Sunday in Hillary ward. I bore my testimony and the spirit was very strong all of church. They have been so good to me and I am thankful for each family in the ward. President told me that I am moving, but I don't know where yet. He just said that I have one more assignment before I go home so I am a little nervous, but know that all will work out as long as I rely on the Lord. It is so important that we do things his way and on his time table!! I know that he will always help us in our righteous desires! We had zone conference with President Callister this week. He is the Area President, and has more knowledge of the scriptures than anyone I know. It was a great boost.

Well that is about all,l I am excited for the adventures of the next 12 weeks they may be my last, but it is my prayer and desire that they will be my best. As I told Sister Porter "We DON'T get trunky, there are too many souls to save!'' she just smiles and probably thinks I am a loon haha. Love you all have a wonderful week!


Date: Sunday, February 27, 2011, 8:38 PM

Well it doesn't feel like it has been two weeks since I have emailed, but it has. Actually today we had to move the Sisters into a new flat so I could have easily skipped another week, but I wanted a home to come back to not the dog pound so I thought I better make time to write. I am grateful that Sister Porter was able to send you a note letting you know that we are ok. The earthquake is hours and hours away we felt nothing. The death count is pretty high and what is crazy is heaps of the building has scaffolding all around them fixing them from the last earthquake. The people are really heart hearted in that part of the country (mostly white people) Supposedly the missionaries down the (different mission) were praying that something would happen because last time the earthquake hit their baptisms shot up for 2 months then dies down again. So some say their prayers were answered. Again we found out like a day or two later so ya all is well. Tonight I got permission call a bunch of all members and converts so that I can better plan our trip, and where we will be! That is crazy to me. Yesterday was my 21 month mark! I can not believe the speed, but I am grateful for it because I am tired I am looking forward to a good sleep, but until that day comes I will work my buns off eh mom?!!!

Well 2 weeks ago we had the stake baptism (picture attached) not as big as the Christmas one, but still really good! Crystal Matt and Theodore were all baptized they loved it and are still growing in the Gospel. Then this past Sunday morning John Taylor and his mother Tino were also baptized! We did really well this month and it is more and more evident that Heavenly Father is in control of the work and when we do it his way we are blessed beyond what our own strength can do!! We are now into March which is insane a week from Thursday is transfers and that is INSANE!!! What a fast shift. So no I did not move it was other elders their flat was not up to the quality that the church expects so they had to move out and same with the Sister's. I am glad that I got the skills to move. Thanks Valerie and your ridiculously heavy furniture, also Dad, Uncle Les, and Grandpa for teaching me how to stack and pack tight and organized, and Uncle Les Again for teaching me how to drive a trailer everyone is impressed that is doesn't take me an hour to get the trailer tight where we want it!! Funny how those little things come in handy. Things that I took for granted, but it is insane how so many elders and sisters are completely clueless!! I wonder where the grew up and 9 times out of 10 it is Utah stinkin bubble children!! HAHA Of coarse I say that with all the love in my heart!!

The work is still moving along slower than we would like it, but that is because we baptized our whole pool and the ones that we found along the way have kind of fizzled out, but I know the Lord will provide a way for us to Save Souls again in the month of March! Oh and tell JARED I am waiting for an email from him he has been home for ages, and nothing he is gonna get a whack is he doesn't shape up! I did receive a letter from Leanne, Britley, and Elder Jolley (from MTC) today that was really nice. I have some letters to write, but ZERO time to do so! BUSY BUSY BUSY! But life is good I would hate it if it were not busy! Well I think that is about it for this week we have 20 minutes until we have to be at our first lesson, and we still need to shower. I love you all and am glad that you forgave me for not writing last week. Sorry mom I am still human. I guess New Zealand still has some polishing to do with this Elder; good thing I still have ages to learn and to grow. The race is never judged with the beginning or the middle. It is always about how you end. I plan I ending stronger than ever fighting to the last day. I love you all and pray for you continually. Thanks for all your love, prayers and emails have a wonderful week!!

No email for Elder Stucki

Date: Tuesday, February 22, 2011, 11:01 AM

Sister Stucki,
I just wanted to get you off a little email to let you know that Elder Stucki is just fine! He mentioned to me that he didn't get a chance to email on Monday because he was moving from one flat to another. He is the most hard working Elder ever! Thanks for sharing him! He is and will do much good in this world! Be at peace!
Sister Porter