The final email!!!

Date: Sunday, May 22, 2011, 3:08 PM

I have no idea what to say other than my goodness I can not believe that I will be seeing Mum, Dad, and Estee in 5 sleeps haha. Things are going great we should have 5 baptisms for us on Saturday and a few more from the other wards in the Stake. We are all almost done with all the preparations for the baptism and it is going to be so wonderful. I am not allowed to pick you up from the Airport so Kamille and Sans will. I will have them hold a sign or something and then I will have them bring you in their car to my flat or somewhere and I will have our car. I reckon you can either go sleep or we can go to the markets; doesn't matter to me we will just have lots to do at the chapel in the afternoon that you all can come and help prepare!! Dad bring your whites you will be baptizing Pat the Lady in the wheel chair. I will hold her in my arms while you say the prayer and then we will dunk her haha. Gently of course! There will be a big feed after the baptism so that should be great! Then Sunday we have church at 10 then I am going to try and get permission to go to another ward that I served in, but other than that we will teach in the night! Monday onwards is all planned sussed and sorted to the T and I am super excited, but I am focused and working hard each day!

Miracle of the Week Kylee, who we have not seen in over a week and a half was supposed to be married and baptized, but they had a huge fight and things were not looking good. Last night after our dinner I felt the need to try and see them, so we did. When we got there they were in the middle of a huge fight. We came in sang a song said a prayer and then I went into marriage counselor mode. Do you remember this Mary Kate and Hughie haha just kidding, but seriously we do it all as missionaries! In short they kissed and made up all things are sorted, they will be married on Friday and baptized on Saturday! Again I know this is short, but oh well what are you gonna do cancel your trip haha. I love you all and will see you in a few days. Boy it feels weird to say that, but oh so good at the same time!!!

Another one bites the dust

Date: Sunday, May 15, 2011, 4:24 PM

Well it has been a very busy, stressful, exhausting, fun, exciting, etc. etc. week. All in the week of a missionary of course haha. So as for right now we are looking at 5-9 baptisms on the 28th when you all come so that should be good we are working hard to solidify these people. This week we found two kids that their parents are members but don't attend church due to work. So we brought them on Sunday they loved it and we now teach them everyday. They have been added to the baptism on the 28th. Miracles are just all around. Tina's mother in law is doing fantastic she is really solid and stoked for her baptism. It will be a very special experience because I will have to literally carry her into the water. Dad would you like to baptize some one while you are here? Things are all sorted with the car. I talked to the Moigoa's and we will have it for the whole two weeks and I told them the plans and what not so they are totally fine with any where that we will be going. It is probably the most American car in all of New Zealand so that is a special treat haha. Other than that things are going well just trying to get everything taken care of. Finishing the mission involves so many emotions. Especially when there is just so much to get sorted, but it is all wonderful, I always have just enough strength to get through the day and then I fall asleep faster than anything ha. Well I do recognize this email is pretty lame, but if I make it long we will not have anything to talk about in a few weeks make that 12 days but who is counting haha. I love you all and pray for you daily. Our zone and mission can really use some extra prayers as we do our best to help President Porter and the mission finish strong and get it ready for the new mission president. Have a wonderful week!

The final Chapters...bitter sweet!!!

Date: Sunday, May 1, 2011, 6:09 PM

Good day to one and all! Things are going so well yet again Heavenly Father led more people to church on Sunday that want to be baptized!! Things are so wonderful and I am just sitting here in tears.... I just read dad's email that mentioned how grateful he is that Kyle and I both had the chance to serve a mission. It just hit me, as it does every now and again, that this is truly the greatest experience thus far of my life. I can not put into words the gratitude and love that I have for these people and my mission!! I read emails that say things like see you soon and I am not sure how to feel. happy because I will be reunited with the ones I love, but sad because I am leaving others that "took me in" and made me feel as if I were their own. This morning I spent some time calling old members and setting things up for the trip and then as we came to the mall to email today I saw some others and I just feel like I am in the closing chapters of a good book (The Book of Mormon of coarse) and I am happy to finish, but at the same time it is sad. Unlike the Book of Mormon I can not just pick it up and start again this is one last chance my final match, the last period, but as I recall the 3rd period was usually my best! I want my mission to be the same. I must continue to live with no regrets! I don't want to even think about it to be honest, but when I get emails that say things like see you soon haha I have no choice! Thankfully the work must and will go on even after I am not a part of it in this way the work will continue and more and more souls will come and be saved!!

Well in updates for the people that we are teaching everything is chugging along. Of course Satan threw a few curve balls, but he is forgetting I am a Yankee at heart and we will be victorious!! Tuia and Kylie came to church along with some others that just showed up. One girl Valerie, when she introduced herself in class. she said I am Valerie, I am not a member yet, but I will be soon. We have not even taught her yet, but we will on Wednesday and hoping to add her name to the program on the 28...that's for you Mom, Dad, and Estee. Nothing like a New Zealand baptism with a massive feed to conclude. You all better be stretching your tummy's because we eat heaps. Sister Elisaia is back from Samoa she lives up the road so we are getting some missionaries together to perform an item for the baptism, since she is a mean piano player! So yesterday was a crazy day we rescued Tuia from her drunk husband beating her. It wasn't really that crazy when we got there he was passed out on the coach and we had her follow us to a members where she could stay. I hate the dumb culture of how men treat women in this country it is sick!!! I hope that it is just what I see, but the majority is just normal, but it makes me sick to think that some pig head man is abusing one of Heavenly Fathers Children! on other crazy new we went to the hospital breathe not for give this 2 year old a blessing she had a jug of boiling water spill on her head. It was one of the most sad things that I have ever seen. This pure innocent child in such pain I just wanted to smack the parents for not looking after there child. It was sheer negligence, but I just hope they learn and change so that things like this do not happen again in the future!

Other than that things are going well again in the Zone President just got back from Niue (the small island that out mission covers) so we just talked to him this morning about how we did and what is happening for May. He is just over the moon. I am looking forward to a 14 hour nap on the 11th of June! I have oodles of sleep that will never be made up haha. I think that is all for now I will be calling home in a week any ways so gotta leave something to talk about then! All is well and I am working harder that ever!! I send all my love and prayers! Have a wonderful week!

Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.


Here we go again! We had a wonderful week! I had the privilege of baptizing a girl named Tidah this past weekend. We had her name referred to us last Sunday, the missionaries in Manurewa saw us at the fireside and told us about her and we were stoked until we found out she was in another area than our own. We passed on the referral and then I did her interview on Wednesday and she asked me if I would baptize her, it was a special experience. She is 20 or so and has ZERO support from her family, but her testimony of the Gospel is like a ROCK!!! It was definitely the best interview I have ever done!!! She was baptized Sunday morning before church and then confirmed!! I tried to attach a picture, but the email shop we are at does not let you attach anything to their computers. Other than that this week was transfers sadly and very surprisingly Elder Ward shifted, but he is over in Tamaki and will take over there after his companion finishes with me! My new companion is Elder Belnap he is from UTAH (usually that is not a good thing, but he is the MAN) we get along great. He is another one that President has sent to "Learn the Ropes" of running a big South Side Zone! I was his Zone Leader over in Henderson so we know each other well and it has been really good! I love him to the days and am excited to see what May will bring to us. As a zone we finished the month of April with 33 Baptism. Which is a new Zone best and ties the over all mission best for any Zone. The best part is every companionship baptized. We were so grateful and excited. The best part is just how in just one month we have got the Zone headed back in the right direction. I know that this is because we qualified together and as the Zone Leaders we did all that God asked us to do. We followed His will and he provided the way! So now I have one last shot to make May the biggest month of my mission and go home knowing that I finished strong! We got some really solid missionaries coming into the zone so that will help with progression and what not. We just need to stay humble and righteous and the Lord will always provide a way! I am thankful to be apart of it.

In more personal news......Yesterday at church a Samoan man spoke and near the end he made mention that his wife was not a member of the church. Elder Belnap and I looked at each other and knew that that is where we needed to go Sunday night and so we did. We taught the wife and 3 of her sisters. The wife and husband and in their late 20's early 30's and have two very young children. The sisters were in there mid to late teens, and before they came and sat in there were in the Kitchen right in front of us and were totally talking about my companion and I. they were saying things like wow they are dressed to well and they would look over and giggle and say other stuff Elder Belnap and I were just crackin up after we left. We taught them the Restoration and they really understood and asked some great questions! We will see them again on Tuesday. They agreed that if they found out that it was true then the would follow the path. We are hoping to set them for the end of the month! Obviously there will be work to do, but it happens all the time here and so long as we qualify and exercise our faith the Heavenly Father will Provide a way. Our other 5 sets are still doing very well. Today is Rays birthday so we will take him a picture of the temple and see how his holiday was over the weekend. Also Shantee, Taylor, Kylie, and Tuia are all looking good just a few final concerns to iron out and they all will be baptized in May. We are working very hard and have already done so much to build trust with our missionaries and see what we can do to help every one again experience saving souls.

Well not to much else to report plans for the trip are coming along and just be all finalized over the next week of so! I can not believe that I call home in just couple weeks (what a waist). Thank you all for your prayers I know that that is what helped us to go to the next level and do what President has asked us to do!! I love this work and am excited for every moment and experience that I have left!!! What a blessing it is to serve truely the greatest experience of my life thus far!! Love you all Happy Easter and hope you have a wonderful week!!

Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

All dressed in white! 4/17/11

I wonder what the first thought that came to each of your minds as you read the subject of this email. It can go either way, but by the photo's you would recognize that it is talking about BAPTISMS. What a privilege it was to be able to watch 5 of Heavenly Fathers children make sacred covenants with him. Jasmine, Mary, Godwin, Sophie, and Etienne were all baptized!! The funniest thing about these baptisms happened in the confirmations. Sacrament meeting was taken up mostly by them, but Bishop confirmed Godwin and he said like three times something to the effect of "with this priesthood" it was so funny because no one else noticed except for my companion and I. Later we asked Bishop about it and we all laughed together. Fortunately Godwin did not catch onto what Bishop was saying so things are all goods haha. Things were fairly smooth with preparation of the baptisms, but I feel that we were really blessed because we were helping the other 10 sets through out the zone to go through. We have accomplished 19 on the month so far and have 17 set for this weekend for the zone. So again I ask that you pray your guts out for each of these people that are preparing to be baptized! This morning all the Zone Leaders had a conference call with President Porter. It was very powerful and very special for all of us that will be leaving in May. There are 4 of us from my intake that are Senior Zone Leaders and we hope to have the biggest month that the mission has ever seen. We want to go out with a bang especially since it is the last time we have to give it all to the Lord. We really want to give President what he deserves for him too, to go out with a BANG! I have grown to Love these people as my brothers and sisters and my greatest desire is to save as many of them as I can with the time that I still have to serve the Master full time!

Ray who I told you about last week is really doing well. He has went from 40 smokes to 0 overnight, and has been smoke free for over a week now! He came to church again yesterday and was telling everyone that he will be baptized in 2 weeks time. He has such a special spirit about him. He is a precious gift from Heavenly Father to us. He inspires us each day to work harder than ever and to love every minute of what we have!! We have some other people that are also moving along pretty good, but none that are solid solid so we have some work to do this week to help them find their faith in Christ and build their testimonies of the restoration. I love the conversion process it is so so special.

Speaking of conversion.....last night at the "Come and See Fireside" (NZAM's monthly fireside) my recent convert Beau Raston spoke!!! Mom that is the brother of the Lady that sent you that hand written Letter. He was up there full suit and tie looked just like a missionary and spoke very well. He is 19 and plans on serving a mission. What a blessing it was to see him and his growth over the past 5 months!! The fireside are also like huge reunions. I got to see heaps of people I used to teach or old members. They are just the greatest! I am just loving the people o more than ever. I think it is because I know that they will not be so close for very much longer. I reckon the only bad part about serving so far from home is not being able to visit people constantly after I return, but then again I would not have traded New Zealand for anything!!!

Thank you Grandma Tryon for the Card I got it this week!! It is crazy to think that we are in the Easter season. For me it seems like Christmas and Easter all year since I must rely on the Savior constantly. It really helps me to "Always Remember Him." There is a great talk in the Ensign this month From Elder Christofferson that talk all about the principle of always remembering him! How important it truly is to always remember our Savior Jesus Christ. It is what fuels my fire each and everyday. It helps me to get through the rain and the cold and I know that all things will work out if I just have Faith and rely on His power and His mercy! Well that is all for this week hope you all have a blessed and wonderful week and find some way to strengthen your faith!!! Much love!

Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

Another one bites the dust

Date: Sunday, April 10, 2011, 4:43 PM

Again I sit here and write another email home. It is crazy to hear that Justin will be home in 5 or so days and that Tony should be home any time as well! It scares me because I know that I left not too long after them! We had another wonderful week! Heaps of teaching and finding our personal area is really chuggin! The zone in like manner is doing very well. We had a few bumps dues to people missing church, but overall things are going very well! We really need all of your continued prayers and support as we come to the last two weeks of the month and head into "Massive May". The McIvor family are all doing so well along with Jasmine and Etienne. They all will be baptized this coming weekend! On even more exciting news this man Ray, I never know who I tell you about and who I do not, but Ray lives in the apartment complex we knocked a little while ago. He slammed the door in our face, and we just kept going. We have a member that stays in that same apartment complex and They are friends, last Sunday she brought him over and said you need to listen to these young men. We have been teaching him all week and is now set to be baptized early in May. Saturday we taught him the word of wisdom, and he went from 20-40 smokes down to 0. He has made a HUGE change in his life. He turns 60 in a week or so. He has made a 180 in a matter of a week. No matter how many conversions I have seen on the mission each one still amazes me and just clearly shows that this is the Lord's work. He is in Charge and when we do it His way we will have miracles! We also set a young girl for the 28th of May. Mom, Dad, and Estee you will see what we are all about, Saving Souls. We will make it for the evening so you can have a granny nap after your flight. HAHA People just never stop asking when I am done or the missionaries in the Zone have a countdown, and most of the emails I get are just filled with trunky thoughts. It does not seem real. I feel that I will be doing this forever which would be just fine with me as long as I had 2 weeks with my mom every 2 years! I love life. Heavenly Father is so good to me! After General conference I think it is quite clear what the next step in my life must be!! If you don't get it watch conference and take note at how many times Marriage is talked about. Every time something was said the Elders on my row would all just turn to me and give me a grin or just smile. It was so dumb, but many prayers were answerd in that 10 spiritual FEAST! How grateful I am for a loving family and Parents that beat the gospel into me so that when I was humble enough to listen it was already there. OK beat is a little harsh, those that know my mom know she has no angry bone in her body unless she has to pay full price or for silly parents that come into her office! But what a magnificent life I have because of how I was raised. Mom and Dad I hope and pray that I have made you proud. I know the Lord has blessed us all because of how we live our lives. I don't know where I would be or what I would do with out Loving parents and patient siblings. Estee Kyle Alyssa I love you (even if your emailing has been slack omit that Estee you are faithful) I pray for each of you daily and know the Lord will guide your paths. It will be great to come home and be mature together and progress in the Gospel as a family!! Until then I will give my all to the people of New Zealand and to the Lord for that is what they deserve. Work work work there is nothing like missionary work. I love you all and hope your week is filled with opportunities to build your faith and testimony of our Saviour Jesus Christ and His gospel!! I testify that this is his work. This is His Church, and I am his Servant, I bear witness of the reality and truthfulness of the Restoration through the Prophet Joseph Smith, we have a Prophet on the Earth today, President Thomas S. Monson, God lives and loves us, Jesus is the Christ and or savior and Redeemer. Aunt Cassie I will testify all of my days. I took your challenge all week and watched the hearts of other change! God be with you til we meet again!!
Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

I love my life!!!

April 4, 2011
Well we have had an incredible week in the zone! On Tuesday we went and trained each of the districts on how to use Faith as a Principle of Power. We shared with them how we received this revelation and the spirit bore witness to each of them that we are here for them and that this is what the Lord needs us to do! We shared that as we live our covenants this is how we obtain power. We have studied different covenants as a zone over the passed week and committed them to live them more fully. We had 4 baptized this weekend and 18 new sets. That puts us as a Zone to a projected of 28 souls saved with 10+ more that are shaky and need more guiding!! I know for a surety that when we do it in the Lords way and in His time table we will be blessed beyond measure. President was beyond happy and said he wanted to give me a big kiss. I was grossed out and asked him if he was feeling ok. HAHA

In more personal news the Nigerian Family of 3 has been set for baptism on the 16th we are so excited for them. They just absorb all the information that we give them and they are just fully surrounded by support and love! Also we set a girl for the 16th that comes to church with her Grandma. Her name is Etienne, she is 12 and very shy, but loves the Gospel and is so ready to be baptized! Jasmine is still doing well and her sister is just in limbo on whether she will be baptized here or in Australia. So right now we have 5 for the 16th, but hopefully with Salafai it will be 6. We have seen so many miracles with these people it is just crazy, but we always give thanks to a merciful God that loves his humble servants. I know that he will continue to bless us as we qualify and for his power.

Conference will be shown to us next weekend so I am really looking forward to that, from the stories that I hear it has been really good. It scares me to think that it is my last General Conference as a missionary. Nothing is greater than wearing a black name tag. I am so convinced of that!! Thanks for all your love and support. I love you all and pray for you constantly.

This is His Work!!!

Date: Sunday, March 27, 2011, 3:34 PM

Well thanks mom for the reminder that only 2 months left that is insane and I believe last week I asked for no more trunky comments. Oh well it is reality. This week was faster than ever we only have 1 full day of proselyting due to Monday P-day, Tuesday District meeting, Wednesday ZL council, Thursday Leadership Training, Friday weekly planning, Saturday baptisms, Sunday Church and come and see fireside that the mission puts on once a month! It was a quick one for sure. Of course lots learned and so much to apply. I am thankful that I still have so much to learn and am not just accepting fate. I will learn til my last day. The month was slow for the new zone I am in, we finished the month with only 19 baptisms, but the problem is we have 11 missionaries. We are refocusing on living our covenants like we did last winter as a mission and this will increase our faith as a principle of power. We have the action side of things our missionaries are working very hard, but they need to work smart and remember only in the strength of the Lord can we do what we have been asked to do and go to the next level.

My companion and I have been focusing on this a few days before we told the zone. Our pipes for baptizing in April were looking pretty dry. Sunday we found 6 new investigators. 3 come from a Nigerian family. Their father moved to Australia for work. He moved in with their Auntie, and when he found out she was a Mormon was convinced that he would go and "save" her. Little did he know he would be the one getting converted. Then he called his wife and 2 kids and said you need to go to this church. Sunday after sacrament we were walking around meeting people and we met them. They loved it, stayed for all three hours, and then came to the fireside. We have full faith that they will be baptized in April. Also a girl names Sally got permission from her mother to start the lessons and prepare to be baptized. She is the Sister of Jasmine. Who over the past week has quit smoking. Mom you will never believe how we helped her to quit. Of course it was by the power of God, but I have been bugging President to allow us to text so we can have more contact with our investigators and on Tuesday he finally approved. We send Jasmine random messages and she messages us when she needs help. She has been smoke free for almost a week. Now she just needs to be married which they have planned for this week and she will be all set to be baptized. Also We went and taught our bishop's Sister in law and some of her family before Church on Sunday. She lives out of our area, but in our zone. We had a great lesson with her and Bishop was so happy with how we handled her. She will still be baptized in the proper ward, but we will do our best to help her to feel comfortable and gain a solid testimony of the Gospel.

In other wonderful news Jenny was baptized, we helped her overcome her concern last Sunday, but were not sure if she would be baptized. We went Monday night and she said Elder I will be getting baptized this weekend. I said pardon me. Then she repeated I will be getting baptized this weekend. We were happy as! I have come to know that living our covenants truly is what brings us power. Not our own power, but the power that can only come from God. So many things this week, and throughout my whole mission have given me a sure knowledge that this is his work, and when we do it his way we will find great success. I love you all and ask that you pray that Elder Ward and I can DO what is required to take this Zone to the next leve

Here we are again!

Date: Sunday, March 20, 2011, 4:01 PM

My goodness I feel like I was just here, but it has been a whole week and not too much to report. We had a baptism on Thursday of a Niuean boy name Masiniua. He comes to church with his Grandma and is such a good boy. He was so happy and excited and it was a special day for him. Other than that it has been a faith testing week many things falling through, but miracles are brewing. It is definitely a challenge to stay motivated toooo many people ask me when I am done, and I just want them to all go away. Thankfully I am losing myself in building others so that when I do go that they can carry on. There is so much young talent in the mission that I am excited to see what happens over the next year or so. New mission President comes in in July so that will be an interesting transmission for the mission, but President Porter is doing an incredible job to keep things on a high so the new guy can come in and just keep it rollin.

Well this is probably the weakest email EVER, but I have not much else to say. I am thankful for the energy I do have and the time that I have left. I will finish strong and to the end because I can't live with the what if or wish I would haves. This is the Lords work and the greatest work on earth. Thank you all for your love and support. I love yous!!!

BYE BYE transfer #15

Date: Sunday, March 6, 2011, 2:36 PM

Well things have been unusually slow this week here in Tamaki, but our slow is much much different than other peoples slow! I am grateful that we endured well, and still had some wonderful miracles. One of the Sisters in the zone Sister Elisaia goes home tomorrow. She is a very high baptizer, but was disappointed as to how her last 2 transfers here in Tamaki has gone. During the day I felt a prompting to call her and share with her my testimony. When I called I told her about the prompting bore my testimony to her then told her that Heavenly Father was so proud of her and the things that she has done! I then asked her how she felt and what she has been praying for. she shared with me that she was unsure if Heavenly Father was happy with how her last 12 weeks have gone! She, through tears, expressed her gratitude. Little does she know I was benefited of the experience. There are few things better than being used by Heavenly Father to answer someones prayer! I am thankful for that prompting and being obedient to what it asked me to do. I learned this from Sister Porter she on many occasions will tell us as Zone Leaders how much she is proud of us and that Heavenly Father knows what we are gong through. IT always is at the right time or when you feel that you just can't keep going! She has also called me multiple times just to say she cares or that she is thankful for us. She is the best example of gratitude I know!

In other News Crystal, Matt, and Theodore's mom is getting baptized on the 19th of this month she is very excited and as been so very touched by the change in her children. It was weird to have my last Sunday in Hillary ward. I bore my testimony and the spirit was very strong all of church. They have been so good to me and I am thankful for each family in the ward. President told me that I am moving, but I don't know where yet. He just said that I have one more assignment before I go home so I am a little nervous, but know that all will work out as long as I rely on the Lord. It is so important that we do things his way and on his time table!! I know that he will always help us in our righteous desires! We had zone conference with President Callister this week. He is the Area President, and has more knowledge of the scriptures than anyone I know. It was a great boost.

Well that is about all,l I am excited for the adventures of the next 12 weeks they may be my last, but it is my prayer and desire that they will be my best. As I told Sister Porter "We DON'T get trunky, there are too many souls to save!'' she just smiles and probably thinks I am a loon haha. Love you all have a wonderful week!


Date: Sunday, February 27, 2011, 8:38 PM

Well it doesn't feel like it has been two weeks since I have emailed, but it has. Actually today we had to move the Sisters into a new flat so I could have easily skipped another week, but I wanted a home to come back to not the dog pound so I thought I better make time to write. I am grateful that Sister Porter was able to send you a note letting you know that we are ok. The earthquake is hours and hours away we felt nothing. The death count is pretty high and what is crazy is heaps of the building has scaffolding all around them fixing them from the last earthquake. The people are really heart hearted in that part of the country (mostly white people) Supposedly the missionaries down the (different mission) were praying that something would happen because last time the earthquake hit their baptisms shot up for 2 months then dies down again. So some say their prayers were answered. Again we found out like a day or two later so ya all is well. Tonight I got permission call a bunch of all members and converts so that I can better plan our trip, and where we will be! That is crazy to me. Yesterday was my 21 month mark! I can not believe the speed, but I am grateful for it because I am tired I am looking forward to a good sleep, but until that day comes I will work my buns off eh mom?!!!

Well 2 weeks ago we had the stake baptism (picture attached) not as big as the Christmas one, but still really good! Crystal Matt and Theodore were all baptized they loved it and are still growing in the Gospel. Then this past Sunday morning John Taylor and his mother Tino were also baptized! We did really well this month and it is more and more evident that Heavenly Father is in control of the work and when we do it his way we are blessed beyond what our own strength can do!! We are now into March which is insane a week from Thursday is transfers and that is INSANE!!! What a fast shift. So no I did not move it was other elders their flat was not up to the quality that the church expects so they had to move out and same with the Sister's. I am glad that I got the skills to move. Thanks Valerie and your ridiculously heavy furniture, also Dad, Uncle Les, and Grandpa for teaching me how to stack and pack tight and organized, and Uncle Les Again for teaching me how to drive a trailer everyone is impressed that is doesn't take me an hour to get the trailer tight where we want it!! Funny how those little things come in handy. Things that I took for granted, but it is insane how so many elders and sisters are completely clueless!! I wonder where the grew up and 9 times out of 10 it is Utah stinkin bubble children!! HAHA Of coarse I say that with all the love in my heart!!

The work is still moving along slower than we would like it, but that is because we baptized our whole pool and the ones that we found along the way have kind of fizzled out, but I know the Lord will provide a way for us to Save Souls again in the month of March! Oh and tell JARED I am waiting for an email from him he has been home for ages, and nothing he is gonna get a whack is he doesn't shape up! I did receive a letter from Leanne, Britley, and Elder Jolley (from MTC) today that was really nice. I have some letters to write, but ZERO time to do so! BUSY BUSY BUSY! But life is good I would hate it if it were not busy! Well I think that is about it for this week we have 20 minutes until we have to be at our first lesson, and we still need to shower. I love you all and am glad that you forgave me for not writing last week. Sorry mom I am still human. I guess New Zealand still has some polishing to do with this Elder; good thing I still have ages to learn and to grow. The race is never judged with the beginning or the middle. It is always about how you end. I plan I ending stronger than ever fighting to the last day. I love you all and pray for you continually. Thanks for all your love, prayers and emails have a wonderful week!!

No email for Elder Stucki

Date: Tuesday, February 22, 2011, 11:01 AM

Sister Stucki,
I just wanted to get you off a little email to let you know that Elder Stucki is just fine! He mentioned to me that he didn't get a chance to email on Monday because he was moving from one flat to another. He is the most hard working Elder ever! Thanks for sharing him! He is and will do much good in this world! Be at peace!
Sister Porter


Date: Sunday, February 13, 2011, 1:48 PM

This is the first week of my mission to receive no email from MOM DAD OR ESTEE what is going on haha. Well I am trying to justify in my head not writing too this week, but I have a conscience so I guess I must write something! We were so blessed to have a full proselyting week with no extra meetings or any big surprises it was great to see miracles day by day as we exercise our faith and follow the promptings that we receive. We found one particular lady early on in the week that invited us back for Saturday morning. She is a Samoan lady with good enough English for us to teach her. We sang an opening hymn with her and all of a sudden her two daughters also joined us and we started asking them questions to see where they are at and what we could share with them that would best answer any questions that they had or help them in whatever situation they may be in! After 3 or so minutes a man came in and started asking us questions. Who are you, what do you want, and why are you in my home? He shouted at us attacking us from every angle, but believe it or not we stayed calm. I wanted to stand up, double leg him to the ground, throw in the legs and make him cry, but that is not the Lord's. He attacked us on our beliefs about a Prophet, the Book of Mormon, Adam and Eve and many other topics that frankly he knew nothing about. He contradicted himself many times and made himself look stupid in front of his family. To shut him up my companion bore a powerful witness to combat his cowardly remarks. Multiple times I asked him to stop yelling and we were willing to answer any question that he wanted us to answer, but he must give us time to speak! He was not up for that! He finally left the room and the rest of the family was beyond embarrassed. We eased their worries and began to teach the Plan of Salvation. We taught them things they never considered or had ever been taught. They felt the spirit and we helped them to recognize that. One of them asked why they felt so differently after the Dad had left. We shared that the spirit can not dwell in contention and will never help you to win an argument, but it will teach you all things so long as you are open to learning. the man told us never to come into the house again, but the mother wants to continue to be taught as well as her 20+ year old daughters. The daughters were in shock because ever since the Tuesday that we first met the mom she had been talking to the girls that she just felt something stirring in side of her! The girls told us that mom NEVER lets missionaries in. I am grateful that we qualified for the companionship of the Holy Ghost as we talked to her that day on her porch. I am grateful to the promptings that led us to her house. I am anxious to see how it will all play out. Fortunately we will be meeting them at the church on Tuesday. I ask for all of your prayers that the father that he will at least allow the family to do what they feel is right!

On other new the kids are still all ready to be baptized this weekend. Crystal, Matt, and Theodore that is. Mom I hear Crystal added you on facebook haha. Also John Taylor's mom lost her record so she too will be baptized with him on the 26th of February. Things are going well with all of them, but it is not time to start preparing for March! Interesting news in the stake we had a new Presidency called. It was a wonderful meeting. The old first counselor is the president and Brother Lavea from my first ward (gave me a fathers blessing ages ago) is the 1st counselor and I don't know the 2nd. Brother Lavea will be so good for the stake we are really looking forward to the progress that will be made with each of them!!
Well that is about all from me this week things are going very well and we are excited to keep going I know that the Lord will bless us as we do it His way, in His time, and by His power. I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!

Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.
P.S. Pictures are of baby Stucki!!

No rest for the Richteous!

Date: Sunday, February 6, 2011, 2:29 PM

Another week down, and sure enough it has been a busy one. We have had no full days to proselyte because we have had meetings everyday, but we have been richly blessed the zone (9 comps) had 43 people at church yesterday which means they would all qualify to be baptized this month we only have 21 of them set, but we are working hard to help every companionship save souls weekly this month. The fire is burning strong and the desire to serve throughout the zone is incredible! We are very happy and feel so blessed for what the Lord is handing to us. We recognize completely where the miracles come from and it is definitely not our own strength!

Crystal, Matt, and Theodore are still doing so incredibley well! We have taught them everyday and they ALWAYS keep their commitments! I am staked for their baptism on the 19th. We also were able to meet John Taylor who Elder Mutton set over the phone last Sunday. He is just as good as the other kids. He is 14 and his mom is a member and they are all coming to church now it is so good to see how they have re found their testimonies!

I don't know if you remember, but we baptized a young lad names Anna Kaufusi on Christmas. She was pregnant then and just over a week ago she had her baby. Yesterday I stood in the circle for the blessing of the child and you will never guess the name!!! Monson Dallas Alexander STUCKI Kaufusi. Is that not the coolest thing ever. I have had a child named after me. His a cute little Tongan boy I will send a picture later on today! That doesn't happen all to often, but I was so honored. It is wonderful to stare into the eyes of a new born. They are so pure and innocent. No wonder why we are told to become like little children!!

Sorry for the shortness, but not much to report other than I had a 1 hour interview with President talking to me about my plans after the mission. He called Thursday night, and had some very very nice things to say, and then asked if I wanted to have a special interview on Sunday. I sent him my Patriarchal Blessing and we talked about it, and some things that he would love to see happen. It is all so excited, but very scary. I know missionary work is my love and passion, but the outside world is not a mystery. The unknown is always a scary thing, but I have complete trust that Heavenly Father will help me to know all things that I need to and when I need to!!

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!!!

Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

Aussy Aussy Aussy!!!

Talofa!!! What a busy busy week. Tuesday morning I took Elder Brown to the mission home, he flew out that night so he is probably speaking in church as I write this letter. That is so so weird to think about! My new companion is Elder Mutton from Adelaide, Australia. He was in our zone as a district leader 6 weeks ago, and now is a zone leader with me! You all know how much I love my Aussy blokes so it has been great already. He and I have been good friends for a while so it was exciting to see that he was going to be my companion. We work very very well together and the best part is he has only been out 10 months or so. He still has that young missionary fire just like me and he doesn't have to be told every time something needs to be done, he just does it. We finished the month very strong as a zone, and have so great ideas to get our missionaries re energized about the work and helping them to become sharper instruments in the hand of God. I am smiling ear to ear and it is so enjoyable to work with him. I am still in Tamaki so that will be 6 months in this ward and 9 months all together in this stake. My companion just laughs when we go places and people just say hello Elder Stucki. He asks me oh who are they and most of the time I reply with "I ave no idea." I love this place very much it really has been my refiners fire and my home away from home. I am so grateful for the mums that I have in New Zealand that always take care of me!!! We are spoiled rotten and have heaps of people that we can call at any time for anything. Of course we don't abuse it, but we always have what we need!

Saturday I had the privilege of baptizing Donell Clark. She is doing so well and Bishop's wife was so kind to give her a bunch of church clothes. It was a great baptism and she was so very happy! I am excited to see her grow and succeed in the gospel. The Three kids Matt, Crystal and Theodore are still AMAZING. They keep every commitment and when we told them we can't move their baptism forward they were sad. Unfortunately we have stake conference so they have to wait til the 19th of February. I can not believe that Feb is here already what the heck!!! That is the month that I got my call, and the month that I first went through the temple!! Anyways we have those three set, and a few others that are set, but not to solid so we have our work cut out for us!!! I am very excited for the coming week. We have lots of meeting, but plenty of time for miracles! I am grateful for each day that I have to serve!

Well sorry it is a short one we have a lot to do today! I love you all and pray the Lord may bless you with all you stand in need of!

Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

We don't get trunky!!!

Date: Sunday, January 23, 2011, 1:54 PM

Well it has been a week of shoulder to the wheel and harvesting the white field!! Last night as we were reporting stats to the assistants they got our numbers and were shocked at how well we did even though it was Brown's last full week. Since it was on speaker phone I yelled we don't get trunky in Tamaki!!! We beat both of our personal bests with regards to member present lessons we had a whopping 32 which is 12 more than the standard. We have some YSA boys and a few of the Priest age boys that would just spend the whole day with us. Such a blessing and it is really helping them as well. All the boys that got the priesthood last week were preparing, blessing, and passing the Sacrament yesterday it was such a boost to see the fruit of our labors in such a big way!! On Saturday Teresa was Married to her now active husband, and them baptized straight after!! IT was a very simple service since they wanted just a small one, but lets put it this way no girl back home would ever ever ever ever settle for the simplicity of most of the weddings that we have here! She was so happy to have it all done and she was just glowing!

We have a few more baptisms coming up on the weekend one is real solid and the other is a bit shaky because she has some outstanding community service that needs to be finished before she can be fully repentant! We are hoping to get all of that solved ASAP and help here to receive what she has be working so hard to achieve! While on trade-offs Elder Brown and Elder Papalii found these unbaptized kids. Their parents are members, and they have not been to church in a very long time! Crystal is the oldest (16) she is the motherly type that helps her younger brothers in any way that she can. Then there is Matthew (what an awesome name) he is 14 and understands the scriptures better than most adults! Then the youngest Theodore who will be 9 on the 11th of February. They all came to church on Sunday and loved it and keep every commitment we leave with them. As of right now they are set to be baptized on the 18 of February!!! They are so fun to teach because they are just hungry for the truth. The mom who is a Samoan lady came out the first time I went, and growled at us for being in her home, then her attitude completely changes after Elder Brown and I sang her a hymn in Samoan ha ha. She melted in our hands! She now says come over when every you want and insists on feeding us constantly!

Also this week we had our city conference with Elder Bednar. It was of course an event that I will never forget! The last hour we got to ask him questions, and I asked the last one which was, "How has your wife helped you become who you are today, and what did you see in here that stood out to you when you first met." He answer brought tears to his wife's eyes and went some thing along these lines. #1 She always honors her womanhood she understands her role in the Plan of Salvation, and acts just as Heavenly Father needs her to! #2 She is a virtuous woman. She honors and seeks after virtue. Elder Brown and I had the privilege of greeting them as they got our of their car and escorting them into the chapel. When we saw Sister Bednar we both made the comment of just how pure she looked!! Heaps of the Elders came up to me after and said that is what I wanted to asked, but was to scared. It was very inspiring and something that we all needed to hear!!

The zone is doing very well across the board, but there is always room for improvement and what not. Tomorrow I will take Elder Brown to the mission home and he will fly out tomorrow night. My whole mission I always said once that intake is has gone I will have no time left, and here they go. I still feel like I have ages 18 weeks is along time and a lot of time to have miracles and to baptize heaps! I am excited to get a new companion I hope he is young and just all about the work I am tired of killing off missionaries (2 comps in a row). It is the least fun to watch them go and even worse because you feel like you are going too and preparing everything and then the day comes that they leave and you are still here ha ha. Life is good though I am healthy and happy and will give it all I have for as long as I have.

Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

Life is good!!!

Date: Sunday, January 16, 2011, 2:25 PM

Kia Ora Whano
I just laugh thinking how all of you will translate that in your head ha ha. It has been another great week with some big progress. I am in ahhh of what the Lord can do if we just rely on his power and now rely on the arm of flesh! This week was interviews with President he was happy as can be with how the Zone is doing and the progress that has been made!!! In my personal interview he talked about what he wants me to do after the mission with regards to career. He talked about a general manager and some other fancy things ha ha. I don't know if you know this, but he used to go into major companies like Pepsi-cola and Gm and he would redefine their management and increase there income in a ridiculous way. When he finishes here in New Zealand he has been asked by the church to move to Alpine Utah, and he will be working with the "business" side of the church improving the structure and what not. He is incredible at what he does and it is crazy to think that the the church has asked him to come and take care of the slack that is costing the church money!! He says he sees a lot of him in me so he wants to help me use the talents that God has given me to make a lot of money quickly for the Lord and help build the church in any way that I will be called. It was definitely spirit led as I have been thinking a lot lately about what I want to do. I feel really good about the suggestions he made, and know that he can get me in with a lot of major companies so that puts my mind at rest. He could really tell that the work is taking a tole on me so he was concerned at first. I told him I am just beat and don't know how I can make in another day let alone another 5 months he smiled and said me either ha ha. He goes home with me so that is good that we can both fight to the end!!! I asked him for a priesthood blessing which was exactly what I needed I really feel refreshed and excited about the work!!! We had 17 new sets this week in the zone which puts us back up to a projected 31 on the month. President said he has never seen a zone beat its best two months in a row so he issued us a challenge. You all know how I love a good challenge. We have a lot of work to do this week, but it will be heaps of fun and sleep will feel real nice.

This week we have a city wide conference with Elder Bednar yes of the quorum of the 12 Apostles! I am very excited and look forward to the revelation that we will receive and what we can do to continue to improve!
Well some investigator updates: Tee-Tee, Dee, and their friend that just moved in with them are all set to be baptized on the 29th of January!! They have really improved, and are now really understanding what we teach, and on a great note they did not think church was boring this week. Partly because Elder Brown and I spoke we talked to their level, but they stayed for all 3 hours and then we had a lesson with them last night. Supposedly outside of church they were confronted by some man telling lies about Joseph Smith they just told him to shut up they did not need his help because they are "Mormons." It is always a good sign that investigators stick up for the church before they are even baptized!!! Zane's baptism over the weekend was very special. As he came out of the water he hugged his uncle and with tears the both expressed their love for each other. Zane, Soni, and Sione all received the Aaronic priesthood yesterday. My joy is full. We also found out Saturday night that BJ who was baptized in Nov after spending a few days with us teaching and stuff has expressed a desire to serve a mission!! What joy filled my heart and my gratitude to the lord in unmeasurable!! I can not put into words what is in my heart I have been a part of changing hearts thus changing the destiny of many many people. Some say we go on a mission to pay back the Lord......Those of us that serve or have served know that we serve and gain a greater debt to our God in his love and mercy. This week Terisa will be married and baptized she is doing well just has to stay strong and keep living the word of wisdom!! Miracles are every where it is just a matter of qualifying for them. Well I am healthy and happy and ready for another week of early mornings and late nights, stressful days and sleepless nights. The life of a missionary there is no better way to live!!!

I love you all and ask that you will continue to pray for me and the New Zealand Auckland mission!!!

P.S. The pics are Zane's baptism and some yuck shrimp I will let you use your imagination and come up with your own story!!
Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

Another I have to?

Date: Sunday, January 9, 2011, 2:02 PM

Composing 168 hours of life into an email is not an easy thing to do so I think I just won't even try I hope you all have a good week and keep on keepin on!!............................So I thought about sending that, but then I figured I would not have a very happy mother so I decided to take the challenge and try and give this week some justice.

This week was one of great blessings and many miracles! We, as a zone, are climbing back up the December latter and doing our best to match or beat our zone best of 31. This week we increased to a projected of 24 so plenty of work to still do. Elder Brown and I had an exceptional week with about 33 total lessons and 8 that came to church with 10 new on the week. We have gained a testimony that the new standards of excellence for the mission in 2011 are possible because we hit everyone!! We are striving to be instruments in the hands of the Lord each and everyday so that we qualify for his work and he will take care of the rest!!!

We received a referral this week for a girl named Tee-Tee. We happened to be in the area so we stop in. Come to find out she is a 19 year old girl with a 6 month old son and a baby on the way. Her partner recently left her for his ex and she has been contemplating suicide ever since. Fortunately Heavenly Father was mindful of her and her situation and sent two humble servants to her rescue. We spent the time getting to know her and answering her questions. We also taught her "sister" (no blood relation) Dee-Dee (Both are nicknames). They really like what we shared and when we said that we had to go they wondered why we were leaving so early, but we had been there too long already. We invited them to a lesson that we were having at the chapel 2 hours later at 6 o'clock and they agreed. They came and in the chapel we watched reflections of Christ on the projector and let everyone just sit and feel the spirit. It was great. They then were able to take a tour of the chapel and see where everything was. They both expressed how they just felt warm and welcome in the chapel. Both of them came to church on Sunday and were able to meet with Bishop and he was able to help Tee-Tee with her thoughts of Suicide. Unfortunately they thought church was boring, but that is just because they are used to a rock band and jumping around. We helped them to understand that is not the way of Jesus Christ. We are hoping to set them for the end of the month so they can be washed clean of their past and move forward. It is scary to see the lives that people live when they don't have the gospel in it!! I have a testimony that Heavenly Father will lead us to His children when they are most ready and prepared to make changes in their life!!!

Also Paul and Terisa are planning their wedding for the 28th and then she will be baptized on the 29th. Paul is a LA (less active) member that has made the choice to change in 2011. We have a baptism coming up this weekend with a 14 year old boy Zane who in the Nephew of our ward mission Leader. He is a tower of a boy probably 6'3'' or so. He is so humble and kind, and has decided that it is time to start following Christ in his life!! Ocean was finally confirmed after the 2 week delay after Christmas she is back on track and has been humbled and picked up. Things are really going very well we just have to keep it going.

Well that is about it from me time just keeps flying by. Thank yous all for the updates, love, and support. I couldn't do it with out yous!!! I bare you my witness that this is the work of God. We are in the business of saving souls and the work will continue to press forward until all of His children come home!! I know that this is the true Church of Jesus Christ. It is a mirror image of his church in former times, and is led by a living prophet. May the Lord continue to bless us all as we qualify for his mercy and grace is my humble prayer!!! I love yous all!!!

Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

Always learning always growning

Well this week was one filled with challenges and headaches, but we learn the best when put through the refiners fire!!! Due to the holidays everyone in New Zealand or in South side where I am is just drunk for going on a solid week and a half now. New Years was uneventful, we were in bed normal time ha ha, but the neighbors were party hardy all night!!! I reckon that this country puts down more alcohol than the same number of people in any other country. Although it is good because we are here to help them repent...they can't repent if they can't comprehend what you are saying to them. Estee you are right it is a great time for people to make changes so we are hopefully going to find a heap of people this week that are sick of the hang overs ha ha. It has been a week of learning patience and building my faith! I have come to know for assuredly that we go through hard times to help us stand strong and stay humble through the good times! One day when I was struggling a few months ago I was praying and this was my answer I got..."Sometimes Heavenly father will let you walk in the dark to teach you how to walk in the light." I love that answer and find peace in knowing there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Elder Rea well now Steven Rea (my last companion) is staying with members in our ward. he is back for the National YSA conference. It has been so good to see him. He is one of my best companions and has become one of my best mates. He misses the mission heaps and is thinking about going to school in Utah and playing Rugby there. He is from Australia so it would be a good opportunity for him to experience the promise land ha ha. I will continue to encourage him!!

I don't think I have told you this, but there is a Mexican restaurant that has opened up just by where we email. A man from Cali came over and this is his third one here. It definitely is nothing like home, but it is the best we can do! I wonder what percent of my emails make some sort of mention about food ha ha....99.9% I reckon.

My companion now has about three weeks left so that is crazy I never wanted to finish another missionary after Elder Rea, but I guess the Lord had other ideas ha ha. Fortunately he is not trunky and we are just working hard everyday. The only way that I know how to work really!!!
Well that's about it from me I am learning and growing each day. I love the mission and love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ for making me who I am today. I love you all and wish you a happy and prosperous New Year!!!
Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

Hello from NZ!!!

Date: Sunday, December 26, 2010, 2:16 PM

Well things ended very well for the Zone 31 people were baptized coming from all 9 of our companionship's (prior zone best was 20)! As a mission we finished the year with 1724 souls saved. We did what we set out to do earlier this year we doubled our baptisms from when President Porter first came I'm. I forwarded you the email from Sister Porter so you can see all the details. I also forwarded you the pictures of our Stake baptism so they. The only bad part about phone calls is the next email is way lame because all the important stuff was talked about on the phone! It was good to see Evan (Elder Unick's) email he sounds fresh and green and full of energy the trick is keeping that excitement for 2 years. It can be done I am living proof. It was good to Hear from Valerie this week and hope that she is feeling better!!

Mom and Dad I didn't forget about the Agenda yet for your trip here I will get that to you next week after I have had a bit more time to think it all over and plan the best way to take advantage of the time that we will have here!! Craziness though you will be here in 5 months holy cow that is gonna be quick!! Oh be sure to email President Porter today to wish him a happy birthday!!!

Well not to much else to report we are now just into finding mode after 7 baptisms on the weekend so pray that we will be led tot the elect!! There is a never ending supply of souls to save so long as you qualify each day for them!! I love yous all and hope you had a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year. 2011 here we come. The sound of that scares me because I remembered Alyssa will graduate this year. We are going to be at college at the same time and in the same "grade" ha ha Funny how life works out!! Well take care and we will talk to you next week!!!
Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

Dad's a funny one!!!

Date: Sunday, December 19, 2010, 2:00 PM

I Just finished reading my emails and I got a kick out of Dad's. He said that Bishop Larkin said if they don't accept missionarie's calls that the ward will double the baptisms. This is a play off of mothers day when I told mom that I wouldn't be calling because President told us that if we didn't then we would double our baptisms!!! Don't worry I called home, but Dad if my phone call is not welcome then so be it ha ha. Things are still just chugging right along, another busy week has come and gone! This week we had another mission conference/transfers. I am still here in Otara (Tamaki Stake) with Elder Brown and will be here for a while because Elder Brown will finish in just a few week (5). I had mixed emotions about the transfer, but there is always a reason that I need to be somewhere so I am here and am to find that reason or reasons.

At our mission conference we had our normal trainings on various topics, but at lunch time we had the missionaries preform. The Samoans, Tongans, Chinese, Australians, and some self made groups all preformed. Earlier in the week President called me to be the MC of the performance. So I came up with the idea to have N.Z.A.M.'s gt talent! I chose three missionaries 1 sister and 2 elders to play the Judges from American Idol. So it was just beyond funny. I was the host and to completely understand you will have to watch the video. Sister Porter recorded it so I hope to get a copy soon and will definitely bring it home with me for all to watch!!! I am thinking of becoming a TV host of some sort ha ha jokes!!

Things are looking really good for this weekend. It truly will be a white Christmas. Our stake is having the baptisms all together at 10am Christmas morning and there are 10+ that will be getting baptized. We have been richly blessed the past couple weeks with new people that have committed to be baptized. It is looking like the biggest Tamaki has ever seen!!! Our investigators are doing very well. We have 7 baptisms set for Christmas Day. Ricky who is a 10 year old boy that has been going to another ward, but lives in out boundaries was passed over to us this week, so we set him for Christmas day. Ocean Knight we just need to get her dead beat partner out of the house, but other than that she is all good to go. Then the miracle Finau Family Mum Nia, and kids Sione (See-o-ney), Leon (Lee-on),and Paia (Pie-uh). They are a miracle because Nia on Friday lost her 2 month old baby so we were so scared that she would want to move here baptismal date, but when we went and saw her yesterday she said... I want to be with my son and all of my children again I believe what you teach is true, and I believe in the plan of Salvation. What a magnificent response, we could not have asked for a better one!!! I know for a fact that we were lead to her by God to prepare her for this sad event in her life. She is so strong and we are stoked for her to continue to make changes in her life. Last but not least is Ana she is part of that same family, in a round about way, she was married to the cousin's son of Nia and they all live together in the Kaufusi's home. The Kaufusi's are members in our ward and have been doing an incredible job with fellowshiping them!!! We are stoked to have a white Christmas this season. Right now it is rainy and hot/humid, which does not go well with shirt and tie ha ha.

Well that is about it you will hear from me this week in my phone call home if you choose to answer or I can find someone else to call ha ha. I love yous all!!! Please continue to pray for those that are being taught, for the missionaries in New Zealand, and through out the world!!!
Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.


Date: Sunday, December 12, 2010, 2:24 PM

I blinked, and now I am back at the library sending home my weekly email. My goodness where does the time go? This week was slow in comparison to past weeks, but we were able to set 5 for December 25. Yes Christmas day. It is that Tongan family that moved in with a member family in our ward!! They are pretty shaky, but we are excited to help them on their journey. The kids absolutely love church, and the lessons we teach. They are looking good we are just not too sure about the Mom. Elder Brown was sick a couple of days this week with cold/flu stuff so we did some trade-offs so I could go out and work and other missionaries could stay with him. That sounded heartless, but the work must go on ha ha. i had similar symptoms a couple days before, but it didn't get as bad. I reckon that it is because I don't have my tonsils anymore and I sure don't miss them either! I am grateful though that he is feeling better it is not easy to try and run the zone solo!

So crazy enough this week is transfers. As usual I have no idea what is going to happen. It is kind of stink because it falls so close to Christmas, so I really don't want to spend it in some random ward, but all is well I will go where ever!! Things are still looking good for the month of December, but there are still way to many that are shaky through out the mission! President called us this morning, and reminded us of the how vital this month is to finish the year the way that we want. No pressure of coarse ha ha. It is a nerve recking time for all of us, but we have God on our side so we can do it. Please pray you guts out that all those that are set will go through on their scheduled day!!! When we pray in specifics we get specifics, but when we pray in generalities we get generalities.

This week Soni (Sunny) is going to be baptized he is a 16 year old young man that is just incredible never misses an appointment and is just thirsting for knowledge! Hopefully I will be here to see it or if I get shifted I will get to come back for it! So Transfers is usually on Thursdays, but it is moved to Friday and we will be having another mission conference/Christmas program. It is going to be good. We spent Thursday organizing the parking and transfer stuff since it needs to be at a different chapel then it usually is at. It should all go very very well!! Well that about all from me I hope my emails are good enough ha ha, but if not I will be holding weekly story tellings when I get home ha ha. I love this work and I am doing GREAT. I love yous all!!! Have a great week!

Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.