Just livin the dream!!!

Date: Sunday, November 21, 2010, 2:00 PM

Well I just blinked and now I am back at the library emailing home I can not believe it!! It has been a busy week with the Mission conference on Monday then Pday on Tuesday. It truly feels like I was just sitting here!! We had a great week full of teaching and baptisms. Definitely what every missionary dreams of!!! Moroni, the handicap boy, was baptized, and it was probably in the top 5 events of my mission. Elder Brown and I assisted Moroni's older brother Peter in baptizing. I was in the front on my knees and Elder Brown was at his feet. We practiced again on Thursday, and then the day came for the real thing on Saturday! We all assumed our positions, and after the prayer Peter and I held Moroni like a baby in a cradle and he went straight down, no hesitation and came out. This is huge since he has a fear of going under the water! He came out and was beyond happy!! The spirit was so strong and all who attended left better than they came!! I gave Moroni one of my badges so he is now "Elder Sckookey" just like me. (That is how he pronounces it) He proudly wore the badge to church on Sunday as well. Jireh a 12 year old boy who was baptized in October was finally confirmed on Saturday after the mother finally signed the permission form! We have been really blessed!

This coming Sunday BJ will be baptized, he is a 19 year old boy that lives with his member sister and her family and his mother, Poly, lives there too. He will be baptized on Sunday and receive the Priesthood, then baptize his Mum the following Saturday December 4!! Mom that is the family that sent you the letter! They both have come so far in their testimonies, and now are ready to make that step of being baptized!! I have been blessed in such a significant way with people that are so prepared to receive the gospel in their life. The other day I was going through in my head all their faces and stories, and I just felt good. I feel that I am truly doing all in my power to help all of God's children come home to him!!

We also we finally able to catchup with Eseta, and talk about her praying to be baptized we then had a powerful lesson with her, and she has accepted that she needs to be baptized. she just needs better fellowship to get her to stay solid in the church!! She is such a special lady!

I got word this morning that I have some packages in the office so we plan I driving out there this afternoon to get all the stuff for our zone. This time of year is nuts with all the things that come in for the missionaries!

That is great that Evan has his Farewell be sure to give him a huge hug for me and tell him to serve with NO REGRETS!!! Also tell Kyston Congrats on his call!! Alyssa has a job what?!?!? ha ha bout time lil lady! I will definitely miss Turkey day, but I get feeds just as big at least 3 times a week ha ha it is not good!! That is mean that Red Rock stake is taking over the Nativity! It was always such a special thing for all of us to go and see. Where will it be held? The year is just racing by don't you just love it!!!! I just love everyday and make sure I don't waste a moment. Satan is hard at work trying to discourage me and all the missionaries, but we are the life blood of the church of course he wants to take us down. We are on the front lines and boy is it fun to take Satan down or hinder his work ha ha just brings joy to my soul! Well a week from today I will be 21 that is a scary thought, but it will be good. Elder Brown and I will have a joint party since his will be on the 26. The ward is having a party for us so it should be good 21st is a huge deal in New Zealand!

Well mum that is the longest email you have gotten in a long while so I hope you enjoy it ha ha. I hope you all have a great week and have some turkey and pie for me!!
Love yous all!!!

Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M

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