I Love dogs NOT!!!

Well well family and friends it was so great to get emails this week. It reminds me that the lord doesn’t give us any more than we can handle. Meaning if I had to wait 8 days i probably would have gone insane hahah. Well the most interesting news of the week is that I was bit by a dog riding my bike down the side walk. He just came up out of his yard and bit my left calf. It was not too enjoyable!!! The work part is that my pants are even more thrashed, but sweet swet sister taufa is mending them now. Unlike “those boots” my pants were definitely not made for walking. They are just wearing right through, but I had them reinforced so hopefully that will last me until the end of September when I can just wear slacks and no coat. Oh the life of a missionary I sure do love it. Its so funny the things we do while in “church Clothes” ride bikes, go through the mud, walk in the rain, eat, sometimes sleep, study pray, teach, and attend meetings and church. I don’t think that the inventor of the suit ever thought about missionaries. The weather should be changing shortly, but its still chilly and rainy at least 3 times a week. Dust is never an issue here like it is back home. Any ways Marc’s baptism is still on for this Saturday and he attended stake conference yesterday so we are really excited for him to make that covenant with the lord. The week has been really busy with teaching which is always good. We had the blessing of teaching over 20 lessons this week. The lord has really prepared the area for the missionaries. So far this year our mission has saved 565 souls and brought them into the kingdom of God through the waters of baptism. We talked a lot about this at zone conference on Friday. Its was another good one just really spiritual and moving. When ever president and his wife talk you jsut want to be the best missionary ever, but as President Porter says, “Best case scenario we are just tools in the hands of the Lord.” It is so true with out him we are just young boys in suits. Thank you for everyone with the advice and encouragement about my companion. Each day the Lord blesses me to be a little more patient and understanding. We have a few investigators we hope to set for baptism this coming week so just keep them in your prayers. Well to a few of the questions, Aunt Teresa no I never got an email last week I was pretty surprised actually, so it must not have sent, tell Aubrie its ok to cry I do it often haha, and maybe I could have a picture of those pierced ears? I'm sure she looks beautiful. I do love our book Aunt Teresa it brings me up a lot of days and keeps me focused. Yes I do keep a journal usually about every 2 days or so I write something in it. Then the Calendar I got from Grandma and Grandpa Tryon I Write something that happend to me that day that has never happend to me before mostly funny, like the dog bite or the first time I had horse. It will be something that will be funny to look back on later in the mission. Aunt Cassie thanks for the encouragement and understanding. I never meant to whine about my companion, he is an obedient person, I just need to be more understanding, and with the help of the Lord I can. Estee your house sounds great, but you didn’t say anything about your date with some guy. I take it he isn’t worthy of my big sister, but not many are!!! Dad sounds like you have been way busy with working at Estee’s I remember all the times you would take Kyle and I to your side Jobs and we would get on ladders and hols up the plastic while you sprayed texture, or we would help clean up. Probably just got in the way a lot, but we always got a treat after. Man 7-11 and dairy queen has made heaps of money off our family!!! I like to think of it as we were providing money for families in need justification I know, but it was always good!!! Grandma and Grandpa Stucki Im excited to hear about your trip!!! Uncle les How is the base? Have you lossed or gained any accounts? Are you keeping the trucks clean hahaha? Mom my money situation is still in limbo I'm still trying to find out if you can just take my savings money and put it straight to my card in New Zealand or what, but I will let you know asap. I'm sorry you have to start work soon, but it was good to hear my wrestlers are still working hard. They are going to be good this season. Tell them I am thinking about them!!! Mary-Kate and Hughbert HAHA its always good to hear from you guys thanks for the support and love!!! Hugh I hope you are still teaching the way we used to in Sunday school. I miss that and the dinners at your house, but some day we will have them again and we can have horse and Taro. Taro is that root thats like a potato that I have really grown to love. Well my time is running short soo I better send this one off. Oh tell paul to Take it to Canada he is going to do great. I love you all and can’t wait to hear of the stories of your missionary work. So each of you who receive this email will you find a friend to bring to church, have to family night, have to a feed (dinner), or invite to an activity? If the answer is yes than you have to do it because you cant lie to missionaries, thats what we tell the little kids in our ward, as Joseph smith said, “When all is said and done there is no greater work than Missionary work.” May the Lord bless us all as we unite with him in bringing back his lost Sheep to the Fold!!! I love you all!!!
Love, Elder Stucki
Mom if you could make sure this is getting to Uncle les as well thanks!!! You are the best!!!

Hello From New Zealand

Well hello to all from New Zealand. It has been an interesting week here in New Zealand trying to adapt to my new companion and just trying to help our investigators progress. My companion is ok we don’t get along great, but this is not a time to be selfish it is a time to serve the Lord. We disagree on many things, but I pray often that I will grow to love him and that together we can have miracles. Fortunately there is no real contention, because I just try to be patient and keep quiet, but I know the Lord has his hand in all things so there must be something I need to learn from him. One thing that has improved is the lesson plans that we prepare for each investigator. This week we also set a man by the name of Mark to be baptized on the 22 so keep him in your prayers. He has been taught everything long before I got here. So we were just following up to see if he was ready to make some commitments. My companion shared a spiritual thought with him, and then I bore my testimony to him. As I was doing so about half way through I asked him if he would be an example to his family and be baptized. I myself was surprised of the words that were leaving my mouth, but he said yes how about this weekend. Now that is definitely not the answer I was expecting, but we set it for the 22 because there are a few more things that we have to teach him and he needs to come to church a few more times. The Lord works in miraculous ways and I’m so thankful to be a small part of the Lord’s work. Also we did some service this week, and Uncle Les you will be proud to know that my lawn mowing and tree pruning skills are still up to your standard. One of our investigators needed some help so it was nice to do some good old manual Labour!!! She also told us that she doesn’t want to miss us any more, meaning that she wants to have a lesson every night, which is really good we hope to set her for baptism soon!!! So I keep getting questions on my lab results and I though I answered that a few weeks back, but they were all negative. The pains are almost all gone and I am off just about all the ib-prophen. So that is all good and no I have no more appointments with the cardio there was nothing there, so all is well. My I got the face medicine this week so thanks for that and the crystal lite. I was going through the pictures Estee sent me of the Yankee game, and notice that Kyle is taking good care of my shoes. HAHA I guess its pay back time since I wore all your stuff, but now it’s too small for me because you may be the older brother, but I’m the big brother ha-ha. Estee your house sounds awesome I am so excited for you!!! How did that date go that you had? Mom I don’t know what to do about the debit situation that is crazy they are taking 10% of every transaction. I will have to see is I can cash American Checks here or not. You also had some questions about my food. Funny you ask because last night we went to a Maori Families home and it was the first time we sat and ate with the whole family and didn’t feel like we had to eat the whole table. We eat normal stuff just like America, it just tastes different. Like the beef isn’t as good, but other than that we eat just like America. Oh wait we eat horse here and that’s good and instead of potatoes it’s usually taro which is really good. For breakfast it’s usually cereal or milo and toast. The Dodger game sounded fun, but I’m disappointed in only 2 Dodger dogs, in the all you can eat section, compared to mine and Jared and Andrew’s 12 hot dogs, 3 nachos and countless sodas and peanuts ha-ha. Elise (Dondero) I have been getting your emails as far as I know probably 3 of them now? I can’t write emails directly to you, but I try and answer your questions. Sorry to everyone for all the unanswered questions I try and keep a list next to me, but I’m sure things go missing. Aunt Cassie those missionary stories were great and thanks for the constant love!!! Aunt Marian it was good to hear from you this week thank you also for your prayers and Love that you and Emma have for me!!!
That leaves me to respond to the last email I got this week. The man where I get all my emotions from ha-ha, just kidding, but they tears must be gene related. Well this week is your birthday only 42 right ha-ha. Man the things that you have taught me in my life I use everyday. The way you raised us kids is the way that was right for us. Although we have had plenty of disagreements you will always be my father, the man who taught me how to cook Dutch oven, the man who showed me its better to work hard and get things done than complain and wine about them. The man that showed me how important it is to respect his mother. The man that was at every sporting event yelling louder than the entire crowed. The man that got kicked out of a wrestling match when it should have been me. The man that taught us the value of a dollar. The man that pushed me to do my best in all things, then do a little better. Geese I could go on for a longtime, but I just want you to know how much I love and miss you. It’s hard not having parents here, but this is what you and mom have been raising me 19 years to do, to serve the Lord with all my heart, might, mind and strength. Boy just writing this my face is wet with tears!!! I love you DAD keep up the good work and know that I’m trying my best to make the family proud. Mom I still don’t know who this email goes to so please write me and tell me who it does please, and also I need every ones birthdays I don’t want to forget so please just email me them or ask everyone to email me with their birthdays . Also the package home is on delay I’m still waiting on my picture Cds. Thanks everyone for all your prayers and love. Talk to you all next week. Love, Elder Stucki

I am still in Otara, which is good!

Well another week has come and gone here we are in the start of August. Time is starting to go by a little faster, but that’s good I need all the experience I can get and that all comes with time. As you know this week was transfers, but I did not go anywhere. I guess the Lord still has plenty of work for me here in Otara, which is good. As for my companion Elder Byrnes he left 10 hours down south to Gisbone. My new companion, the district leader of our district, is from Palou which is in Micronesia, near the Philippines. I have never heard of it, he told me it is an American Territory, and he had to flight from Palou to Guam to Korea (go Kyle and Aunt Cassie) then to New Zealand, which took 18 hours. I though my 13 hours was rough, guess not. HAHA He has been out for 19 months and this is his second time being a district leader. He has lots of faith and likes to work. We get along for the most part, but the language barrier is a
little hard. He speaks English, but you never realize how much tone means when we speak in English. It really is how you say it not what you say. So it has been interesting learning how he does things I am just trying to lay low as much as possible, but as we all know I am not too good at that. His name is Elder Yakuchil. Don’t worry if you can’t pronounce it I can’t either, but he understands.
Estee the package was awesome our family is a bunch of dorks haha the pictures turned out so good!!! It was very needed to have some pictures of home. The Garden looks INSANE, and I only saw the corner of our house but it looks good painted. Estee you know I would be there to help you move in if I could but I’m just a little to far away. Mom no package from you yet with the medicine I should get it this week. Aubrie and Brian I haven’t got pictures from you guys yet have you already forgot about your favourite cousin Matt (Elder Stucki man Matt sounds weird now) I sure hope not haha. Aunt Teresa and Grandma and Grandpa Thanks for the Emails I am glad to hear all is well and you are eating my onions. HAHA Alyssa be careful with that boy your virtue is something that is very important to the Lord and all those that truly care about you. Dad the camp out sounded so much fun its good to hear your boys were up to building their own shelter. Mom the bread here is average nothing like the bread you make hahah. Brynn and Jenny thanks for the email keep them coming or even better write me a letter please haha. Oh and the chest pains are almost gone which is good so it should be a week of miracles as long as we work hard!!!
Our ward mission leader is off to Samoa for the week so we ate dinner at his house last night and had a really good talk about his mission here in Auckland back in 1992-1994. He is going back to Samoa for his taxi business to register all his new cars, and then he will be back probably by the end of the week. He is such a strong man. I shared a scripture with the family last night in Alma where it talks about Moroni and the kind of man he is and how if we were like him the very powers of hell would be shaken forever. Brother Lavea, our ward mission leader, reminds me a lot of Moroni. So loving and patient. I was able to bear my testimony to their wonderful family and the spirit was very strong. I then pleaded with the children to follow the counsel of their parents, like I wish I had done more and also the counsel of the leaders of the church. It would have kept me from so much heart ache. So to my parents and leaders who read this I am
sorry for being what they call here in New Zealand an “egg” meaning idiot I guess. I should have known the love of my family and friends as well as my leaders and followed their counsel, thank goodness the atonement is real and we can be forgiven of the mistakes that we make. May we all plead with our Father in Heaven for forgiveness of our mistakes and our weaknesses so that he can make us stronger. I want all my family and friends to know how much I love each and everyone of you; you are in my prayers often. I have been blessed with so many things in my life and sometimes was not as grateful as I needed to be, but I know God lives and loves us, I know he sent his son Jesus Christ to sacrifice himself for the sins of the world, I know that Joseph Smith was and is a prophet of God, I know this because I know the Book of Mormon is true, and if it weren’t true than we would just be some other religion. I would be willing to wager that being a “Mormon” isn’t being a part of a religion, it is a life style that we must all choose to live if we want the blessing from God that he is so ready to give to us. May we all continue or begin to understand the Gospel a little bit more is my humble prayer. I love you ALL!!!
Elder Stucki

Mom please send out my blog address to all that receive this email and add this email to the list lucky.1013@yahoo.com its jenny a girl from efy 3 years ago and keep sending it to all my friends I love you heaps mom and all you do for me the lord will bless you big for raising us kids the way you have same with you dad you always taught us right I send all my love!!!!