What A Birthday!

Holy horse what another wonderful week in the mission field!!! It was a crazy busy week, only had four days in D’Ville, but we still hit our 20 lessons. This past week we set 2 more people for baptism so that has been such a blessing. Kylie’s x partner and a lady named Laken. Raihana (Kylies x) has been reading the book of Mormon like crazy and came to church and the baptism and just has been tearing it up!!! Talk about the BEST birthday ever!!! To start the day we were up extra early to get the font ready since it had been fixed the past week we didn’t have to go to the ocean (I was sad to say the least). Then we had Kylie’s baptism I conducted and preformed the baptism and then just before the Baptism one of the counsellors asked me to speak in church. So at sacrament meeting Elder Heslop confirmed Kylie and then I gave a talk off the cuff, I guess it is a true blessing to be able to speak by the spirit and actual form something that makes sense haha. I started off with something that went like this “So as most of you know today is my birthday, from the Wati’s I got a new suit, Scott and Khadine came from Auckland to spend the day, Kylie asked me to baptise her, straight out of the shower my companion shouted happy birthday, and then Brother Ferris (counsellor in the presidency) asked me to speak, thanks brother Ferris I will be sure to remember you on your birthday. (Add in all the Matthew looks and the congregation laughed very hard) I then spoke on enduring to the end one of the better talks I have given in my opinion, just another example of when the Lord calls he qualifies. Then we trained on the joy to the world media campaign in the 3 hr and got the member excited about the free DVD for their friends all they have to do is make a phone call. The Area presidency is heading the program and our mission is just supporting it, and we hope to get lots or referrals from it!!! Then after church we had a branch lunch for Kylie and at the end they brought out a cake and the whole branch sang happy birthday it was so great. Then Cadence (President Midgley’s 5 year old daughter) helped me blow out the candles. Another tradition they have here that I have never seen is that the birthday person has to make the first cut in the cake so that was cool it was a banana cake and yummy!!! Then after church Scott and his family went out with us to the Midgley’s farm and shared thoughts and they sis Midgley made banana fritters (all the bananas they must think I am a monkey haha) the beach view was great. Now to the good part, we then went back to my flat and Kylies flat and set up our long table and made spaghetti and salad and fry bread and rolls as well as an egg casserole. We stuffed our faces and then had my favourite carrot cake that Khadine made for me and pavalova some fancy desert thing. The day was full of food for sure!!! Scott and Khadine made me this awesome shirt that when they were last here I was jokingly talking about, it says on the front d’ville and on the back it says Stucki it is so so awesome!!! To end the night I wanted to have a lesson with everyone that was there so we gathered around sung because I have been given much. I then had everyone go around and say what they are thankful for and share there testimony it was one powerful night!!! Scott and Khadine made me ball like a school girl, when it was my turn to go last I could barely speak. Even Raihana who is yet to be a member bore a beautiful testimony. I told them on my birthday because I have been given much I to must give and I went around the room and told each of them why I am grateful to have them in my life. When I finally got to Scott and Khadine the spirit was radiating off the walls and it was just amazing to say the very least!!! Scott told me that he wants me to be his escort next year when he goes through the temple to I am super stoked for that!!! It is crazy how the gospel of Jesus Christ has changed so many lives!!! I have been so blessed with people that love and care about me I hope that each of you that read this can think of a time where I might have helped you in a small way because I can surely think of one for each of you!!! That is how life is bearable when we all help one another!!!

To answer some questions: 1. the meeting with president was for all the leaders, and he said the future leaders so we will find out this week when transfer calls come what that means if anything yet. It was an awesome meeting and you can see the pictures on the mission blog. 75% of the meeting was atop a volcano so it was beautiful.
2. I have no idea about a mission party
3. I am still not sure about skyping home, but I am glad that you are prepared.
4. I am not sure what the plans are for today, but we will find some adventure.
Some questions from me to you:
1. What kind of computer did you get?
2. Mom what is up with face book haha?
3. What is everyone doing with regards to missionary work?

Well to close off thanks and thanks and thanks for all the love and stories about thanksgiving it is nice to hear Aunt Teresa that I was missed at the feast, but I am sure A LOT less food was needed since I wasn’t there haha. Estee that E card you sent was so awesome!!! One thing I definitely missed was Grandma’s roles, Dixie salad, fried turkey, and all the company that comes into town, but that will come again, but right now I am on a once in a lifetime journey and am doing a lot better of not wishing away the present. We must all be grateful for the things of today as we prepare for the future!!! I love each of you from the bottom of my heart and more than I can eat!!! Stay humble and keep your faith in Christ as you do so I promise that the Lord will prepare the way for all of us to go and help us accomplish the individual tasks that we are given. May Heavenly father bless us each day!!!
Love Elder Matthew Lee Stucki NZAM

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