Baptisms are the BEST!!!

Well another week has come and gone. Today is the 27 well it is here any way. So that means i have been gone for 2 months sounds crazy but i have heaps and heaps to go!!! This week is Transfers so I might be at a different place come Thursday. I will find out Wednesday morning what the plan is and then you leave Thursday morning. I’m kinda nervous because i have grown such a great love for the people of this area and ward so it would be tough to leave, but i will serve where ever i am called. A few of you have been asking for personal hand written letters, so i wrote to a few of my friends that are serving in the states that i met in the MTC, and it was way to much money for the missionary budget of mine haha, but just because i send out one email doesn’t mean I love anyone less or more just that i am broke as a joke and thats good because it keeps us humble and we must rely on the LORD. Well I have good news about the fleas I set a bomboff in my flat and have had zero bites since so that has been nice!!! As for the pains they are still here and I work hard as I can each day and leave the rest to the Lord. Aunt Cassie thanks so much for all the advice you totally have my doctors in check. My x-ray was all clear so that is good just waiting on news about the blood tests, but all is well with that. So this past Saturday I had my first baptism as a missionary (don’t worry Aubrie you will always be my first and my favourite) it was awesome. We had heaps of people attend and the mother was so excited for her boys. Baptisms are way stressful but always worth the blood, sweat, and tears. I got to baptize one of the boys and confirm another on Sunday. So the priesthood has been exercised greatly. It was probably the best experiences thus far to see these boys so happy and even better their sweet mother Taina so happy to be active in the church again. Man it upsets me that it took me this long to realize exactly how mothers feel every emotion for their children and how important they truly are, the same with fathers, just in a different way. Just as it talks about in preach my gospel, families are ordained of God, and they are there to bless each member that is in that family. Fortunately I have a temporary family now not quite asgood as the one back home, but it will have to do for now. I will be sending a few things home this week, some gifts i received that are just too nice to just leave here. The first thing is a Tongan mat that you wear over the Ephi-conga (skirt) it is was nice and was a gift from Sister Taufa. Also there will be 2 purses for Estee and Alyssa, Happy birthday. They are woven and really nice, well i like them, but you can chose which one goes to which person. The last thing will be a really nice lava lava that i don’t want to ruin so it can be sent home. I have junk ones that i wear around the flat. In fact unless we are out preaching I am always in a lava-lava. Oh and some cds with pictures will be coming your way as well i am having a member put them to cd so I don’t have to spend so much money at the store. Mom you will be proud of all the pictures I take. I have pretty much documented EVERYTHING. HAHA Now to answer a few questions: Yes I’m on a bike, my favourite part of New Zealand is the people, I am currently teaching about 15 investigators which is a decent number for where I am at, but we are trying to have more. I know that sounds bad because most areas around the world would kill for that many. I only get to go to the temple 2 times a year and that’s only if you are within a reasonable distance, I love the food, and I am learning Somoan little by little just the basic stuff like hello and what not, but its fun to talk in other languages. The funny thing is that in America it is impressive to speak 2 languages but here most people speak 2, 3, or 4. It is so cool. Its good to hear about Brandon Parkers Farewell tell him good luck. Estee if you could send me the blog link I can look at it if I am emailed the link. Mom I will get the sizes and what not to you or see if they can call you or something. Thank you for the medicine for my face and all the prayers I love you all and think about you daily sorry for the all over the place email, but my mind turns to mush when I sit in front of a computer and try and answer and tell you about everything. Kyle thanks for the email now you only owe me like 2 more since thats all I wrote you (sorry I now realize how important that is) Alyssa a boy what is his name? Please all young ladies that read this remember there is nothing more important than your virtue. Motheres and father please talk to your daughters about virtue and let them realize how great it is. Here in New Zealand Virtue means nothing and it makes me so sad. I love the work and love all of you, but im about to be kicked off. Love Elder Stucki

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