I Love dogs NOT!!!

Well well family and friends it was so great to get emails this week. It reminds me that the lord doesn’t give us any more than we can handle. Meaning if I had to wait 8 days i probably would have gone insane hahah. Well the most interesting news of the week is that I was bit by a dog riding my bike down the side walk. He just came up out of his yard and bit my left calf. It was not too enjoyable!!! The work part is that my pants are even more thrashed, but sweet swet sister taufa is mending them now. Unlike “those boots” my pants were definitely not made for walking. They are just wearing right through, but I had them reinforced so hopefully that will last me until the end of September when I can just wear slacks and no coat. Oh the life of a missionary I sure do love it. Its so funny the things we do while in “church Clothes” ride bikes, go through the mud, walk in the rain, eat, sometimes sleep, study pray, teach, and attend meetings and church. I don’t think that the inventor of the suit ever thought about missionaries. The weather should be changing shortly, but its still chilly and rainy at least 3 times a week. Dust is never an issue here like it is back home. Any ways Marc’s baptism is still on for this Saturday and he attended stake conference yesterday so we are really excited for him to make that covenant with the lord. The week has been really busy with teaching which is always good. We had the blessing of teaching over 20 lessons this week. The lord has really prepared the area for the missionaries. So far this year our mission has saved 565 souls and brought them into the kingdom of God through the waters of baptism. We talked a lot about this at zone conference on Friday. Its was another good one just really spiritual and moving. When ever president and his wife talk you jsut want to be the best missionary ever, but as President Porter says, “Best case scenario we are just tools in the hands of the Lord.” It is so true with out him we are just young boys in suits. Thank you for everyone with the advice and encouragement about my companion. Each day the Lord blesses me to be a little more patient and understanding. We have a few investigators we hope to set for baptism this coming week so just keep them in your prayers. Well to a few of the questions, Aunt Teresa no I never got an email last week I was pretty surprised actually, so it must not have sent, tell Aubrie its ok to cry I do it often haha, and maybe I could have a picture of those pierced ears? I'm sure she looks beautiful. I do love our book Aunt Teresa it brings me up a lot of days and keeps me focused. Yes I do keep a journal usually about every 2 days or so I write something in it. Then the Calendar I got from Grandma and Grandpa Tryon I Write something that happend to me that day that has never happend to me before mostly funny, like the dog bite or the first time I had horse. It will be something that will be funny to look back on later in the mission. Aunt Cassie thanks for the encouragement and understanding. I never meant to whine about my companion, he is an obedient person, I just need to be more understanding, and with the help of the Lord I can. Estee your house sounds great, but you didn’t say anything about your date with some guy. I take it he isn’t worthy of my big sister, but not many are!!! Dad sounds like you have been way busy with working at Estee’s I remember all the times you would take Kyle and I to your side Jobs and we would get on ladders and hols up the plastic while you sprayed texture, or we would help clean up. Probably just got in the way a lot, but we always got a treat after. Man 7-11 and dairy queen has made heaps of money off our family!!! I like to think of it as we were providing money for families in need justification I know, but it was always good!!! Grandma and Grandpa Stucki Im excited to hear about your trip!!! Uncle les How is the base? Have you lossed or gained any accounts? Are you keeping the trucks clean hahaha? Mom my money situation is still in limbo I'm still trying to find out if you can just take my savings money and put it straight to my card in New Zealand or what, but I will let you know asap. I'm sorry you have to start work soon, but it was good to hear my wrestlers are still working hard. They are going to be good this season. Tell them I am thinking about them!!! Mary-Kate and Hughbert HAHA its always good to hear from you guys thanks for the support and love!!! Hugh I hope you are still teaching the way we used to in Sunday school. I miss that and the dinners at your house, but some day we will have them again and we can have horse and Taro. Taro is that root thats like a potato that I have really grown to love. Well my time is running short soo I better send this one off. Oh tell paul to Take it to Canada he is going to do great. I love you all and can’t wait to hear of the stories of your missionary work. So each of you who receive this email will you find a friend to bring to church, have to family night, have to a feed (dinner), or invite to an activity? If the answer is yes than you have to do it because you cant lie to missionaries, thats what we tell the little kids in our ward, as Joseph smith said, “When all is said and done there is no greater work than Missionary work.” May the Lord bless us all as we unite with him in bringing back his lost Sheep to the Fold!!! I love you all!!!
Love, Elder Stucki
Mom if you could make sure this is getting to Uncle les as well thanks!!! You are the best!!!

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