OH yay i love the Doctor NOT

Just to preface Matt's e-mail. We got a call from Matt's Mission President's wife Friday. She told my mom that Matt has been having some pain in his heart. He's been to the doctor and had a stress test. His EKG was normal. He has a follow up appointment with the heart specialist Thursday (his Friday). We are praying for him and would invite you to also. With that said, here you go:

Well what a week it has been the work has slowed way down since I have had all this heart pain. I got a blessing and pray often for it to go away but it isn’t, meds just dull the pain but it always comes back. Hopefully this week the cardiologist will be able to find the problem and fix it so the work can go forward. No matter what happens or where I am called to serve the lords hands is in all things and thank goodness for modern day technology that helps us find out why our body is being such a pansy. But I was happy that sister porter called you and let you know what’s going on. They will give me a receipt and I will probably fax it home or mail it and you can see if insurance will cover anything. They want $725 paid in cash all upfront before they will see me. Its crazy I know, but if I could get over it I would. The lord blesses us when we are obedient, not when we are stupid so I figured I better get these pains checked out. I went to a regular doctor and was going to have to pay $95 dollars for the visit and an ECG, but the nurse that did the ECG was a member and took care of the whole bill!!! Man what a weight that was off my shoulders!!! I hope that it will be something minor that so medicine will take care of, but what ever it is there is no stopping the work as a missionary I have promised my self that I will serve in what ever way I can even if it is just making phone calls. It has all been so crazy though because I get the most pain when I walk for a long period of time, and that’s all I did before I left was walk behind a mower all day everyday, so it just doesn’t make sense, but as it says in Ether after the trial of our faith is when we will be blessed. Well enough about that!!!
Now to some of the Questions I got this past week in emails: Yes I do ride a bike and love it (most of the time). My Flat is next to the brick one and in the back it looks like a shed!!! Dad we talk to everyone we can wherever we are. We have to get 10 “preach by the ways” per day is the goal so that just means as we are out and about we talk to 10 people and try to get appointments with them, and its works pretty well!!! Mom I cant wear the skirts (Ephi-Honga) except in the flats . My ward is great just a little slow in the missionary area, they have had 0 baptisms this year, but we are setting a date for 2 young boys this Wednesday!!! So that is way exciting!!! My companion is mostly good. I am with him for a reason and learn from him a lot, we disagree on a few things but I just keep quiet on most of it to try and have as much unity as possible. He is more of a go with the flow kind of guy not a go out and get it done kind like me which is good but hard to work with some times, but like I said we are together for a reason and I take it day by day. The horse was in little steak strips. Aunt Cassie your spider bite sounds crazy, but Esteta doesn’t want to change churches mostly because she has so many friends and just feels comfortable I guess, but we r still trying our best to help her take that leap of faith!!! Aunt Teresa I definitely feel the love from Vegas and everywhere else, and I guess my heart just can’t handle all of it hahaha, but keep it coming!!!
I hope I answered all the questions I try to write them down and answer them when I write back but I am sure I forgot something. Sorry!!! Oh and mom I now write all my emails on Microsoft word save them to my memory stick and spell check them so I wont have any more emails that don’t send. And it also makes you happy because it looks some what like proper English, but you don’t understand when we get to the library and sit at a computer its like a foreign object since we never use them , and our brain is going way faster than we can type!!! So sorry for not being completely proper all the time but I am getting better!!!
If someone could look up what it takes to be a landscape architect through UNLV and maybe byu (its lower case on purpose) I am curious of what it takes and how long. I’m not sure if that’s what I want to do for ever, but it keeps coming to mind so you never know!!! Estee I can’t wait for your package maybe you could send we some drink mix to flavour this awful water and all the pictures you can ha-ha my companions and fellow missionaries and investigators love pictures!!!
Well other news from Otara ummm our fireside that we put on for our ward went great President and Sister Porter did a great job speaking just as they always do. What a sacrifice it must be to be a mission president!!! We had 2 of our investigators come to that and 5 to church so it was a good Sunday for sure. It is weird to think that you get my emails on Sunday, but it is Monday here!!! I miss everyone and love you even more, but this is where I am supposed to be for now, so that’s a good thing to know that the Lord is happy with what I am doing!!! I know as we follow the counsels of the church and try and be Christ like the Lord will bless us. Just like it says in D&C The lord is bound when you do what he says but when we don’t do what he says he has no promise. The lord can’t lie to us or he would cease to be God. I know the gospel is true and its of God not some made up thing, but it is alive and growing as people feel of the spirit they get a knowledge for themselves that it is true and that’s when Christ comes in and takes away all the bad things that we have done and through him we are perfected. I love this work. I love my family and all my friends!!! And Pray for all of you each and everyday!!! May the Lord bless us all when we do what is right and are doing the best we can. And as my ward mission leader always says “Elder it’s the lords work” I bare testimony this is the lord work, if it wasn’t than 19-26 year old boys could not become men and do the things that we have the privilege of doing. May we all hearken to the words of the scriptures and to the words of the prophet and I promise as we do the blessing that will come will be more that we have room to receive them. Put your faith and trust in the lord and all will work out for your good!!!!!!!!

LOVE, Elder Stucki

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