Rockin Around The Christmas Tree

Well another week has come and gone and the Lord has blessed us with a baptism. I hope that no one thinks I am making up fake people or bragging, but yet again we have been blessed to be apart in leading someone to the waters of baptism. This past week it was Raihana Matiu. He is the father of Kylie's kids, but lives up the road. He was set for this weekend, but he is going out of town so we moved it forward to Sunday morning. It was really special and he asked me to perform the baptism. Next weekend the Kelly parents will be baptised, and Elder Heslop has been asked to perform those so I am very excited for him!!! That will be a total of 4 baptisms since we cam just 2 months ago, and we have been so proud and feel so blessed with the changes that are happening in the branch!!! The members just are speechless when they see the work that is being done, and now many of them want to be a part of it which is great. This week we went to an elderly couples home for dinner that we go to almost every Tuesday, and we knocked and she asked what can I do for you? I noticed the table wasn’t set as usual and then it clicked for her she said it’s only Monday right? We giggled and said no its Tuesday she was so embarresd , but she had us over the next night anyone. She is a very proper woman for example even the Tomato Sauce (Ketchup) was put into a crystal pouring thing with a glass quark. Everything is always so fancy, but she makes heaps of food and doesn’t let us rest until its gone haha. We also had our branch Christmas party this past Saturday at one of the country schools, one of the counsellors in the branch presidency is the principle, so we had all sort of things to do from swimming to rugby to indoor hockey. Of coarse we didn’t swim, but we had a great time doing other things. Our adopted Grandpartents the Midgley’s (they are the ones with the 650 acres of beach front farm) they enjoyed taunting me everythime the other team scored, I guess they noticed I am just a little bit competitive haha. Even when we went over for tea on Sunday they were still asking hey didn’t you lose, but I had toremind them nope my team one all three times. After dinner we had to drive to Whangarei for a fireside that the district was singing in and we asked them to come and we would see them there. She made a special call to a lady that lives there and this lady came up to me at the fireside, and asked if I was Elder Stucki from Dargaville. I said yes and then she told me that Sister Midgley broke her leg, and her husband had to stay and help her out, but it would be healed by morning. So when we got home I called her and we had a great laugh about the “broken” leg. It is so much fun to have a second family when mine is so far away, but they still aren’t the same!!!

I am not sure if I made mention of this, but the Rusden’s gave us a Christmas tree, and decorations so our flat has lights, and a tree minus the present, but we will pic up our packages tomorrow at zone conference so it wont look so bare. Unfortunately we are not allowed to go down to temple lights because it is just to far out of our area. I definitely cant believe that it is Christmas in a little over a week. I thought that it would never come haha. This morning we had to wash our car for inspections tomorrow, and as we were doing the inside it started to rain, but there was a full rainbow over our heads so it was really neat!!! Oh and Aunt Teresa yes I still use the alarm clock although I usually wake up just before it goes off I know if I didn’t set it that would be the day that I sleep right through. We are always tired it seems, but we always have just enough energy to get through!!!

Lastly I just want to give a yell to all my wrestlers keep up the good work, and take no prisoners leave EVERYTHING you have on the mat each time you step foot onto it!!! I have shivers go down my spine as I heard how well everyone is doing and as a team keep it up and go win us a state title!!! I wish I could be mat side yelling at the refs, and having your back, but I am in New Zealand for a little longer then I will be back training and ready to get back into it. You will be proud to now that I have a record of 5-0 with people trying to challenge me haha, they just don’t know what Palo Wrestling does to you. It creates men keep up the good work, and always listen to coach is has your best interest at heart.

In closing I love you all and hope you all have a wonderful holiday season, Thanks for everything that each one of you has done for me in my life, and I pray that we can all remember the true meaning of Christmas!!! From D’Ville New Zealand this is Elder Stucki (One of Heavenly Fathers Soldiers) signing off!!!

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