Just A Short Note

Well I will keep this pretty brief since I will be calling this week. Laken and Haushane's baptism went really well, and they are doing great. Everything else is looking great for the up coming months just trying to find a few more people to teach. I made some great christmas cards today at the shop so I will send those out in the next week a little late I know, but its also a new years card haha. Oh and I will now be calling on your christmas day between 11 and 12 your time I bought the phone card today so all should be good!!! love ya heaps and write back to let me know if that is a good time!!! love you all!!!

Rockin Around The Christmas Tree

Well another week has come and gone and the Lord has blessed us with a baptism. I hope that no one thinks I am making up fake people or bragging, but yet again we have been blessed to be apart in leading someone to the waters of baptism. This past week it was Raihana Matiu. He is the father of Kylie's kids, but lives up the road. He was set for this weekend, but he is going out of town so we moved it forward to Sunday morning. It was really special and he asked me to perform the baptism. Next weekend the Kelly parents will be baptised, and Elder Heslop has been asked to perform those so I am very excited for him!!! That will be a total of 4 baptisms since we cam just 2 months ago, and we have been so proud and feel so blessed with the changes that are happening in the branch!!! The members just are speechless when they see the work that is being done, and now many of them want to be a part of it which is great. This week we went to an elderly couples home for dinner that we go to almost every Tuesday, and we knocked and she asked what can I do for you? I noticed the table wasn’t set as usual and then it clicked for her she said it’s only Monday right? We giggled and said no its Tuesday she was so embarresd , but she had us over the next night anyone. She is a very proper woman for example even the Tomato Sauce (Ketchup) was put into a crystal pouring thing with a glass quark. Everything is always so fancy, but she makes heaps of food and doesn’t let us rest until its gone haha. We also had our branch Christmas party this past Saturday at one of the country schools, one of the counsellors in the branch presidency is the principle, so we had all sort of things to do from swimming to rugby to indoor hockey. Of coarse we didn’t swim, but we had a great time doing other things. Our adopted Grandpartents the Midgley’s (they are the ones with the 650 acres of beach front farm) they enjoyed taunting me everythime the other team scored, I guess they noticed I am just a little bit competitive haha. Even when we went over for tea on Sunday they were still asking hey didn’t you lose, but I had toremind them nope my team one all three times. After dinner we had to drive to Whangarei for a fireside that the district was singing in and we asked them to come and we would see them there. She made a special call to a lady that lives there and this lady came up to me at the fireside, and asked if I was Elder Stucki from Dargaville. I said yes and then she told me that Sister Midgley broke her leg, and her husband had to stay and help her out, but it would be healed by morning. So when we got home I called her and we had a great laugh about the “broken” leg. It is so much fun to have a second family when mine is so far away, but they still aren’t the same!!!

I am not sure if I made mention of this, but the Rusden’s gave us a Christmas tree, and decorations so our flat has lights, and a tree minus the present, but we will pic up our packages tomorrow at zone conference so it wont look so bare. Unfortunately we are not allowed to go down to temple lights because it is just to far out of our area. I definitely cant believe that it is Christmas in a little over a week. I thought that it would never come haha. This morning we had to wash our car for inspections tomorrow, and as we were doing the inside it started to rain, but there was a full rainbow over our heads so it was really neat!!! Oh and Aunt Teresa yes I still use the alarm clock although I usually wake up just before it goes off I know if I didn’t set it that would be the day that I sleep right through. We are always tired it seems, but we always have just enough energy to get through!!!

Lastly I just want to give a yell to all my wrestlers keep up the good work, and take no prisoners leave EVERYTHING you have on the mat each time you step foot onto it!!! I have shivers go down my spine as I heard how well everyone is doing and as a team keep it up and go win us a state title!!! I wish I could be mat side yelling at the refs, and having your back, but I am in New Zealand for a little longer then I will be back training and ready to get back into it. You will be proud to now that I have a record of 5-0 with people trying to challenge me haha, they just don’t know what Palo Wrestling does to you. It creates men keep up the good work, and always listen to coach is has your best interest at heart.

In closing I love you all and hope you all have a wonderful holiday season, Thanks for everything that each one of you has done for me in my life, and I pray that we can all remember the true meaning of Christmas!!! From D’Ville New Zealand this is Elder Stucki (One of Heavenly Fathers Soldiers) signing off!!!

Christmas Is In The Air

Well not to much to report this week. I guess I will just jump straight into the miracle. So we have been teaching this lady by the name of Laken for a few weeks now and just started teaching her husband after we taught her 3 times. We set her 2 weeks ago for baptism, but he said he was definitely not ready and felt like his birthday some time next year would be best, we were down, but not defeated. They came to church that following week as well as our weekly branch games night, and are just loving it. Then came Thursday in my morning study I read a story out of Preach my gospel that told of a husband and wife in which she was set for baptism and he wasn’t. holy cow it matches perfect!!! I read on and the story said that they went back and read from the Book of Mormon together and the man's heart was softened. I felt this was the answer to my prayers when I prayed that the Lord would give me inspiration on what to do that day. As my companion and I met for companionship study we both felt that a miracle was going to happen that day I told him about what I read and asked him who he thinks that is like. He exclaimed the Kelly family!!! We then made plans to go through just what the story did, to read 3 Nephi 11 where Christ appears to the people in the ancient Americas. We went in with complete faith that by the time we left he would be ready to be baptised!!! We had a prayer with them and then they began to tell us about there day and how the communication between them has just taken a whole new level since learning about the church and trying to apply the things we teach or the things that they have learned in church. We then talked about how faith leads to repentance and they both felt that they had done both so I asked Haaushane (Ho-Shane) what he felt the next step needed to be. He said I need to be baptised. I asked him if he would be ready for the same date as Laken and he said yes. She face was lit up with shock and un-belief she had no idea that he was ready. It was the coolest thing to see how in just a few days the spirit worked on his heart and he was able to feel for himself that he was ready to be baptised!!! They have come to church three times now, and they came to our second weekly dinner at Kylies that us and Kylie now put on. She and Kristina, the relief society president, are the best fellowship ever, and it has been great!!! The dinner was a huge success and the food was great too. It is amazing to see the change in people’s hearts and minds as they do the things that God wants them to do. Rahaina is also set for the same day which is the 19 of December so we will have three Miracles at least this month!!! Heavenly father is just pouring out his blessings in this area!!!! I also talked to President Porter on the phone and he was completely thrilled about the work we are doing. Unfortunately there will be no skyping for Christmas, he said only phone calls, and so I will figure out all the details and either write next week or have Kylie shoot you an email.

There were a few questions I wanted to answer so here goes. Valerie yes I know I have to forgive you and thanks for the email haha. The traditions are similar for Christmas, but I a much smaller scale. Although down at the temple the have a light display of 150,000 lights, so that would be neat to see. We have a Christmas party on Saturday for the branch, but no plans yet for Christmas day mom. Of coarse the phone call, but I have no idea how that will all work out. If I call you and set up a time or you call me, but I will find out this week and then let you know so we can organize everything that we need to. Estee you asked about the Joy to the World Campaign and so far it is slow, but this week should really pick up and help us find those people that are truly searching for something in their life.

Mom and Grandpa I hope you both have a wonderful birthday and enjoy each year that you are getting younger. Mom you would be glad to know my companion thought you were in your late 30’s I told him how rude she is only 25 haha.

Well in closing thanks for everything you all have done for me and to all the leaders I have had in the past your hard work and gray hairs are truly paying off to the people which heavenly father leads us to each day. I know have been prepared for the last 20 years of my life to do what I need to be doing for the next year and a half and beyond. I am so thankful to have had the leaders that I have had and hope to make a leader like each of you some day. You truly do affect young peoples life, and there is no way that I would be who I am today with out all off you.

Just one more note last night at dinner I was sitting with a member of our branch that is very active with a very strong testimony. Her and I were talking about life and she mentioned how she felt regret for having a child prior to marriage, and I said to her just as it says in 2 Nephi chapter 2 vs. 20- 25, speaking of the fall of Adam and Eve, that it was all done in the wisdom of our heavenly father. Meaning if we have made mistakes in our life maybe if we learn from them they are no longer mistakes, but ways that heavenly father was able to teach us lessons that we needed to learn. For those of us that look back on past transgressions with utter discuss in ourselves may we all rethink the importance of the person that we are today because of the mistakes of the past. Through the atonement of Christ we can all become clean from the filth of sin. I know this to be true I have felt that cleansing power in my life and invite you all to partake of the wonderful blessing of the atonement each day as we all try a little harder to be a lot better. I know that it is so important to be right with Heavenly father, and what a great time of year as we remember the life and birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ. I love you all from the depths of my heart or stomach; you choose which is better haha!!!

What A Birthday!

Holy horse what another wonderful week in the mission field!!! It was a crazy busy week, only had four days in D’Ville, but we still hit our 20 lessons. This past week we set 2 more people for baptism so that has been such a blessing. Kylie’s x partner and a lady named Laken. Raihana (Kylies x) has been reading the book of Mormon like crazy and came to church and the baptism and just has been tearing it up!!! Talk about the BEST birthday ever!!! To start the day we were up extra early to get the font ready since it had been fixed the past week we didn’t have to go to the ocean (I was sad to say the least). Then we had Kylie’s baptism I conducted and preformed the baptism and then just before the Baptism one of the counsellors asked me to speak in church. So at sacrament meeting Elder Heslop confirmed Kylie and then I gave a talk off the cuff, I guess it is a true blessing to be able to speak by the spirit and actual form something that makes sense haha. I started off with something that went like this “So as most of you know today is my birthday, from the Wati’s I got a new suit, Scott and Khadine came from Auckland to spend the day, Kylie asked me to baptise her, straight out of the shower my companion shouted happy birthday, and then Brother Ferris (counsellor in the presidency) asked me to speak, thanks brother Ferris I will be sure to remember you on your birthday. (Add in all the Matthew looks and the congregation laughed very hard) I then spoke on enduring to the end one of the better talks I have given in my opinion, just another example of when the Lord calls he qualifies. Then we trained on the joy to the world media campaign in the 3 hr and got the member excited about the free DVD for their friends all they have to do is make a phone call. The Area presidency is heading the program and our mission is just supporting it, and we hope to get lots or referrals from it!!! Then after church we had a branch lunch for Kylie and at the end they brought out a cake and the whole branch sang happy birthday it was so great. Then Cadence (President Midgley’s 5 year old daughter) helped me blow out the candles. Another tradition they have here that I have never seen is that the birthday person has to make the first cut in the cake so that was cool it was a banana cake and yummy!!! Then after church Scott and his family went out with us to the Midgley’s farm and shared thoughts and they sis Midgley made banana fritters (all the bananas they must think I am a monkey haha) the beach view was great. Now to the good part, we then went back to my flat and Kylies flat and set up our long table and made spaghetti and salad and fry bread and rolls as well as an egg casserole. We stuffed our faces and then had my favourite carrot cake that Khadine made for me and pavalova some fancy desert thing. The day was full of food for sure!!! Scott and Khadine made me this awesome shirt that when they were last here I was jokingly talking about, it says on the front d’ville and on the back it says Stucki it is so so awesome!!! To end the night I wanted to have a lesson with everyone that was there so we gathered around sung because I have been given much. I then had everyone go around and say what they are thankful for and share there testimony it was one powerful night!!! Scott and Khadine made me ball like a school girl, when it was my turn to go last I could barely speak. Even Raihana who is yet to be a member bore a beautiful testimony. I told them on my birthday because I have been given much I to must give and I went around the room and told each of them why I am grateful to have them in my life. When I finally got to Scott and Khadine the spirit was radiating off the walls and it was just amazing to say the very least!!! Scott told me that he wants me to be his escort next year when he goes through the temple to I am super stoked for that!!! It is crazy how the gospel of Jesus Christ has changed so many lives!!! I have been so blessed with people that love and care about me I hope that each of you that read this can think of a time where I might have helped you in a small way because I can surely think of one for each of you!!! That is how life is bearable when we all help one another!!!

To answer some questions: 1. the meeting with president was for all the leaders, and he said the future leaders so we will find out this week when transfer calls come what that means if anything yet. It was an awesome meeting and you can see the pictures on the mission blog. 75% of the meeting was atop a volcano so it was beautiful.
2. I have no idea about a mission party
3. I am still not sure about skyping home, but I am glad that you are prepared.
4. I am not sure what the plans are for today, but we will find some adventure.
Some questions from me to you:
1. What kind of computer did you get?
2. Mom what is up with face book haha?
3. What is everyone doing with regards to missionary work?

Well to close off thanks and thanks and thanks for all the love and stories about thanksgiving it is nice to hear Aunt Teresa that I was missed at the feast, but I am sure A LOT less food was needed since I wasn’t there haha. Estee that E card you sent was so awesome!!! One thing I definitely missed was Grandma’s roles, Dixie salad, fried turkey, and all the company that comes into town, but that will come again, but right now I am on a once in a lifetime journey and am doing a lot better of not wishing away the present. We must all be grateful for the things of today as we prepare for the future!!! I love each of you from the bottom of my heart and more than I can eat!!! Stay humble and keep your faith in Christ as you do so I promise that the Lord will prepare the way for all of us to go and help us accomplish the individual tasks that we are given. May Heavenly father bless us each day!!!
Love Elder Matthew Lee Stucki NZAM

Happy #20 Elder Stucki!

What a day!!!

Well it has been another week in the BEAUTIFUL countryside of New Zealand. It has been 3 weeks since starting this new are with my hard working companion who has been in New Zealand for 3 weeks now. We, together, for the first time hit the standard of excellence by teaching 20 lessons. We were stoke especially since we have been the builders of this great place. The Lord uses us each day to find his children that are lost. We also had interviews with President Porter this past Saturday so we were on the road a lot driving back and forth from D’Ville and Whangarei, but the drive is nice. At interviews President was so happy at the work we are doing and couldn’t say enough nice things it was nice to know that he and the Lord both know of the things that we are doing here. He also informed us that for the past 2 months he has been battling cancer. I was shoked. He is such a man of great strength and spiritual knowledge. Thankfully three doctors now have cleared him and the cancer is all gone. I was relieved because I definitely don’t want him going any where. Kylie is still doing beyond amazing and the Lord definitely prepared her for us to help. She was at church again and is just loving it all. If you want to see what she looks like just ask Kyle because they are now friends on facebook haha. Her kids liked the lollies (that is what candy is called here) that I received in my package. Mom hopefully you aren’t mad that I opened it before my birthday, but I definitely couldn’t wait. Thanks heaps for the 2 calendars the candy the sauces, which were much needed, and the birthday supplies. Oh and the Cd’s I am allowed to listen to, we can listen to any church music which is way cool so that was great to have some new music!!! I was also glad to hear the pictures got to you safely and you liked them they are way better in person though!!! The cows were not President Midgleys just some cows that were crossing the road in front of us. There are pictures of Scott on there under the Pakaranga folder. Oh and all the land that President Midgley owns is what he has bought not inherited I think you asked about that mom. (I am trying to get better on answering questions that you all ask me.) Also you don’t see many surfers the water is cold and the ways are not so good where we are maybe in other parts of NZ, but I am not to sure. Estee that is awesome you speak in church in a couple of weeks what is your topic? Oh and mom the email rule is not really set I have never been told what exactly we can do, so if I have a few extra minutes I send out a few other emails, but Brynn, Lyndsey, Lane, Jared, Chris, and a few others write me well, we write back and forth so that is nice to get the letters in the mail.

Well we came and checked our emails in the morning and then had to leave because of time then we spent the day with Scott and Khadine at the beach and saw the light house today. Last week we went to go and see the trees that were around when Christ was on the earth they are huge that is why there were no light house pictures on the ones I sent home because we decided to go today instead of last week it was amazing and now have even better pictures to be sent home, but that is ok if you just send the memory stick back at Christmas. I am sitting here and can just feel the sand all over my body, but I knew I would be dead if I didn’t get an email out!!! Mom Scott also said that his feelings are very hurt that you didn’t respond to the email he sent you. We had such a great day he is so much like uncle Scott it is scary, but way good. It was like having a piece of home with me all day. They are starting to save for Vegas which will be awesome!!! They also will be back for the big 20. (My age)

This week I also got a letter and some pictures from Jared he sounds so great and has almost been out a full year I am so happy that he is loving it just like I am. It is crazy how everything just works out timing wise, if I look back on when I put in my papers and when I was sent out if any small detail would have changed there is a good chance that I would not have met the people that I have met and so many of the experiences I have had could have been totally different if just a few things would have changed. I am so glad that Heavenly father can see the eternal perspective and guides us all to exactly what we need to be doing. I am thankful to leaders of the church that help guide us to do the things that God wants us to do. I wish that we could write more often so I could relate so many experiences that I have had, but when time comes to email we forget lots of then haha. I guess the phone call in a month we will all be able to catch up. As far as I know we are not restricted to a time limit, but we will find out as that day gets closer. I also might see if we are allowed to sky which is talk over the computer so that we can see eachothers faces. I just am completely loving life right now. I pray for you all often and feel your prayers that you offer in my behalf. I am so lucky to have the support system that I have, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thanks mom for the “preaching” as you called is making sure that I am staying in line, but if I use the advice that Kyle gave me I will do just fine. That was that I need represent the two names that are on my name badge Jesus Christ and STUCKI that is something that I take very seriously I never want anyone to hear that name and get a negative thought. I love doing what a missionary does even though it feels like yesterday that I was singing I hope they call me on a mission when I have grown a foot or to, I hope by then I will be ready to teach and preach and do as missionaries do. I am not sure if anyone can be prepared to do what a missionary does, but I know for sure that whom the Lord calls he qualifies. I am grateful everyday that he qualifies me for the work as it talks about in D&C 4. I love you all have a great week!!!
Your little Kiwi/Photographer,
Elder Matthew Lee Stucki

A Missionary Slideshow

Pictures From Matt

We just received the flash drive Matt sent full of pictures. It arrived in a very thrashed envelope; we are lucky it didn't fall out the hole in the bottom. Here are a few of my favorites.

I guess the rain really got to him this day :)

This one's for you Grandpa. They really are feeding him.

He's found a place to get his lawn mower fix.

See my previous comment.

You may have to make up your own caption here...maybe he's pretending he's a hamster?

He's served with some great Elders.

But best of all, he's loving the people.

Did the yankees win? hahaha woo woo

Well the Lord sure does bless us and that has been very apparent the past week. The Yankees won and if that is not a blessing I am not sure what is. I think we should send the whole team Books of Mormon!!! We definitely need them in heaven haha. On the more spiritual side of things WE SET SOMEONE FOR BAPTISM!!! We have only been here two weeks and already the blessings are flowing. Her name is Kylie she is our next door neighbour and she is progressing so well. I was on trade of with my district leader on Wednesday when it happened. We just woke up and both said that we felt today was the day that we would set someone for baptism. Neither of us were sure who it was going to be, but through out the day there was zero doubt in our mind that it was going to happen. So we dropped into Kylie’s after lunch to see how she was going. She said good and we asked if we could go get someone for fellowship (we have to have a man in the house when we teach) she said yep and so we drove to go and get Brother Going. As we drove we discussed we would talk about the restoration and then half way to the house I said no we are supposed to teach lesson three (The Gospel of Jesus Christ) and she was the one that was prepared for us to be set for baptism. Elder Larsen agreed and we went back to teach. We got through the lesson and then asked will you follow the Example of Jesus Christ and be baptised by someone who has the authority. She said yes and Then we said we are preparing a baptism for the 28th of November will you prepare yourself for that date? She was very shoked and hesitant so we explained a little more the importance and bore testimony, but she still thought it was quick. Then I taught her the steps of prayer and asked her to right then and there get on her knees with us and pray to heavenly father if this is the date that would be right for her. By the end of it she was in tears and she felt that she had received her answer and excepted that that was the right date for her. It was incredible. The only bad part was that my companion Elder Heslop was not there to experience his first set, but there will be more to come. I know that the Lord prepared us for her and her for us!!! I later found out that the flats we stay in were the second choice because a few others fell through. Do you think that that is a coincidence? I sure don’t I know that it all happens for a reason and it is so great to feel that we are doing what God wants us to do!!! She came to church on Sunday for all three hours and volunteered to come help with cleaning the chapel grounds with the rest of the branch on Friday. She is doing great and is such and example to here 2 young kids (5 and 2). Today we are headed to the beach and possibly a light house one of our members is taking us out so it will be a blast. The Flash drive will be sent home this week mom with heaps of pictures if you could download them all save them and the ship it back that would be great!!! Aunt Cassie it was great to hear from you and the update with your family. Thank you Rachel for reminding everyone to pray for me!!! Elise keep reading the Book of Mormon it is the best book you will ever read, because it gives you direction for your life (Ashby that is, but Elise Dondero I would love to get you a copy of the Book of Mormon as well!!!). Elise Dondero I also wish I was there to have some of your mom’s chilli it is definitely the best EVER. Oh some of you asked about my health and everything is good compared to the first part of my mission!!! Aunt Cassie I will have to get back to you about my Christmas package haha I cant believe that it is November yet alone almost Christmas. Aunt Teresa the weather is wacky never a dull moment here. You truly see all for seasons just about everyday, but it never gets as hot as home. Mom the service we did was mostly mowing lawns and just cleaning up around the 650 acres of beach fron property he has. This week he told me that I always have a place to stay in New Zealand as well as my family so that will be cool. Hopefully I will get the package you sent at interviews this week, but you never know the mail here is crazy. I also got a call from Scott Mitchell now Brother Mitchell telling me about his baptism. His wife already is a member, just less active at the time, but not any more. They will be up in one week and then again on the 29th (my birthday). Brian it is our birthday month this time last year we were at the mini Grand prix beating everyone on the race track. I miss you little guy, but we can have a party together when I get back!!! Dane I am sorry to hear about your nephew you and your family will always be in my prayers. Don’t for get to trun to the Lord in times of need. Well everthing else is going great I am glad to hear from everyone, but I know I always for get to answer your questions. Sorry!!! Just know that I think and pray for you all often and am thrilled for the day when we all will be in heaven together. I pray that we will all try a little harder to be a little better!!!Love Elder Stucki

Zone Conference for Kaikohe and Whangarei zones!
Elder Stucki is in the middle back.

November, the month of Miracles!

November is here!!! Holy cow this month I will be 20, Scott Mitchell and his wife Khadine will be coming up on the 29th, from my last area, to have a little party I guess you could call it haha. I remember when my birthday had fallen on a Sunday in the past I didn’t like it much, but now everyday is like a Sunday except we get to attend church so it doesn’t bother me much. Everything went great with Scott’s interview with President Porter, and he will be baptised this coming Saturday, unfortunately too far for me to travel to, but that is just a part of missionary life. I got an email from him today as well so that was great to hear. Well as everyone talked about in their emails it was Halloween back home, they celebrate it here, but nothing like it is in the States. Uncle Les it has been one year since we went to go and buy the dump truck it seems like just the other day that we were out looking. Mom we do have daylight savings time, but it was 3 or 4 weeks ago. For the first time in my life it actually was needed because it makes it easier to work late when there is still light out. The Scott I was talking about to send him my address was Scott the investigator sorry I should have been more specific, but I guess it is good that I just think everyone knows the people I teach and such means that I am losing myself in the work. Things have been going really well with my new companion and the work here is going good as well. We found, through the help of the lord, 11 new investigators and have referrals for 5-6 more. Our branch is a huge support and they have people for us to teach which is so great. We have done heaps of service this week out in the farming community, I am keeping my lawn mowing skills and gardening skills up to par. Grandpa Stucki you would love it here you can grow anything and never have to put the hose on it. The rain takes care of it all and the soil is like gold. We can’t even buy this good of stuff back home haha. President Midgley and his father (Branch president and Stake President) have been a great support and since Senior Midgley just had surgery we have been out to the far to help him a few times. Grandpa and Grandma Stucki you guys would get along with them really well they are like my temporary grandparents for a while. They keep me busy, but don’t have the good PEPSI like you guys haha. It is great to hear that the Yankees are doing well I guess it is like when dad went on his mission when they started winning heaps. I guess we better serve the lord more often to help out our Yanks. Dad you said that the Halloween party was at the Smoke Ranch building is that where we are back to? I like that building a lot and have some great memories there. Tomorrow is zone conference so it will be back up to Whangarei for my companion and I. I really enjoy the little road trips that we get to have each week make it feel like vacation just a little though. Estee congratulations on the Contest you and your friends one you know how much I love sushi, but that will have to wait it is too expensive here haha. And I’m glad to hear that you are ok with going to Samoa with me as well because you didn’t have much of a choice haha jokes jokes. Well that is about it for this week hopefully I answered most of your questions. Thank you everyone for the emails and advice about being a senior companion. Dad I definitely do remember what it is like to be new I still feel new, and I agree with what you said about communication is key. Also making decisions together makes it so that there is no contention or confusion. I take it that that is a lot like marriage haha. Man the mission really does prep you for the rest of your life. This is the Lords work and I am so happy to be serving him I Love you all take care and find someone that need the message we have to share it will change their life and definitely bring blessings to yours Take care and be safe we will talk to you next week!!!Elder STUCKI

He's gone Country, ya he's gone!

Well I hope that no one was too worried about the late email, but it was Labor day here in New Zealand so this small town of Dargaville was all shut down. So yes I am in a new area and it is a good thing I guess something new I need to learn of coarse. My companion is Elder Heslop from Plain City, Utah. He is the 11th of 11 children. He has been out for quite a while now, about 6 days yes days. So you guessed it I am now senior companion and trainer. President called me Tuesday night which means you are going into leadership, he told me I am opening a new area and he expects me to begin baptising straight away. There are two branches I cover and definitely one of the biggest areas in the the mission. From the Wells Ford branch to the Dargaville branch. The area is about 4 hours from end to end and maybe 2-3 hours in the other direction. Thankfully we are in a car, but we will focus most of our work here in Dargaville. After I got off the phone with President I felt like I was hit by a bus; I am still so green my self and have heaps and heaps to learn. I straight away went into my bedroom and pleaded with heavenly father for strength to do his will and to know that this is what he wants for me. The next morning I woke up, and was just really excited about the move. Fortunately my companion is willing to work and do his part so we are going to do great things here with the help of the Lord. I would really appreciate it in your fast this week that you could fast for us, because I really need the extra support, I have been pushed to humility once again and have to rely on the lord to get me through the task at hand. I know that This is where I am supposed to be and I am with my companion for a reason. This area is ready for missionaries so I am excited and nervous and every other emotion. So today was district meeting and I had to drive about an hour to Whangarei to meet the rest of my district. Mom I have been driving super safe I promise!!! The roads are funny, a lot like the road to Hanna in Hawaii hahaha JOKES JOKES. So far today it has pored like no other rain I have seen before in my life, but the roads don’t get like Las Vegas when it rains which is a very good thing. Oh and crazy enough I have now been out for 5 months time is just clicking away, but I am happy doing what I am doing. Estee, Alyssa, Lizzy, Aunt Teresa, Brynn, Mom and Dad thanks very much for the emails I know that it is not easy writing all the time, but it really helps when I feel all the love!!! Today in District meeting we talked about things that motivate us. We found that love is the motive behind almost all that is good. I love these people from the depths of my soul and that is the reason I am here. I care about their eternal progression and salvation. This is the reason missionaries are able to do what they do it is out of love for the people and for our Saviour Jesus Christ that we are able to leave behind so many things. No matter where I go in New Zealand I will always have a great love for them, because when you serve some one you gain a love for them. It is such a privilege to be a missionary although we have rough days the good far out weighs the bad and I know that is serving here my friends and family will be blessed for it. Sorry I got to go hopefully I will get some more time tomorrow Love you all heaps!!!!

Elder Stucki with his new companion, Elder Heslop from Plain City, Utah.

The Gift of Tongues

Well hello to all yet again we sit at the email before transfers this one just flew by!!! Warren a prospective missionary in one of our wards got his call to California San Diego San Francisco mission I was so happy for him. Not too many people from here get called to America so he must have a special work to do there, but he doesn’t have to leave until March and I thought my three months was bad!!! This week was another Tongan Party, my companion and I got to sit at the head table so that was really fun and we enjoyed the food heaps!!! Crystal was baptized Last Friday it was a really nice program Elder Rezel baptized her. Baptism days are definitely one of the highlights on the mission!!! We also set another 2 people for baptism in December one is David the one whose wife is a member and he is really coming along great!!! The other one is a nine year old girl that lives with her aunt and uncle in our ward he name is Michele and she is really smart. She also attends church weekly so it should be a rather smooth teaching process!!! Mom the pictures didn’t go sorry!!! Tee ended up not being able to afford the flight so I will have to send them through the mail!!! Richard and Somtho should have had their baby this morning and they were way sad to hear that transfers are this week. They are going to take us to dinner sometime this week, but you never know if we are going or staying it is always a toss up. I think I will be staying because Rezel has been in the area for quite a while now and it seems like if things are going well president wants to change them!!!
Mom it seems like you were only just called to be young women’s president I was surprised to hear that you were released!!! Your new calling sounds fun though. Estee I do know the Skouson girl she was in Tony and Justin’s ward up in Provo. I can’t believe that she is getting married CRAZY!!! I’m glad to hear you like your ward!!! I do write in my journal usually 2-3 times a week and its fun to look back at my MTC entrees ha-ha I really had no idea at all what a mission would be like. I also still have to go and see the Mural I don’t know if it is still there or not. Aunt Teresa I’m not sure of the kilometer cut gas is about the same here as back home they just sell it in liters so it looks cheaper, but when you convert it its about the same. Aunt Pam I am so happy you found a new job that is awesome!!! I will continue to pray for Stucki Lawn Care, but no matter what happens if you have faith in the Lord he will get you through all things!!!
Well a miracle definitely happened this week!!! We were out tracting in between appointments and knocked a few doors no big deal, then we came to this door and a man answered. I said hello asked him where he was from, he said Samoa so I said Malo Sei Fua (Hello how are you). Then their phone rang so he left and his wife came to the door. I said the same thing to hear and she started speaking to me in Samoan. I laughed and said oh no just a little Samoan. She then pointed at my companion and while laughing said oh he is a Palongy (white boy) then continued to speak to me in Samoan. The crazy part was now she was asking me questions, but I understood her. I translated to my companion and then answered her. She wasn’t interested to we talked for a bit and then left with Samoan Greetings. As we walked away my companion asked when I learned to speak Samoan, of course I never learned. He then told me that as I was speaking to her in Samoan and he had no idea of what I was saying. I was so blessed talk about the gift of tongues!!! It was insane!!! Words can’t describe the experience. It really showed me that the Lord will use a worthy tool in any way that he sees fit. It was probably one of the craziest experiences of my life!!!Well I love you all and wish you the best thanks for all the updates and love keep in touch and remember the church is true no matter what language you speak!!

I Have Truly Become Better

Well wasn’t conference just the best thing ever hahaha. We watched it Saturday and Sunday at the stake center it amazed me how many people skipped it you may think that they would watch it on the internet, but no one, well very few even have a computer let alone the internet in their home. It was sad that so many people missed out on personal revelation and to hear a modern day prophet. I think every ones favorite was elder Holland’s talk on the Book of Mormon. Testimonies are truly a powerful thing!!! As promised in my patrichal blessing I would be given the gift of testimony, it has been proven true time and time again. Out of no where I will be baring heart felt testimony to these people that I have come to love so much. The spirit is working on their hearts and he always is doing his job. It is our job as missionaries to be worthy to have him as a constant companion.
This week was another wonderful week Scott set a date for the 7th of November, but we will have him ready in just over a week so he can make the choice when he wants to be baptized. He downloaded all the conference talk as well as the Book of Mormon, gospel principles, and all the hymns to his ipod touch. Now at work he reads and listens to them all day. What an example he is to all of us. The pure desire to obtain more knowledge I loved in conference at the priesthood session when they said that obtaining education wasn’t a suggestion, but a commandment. I have to admit it was sad at priesthood session when he talked about how many sons and fathers were attending together, but Elder Bernard and I (he is in my district from Utah) just put our arm around each other and just understood that neither of us are alone, we have the spirit, the Lord and the prayers of people all around the world. Dad I’m sorry for taking for granted how much fun it was to go to the priesthood session with you and that talk on communication was given just from me!!!
I got another letter from Jared he is doing great!!! Loving the people and working so hard. I also got letters from Lane Chris Creighton, and an elder I met in the Mtc he is serving in California and supposedly the anit-mormon material is hitting his are hard!!! This weekend has made my testimony grow 10 fold and hope I can apply all we learned.
In other news Brian I have heaps of new friends, but not as cool as you!!! Yes I do love it here, the temple trip was great, my favorite new food would have to be chop seuy and horse, and I am so proud of you little man for saying the pledge of allegiance. Brian you were the boy that they talked about in the priesthood session. They talked about how the rising generation will be the best missionaries yet. I will teach you all I know when I get home so you don’t make the same mistakes as you silly cousin Elder Stucki (matt- who ever name that is?) I love you little guy be nice to your sister and whenever you see any of our family give them hugs and kisses from me!!!
Mom I have good news the USB drive with all the photos will be going to Provo on Monday with one of my investigators. Her name is Tee and she has Kyle’s cell number so she can meet up with him. We just started teaching her after her sister was baptized so she is coming along great!!! She grew up in America with her Aunt and Uncle who are members of the church, but she was never baptized. Things are still going really well with Richard and Somtho, but we couldn’t go to do service because of conference and the rain. So hopefully this week we will get some time. They cut our K’s (kilometers) down from 1700 to 1300 so we are going to be making a lot of adjustments like packing our lunch so we don’t have to come back to the flat and taking our bikes with us so we can park and ride. It is a bummer, but exercise is always good. Oh mom you said Brandon Parker was married you must have meant Cameron because Brandon is on his mission haha. Crystal’s baptism is still on as well as Aisha’s and Nga’s the following week!!! The work is like every missionaries dream!!!
That was sad to hear Palo lost to Legacy where did they come from they were never good in years past!!! Alyssa you are going to home coming???? Didn’t you hear the talk that changes dating from 16 to 21 if not you can just take my word for it!!!! If you do go please be safe and remember you are a daughter of god and that is way way way better than someone’s girlfriend or trying to impress people!!! I love you even if we did fight a lot!!! I was an egg head as they would call it here, but follow Estee and Kyle’s example not mine haha. Or we can make a deal every date I go on while I am on my mission than you can go on one. Well looks like you will be having none for 19 months haha. Estee your house sounds way cool. What ward are you in? Where do you meet? Any return missionaries for you? Only the best for my sisters!!! How is work going? Kyle thanks for you wonderful example to me I though about you when the Korean man spoke in the Priesthood session!! We also found a Korean BBQ place here, but it is not in the budget of a missionary you know how that goes. How are your classes is there snow yet?
Well everyone thanks again for all your love support and emails. As I sat in conference I pondered how lucky I am to have such wonderful friends and family. I remembered all my wrestling tournaments where I knew I would always have a cheering section that was heard probably miles away. I remember Estee hugging me after my match with Alex Prophet, and Kyle coaching me through the holiday classic, I remember dad keeping the ref in line and mom always squirming in her seat. I remember the many rides home, to school, and seminary with Alyssa and I just want each of you to know that I love you so much I am the young man that I am today because of the way I was raised and the constant support of my family. Then we go to my extended family and there is just too much to name!!! I pray for your safety and return and continued activity in the church. It is the most important thing you can ever do!!! This is the Church of Jesus Christ I pray that we will all be able to return to heaven together with our father in heaven. Thanks again for everything my love and spirit is always with you!!! I pray for your forgiveness for all of my wrong doings and short comings and promise to be a better son brother nephew and grandson when I return!!! May the lord bless us all I pray!!!

Goat, the other other meat!

Well this week everyone was wondering the specifics on the people I am teaching so I will just give you a few since unfortunately I don’t have the time to tell you about each one of them. This past weekend we were blessed with another baptism. Her name is Mala she is Tongan she was found by my companion on a trade off. She told us she prayed the night before and then the next day they came. She is an amazing testimony, but the bad thing is that she is now moving to Australia. The week before was 4 brothers Jeramiah, Tyrell, J’sen, and Dyllon. They were found tracting, and they live with their grandma who is a member from Niue (New way). The oldest is 14 and just got the priesthood yesterday. They also have a sister named Crystal, she will be baptised on the 16. She is 15 years old. Nga (Nah) who is 16 will be baptised on the 24. His mother and sister are members, but the mom is less active we found him through his sister Larissa who is a less active. Then comes Scott and Khadine they are married, and she is a member but less active. They now come to church every week. Just this past week they drove down to the temple just to see it. He has a real desire to be sealed there. Funny enough he has the same sense of humour as Uncle Scott. We will set him for baptism at our next appointment probably for the 24th. They have a young son Ashton who is way fun. Then we have Richard and Somtho. She is from Thailand and sent a text when a church commercial came out for a book on happier families. They came to church on Sunday so it was really good. She now believes in Jesus Christ and they are both progressing well. They are in our rich area and offered to give us a cell phone and pay for it so they could keep in touch with us better. Unfortunately we can’t do that, but it was such a nice offer. Richard owns a construction/landscape company, so he and I get along great. We are going to help him with the guest house he is building. He said we can come and live in it after the mission or just come to visit which will be nice. Then we have John. Let me tell you about John. John is a catholic around 24 years old. We have been teaching his uncle for ages, but he decided to join in the last lesson. He then came to the baptism the following day, Saturday, then attended church on Sunday. It gets better he got up and bore his testimony that he felt the spirit at the baptism and he is excited to see what this church is all about. The Young single adults have been a great help especially the soon to be missionaries. The Stake president is in our ward and his son and nephew both come out with us regularly. The Waipuna ward is just buzzing with missionary work. It is such a blessing. We have many more investigators, but those are the top ones. Last night we ate at Bishop Tuipoloto’s home, we had goat ha-ha yes goat. It actually was pretty good. His wife won’t touch it ha-ha. She sent us home with a cake though that was like 1.5 ft by 2 ft. It tastes real nice and we will have the other elders to our flat today to enjoy it. Some questions that were asked this week who drives the car, well my companion is assigned driver, but I now get to drive because I need five hours of practice before I get certified by the zone leaders. The weather has been cold and rainy like pouring rain every day this week. It is no wonder that New Zealand is so green. The Tsunami hit Samoa really bad, and we have many investigators and members that have family that passed away because of it. We got a call that morning to put us on warning, but nothing close to me. I really would like them to send me to Samoa to do a service mission, but I don’t think I can. Conference sounds like it was good. We will watch it this Saturday and Sunday. Priesthood session will be weird with out you dad!!! My flat is a 2 story house we only have the bottom floor and the Land Lord, Steve, lives above us. It is really nice, but we still have fleas, the bomb didn’t work her, but I sprayed my bed with this stuff from the mission office and haven’t got bit. The worst part is we just bring them with us from our appointments ha-ha. That is funny that Kyle picked to eat at Carraba’s that was the last place that I ate out well beside the free Denny’s breakfast in America. The new ward sounds crazy it will be way weird to not even be in a ward with the Presser’s and Bunker’s. If you can send me the full map of the new stake that would be sweet. I know mom I don’t need to worry about it, but that’s like me telling you that you don’t need to worry about where I am ha-ha. I know that President Parker did only what the Lord wanted. Let him know that I love him heaps. Our stake president here is a lot like him, just a spiritual giant. Well this concludes my letter this week. The church is true. Jesus is my Savior and I love this Church. What I am doing now will shape me into the man that Heavenly father wants me to become. I am so blessed with so much love and support all around me I hope each and every one of you that receive this email has a wonderful week and remember the Savior always. Continue to pray for me and the wonderful people of New Zealand!!! I love you all for the depths of my heart. Stay strong and we will talk to you next week. Love, Elder Stucki

New Zealand Temple trip 09/2009

Elder Stucki is in the back row, right side.

Hey Hey

Hello friends and family!!! This week was the best of my mission so far numbers wise. We had 4 baptised 31 lessons and 7 new investigators the work continues to get better. Just as president Porter say this mission doesn’t work on a quota system, the lord has more and more blessings we just need to continually qualify to receive those blessings. We also have 3 other men that we will be setting with in the next week or two for baptism so the month of October will show no signs of slowing down. This week we got to teach the primary so that was heaps of fun and they are some smart kids. This week at the baptism I was thinking how great it was, but I wished my family was here to enjoy the same blessings I have!!! Please continue to pray for me and my investigators, it really helps.
Earlier in the week my companion and I were talking about our parents and I couldn’t hold my emotions as we discussed our extreme love for our mothers like the stripling warrior my faith started with my mother, and Mom you mean the world to me. The only problem will be some day trying to find a partner that matches my mom. I am here to tell you no one will match you mom. Fortunately I have ages until I have to think about that. Mom I will send pictures ASAP just down load them and then send me back the memory stick please. Mom I did get your letter and I got my New Zealand License today thanks for the hard work Uncle Les and Dad!!! Driving here is different than Vegas not only the opposite side of the roads, but when it rains here the roads don’t get slick. I guess that’s because it rains so much so the oil isn’t like it is back home.
So Conference you all will see it a week before me, we will watch it the Saturday after. It is crazy that our ward is changing so much. Bishop Jolley you are the man thanks so much for all you have done for me personally. No matter where you serve now you will be great!!! Tell me all about the new wards and all that good stuff. I liked the article you sent about the girl in the stake and ward I serve in. I don’t know her, but I know no one ha-ha. Sorry this email is short just not too much to report. I love it here I am doing great I love you all heaps and miss you just as much, but the time will be fast I mean it has already been 4 months crazy huh? The nature walk last week was way fun so you can see it all in the pictures everyone have a great week and read those scripture and pray often the Lord will bless your families more than you know.

We arent called Kiwis for nothing

Well it was amazing to hear from everyone this week and it has definitely been a week of miracles!!! My companion and I just Laugh all day and are still getting along way good. We are so busy that the average turn around time for us to se people again is about a week. We run out of every house to the car to try and get to the next one on time, and we are rarely back to the flat before 9:30 (we are always there before curfew though). It is tough covering to wards trying to get to know double the people, but it makes Sundays very eventful!! We have to pack a lunch so that we can eat on our way to the second ward.
Dad this week we ate at a members home and guess where they are from CHILE. They were both there when President Monson Visited back when you were there and the sister had missionaries that lived with their family. Do you know or recognize either of these last names Aedo or Avila one from San Fernando and the other from Curico. It was one of my most fun family meals they have a family similar in ages to ours and we just laughed and laughed. It is true that laughter heals all wounds!!! Kyle today I took a picture in front of a Korean flag. I guess I was sent here to experience every culture in the world and I am getting close to accomplishing that haha. Just so you know my address is 2a Manapouri Street Pakuranga 2010 so you can see it from Google earth. You can also check out how huge my area is if you go on the church website and check for the Howick and Waipuna wards in the Panmure Stake. (Don’t send mail directly to this address though) Some weird things that happened this week include getting cursed at multiple times haha people just don’t get what they are missing out on. The other is that I ate kina. That is the prickly things that are in the ocean kind of looks like a porcupine. What you do is cut them in half the get rid of all the black stuff and then you eat the orange stuff which is actually their tongue. Let me tell you it was definitely on my top 5 worst things that I have ever tasted listed. I almost threw up!!! To some questions: Yes I love the car!!! Our Flat is one bedroom one bath with a kitchen and living room. Only 1 set of missionaries in each flat and that is mission wide, too much trouble when lots of missionaries are together. We don’t cool much we get fed almost everyday now since we have 2 wards, but if we do it’s usually pasta or rice or something simple. Elder Rezel has been in the area for 1 transfer before me. He does the driving because I am not yet certified, but that’s ok I am still trying to learn my way around this area. The fruit here is ok, but the kiwis are amazing Alyssa you would be in heaven!!! Last week we went to Mount Wellington, once a volcano, and the view was awesome of the harbor and lots of sail boats and just green every where. Mom thanks for the letter with my license and the sports articles!!! I have never heard of cash getting stolen, I would just send it in a piece of paper or a thick envelope so it can’t be seen. Tell Michael Shaw Congrats and to have fun. How is Paul, Tony, Justin, Gavin, and everyone else that you see their parents? Alyssa and Liz you still haven’t told me who your teachers are. Aunt Tiffany and Uncle Steven how are your kids? Aunt Doreen how is the new school year? Aunt Cassie thanks for all your support I have a couple that I am teaching right now that are just like you and Uncle Scott. His name is Scott ironic enough haha. Aunt Teresa don’t you just love to learn!!! I wish I could attend institute the mission gives you such a desire to learn. Mom tell Nemcheck to keep up the good work I expect a State ring in the mail!!! Thanks everyone else for your love and support!!!
Now to the good stuff, this week we smashed the standard of excellence. We had 10 people at church we have 5 set four of which get baptized this weekend and we should be setting more in a week or two. Last night at dinner we were asked to baptize a 9 year old girl that now lives with her aunt and uncle. The Lord is just pouring down his blessings in this area and mission wide. Something I learned in zone conference this week is that the Lord is blessing us because we are qualifying for those blessings!!! It was so amazing to go through the temple this week!!! The spirit was so strong and to see 50 or so missionaries there it was amazing. As we went into the Celestial room president hugged each of us and I couldn’t help remember the first time I went through and all the people that were there to support me. It made me think of the next life when we all can be with each other again, but we all must qualify.
I was studying this morning and just became overwhelmed with the work that needs to be done right at home. With my friends and family who don’t have the same knowledge as I have. I wept with regret of not being a better missionary before my mission, but I promise when I get back I will do better. I have come to know with out a doubt that the Church of Jesus Christ of Later day saints is true. Not just kind of or sort of feel it, but I KNOW. I know that Joseph Smith was called to be a Prophet of god. Through him the keys were restored to make us be able to have eternal life. I know there are some of you that are not members of his church or may not understand why I am doing what I am doing. Well I will tell you why I know my Savior lives, even Jesus Christ. He suffered for me and for you. If you want to know this for your self or remember it because you haven’t been to church in a while ask a member you know to help you!!! I beg and plead with each of you to get on your knees and ask got the Eternal father in the name of Jesus Christ if these things are true. I know you will receive an answer. Most likely not a vision, but the way you will feel when you pray. When your heart and mind are filled with peace and joy I testify to you that that is the Holy Spirit telling you that these things are true. No matter what you have done or no matter what belief you have at this time the Lord loves you and wants you to have the blessings that I have. If you are lost you can be found. If you are Scared you can be comforted. If you have questions find someone to talk to about those concerns. The reason I do this is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. Those who are reading this and may ask why didn’t you tell me this sooner or why didn’t you take me to church or invite me to be taught by the missionaries, I am sorry I wasn’t doing my job, but I know that the Church will bless your life more than any of us can comprehend. Again I plead with you find out for yourself and then act upon what you learn. I love this work and I love the Lord. I love each and every one of you very much, pray for you often, and think of you even more!!! May our heavenly father bless us all as we try to live with him again is my humble prayer!!!
Your Kiwi Missionary, Elder Stucki

New Things to See

Hello to all!!! Well this week was transfers and I am in a new area it is a city called Pakuranga like 10 minutes from my old area. The 2 wards I am in now are great!!! We have a car which is such a blessing and we are able to get a lot more work done!!! One of my wards had their primary program this week so it was the best Sunday ever!!! Estee they are just like the wards in America funny and so spiritual just like we love. One of the wards (Howick) is mostly Polangey (white people) and the other one (Waipuna) is just like my last one mostly islanders. Howick ward is really organized, but Waipuna is bursting with missionary spirit. We had a baptism on Saturday with five other people set with a date and we will set at least 2 more this week. The lord moved me into a beautiful area and I am so thankful. My companion is Elder Rezel another Australian that has been out for 7 months. It is nice to be with someone that doesn’t go home soon it makes me feel less young. He is 26 however haha. He is a convert to the church the only one in his family and his father passed away just over a year ago. We plan on doing his work Wednesday when we go to the temple. That brings me to the temple trip we will meet at my old building and bus down to Hamilton and do 2 sessions then have our zone conference so it will be a jam packed spiritual day for sure. I am so excited I haven’t been to the temple in ages. My thoughts are scrambled because I am at a different email place than I am used to. This week was full of firsts for example this bed is the only other bed I have slept in New Zealand. My last Flat was the only one that I had ever slept in. Even on trade offs the other Elder always came to my flat so it was weird to wake up in a different place!!! My new flat is really nice and super clean. This morning I vacuumed the house and car my companion was thrilled because he is a very neat elder and all of his other companions never cleaned. I guess I get that from you mom haha!!! Today we are going to go hiking which will be a nice change to basketball. I was happy to hear there is actually cool stuff to see in this area. Oh I got a letter from Jared this week he sounds so good!!! It was weird to see an envelope from Japan!!! Brynn I finally got your letter and I will write you back today!!! It was really hard to leave Eseta tears were definitely shed, but she is going to bring us food this week so that will be so nice!!! Also the good by to my old ward mission leader was a tough one, but it was nice to leave it was definitely time to see other things especially with my new companion. We laugh so much. I found out today that he though I was going to be a boring guy. Guys he was in for a surprise when he met Elder Stucki huh??? But it has been great so far. Oh and that is funny about fathers day and I now do remember that I sent a card from the MTC, but we need to celebrate our parents more so there you go haha. Thanks everyone for writing it keeps me going through out the week. It is crazy to see how Life continues on even when you are so far away. I forgot my email list this week so I am sure I am forgetting things to say, but I told you the important stuff!!! Hope everyone has a wonderful week. Those of you that are member of the church I commit you to do one missionary act per week. I promise the blessings will come to you and your family more than you can imagine!!! For example bear testimony to some one, invite them to church, bring them to an activity, or just let them know that god loves them!!! This is the true church here on earth and it is an honor to wear the name of the Savior on my chest along with my own name. May the Lord help us each day do be a little bit kinder, a tad more patient, and a lot more loving.
Love you all!! !Elder Stucki

From Over Seas

(Just to preface, this isn't an old e-mail. Matt didn't realize that other countries have different dates for some holidays)
Well hello to everyone over seas haha it is weird how far away we all are, but the love I feel is as if you were here with me. Last Monday evening I went out and just looked at the stars and it reminded me how small we really are. It also reminded me of the times that all of us grand kids would sit out with grandma Stucki and try to find the big dipper. I also think that grandma has a little Samoan in her blood because we always had food with us!!! Also, last Monday I went to get a few things from the shop and looked up and saw a father’s day sign, my heart sank and I felt like a terrible son, I forgot say happy fathers day in my email. Luckily here in New Zealand we are a step ahead, well at least in time, so technically I didn’t miss it, but it is today. So happy Fathers day dad!!!
Yesterday I got up in fast and testimony meeting because it may have been my last in this ward, since transfers are this week. I wished all the fathers a happy father’s day and with the emotions I get from my dad cried as I finished the things that I know to be true!!! It was a powerful testimony meeting, so many people came up to me after and threatened to tie me up so I don’t leave the ward. It was a great feeling to know that I am wanted hahah, but I will go where ever I am called!!! I also asked Brother Lavea, my ward mission leader for a blessing, because it is the start of a new school year in America so I wanted to keep the tradition alive, as he spoke I imagined dad speaking to me and wept like a little girl who lost her doll. It was a powerful and much needed blessing that was said with so much love. That will be the hardest part about leaving, if I do, saying goodbye to all these wonderful families. It is crazy how through service you develop such a love for people.
Well this week we taught heaps of less active lessons, and are trying hard to help them get back to church. It is crazy how many of them are return missionaries, and just fell away a few years after they got home. I pray everyday that that will never happen to me. Marc should be getting the priesthood this next Sunday so it is all very exciting!!! Eseta couldn’t make it to church, but we are still praying for her always, that she will be able to act on the faith she has.
So Alyssa and Liz who are your teachers, how is the 6 class schedule, and what is new @PVHS? I admit it is a little sad, but I was stoked to hear they stomped Mojave!!! Mom do you like having only 6 periods? Mom you asked about the exchange rate, and it is something like a $1.67 to 1.00 American dollars, but the stuff is just more expensive here to the exchange rate doesn’t matter much for me. I’m glad you found my license if you could send that asap and just keep looking into the thing with Uncle Les’s friend that would be great!!! Brynn your letter still isn’t here so I am expecting that it will come this week, when did you send it? Elise (Dondero) how is college? Ashby girls are you still loving school? How are your teachers? Aubrie and Brian how are the quads? Do you like your teachers? Are you keeping your mom in line? HAHA Steph you know I love you and Dane heaps!!! Valerie how is your class? Are you still living alone or do you have a roommate? Aunt Teresa I think you should get a 60’’ Plasma instead of the 19’’ TV haha Remember I am your source for technology information haha. Kyle I love how you call your apartment a flat. It is way cooler anyways. I hope classes are good for you and one of them will have my sister in Law waiting for you haha jokes bro jokes. I would much rather you find the right one when she comes than rush, besides I want to be there for it!!! Estee I hope you are saving a room for me in that house of yours!!! It sounds so sweet!!! Does your stainless steel all match HAHAHAHAHA??? How is your new ward? Dad keep on trying with those deacons some day they will be missionaries and regret how they ignore there leaders (personal Experience) Honestly they are just confused, but try using Preach my Gospel it is what made the church so important to me!!! Grandpa and Grandma Stucki have you started the fire place up yet??? Grandpa how is the wood pile? Make sure you teach Garret to work like I tried to!!! Garret and Kelsea how is school? It’s been ages since I have heard from you, miss you both!!! To all my other family how are your kids, are you having family prayer and family home evening, if not its ok just please start now. Your children will be righteous if they are taught upon the principles of our saviour. I encourage all of you to have a copy of Preach my Gospel in your home and teach from it. It could be renamed “How to raise your Children, or A guide for Family night.” I love that book if you can’t tell I just finished reading it cover to cover last week and am now going back and studying individual topics. Kyle I took your Challenge and Studied charity. Man it is a lot more than just being nice to people!!! Well everyone thanks for all the love and prayers!!! Keep up the good work and remember no matter what we have done or what we will do in our lives our Saviour Jesus Christ is there for us. I plead with you all to continue to follow the counsel of our leaders and make your life right!!! It is so important that we all make it to the Celestial kingdom (heaven) so we can continue to live laugh and love together. May the Lord bless us all is my prayer everyday!!! I love you all heaps and heaps!!!
Your missionary man, Elder Stucki

Sunday of Miracles

Well friends and family this was probably the fastest week on record at least for me. I finnaly feel like I am a missionary and getting used to the schedule so the days just kinda fly by. It was just as my Zone Leader Elder Larson said three months into you mission the days fly by, and he only has one transfer left!!! Although I am happy the days are going by fast, I am not “wishing away the present” I enjoy every experience I get and this week there were some good ones. The best one of all happened yesterday at church. ESETA WAS THERE. Through our continued prayers and faith along with some revelation from the lord we were able to teach some really good lessons, well the spirit taught them we were just the physical being, but they went really well. The best one was on Thursday night I was on a trade off with Elder Afoa and we were going back to follow up on the commitment that we left for them to read and pray about Joseph Smith. We figured since we taught them everything already we would go back and help them gain a testimony of living prophets something that no other church has on earth. So we watch a general conference talk in Samoan and then discussed it with them, after which we asked her 16 year old son David to tell us about his experience praying. He said he is beginning to believe, but not for sure yet. The 25 year old daughter had the same response. I had the thought to ask them a question that I have never heard nor asked before in my life. The question was, “When you do receive your answer what will that mean to you and what will you do with your answer?” As the question was asked i got a little nervous because I wasn’t the one in control of the lesson any more, the spirit was. They looked at each other then back at me and both agreed that they could someday in the future see themselves as members of the church. That was such a greatfeeling to hear them say this. We then bore strong testimony and asked if any one had any questions concerns or comment this is when the miracle happened. Eseta thanked us as usual for coming and said I did what you asked I prayed to know if Joseph Smith was a true Prophet and i felt peace and happiness. She then said as you asked David what he would do with his answer it was something a I asked my self and something I never thought of before. She then went onto say that with further study, lessons, and a more solid answer to her prays that she would become a member of our church. I'm telling you that I wanted to do a back flip and shout Halleluiah. Aunt Cassie she is starting to accept the “Kingdom of God.” Thanks to everyone for your prayers on her behalf!!! I know that someday she will make the covenant, of baptism, with our father in heaven. Marc also loves the church as a new member. They both stayed the whole 3 hours ofchurch which is a really big step for both of them. The Lord is blessing us greatly as we try our best to be faithful. That was my spiritual story for the week and one I will never forget.
Some other bits of information I learned this week is that President Porter was set apart as a Stake president by President...........STUCKI, the same one who is now the Las Vegas Temple president. Man we have some good blood in us. Speaking of good blood I was watching a church history movie this week, a segment called and Ensign to the Nations, it is a movie showing the growth of the church throughout the world and the missionary work. The First place was England, then NEW ZELAND, then CHILE, then KOREA, and SOUTH AFRICA. So besides England I'm serving in New Zealand, Dad you served in Chile, Kyle in Korea, and Brian in South Africa. Those were some of the top places for missionary work. Our blood line runs rich with sacred places to serve missions. By the way I tracted into a woman from South Africa this week and I know that Brian was the one that led us to here!!! Now to some questions, Brynn no letter yet I think it takes almost 2 weeks by the time it gets to me, but thanks in advanced for it. Its always nice to get letters in the mail. Mom no worries on the bank thing just get to it when you can. Oh happy birthday Hugh what arte you like 58 now hahah. Mom we don’t have sprinklers in New Zeland only at the church and I have never seen them on. The rain is more than sufficient for all the plants here which is crazy. So far I havnt been to any historical site. My area right now doesn’t have many and since its the city no real place to go and see awesome things. Most of my pdays are spent playing volleyball, shopping for food, and writing emails and letters. Uncle Les I did think of one thing that I need. It’s a DVD called reflections of Christ. You can get it off the internet @ RelectionsofChrist.org it is an awesome movie that missionaries like to show at baptismal services, butif you cant get it no worries!!! The weather is starting to warm up, but the past 2 days have been really windy and raniy. Well time is up so I love you all and keep up the prayers and everything!!! Thanks for all the encouragement and love!!! Elder Stucki

I Love dogs NOT!!!

Well well family and friends it was so great to get emails this week. It reminds me that the lord doesn’t give us any more than we can handle. Meaning if I had to wait 8 days i probably would have gone insane hahah. Well the most interesting news of the week is that I was bit by a dog riding my bike down the side walk. He just came up out of his yard and bit my left calf. It was not too enjoyable!!! The work part is that my pants are even more thrashed, but sweet swet sister taufa is mending them now. Unlike “those boots” my pants were definitely not made for walking. They are just wearing right through, but I had them reinforced so hopefully that will last me until the end of September when I can just wear slacks and no coat. Oh the life of a missionary I sure do love it. Its so funny the things we do while in “church Clothes” ride bikes, go through the mud, walk in the rain, eat, sometimes sleep, study pray, teach, and attend meetings and church. I don’t think that the inventor of the suit ever thought about missionaries. The weather should be changing shortly, but its still chilly and rainy at least 3 times a week. Dust is never an issue here like it is back home. Any ways Marc’s baptism is still on for this Saturday and he attended stake conference yesterday so we are really excited for him to make that covenant with the lord. The week has been really busy with teaching which is always good. We had the blessing of teaching over 20 lessons this week. The lord has really prepared the area for the missionaries. So far this year our mission has saved 565 souls and brought them into the kingdom of God through the waters of baptism. We talked a lot about this at zone conference on Friday. Its was another good one just really spiritual and moving. When ever president and his wife talk you jsut want to be the best missionary ever, but as President Porter says, “Best case scenario we are just tools in the hands of the Lord.” It is so true with out him we are just young boys in suits. Thank you for everyone with the advice and encouragement about my companion. Each day the Lord blesses me to be a little more patient and understanding. We have a few investigators we hope to set for baptism this coming week so just keep them in your prayers. Well to a few of the questions, Aunt Teresa no I never got an email last week I was pretty surprised actually, so it must not have sent, tell Aubrie its ok to cry I do it often haha, and maybe I could have a picture of those pierced ears? I'm sure she looks beautiful. I do love our book Aunt Teresa it brings me up a lot of days and keeps me focused. Yes I do keep a journal usually about every 2 days or so I write something in it. Then the Calendar I got from Grandma and Grandpa Tryon I Write something that happend to me that day that has never happend to me before mostly funny, like the dog bite or the first time I had horse. It will be something that will be funny to look back on later in the mission. Aunt Cassie thanks for the encouragement and understanding. I never meant to whine about my companion, he is an obedient person, I just need to be more understanding, and with the help of the Lord I can. Estee your house sounds great, but you didn’t say anything about your date with some guy. I take it he isn’t worthy of my big sister, but not many are!!! Dad sounds like you have been way busy with working at Estee’s I remember all the times you would take Kyle and I to your side Jobs and we would get on ladders and hols up the plastic while you sprayed texture, or we would help clean up. Probably just got in the way a lot, but we always got a treat after. Man 7-11 and dairy queen has made heaps of money off our family!!! I like to think of it as we were providing money for families in need justification I know, but it was always good!!! Grandma and Grandpa Stucki Im excited to hear about your trip!!! Uncle les How is the base? Have you lossed or gained any accounts? Are you keeping the trucks clean hahaha? Mom my money situation is still in limbo I'm still trying to find out if you can just take my savings money and put it straight to my card in New Zealand or what, but I will let you know asap. I'm sorry you have to start work soon, but it was good to hear my wrestlers are still working hard. They are going to be good this season. Tell them I am thinking about them!!! Mary-Kate and Hughbert HAHA its always good to hear from you guys thanks for the support and love!!! Hugh I hope you are still teaching the way we used to in Sunday school. I miss that and the dinners at your house, but some day we will have them again and we can have horse and Taro. Taro is that root thats like a potato that I have really grown to love. Well my time is running short soo I better send this one off. Oh tell paul to Take it to Canada he is going to do great. I love you all and can’t wait to hear of the stories of your missionary work. So each of you who receive this email will you find a friend to bring to church, have to family night, have to a feed (dinner), or invite to an activity? If the answer is yes than you have to do it because you cant lie to missionaries, thats what we tell the little kids in our ward, as Joseph smith said, “When all is said and done there is no greater work than Missionary work.” May the Lord bless us all as we unite with him in bringing back his lost Sheep to the Fold!!! I love you all!!!
Love, Elder Stucki
Mom if you could make sure this is getting to Uncle les as well thanks!!! You are the best!!!

Hello From New Zealand

Well hello to all from New Zealand. It has been an interesting week here in New Zealand trying to adapt to my new companion and just trying to help our investigators progress. My companion is ok we don’t get along great, but this is not a time to be selfish it is a time to serve the Lord. We disagree on many things, but I pray often that I will grow to love him and that together we can have miracles. Fortunately there is no real contention, because I just try to be patient and keep quiet, but I know the Lord has his hand in all things so there must be something I need to learn from him. One thing that has improved is the lesson plans that we prepare for each investigator. This week we also set a man by the name of Mark to be baptized on the 22 so keep him in your prayers. He has been taught everything long before I got here. So we were just following up to see if he was ready to make some commitments. My companion shared a spiritual thought with him, and then I bore my testimony to him. As I was doing so about half way through I asked him if he would be an example to his family and be baptized. I myself was surprised of the words that were leaving my mouth, but he said yes how about this weekend. Now that is definitely not the answer I was expecting, but we set it for the 22 because there are a few more things that we have to teach him and he needs to come to church a few more times. The Lord works in miraculous ways and I’m so thankful to be a small part of the Lord’s work. Also we did some service this week, and Uncle Les you will be proud to know that my lawn mowing and tree pruning skills are still up to your standard. One of our investigators needed some help so it was nice to do some good old manual Labour!!! She also told us that she doesn’t want to miss us any more, meaning that she wants to have a lesson every night, which is really good we hope to set her for baptism soon!!! So I keep getting questions on my lab results and I though I answered that a few weeks back, but they were all negative. The pains are almost all gone and I am off just about all the ib-prophen. So that is all good and no I have no more appointments with the cardio there was nothing there, so all is well. My I got the face medicine this week so thanks for that and the crystal lite. I was going through the pictures Estee sent me of the Yankee game, and notice that Kyle is taking good care of my shoes. HAHA I guess its pay back time since I wore all your stuff, but now it’s too small for me because you may be the older brother, but I’m the big brother ha-ha. Estee your house sounds awesome I am so excited for you!!! How did that date go that you had? Mom I don’t know what to do about the debit situation that is crazy they are taking 10% of every transaction. I will have to see is I can cash American Checks here or not. You also had some questions about my food. Funny you ask because last night we went to a Maori Families home and it was the first time we sat and ate with the whole family and didn’t feel like we had to eat the whole table. We eat normal stuff just like America, it just tastes different. Like the beef isn’t as good, but other than that we eat just like America. Oh wait we eat horse here and that’s good and instead of potatoes it’s usually taro which is really good. For breakfast it’s usually cereal or milo and toast. The Dodger game sounded fun, but I’m disappointed in only 2 Dodger dogs, in the all you can eat section, compared to mine and Jared and Andrew’s 12 hot dogs, 3 nachos and countless sodas and peanuts ha-ha. Elise (Dondero) I have been getting your emails as far as I know probably 3 of them now? I can’t write emails directly to you, but I try and answer your questions. Sorry to everyone for all the unanswered questions I try and keep a list next to me, but I’m sure things go missing. Aunt Cassie those missionary stories were great and thanks for the constant love!!! Aunt Marian it was good to hear from you this week thank you also for your prayers and Love that you and Emma have for me!!!
That leaves me to respond to the last email I got this week. The man where I get all my emotions from ha-ha, just kidding, but they tears must be gene related. Well this week is your birthday only 42 right ha-ha. Man the things that you have taught me in my life I use everyday. The way you raised us kids is the way that was right for us. Although we have had plenty of disagreements you will always be my father, the man who taught me how to cook Dutch oven, the man who showed me its better to work hard and get things done than complain and wine about them. The man that showed me how important it is to respect his mother. The man that was at every sporting event yelling louder than the entire crowed. The man that got kicked out of a wrestling match when it should have been me. The man that taught us the value of a dollar. The man that pushed me to do my best in all things, then do a little better. Geese I could go on for a longtime, but I just want you to know how much I love and miss you. It’s hard not having parents here, but this is what you and mom have been raising me 19 years to do, to serve the Lord with all my heart, might, mind and strength. Boy just writing this my face is wet with tears!!! I love you DAD keep up the good work and know that I’m trying my best to make the family proud. Mom I still don’t know who this email goes to so please write me and tell me who it does please, and also I need every ones birthdays I don’t want to forget so please just email me them or ask everyone to email me with their birthdays . Also the package home is on delay I’m still waiting on my picture Cds. Thanks everyone for all your prayers and love. Talk to you all next week. Love, Elder Stucki

I am still in Otara, which is good!

Well another week has come and gone here we are in the start of August. Time is starting to go by a little faster, but that’s good I need all the experience I can get and that all comes with time. As you know this week was transfers, but I did not go anywhere. I guess the Lord still has plenty of work for me here in Otara, which is good. As for my companion Elder Byrnes he left 10 hours down south to Gisbone. My new companion, the district leader of our district, is from Palou which is in Micronesia, near the Philippines. I have never heard of it, he told me it is an American Territory, and he had to flight from Palou to Guam to Korea (go Kyle and Aunt Cassie) then to New Zealand, which took 18 hours. I though my 13 hours was rough, guess not. HAHA He has been out for 19 months and this is his second time being a district leader. He has lots of faith and likes to work. We get along for the most part, but the language barrier is a
little hard. He speaks English, but you never realize how much tone means when we speak in English. It really is how you say it not what you say. So it has been interesting learning how he does things I am just trying to lay low as much as possible, but as we all know I am not too good at that. His name is Elder Yakuchil. Don’t worry if you can’t pronounce it I can’t either, but he understands.
Estee the package was awesome our family is a bunch of dorks haha the pictures turned out so good!!! It was very needed to have some pictures of home. The Garden looks INSANE, and I only saw the corner of our house but it looks good painted. Estee you know I would be there to help you move in if I could but I’m just a little to far away. Mom no package from you yet with the medicine I should get it this week. Aubrie and Brian I haven’t got pictures from you guys yet have you already forgot about your favourite cousin Matt (Elder Stucki man Matt sounds weird now) I sure hope not haha. Aunt Teresa and Grandma and Grandpa Thanks for the Emails I am glad to hear all is well and you are eating my onions. HAHA Alyssa be careful with that boy your virtue is something that is very important to the Lord and all those that truly care about you. Dad the camp out sounded so much fun its good to hear your boys were up to building their own shelter. Mom the bread here is average nothing like the bread you make hahah. Brynn and Jenny thanks for the email keep them coming or even better write me a letter please haha. Oh and the chest pains are almost gone which is good so it should be a week of miracles as long as we work hard!!!
Our ward mission leader is off to Samoa for the week so we ate dinner at his house last night and had a really good talk about his mission here in Auckland back in 1992-1994. He is going back to Samoa for his taxi business to register all his new cars, and then he will be back probably by the end of the week. He is such a strong man. I shared a scripture with the family last night in Alma where it talks about Moroni and the kind of man he is and how if we were like him the very powers of hell would be shaken forever. Brother Lavea, our ward mission leader, reminds me a lot of Moroni. So loving and patient. I was able to bear my testimony to their wonderful family and the spirit was very strong. I then pleaded with the children to follow the counsel of their parents, like I wish I had done more and also the counsel of the leaders of the church. It would have kept me from so much heart ache. So to my parents and leaders who read this I am
sorry for being what they call here in New Zealand an “egg” meaning idiot I guess. I should have known the love of my family and friends as well as my leaders and followed their counsel, thank goodness the atonement is real and we can be forgiven of the mistakes that we make. May we all plead with our Father in Heaven for forgiveness of our mistakes and our weaknesses so that he can make us stronger. I want all my family and friends to know how much I love each and everyone of you; you are in my prayers often. I have been blessed with so many things in my life and sometimes was not as grateful as I needed to be, but I know God lives and loves us, I know he sent his son Jesus Christ to sacrifice himself for the sins of the world, I know that Joseph Smith was and is a prophet of God, I know this because I know the Book of Mormon is true, and if it weren’t true than we would just be some other religion. I would be willing to wager that being a “Mormon” isn’t being a part of a religion, it is a life style that we must all choose to live if we want the blessing from God that he is so ready to give to us. May we all continue or begin to understand the Gospel a little bit more is my humble prayer. I love you ALL!!!
Elder Stucki

Mom please send out my blog address to all that receive this email and add this email to the list lucky.1013@yahoo.com its jenny a girl from efy 3 years ago and keep sending it to all my friends I love you heaps mom and all you do for me the lord will bless you big for raising us kids the way you have same with you dad you always taught us right I send all my love!!!!