Date: Sunday, September 19, 2010, 6:10 PM

My goodness how can I be asked to think about Mom and Dad coming to pick me up??? I have eons, millenniums, ages, heaps long as (that's what we would say in New Zealand) the last thing well close to the last thing on my mind is picking me up so now that that is cleared up ha ha we can talk about my week. Well over all it was an incredible week we taught heaps and found new people that are ready to make changes in their life so it was really good! For example we had about two and a half hours this one morning and we were out being led by the spirit and we drove along and came across a street called Redwood yes Redwood. To some of you that means nothing, but to the Stucki clan that is one of our favorite streets. We know that when we are there we will have a cold Pepsi heaps of delicious food, and all the love one can handle!! That is because that is where Grandma and Grandpa Stucki live, in Vegas of course! So I felt the need to go down that street and we were driving down the street and came to the end where we parked then looked around and went to the first house, where no one answered the door, and then went next to and the young lady in her probably early thirties answered. It was very evident that she was a hard out smoker, but we began talking to her and as we were speaking we bore witness that God sent us to her door that day to help her. That is something that we don't do to often because some people think that we are nuts if we say it to them, but we say anything that the Holy Ghost tells us to. She looked at us with tears in her eyes and said I know you have been sent by God, but I don't know how to come back. We then found out she was actually a member of the Church, but hasn't been in ages! She knows that church is where she needs to be, but she is just not clear on what to do to come back. Unfortunately there was no other man there so we could not go in straight away to teach her, but we bore witness of the things we know to be true and were able to set up a return appointment. She had two very young kids, and they need to grow up in the Gospel so that will be a blessing to see! I have gained a great love for not only baptizing new people into the church, but seeking after God's lost sheep and bringing them back to the Fold. It is very special especially when they have family that comes back as well. The Lord has been merciful to us this week in letting us participate in many miracles.

Unfortunately we have some bad news as well! Lauren Mincher who was supposed to be baptized last Saturday will no longer be getting baptized. We found out this week that the church requires both parents permission. The Mother and Father are separated and the Mom has gone completely anti against the church!! She doesn't know we have been teaching her or that she has been going to church, which she doesn't need to know either, but for baptism the church requires it even though the Law says other wise. It was so sad because we found out late Friday night, and Lauren was really excited! I have a firm testimony that she will be baptized because the Lord will always fulfill his promise that he will prepare a way for us to keep his commandments!

This week is transfers I reckon that I am going, I have been here for three transfers (4.5 months) and that is the longest I have ever been in an area and with my companion for two so we will see what transfer call brings. However it is NEVER what you expect. There is only one thing certain about transfers and that is there is nothing certain!! Well ya things are good life is good and I am just chugging along thanks for everyone's love and support! Love you ALL heaps and heaps!

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