No work like missionary work!..........9/5/10

Things are great in the life of a missionary we have had a very blessed week three of God's children were baptized this week for Elder Larsen and I as you can see in the Pictures!!! The older Gentlemen that is Fred Body he was baptized on Saturday, so I got the privileged to pull out the skirt again. Little side note, I am rarely wearing proper pants to church again when I get home skirts all the way!!! Anyways his baptism went well the West Harbour ward was there in full force, so it was good to see. His wife who is already a member was very very excited that he is getting baptized, and they have set a goal to be in the temple in one year so I will have to come back for that one!!! On Sunday he was confirmed, and also paid his tithing straight away, that is something that takes great faith, but he sis it straight away. He truly is converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ!!! So that was Friday then on Saturday we had Dillon Peteli and Kayla Schwalger get baptized as well. Dillon is 16 Kayla is nine, and they both come from Part member families. It was very good to be apart of their baptism as well. Unfortunately the ward support is less than ok, but that has been a struggle for a while since they have always had really good missionaries (it is the Zone Leader area) so they baptize very often and the people just take it for granted, and it is so very sad to see!!! We also had a very very incredible fireside on Sunday, Brother Sorenson our ward mission Leader in West Harbour ward put on a stake fireside. He is a former member of the 70 so as you can imagine he is the MAN!!! A local LDS choir cam and sang the he was the Narrator that led the songs through the plan of salvation. Then President Porter gave the closing remarks it was very powerful and the Chapel was full. That reminds me it was fathers day yesterday in New Zealand, but I remember from last year that it is different to America so Happy Fathers day anyways to all of you haha!!! Also this past week on Tuesday we went to the temple so it was sooo great to be at peace for a few hours, and feel of the spirit so strong!!! It really helped me to clear my mind and refocus on the things that are of most importance!!!

Not to much going on today just getting ready for the week, and playing some Rugby! Things are good here, even if my emails are terrible haha. I wish I could just talk into a microphone and send the things that are in my head, but I always sit down, and forget the things I wanted to share!!! Hopefully you can make sense of what is written, and no the earthquake did nothing to us we didn't even feel it of know about it until people we are teaching told us haha!! Well that's about it thanks for all the love and support I look forward to the day when I can give these stories justice, and properly explain the finer details!!! I send all my love, just know I am healthy, happy and doing the Lord's work. I know that this is not just my work, but his and I am pleased to do it for as long as my time will allow!!! s

Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

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