Brick house, 44, 13 Cobham Street

It is kind of getting old trying to fit a weeks worth of information into words and then into an email that will make sense. Most weeks I fail, but the experiences I have had are what shapes my character and helps me become what the Lord would have me be! I am thankful for another safe week filled with the spirit. I was writing a letter last night and in it I made mention that it is so nice to feel that if my card was pulled and I had to stand before my maker I would humbly stand tall and have faith that he would say unto me well done my good and faithful servant. It is a feeling of peace and hope that I am doing exactly what God would have me do and striving to do it on his time table. It is a feeling that I never want to let go and never will. I will stand firm and my testimony will remain unshakable because it is founded in my Savior and Redeemer even Jesus Christ! I am so thankful for his love and mercy that he shows to me on a daily basis!!

So my Subject heading comes from Saturday night. Elder Rea and I had 25 minutes left in the night so we decided to pray and ask where we needed to be. We asked for specific direction as to where we should go! The thoughts that came to my mind was the number 44 and bricks. Elder Rea said 13 Cobham which is an address we have never been to before. We drove to that street and sure enough number 13 was a brick house! I looked at the time and it said 8:44 ha ha so we were onto something good! In fact there was a 13A and 13B. So we went to 13A first knocked on the door and a younger Maori lady answered. We found out the family was all over because a family member had just passed away. Right then was not a good time, but she invited us to come back this week. I know that the message we have to share will bring her peace as she understands God's plan for us. She will come to know where her family member is and how she can live with them again!!! I know for sure that as we pray in faith God will lead us to where we need to be. I have great faith in following the call of a Prophet when he said that all missionaries throughout the world should baptize monthly. Some of you reading this may disagree, but a prophet said it can be done. Many missionaries thought that this mission would never do what it is now doing, but I know that it is only by faith. We must never doubt God will always fulfill his promises and it tells us in the scriptures that he is preparing the hearts of the Children of men. I have a firm knowledge of that!

Well I am excited to watch General Conference this coming weekend you lucky Americans get to watch it live ha ha. For us Celestial souls we have patience to wait an extra week ha ha. I love you all and am so thankful to have the family I have. I am reliving my first months of my mission and I again see how important it is to have good parents. It kills me to see the lack of care parents have for their children here. The conditions they live in would make any one with a conscience sick!!! Thankfully God's soldiers are out fighting the battle day by day!!! That's us Soldiers of God out to bring his children to the light.

I love you all and pray for you often! God be with you til we meet again!!

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