Goat, the other other meat!

Well this week everyone was wondering the specifics on the people I am teaching so I will just give you a few since unfortunately I don’t have the time to tell you about each one of them. This past weekend we were blessed with another baptism. Her name is Mala she is Tongan she was found by my companion on a trade off. She told us she prayed the night before and then the next day they came. She is an amazing testimony, but the bad thing is that she is now moving to Australia. The week before was 4 brothers Jeramiah, Tyrell, J’sen, and Dyllon. They were found tracting, and they live with their grandma who is a member from Niue (New way). The oldest is 14 and just got the priesthood yesterday. They also have a sister named Crystal, she will be baptised on the 16. She is 15 years old. Nga (Nah) who is 16 will be baptised on the 24. His mother and sister are members, but the mom is less active we found him through his sister Larissa who is a less active. Then comes Scott and Khadine they are married, and she is a member but less active. They now come to church every week. Just this past week they drove down to the temple just to see it. He has a real desire to be sealed there. Funny enough he has the same sense of humour as Uncle Scott. We will set him for baptism at our next appointment probably for the 24th. They have a young son Ashton who is way fun. Then we have Richard and Somtho. She is from Thailand and sent a text when a church commercial came out for a book on happier families. They came to church on Sunday so it was really good. She now believes in Jesus Christ and they are both progressing well. They are in our rich area and offered to give us a cell phone and pay for it so they could keep in touch with us better. Unfortunately we can’t do that, but it was such a nice offer. Richard owns a construction/landscape company, so he and I get along great. We are going to help him with the guest house he is building. He said we can come and live in it after the mission or just come to visit which will be nice. Then we have John. Let me tell you about John. John is a catholic around 24 years old. We have been teaching his uncle for ages, but he decided to join in the last lesson. He then came to the baptism the following day, Saturday, then attended church on Sunday. It gets better he got up and bore his testimony that he felt the spirit at the baptism and he is excited to see what this church is all about. The Young single adults have been a great help especially the soon to be missionaries. The Stake president is in our ward and his son and nephew both come out with us regularly. The Waipuna ward is just buzzing with missionary work. It is such a blessing. We have many more investigators, but those are the top ones. Last night we ate at Bishop Tuipoloto’s home, we had goat ha-ha yes goat. It actually was pretty good. His wife won’t touch it ha-ha. She sent us home with a cake though that was like 1.5 ft by 2 ft. It tastes real nice and we will have the other elders to our flat today to enjoy it. Some questions that were asked this week who drives the car, well my companion is assigned driver, but I now get to drive because I need five hours of practice before I get certified by the zone leaders. The weather has been cold and rainy like pouring rain every day this week. It is no wonder that New Zealand is so green. The Tsunami hit Samoa really bad, and we have many investigators and members that have family that passed away because of it. We got a call that morning to put us on warning, but nothing close to me. I really would like them to send me to Samoa to do a service mission, but I don’t think I can. Conference sounds like it was good. We will watch it this Saturday and Sunday. Priesthood session will be weird with out you dad!!! My flat is a 2 story house we only have the bottom floor and the Land Lord, Steve, lives above us. It is really nice, but we still have fleas, the bomb didn’t work her, but I sprayed my bed with this stuff from the mission office and haven’t got bit. The worst part is we just bring them with us from our appointments ha-ha. That is funny that Kyle picked to eat at Carraba’s that was the last place that I ate out well beside the free Denny’s breakfast in America. The new ward sounds crazy it will be way weird to not even be in a ward with the Presser’s and Bunker’s. If you can send me the full map of the new stake that would be sweet. I know mom I don’t need to worry about it, but that’s like me telling you that you don’t need to worry about where I am ha-ha. I know that President Parker did only what the Lord wanted. Let him know that I love him heaps. Our stake president here is a lot like him, just a spiritual giant. Well this concludes my letter this week. The church is true. Jesus is my Savior and I love this Church. What I am doing now will shape me into the man that Heavenly father wants me to become. I am so blessed with so much love and support all around me I hope each and every one of you that receive this email has a wonderful week and remember the Savior always. Continue to pray for me and the wonderful people of New Zealand!!! I love you all for the depths of my heart. Stay strong and we will talk to you next week. Love, Elder Stucki

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