looks good, feels not so. . . 10/10/10

Gooday to all!!! Well emails a lot later than usual we had to drive to the office and trade our car in and get a new one. Well the brand new one went to the sisters and their newer one came to us!! We were very excited! Our old car went up to the North land and their car went to auction!!! I read in Paul (Elder Turner's) email that they are driving a truck that makes me very jealous!!! I am grateful to have a car though! Well things in the zone on the outward are looking great we have 23 more set for the month and currently 8 of 9 companionships baptizing, but they just don't feel right. We had two minor disobedient issues come up. I won't say what, but this is what President was talking about when he said I need to learn how to deal with the "big time" zones. I just don't understand what the brain process of being disobedient is!!! This and one other zone have the worst record just because the missionaries live so close to each other and the members are all for the missionaries doing whatever! Things on the outside look OK, but complacency and laziness are coming in and we are working very hard to battle the attacks of Satan. Fortunately I know we will come out victorious in the war, but the battle could get ugly if we don't become humble and obedient very quickly!!!

Any ways on a much happier note I taught Eseta this week. She is my "Grandma" from my first area. She still has not been baptized, but we pretty much told her that I am back to bring her fully into the Gospel. She is currently praying about baptism, so please keep her in you prayers. We also had a beautiful feed with her and caught up on the past year. It was a very spirit filled lesson! Things are going well in Hillary ward (my ward) we have 5 set and are just doing all we can everyday. Last night I fell asleep while writing my weekly letter to President Porter, but it didn't help that I was writing it on my bed ha ha. I agree with everyone elses comment on General Conference very direct and to the point. The messages seemed to follow these topics: Repentance, Faith, Follow the Prophet or families. Also Elder Rea and I figure that we could by 2 buckets of KFC if we had a dollar for every time the warning was mentioned about Pornography. It truly is a terrible sin. That would be about 50-60 dollars ha ha. Fortunately in New Zealand it is not too big of an issue, it is the smoking and drinking that are just terrible!!! Oh and to answer someone's question we watch conference over Saturday and Sunday. The attendance was grim partially because they can get it over the Internet and mostly because people think it is just a week to take off. I often think the messages are most needed by those that don't attend.

Well it is off to go shop and play sport!!! I love you all more than you know and need your prayers just as much as ever if not more!! I love the work and the people I serve, this is God's work and we are here to rescue his children Results do matter and so do the numbers!!! God numbers his children so we must save souls constantly!!! He expects us to accomplish his work we were sent to achieve, not just to go through the motions! Have a great week and look for a way to be an instrument in the hands of God!

My address in 44a Ashton Ave in Otara right by MIT (Manukau Institute of technology).

Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

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