The Gift of Tongues

Well hello to all yet again we sit at the email before transfers this one just flew by!!! Warren a prospective missionary in one of our wards got his call to California San Diego San Francisco mission I was so happy for him. Not too many people from here get called to America so he must have a special work to do there, but he doesn’t have to leave until March and I thought my three months was bad!!! This week was another Tongan Party, my companion and I got to sit at the head table so that was really fun and we enjoyed the food heaps!!! Crystal was baptized Last Friday it was a really nice program Elder Rezel baptized her. Baptism days are definitely one of the highlights on the mission!!! We also set another 2 people for baptism in December one is David the one whose wife is a member and he is really coming along great!!! The other one is a nine year old girl that lives with her aunt and uncle in our ward he name is Michele and she is really smart. She also attends church weekly so it should be a rather smooth teaching process!!! Mom the pictures didn’t go sorry!!! Tee ended up not being able to afford the flight so I will have to send them through the mail!!! Richard and Somtho should have had their baby this morning and they were way sad to hear that transfers are this week. They are going to take us to dinner sometime this week, but you never know if we are going or staying it is always a toss up. I think I will be staying because Rezel has been in the area for quite a while now and it seems like if things are going well president wants to change them!!!
Mom it seems like you were only just called to be young women’s president I was surprised to hear that you were released!!! Your new calling sounds fun though. Estee I do know the Skouson girl she was in Tony and Justin’s ward up in Provo. I can’t believe that she is getting married CRAZY!!! I’m glad to hear you like your ward!!! I do write in my journal usually 2-3 times a week and its fun to look back at my MTC entrees ha-ha I really had no idea at all what a mission would be like. I also still have to go and see the Mural I don’t know if it is still there or not. Aunt Teresa I’m not sure of the kilometer cut gas is about the same here as back home they just sell it in liters so it looks cheaper, but when you convert it its about the same. Aunt Pam I am so happy you found a new job that is awesome!!! I will continue to pray for Stucki Lawn Care, but no matter what happens if you have faith in the Lord he will get you through all things!!!
Well a miracle definitely happened this week!!! We were out tracting in between appointments and knocked a few doors no big deal, then we came to this door and a man answered. I said hello asked him where he was from, he said Samoa so I said Malo Sei Fua (Hello how are you). Then their phone rang so he left and his wife came to the door. I said the same thing to hear and she started speaking to me in Samoan. I laughed and said oh no just a little Samoan. She then pointed at my companion and while laughing said oh he is a Palongy (white boy) then continued to speak to me in Samoan. The crazy part was now she was asking me questions, but I understood her. I translated to my companion and then answered her. She wasn’t interested to we talked for a bit and then left with Samoan Greetings. As we walked away my companion asked when I learned to speak Samoan, of course I never learned. He then told me that as I was speaking to her in Samoan and he had no idea of what I was saying. I was so blessed talk about the gift of tongues!!! It was insane!!! Words can’t describe the experience. It really showed me that the Lord will use a worthy tool in any way that he sees fit. It was probably one of the craziest experiences of my life!!!Well I love you all and wish you the best thanks for all the updates and love keep in touch and remember the church is true no matter what language you speak!!

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