The final email!!!

Date: Sunday, May 22, 2011, 3:08 PM

I have no idea what to say other than my goodness I can not believe that I will be seeing Mum, Dad, and Estee in 5 sleeps haha. Things are going great we should have 5 baptisms for us on Saturday and a few more from the other wards in the Stake. We are all almost done with all the preparations for the baptism and it is going to be so wonderful. I am not allowed to pick you up from the Airport so Kamille and Sans will. I will have them hold a sign or something and then I will have them bring you in their car to my flat or somewhere and I will have our car. I reckon you can either go sleep or we can go to the markets; doesn't matter to me we will just have lots to do at the chapel in the afternoon that you all can come and help prepare!! Dad bring your whites you will be baptizing Pat the Lady in the wheel chair. I will hold her in my arms while you say the prayer and then we will dunk her haha. Gently of course! There will be a big feed after the baptism so that should be great! Then Sunday we have church at 10 then I am going to try and get permission to go to another ward that I served in, but other than that we will teach in the night! Monday onwards is all planned sussed and sorted to the T and I am super excited, but I am focused and working hard each day!

Miracle of the Week Kylee, who we have not seen in over a week and a half was supposed to be married and baptized, but they had a huge fight and things were not looking good. Last night after our dinner I felt the need to try and see them, so we did. When we got there they were in the middle of a huge fight. We came in sang a song said a prayer and then I went into marriage counselor mode. Do you remember this Mary Kate and Hughie haha just kidding, but seriously we do it all as missionaries! In short they kissed and made up all things are sorted, they will be married on Friday and baptized on Saturday! Again I know this is short, but oh well what are you gonna do cancel your trip haha. I love you all and will see you in a few days. Boy it feels weird to say that, but oh so good at the same time!!!

Another one bites the dust

Date: Sunday, May 15, 2011, 4:24 PM

Well it has been a very busy, stressful, exhausting, fun, exciting, etc. etc. week. All in the week of a missionary of course haha. So as for right now we are looking at 5-9 baptisms on the 28th when you all come so that should be good we are working hard to solidify these people. This week we found two kids that their parents are members but don't attend church due to work. So we brought them on Sunday they loved it and we now teach them everyday. They have been added to the baptism on the 28th. Miracles are just all around. Tina's mother in law is doing fantastic she is really solid and stoked for her baptism. It will be a very special experience because I will have to literally carry her into the water. Dad would you like to baptize some one while you are here? Things are all sorted with the car. I talked to the Moigoa's and we will have it for the whole two weeks and I told them the plans and what not so they are totally fine with any where that we will be going. It is probably the most American car in all of New Zealand so that is a special treat haha. Other than that things are going well just trying to get everything taken care of. Finishing the mission involves so many emotions. Especially when there is just so much to get sorted, but it is all wonderful, I always have just enough strength to get through the day and then I fall asleep faster than anything ha. Well I do recognize this email is pretty lame, but if I make it long we will not have anything to talk about in a few weeks make that 12 days but who is counting haha. I love you all and pray for you daily. Our zone and mission can really use some extra prayers as we do our best to help President Porter and the mission finish strong and get it ready for the new mission president. Have a wonderful week!

The final Chapters...bitter sweet!!!

Date: Sunday, May 1, 2011, 6:09 PM

Good day to one and all! Things are going so well yet again Heavenly Father led more people to church on Sunday that want to be baptized!! Things are so wonderful and I am just sitting here in tears.... I just read dad's email that mentioned how grateful he is that Kyle and I both had the chance to serve a mission. It just hit me, as it does every now and again, that this is truly the greatest experience thus far of my life. I can not put into words the gratitude and love that I have for these people and my mission!! I read emails that say things like see you soon and I am not sure how to feel. happy because I will be reunited with the ones I love, but sad because I am leaving others that "took me in" and made me feel as if I were their own. This morning I spent some time calling old members and setting things up for the trip and then as we came to the mall to email today I saw some others and I just feel like I am in the closing chapters of a good book (The Book of Mormon of coarse) and I am happy to finish, but at the same time it is sad. Unlike the Book of Mormon I can not just pick it up and start again this is one last chance my final match, the last period, but as I recall the 3rd period was usually my best! I want my mission to be the same. I must continue to live with no regrets! I don't want to even think about it to be honest, but when I get emails that say things like see you soon haha I have no choice! Thankfully the work must and will go on even after I am not a part of it in this way the work will continue and more and more souls will come and be saved!!

Well in updates for the people that we are teaching everything is chugging along. Of course Satan threw a few curve balls, but he is forgetting I am a Yankee at heart and we will be victorious!! Tuia and Kylie came to church along with some others that just showed up. One girl Valerie, when she introduced herself in class. she said I am Valerie, I am not a member yet, but I will be soon. We have not even taught her yet, but we will on Wednesday and hoping to add her name to the program on the 28...that's for you Mom, Dad, and Estee. Nothing like a New Zealand baptism with a massive feed to conclude. You all better be stretching your tummy's because we eat heaps. Sister Elisaia is back from Samoa she lives up the road so we are getting some missionaries together to perform an item for the baptism, since she is a mean piano player! So yesterday was a crazy day we rescued Tuia from her drunk husband beating her. It wasn't really that crazy when we got there he was passed out on the coach and we had her follow us to a members where she could stay. I hate the dumb culture of how men treat women in this country it is sick!!! I hope that it is just what I see, but the majority is just normal, but it makes me sick to think that some pig head man is abusing one of Heavenly Fathers Children! on other crazy new we went to the hospital breathe not for give this 2 year old a blessing she had a jug of boiling water spill on her head. It was one of the most sad things that I have ever seen. This pure innocent child in such pain I just wanted to smack the parents for not looking after there child. It was sheer negligence, but I just hope they learn and change so that things like this do not happen again in the future!

Other than that things are going well again in the Zone President just got back from Niue (the small island that out mission covers) so we just talked to him this morning about how we did and what is happening for May. He is just over the moon. I am looking forward to a 14 hour nap on the 11th of June! I have oodles of sleep that will never be made up haha. I think that is all for now I will be calling home in a week any ways so gotta leave something to talk about then! All is well and I am working harder that ever!! I send all my love and prayers! Have a wonderful week!

Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.


Here we go again! We had a wonderful week! I had the privilege of baptizing a girl named Tidah this past weekend. We had her name referred to us last Sunday, the missionaries in Manurewa saw us at the fireside and told us about her and we were stoked until we found out she was in another area than our own. We passed on the referral and then I did her interview on Wednesday and she asked me if I would baptize her, it was a special experience. She is 20 or so and has ZERO support from her family, but her testimony of the Gospel is like a ROCK!!! It was definitely the best interview I have ever done!!! She was baptized Sunday morning before church and then confirmed!! I tried to attach a picture, but the email shop we are at does not let you attach anything to their computers. Other than that this week was transfers sadly and very surprisingly Elder Ward shifted, but he is over in Tamaki and will take over there after his companion finishes with me! My new companion is Elder Belnap he is from UTAH (usually that is not a good thing, but he is the MAN) we get along great. He is another one that President has sent to "Learn the Ropes" of running a big South Side Zone! I was his Zone Leader over in Henderson so we know each other well and it has been really good! I love him to the days and am excited to see what May will bring to us. As a zone we finished the month of April with 33 Baptism. Which is a new Zone best and ties the over all mission best for any Zone. The best part is every companionship baptized. We were so grateful and excited. The best part is just how in just one month we have got the Zone headed back in the right direction. I know that this is because we qualified together and as the Zone Leaders we did all that God asked us to do. We followed His will and he provided the way! So now I have one last shot to make May the biggest month of my mission and go home knowing that I finished strong! We got some really solid missionaries coming into the zone so that will help with progression and what not. We just need to stay humble and righteous and the Lord will always provide a way! I am thankful to be apart of it.

In more personal news......Yesterday at church a Samoan man spoke and near the end he made mention that his wife was not a member of the church. Elder Belnap and I looked at each other and knew that that is where we needed to go Sunday night and so we did. We taught the wife and 3 of her sisters. The wife and husband and in their late 20's early 30's and have two very young children. The sisters were in there mid to late teens, and before they came and sat in there were in the Kitchen right in front of us and were totally talking about my companion and I. they were saying things like wow they are dressed to well and they would look over and giggle and say other stuff Elder Belnap and I were just crackin up after we left. We taught them the Restoration and they really understood and asked some great questions! We will see them again on Tuesday. They agreed that if they found out that it was true then the would follow the path. We are hoping to set them for the end of the month! Obviously there will be work to do, but it happens all the time here and so long as we qualify and exercise our faith the Heavenly Father will Provide a way. Our other 5 sets are still doing very well. Today is Rays birthday so we will take him a picture of the temple and see how his holiday was over the weekend. Also Shantee, Taylor, Kylie, and Tuia are all looking good just a few final concerns to iron out and they all will be baptized in May. We are working very hard and have already done so much to build trust with our missionaries and see what we can do to help every one again experience saving souls.

Well not to much else to report plans for the trip are coming along and just be all finalized over the next week of so! I can not believe that I call home in just couple weeks (what a waist). Thank you all for your prayers I know that that is what helped us to go to the next level and do what President has asked us to do!! I love this work and am excited for every moment and experience that I have left!!! What a blessing it is to serve truely the greatest experience of my life thus far!! Love you all Happy Easter and hope you have a wonderful week!!

Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

All dressed in white! 4/17/11

I wonder what the first thought that came to each of your minds as you read the subject of this email. It can go either way, but by the photo's you would recognize that it is talking about BAPTISMS. What a privilege it was to be able to watch 5 of Heavenly Fathers children make sacred covenants with him. Jasmine, Mary, Godwin, Sophie, and Etienne were all baptized!! The funniest thing about these baptisms happened in the confirmations. Sacrament meeting was taken up mostly by them, but Bishop confirmed Godwin and he said like three times something to the effect of "with this priesthood" it was so funny because no one else noticed except for my companion and I. Later we asked Bishop about it and we all laughed together. Fortunately Godwin did not catch onto what Bishop was saying so things are all goods haha. Things were fairly smooth with preparation of the baptisms, but I feel that we were really blessed because we were helping the other 10 sets through out the zone to go through. We have accomplished 19 on the month so far and have 17 set for this weekend for the zone. So again I ask that you pray your guts out for each of these people that are preparing to be baptized! This morning all the Zone Leaders had a conference call with President Porter. It was very powerful and very special for all of us that will be leaving in May. There are 4 of us from my intake that are Senior Zone Leaders and we hope to have the biggest month that the mission has ever seen. We want to go out with a bang especially since it is the last time we have to give it all to the Lord. We really want to give President what he deserves for him too, to go out with a BANG! I have grown to Love these people as my brothers and sisters and my greatest desire is to save as many of them as I can with the time that I still have to serve the Master full time!

Ray who I told you about last week is really doing well. He has went from 40 smokes to 0 overnight, and has been smoke free for over a week now! He came to church again yesterday and was telling everyone that he will be baptized in 2 weeks time. He has such a special spirit about him. He is a precious gift from Heavenly Father to us. He inspires us each day to work harder than ever and to love every minute of what we have!! We have some other people that are also moving along pretty good, but none that are solid solid so we have some work to do this week to help them find their faith in Christ and build their testimonies of the restoration. I love the conversion process it is so so special.

Speaking of conversion.....last night at the "Come and See Fireside" (NZAM's monthly fireside) my recent convert Beau Raston spoke!!! Mom that is the brother of the Lady that sent you that hand written Letter. He was up there full suit and tie looked just like a missionary and spoke very well. He is 19 and plans on serving a mission. What a blessing it was to see him and his growth over the past 5 months!! The fireside are also like huge reunions. I got to see heaps of people I used to teach or old members. They are just the greatest! I am just loving the people o more than ever. I think it is because I know that they will not be so close for very much longer. I reckon the only bad part about serving so far from home is not being able to visit people constantly after I return, but then again I would not have traded New Zealand for anything!!!

Thank you Grandma Tryon for the Card I got it this week!! It is crazy to think that we are in the Easter season. For me it seems like Christmas and Easter all year since I must rely on the Savior constantly. It really helps me to "Always Remember Him." There is a great talk in the Ensign this month From Elder Christofferson that talk all about the principle of always remembering him! How important it truly is to always remember our Savior Jesus Christ. It is what fuels my fire each and everyday. It helps me to get through the rain and the cold and I know that all things will work out if I just have Faith and rely on His power and His mercy! Well that is all for this week hope you all have a blessed and wonderful week and find some way to strengthen your faith!!! Much love!

Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.