Don't Blink 3\28\10

What is going on I keep blinking and I am back in the email shop goodness I better stop that and actually do some work haha. This week was nothing to special or out of the ordinary, but a few cool things did happen. On Thursday one of the AP's that is going home in a week or so came and did a trade off with me and my companion went with another companionship. I was nervous as all get out, but it went very well he was quite impressed, but was able to give me some minor tips to improve in leadership, and general missionary work. His name is Elder Bledsoe from California, and his sister I am pretty sure is in Justin McClellan's (spelling?) mission and probably was in the MTC with him because she is speaking Spanish as well. Any ways that was really good and interesting I was able to observe a lot of things that I can tweek or add so that I can me a more effective missionary. Then on Saturday the La'kulu's had us over for their house warming party now that all the fences and shade covers are done, and they asked if I would dedicate the home it was a great privileged. In the prayer I asked that the home would be recognized as a place of peace and safety in the community and all that entered would feel of the spirit. On Sunday they talked to me at Church and said that after we left more people came to the party and one lady, whom is not a member, said that she just felt really good in their home. It is nice to know that prayers are answered, and as we do our part Heavenly Father will fulfill his promises. Also Brother La'kulu showed me his Hawaii Temple recommend cover, so I pulled out my Vegas one needless to say he loved it so I gave it to him and just laminated mine this morning. They take very good care of me and it was the least I could do.

Interviews were also this week they were pretty good, but confusing as no idea on what will happen next transfer!!! Crazy that transfers are next week, but I don't think anything can surprise me I am just use to saying yes and having faith in Heavenly Father to take me on a new adventure to shape me and get rid of my rough edges. This reminds me of when I told my mom that I am going to such a beautiful place to help me become a diamond and she said quote "They have a lot of work to do." Little did I know she was right. It is crazy to know all the rubbish we have around us until we begin eliminating it and finding what else we can do to be better. We ALWAYS have ways to improve and to be more like Christ. How are you improving today??? Well that's about it from me not many emails to answer questions from this week so I decided to up the font, but it still looks very short haha. Just know that I am healthy happy and full of love for all. Which I really need since I have never been persecuted like this area not a day goes by with out some one yelling at us we just smile and walk away. Something I would not have done pre-mission, but I have learned that taking them down and throwing in the legs haha just doesn't work for missionary work!!! May we all press forward with faith I pray always!!! I send all my love from New Zealand!!!

P.S. I have attached a few pictures of me cutting Jacobs (Recent Convert) hair.

Stucki N.Z.A.M.

I hope they call me on a Mission 3/21/10

Not all that much to report on this week things are going well and things are progressing our teaching pool is a little low, but Heavenly Father countered that by providing 9 more people for us that want to be taught. We had to do a lot of "weeding" out in our teaching pool people they were not progressing or have lost the fire. It is sad, but in this mission it is necessary because we only have so much time to do things that it can't be spent on people that have no desire. I have really enjoyed trade offs this past week with the zone leaders it shows me what I need to work on and also a time to "prove" myself, it is great to not feel like the new guy or feel like you have no idea what to do!!! That is something that I remember and use as I conduct trade off with younger missionaries. I do my best to remember what it is like so they don't feel like I am just a square. It is great to be able to evaluate them and give feed back and mostly show love. It is crazy what a touch of gratitude can do for others, sprinkle in some love and it makes for a unified and strong district. I am loving it all, and just working at preparing myself for what ever else God has in store for me. This past week I finished the Book of Mormon again, but instead of starting over I am now reading Doctrine and Covenants. It is great to see the missionaries of old get called to labor. It tells them that they are there to reap or harvest, but they first must have a desire then faith with works and be humble. The recipe for the perfect missionary. I am grateful and humbled by what Heavenly Father has been able to do with me in his hands, and look forward to an unending life of service for Christ and our Father in Heaven.

We had our monthly mission fireside where we bring our Recent converts, and investigators last night it was really powerful. The music was great, and the testimonies were true testimonies. It was also a great time to see old companions or investigators from other areas. I Learned that Dargaville is still chugging along, and has a few more people set some I was teaching and a few new ones. As for Otara Eseta who I love to death is praying for a date and the Elders Say man she sure talks about you a lot ha-ha. That felt really good. They also have a few others that I taught that will be baptized shortly. It is nice to see that hard work pays off and that other missionaries are taking care of the ones that I came to love. Also in Pakuranga the work is still at train speed, and it was great to see many of them last night and they would ask, do you remember me as if I could forget and they were so proud of the decisions that they made. Things like that are just fuel for missionaries. I am just blessed beyond measure!!! I like what it says in True to the Faith that some times we come out thinking that we are here to pay the Lord back for the past 19 or so years of our life, but then we serve for a bit, and we recognize that we just owe him more, fortunately it is a debt that we don't have to physically pay, all He asks is for a broken heart and a contrite spirit!!!

To respond to a few emails Aunt Doreen I do love the stars and the southern cross, but I really don't notice that it is different than back home ha-ha I wish I had more time to just look up at the stars, but I don't ha-ha. Estee I have never seen Lord of the Rings nor do I care to maybe thats why Heavenly Father sent me here because he knew I needed to see it in person ha-ha. Thanks to everyone else who wrote to me and sorry if you have questions I didn't answer.

Well sorry the short email, but not too much to report on. Things are good and my 10 month mark is on Saturday crazy eh? It feels really good to be honest yes it is going fast, but I enjoy the speed it makes me miss things a lot less. Of coarse I miss my family and friends along with MEXICAN food and the fast pace American life style doing what I wanted when I wanted, but the changes in me and the "MAN" I am working on becoming is more important than the selfishness of not spreading what I know to be true. I love you all I pray that you will examine your lives and make changes for the better. We all know right and wrong, but unfortunately we choose the later all to often I pray that we may all come to a better understanding of the atonement as we plead with our Father above to forgive us of our weaknesses and help us to make them our strength. I send my love from this beautiful land that I call home for a time. God be with you all and bless you with your needs, and righteous desires I pray as a servant and representative of Jesus Christ is his name Amen.

Much love!!!
Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

Our Favorite New Zealand Elder

Not sure what he's doing here, but doesn't he look happy?

Do you believe in Miracles??? I DO!!! March 14, 2010 4:17:30 PM

I am here again sitting in the Papakura Internet cafe and happy as can be. I am a servant of Jesus Christ what more can a guy (Elder) ask for? This week has definitely been one of miracles and blessing which come only through obedience, hard work, and a complete love for the people. James was able to baptize his 2 children. What a great blessing it was to see a man that was in the font just 2 weeks prior now preforming the sacred ordinance that he was a part of. It was a moment to remember and one that is in my journal (that is for mom and Estee). Also I had the privileged of baptizing Jacob Aurthur Francis Dyer-Wright St. Clair, yes that is his full name and it was a mouth full to say, but worth it!!! He is doing very well and we just pray that the ward will welcome all of them with open arms and continue to take care of him long after we are gone.

Aunt Cassie I love Tongan people that is great that you have one in your ward serving they are usually humble and very spiritual!!! Tell him I love him as a fellow servant of Christ!!! What is his name? Estee I am interested to see where your new job will take and lead you. Mary-Kate thanks for the email and I love and miss you both as well, but I am glad that things are going well. Keep Hughie in line for me and remember when I come home it's back to having an extra mouth at your house hahah or maybe two ;)

Now I want to share a MIRACLE of all MIRACLES. So Saturday after the baptism my companion and I were at the redhill elders flat eating dinner, and as we were leaving my companion said lets go see IRI (iddy). So I said ahh yepp sounds good. We went and she invited us in. We began asking questions, and following up with her prayer and her reading. She had only prayed and miss placed her Book of Mormon. So we asked her a few bold questions like "What do you expect to get out of us coming around, and When you know what we teach is true what will you do." With a puzzled look she couldn't really answer. I then asked her what is in her head what is troubling you with what we teach. She explained that she can not believe that God has a body and that he is our father. After showing her 10 plus scriptures out of the Old Testament she still wasn't picking up what we were throwing down so to speak. The reason we were using the old Testament is because she is Islamic and they don't believe that the New Testament is correct. I then Had a prompting that came like a baseball bat to the face. "Elder What are you doing she needs a testimony of the Book of Mormon not of the bible" I then redirected the con\versation to how did you feel when you prayed she said nothing really. My companion then noticed where I was going so we taught her the steps of prayer and said ok now we are going to get on our knees and you will please offer the prayer and ask Heavenly Father if the Book of Mormon is true. She said ok very nervously. They we asked why is it important to you to know that the Book of Mormon is true. She said, "It it is true then Joseph Smith is a prophet, and what you teach me is true." We were blown away. Before we had her pray I bore the most humble spiritual testimony that I could, and then said ok now pay attention to how you feel. She began her prayed asked to know the truth said amen, and we all sat there in silence the spirit literally was like a fire burning!!! We asked how do you fel she said relief and complete peace. What does that mean to you, we asked. She said I know that it's true, I know what you are teaching is true. It was a MIRACLE. God will fulfill his promises if we pray to know if the Book of Mormon is true. We then talked about how Christ was baptized and asked if she felt it was important to follow his example she said yes and then we committed her to be baptized on April 10th she agreed, and we closed with prayer and left. We got in the car and were screaming the whole way home. Talk about fill with gratitude for Heavenly father first giving us the prompting to go and then the words and promptings of what to say and do. I know he ALWAYS fulfills his promises, but we must do our part. When we got back to the flat we called President Porter and his wife to tell them about it and the 3 baptisms, and they were very happy President then said ok Elder that is a good start now go get to work. HAHA I love the strong relationship I have with him and the way that he pushes me to do hard things!!! He was worried as well about her being Islamic, because if they are Islamic by culture we can't baptize them, because our lives will be at risk, but she is only by religion so all is well no worries!!!

Family and Friends I leave you with my testimony of this great and Eternal work. It is the Lords work and his is with us day in and day out as we do all we can. Joseph Smith was called to be a Prophet of God, and "he has done more save Jesus Christ than an other man to bring about the salvation of Souls." We have evidence of his work or fruite of him. IT is the Book of Mormon which he translated by the power of God. The Church of Jesus Christ was restored through him with the same power that Christ apostles had the Priesthood. What a blessing it is to have that power and Authority in our Church. What a time to be alive, and to be a missionary. I love yous all I pray for you and as Aunt Cassie said I am doing so well because I have so many people praying for me. Thanks for all the love and Support have a great week, and have some Mexican food for me!!! I love yous!!!

Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M

Tick Tock goes the Mission clock 3/7/10

Holy Horse (those of you that are new I prefer to eat horse over cow yes I am serious!!!) This week was a bullet fast fast!!! Things are going pretty good still in our ward and rumors of a split are in the air. I reckon I will be long gone by then, but you never know!!! This past Sunday James received the priesthood which was amazing!!! He will now be able to baptize two of his children on Saturday. We have 3 set for Saturday so we have a busy week of interviews, and making sure they understand all that they need too. It is definitely a great problem to have!!! We were also able to set a man from Fiji this past week and his family was all at church on Sunday. His wife is Less Active, but they want more for their children. I said wife I meant partner so we will have to play wedding planner again in a few weeks to get all that sussed!!! It is a great blessing to be able to do all God need you to do. Probably for the first time, besides the times on my mission, in my life I can look back on the past week and be very pleased with the things that I have chose to do with the time Heavenly Father has given me!!! It is a wonderful feeling to not fear meaning after life or ridicule. This week has been full of rude comments and "angry elves." I am really working at seeing people through the eyes of Christ instead of my human eyes!! It is way fun for people to yell at you while you ride past then turn around and go talk to them they get really nervous must be from my large stature of my flash badge. Usually they won't even admit what they said. You just feel sorry for them and Elder McKinley and I just ride off with a smile and have a good laugh. We really get along well and am pleased to have him for at leaast 4 more weeks. I am loving life and am grateful to be serving in a wonderful place.

So here are some people we are teaching. The Whakaara family (wh makes and f sound just like ph) James got the priesthood Sunday and 2 of the kids will be baptized on Saturday. Also Jacob a 19 year old "Born Again" will be baptized on Saturday he is coming along great, and has really opened up to the teachings we share with him!!! Then Ashwyn the Fijian man and his family of 3 boys who love to wrestle me and show me the moves they see on TV of coarse I never let them win. HAHA jokes jokes. Also Marian who we are still working with her smoking and a few others a pretty small pool, but 80% or so all have a date to be baptized. Heavenly father has blessed me alot. I often ask myself why. What am I doing or what is the difference in me compared to other missionaries in our mission. I never have a real answer, but when Elders ask how do you do so well my only answer is I don't let myself know what its like to do bad. Also I really work at observing the best and taking good qualities from all missionaries I am around. And then become humble and recognize that no matter how much success there are other that are doing more, and then come to the conclusion that we are on the same team and heavenly father needs all of his "Soldiers" in tip top shape so he can lad them to do hard things. I enjoy all hard things that come my way now because we all are who we are because of the trials that we have been through!!! I an excited to see the new things the new week will bring. It is Zone Conference so that will be really great!!!

This past week we needed a meal appointment so I called the La'kulu's they are the ones that lived in OTARA and they now are in the same ward as me again they said no trouble elder we will see you tonight. We got their and they bought Burger King literally Burger King haha. 4 Whoppers 4 Cheese burgers, 4 fries, and 4 cokes. Haha my companion and I just laughed and went to work and took the rest home haha. We sat there talking after dinner and Brother La'kulu said we are turning the garage into a room and then you can come back after the mission and find a wife haha I just laughed and said I will take the room, but marriage is not thoughts I need right now hahah. Then we were talking about Tonga and his mission, and then got on the subject of mats (woven things for around the skirts they ware) He said he wants to get me one so now Kyle you can wear one with me when we go to church!!! They are just the kindest people ever and will literally give you the shirt off their back. Then Sunday came I saw him in the hall, and we hugged and he said hows things my brother? I said oh things are great thanked him again for all the support and he then pulls out 50 to 100 dollars and tries to shove it in my pocket, but as missionaries we can't take money and if we do we have to put it into the ward mission fund. It is amazing the bound that are created with people and how generous they are I have gotten very close with that family and love them to death. They always have a kind word and a smile just what a missionary needs. The list of people that I want my family to meet just keeps getting longer, but good thing we have an eternity to do it all in!!!
Well that is my letter for the week it is a pleasure to receive so much love each week may the Lord bless us all as we work to reach our Divine potential and do all we can to please him. I love yous (kiwi thing "yous") all and hope you have a great week!!!

Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

MARCH!!! 3/1/10

Well family and Friends the 3rd month of 2010 is here can you believe it??? Things are just racing faster and I love it I love being lost in the work and I love that I have 9 month of experience that has made me who I am today. I can't wait to see what the coming months will bring in regards to spiritual growth. What blessings and miracle have come this past week!!! First of all Elder McKinley and I are still together for at least one more transfer so we are in Papakura still which is good. Last night we called President about our three baptisms, and he was stoked. He has all the missionaries call when they have baptisms or when we set someone. So then we told him about the 7 others that we set over the past week. He went nuts!!! Over the past week the zone went from 3 set to 23 which is great!!! My companion and I asked to go back to the country president said he would pray about it then my companion said pray harder. We both miss the country life, but are loving the busyness of the city. So Yes James was married on Friday, and then baptized on Saturday. It was incredible definitely on my list of most prepared investigators. Now we are working at getting him the priesthood so he can baptize his three children on the 13. Also Thomas and Margret were baptised. The day of, Friday, we got a call saying that Thomas had a cough and his father (hard case non member) would let him be baptized we left the flat feeling down, but had a very busy day planned all our appointments fell through except for one. We went to the flat to get things sussed for dinner, and get ready for the baptism and I told my companion to grab the white pants for Thomas because I felt he would be getting baptized. Sure enough we got there, and he was ready to go. What a MIRACLE!!! It has been great. Saturday we had a big BBQ after the baptism at our Ward Mission Leaders home. We had heaps of investigators there, and they loved it!!! We finished off the month with 11 baptisms in the district, and 24 in the zone. It was great!!!

This morning I got a call from the zone Leaders, and they said that due to the number of current sets they wanted to raise the March goal to 34 At first I was like you are nuts, but then we talked about it and they told me to take it to the Lord. So I prayed about it felt OK, but still not to great. I then began to read from the Book of Mormon in Ether Chapter 12 just so happens that it where I am from reading cover to cover. It is all on faith, and how we can accomplish all by faith. I want you all to read that chapter and then count the word faith and how many times it is used. You should get a number of 34 what a great answer to my prayer that by faith our goal of 34 will be accomplished. I then called all of my district and had them read it for companionship study, and then call me back. What a powerful spirit I felt from the Elders, and sisters in the district. They are men and women of great faith, and they are all in to do there part in accomplishing there goal. I love the different stories of faith that are talked about in there, but I really love how it applies to us in verse 29 take out Moroni and put in your name. How is your faith? What are you doing to strengthen it?

My heart is full of Joy. I truly love the work. I love the way, like wrestling, that it completely drains you, physically, mentally, emotionally, and now spiritually. What a time to wear a sweet black name tag!!! I am in awe of the power of Christ. I read some emails today from missionary friends who were really worried about word of wisdom issues of getting their investigators to be married, I know all missions are different, but Christ and his power is the same. Just as preach my gospel says when they have a concern about these things help them to recognize that it is more of a concern on whether the Book of Mormon is true, because if it is, which it is, then Joseph smith was/is a prophet, and all the revelations he had were from god. I promised that if you help your investigators to see this then they WILL progress, and they will be prepared to make covenants with our Heavenly Father. Remember that they can never be converted past our own conversion. The field is white and it is time to put down our "sickle" and as Sister Neilson said "it is time to get on the spiritual combine." There is a reason we don't use rainbow discussions any more, or memorize things. The future of missionary work is here and we need to be apart of it. So Jump on in and have a miracle today because it is only a lack of faith that miracle can't happen!!!

I love you all thanks for the continued support, and love that I feel each day from all over the world. Keep working hard and strengthening your faith!!! Remember Ether 12 read it and email me your thoughts, and in sites.

All my love,
Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.