Christmas Is In The Air

Well not to much to report this week. I guess I will just jump straight into the miracle. So we have been teaching this lady by the name of Laken for a few weeks now and just started teaching her husband after we taught her 3 times. We set her 2 weeks ago for baptism, but he said he was definitely not ready and felt like his birthday some time next year would be best, we were down, but not defeated. They came to church that following week as well as our weekly branch games night, and are just loving it. Then came Thursday in my morning study I read a story out of Preach my gospel that told of a husband and wife in which she was set for baptism and he wasn’t. holy cow it matches perfect!!! I read on and the story said that they went back and read from the Book of Mormon together and the man's heart was softened. I felt this was the answer to my prayers when I prayed that the Lord would give me inspiration on what to do that day. As my companion and I met for companionship study we both felt that a miracle was going to happen that day I told him about what I read and asked him who he thinks that is like. He exclaimed the Kelly family!!! We then made plans to go through just what the story did, to read 3 Nephi 11 where Christ appears to the people in the ancient Americas. We went in with complete faith that by the time we left he would be ready to be baptised!!! We had a prayer with them and then they began to tell us about there day and how the communication between them has just taken a whole new level since learning about the church and trying to apply the things we teach or the things that they have learned in church. We then talked about how faith leads to repentance and they both felt that they had done both so I asked Haaushane (Ho-Shane) what he felt the next step needed to be. He said I need to be baptised. I asked him if he would be ready for the same date as Laken and he said yes. She face was lit up with shock and un-belief she had no idea that he was ready. It was the coolest thing to see how in just a few days the spirit worked on his heart and he was able to feel for himself that he was ready to be baptised!!! They have come to church three times now, and they came to our second weekly dinner at Kylies that us and Kylie now put on. She and Kristina, the relief society president, are the best fellowship ever, and it has been great!!! The dinner was a huge success and the food was great too. It is amazing to see the change in people’s hearts and minds as they do the things that God wants them to do. Rahaina is also set for the same day which is the 19 of December so we will have three Miracles at least this month!!! Heavenly father is just pouring out his blessings in this area!!!! I also talked to President Porter on the phone and he was completely thrilled about the work we are doing. Unfortunately there will be no skyping for Christmas, he said only phone calls, and so I will figure out all the details and either write next week or have Kylie shoot you an email.

There were a few questions I wanted to answer so here goes. Valerie yes I know I have to forgive you and thanks for the email haha. The traditions are similar for Christmas, but I a much smaller scale. Although down at the temple the have a light display of 150,000 lights, so that would be neat to see. We have a Christmas party on Saturday for the branch, but no plans yet for Christmas day mom. Of coarse the phone call, but I have no idea how that will all work out. If I call you and set up a time or you call me, but I will find out this week and then let you know so we can organize everything that we need to. Estee you asked about the Joy to the World Campaign and so far it is slow, but this week should really pick up and help us find those people that are truly searching for something in their life.

Mom and Grandpa I hope you both have a wonderful birthday and enjoy each year that you are getting younger. Mom you would be glad to know my companion thought you were in your late 30’s I told him how rude she is only 25 haha.

Well in closing thanks for everything you all have done for me and to all the leaders I have had in the past your hard work and gray hairs are truly paying off to the people which heavenly father leads us to each day. I know have been prepared for the last 20 years of my life to do what I need to be doing for the next year and a half and beyond. I am so thankful to have had the leaders that I have had and hope to make a leader like each of you some day. You truly do affect young peoples life, and there is no way that I would be who I am today with out all off you.

Just one more note last night at dinner I was sitting with a member of our branch that is very active with a very strong testimony. Her and I were talking about life and she mentioned how she felt regret for having a child prior to marriage, and I said to her just as it says in 2 Nephi chapter 2 vs. 20- 25, speaking of the fall of Adam and Eve, that it was all done in the wisdom of our heavenly father. Meaning if we have made mistakes in our life maybe if we learn from them they are no longer mistakes, but ways that heavenly father was able to teach us lessons that we needed to learn. For those of us that look back on past transgressions with utter discuss in ourselves may we all rethink the importance of the person that we are today because of the mistakes of the past. Through the atonement of Christ we can all become clean from the filth of sin. I know this to be true I have felt that cleansing power in my life and invite you all to partake of the wonderful blessing of the atonement each day as we all try a little harder to be a lot better. I know that it is so important to be right with Heavenly father, and what a great time of year as we remember the life and birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ. I love you all from the depths of my heart or stomach; you choose which is better haha!!!

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