Another Week

Well it has been weird getting back into real life missionary work again after the holidays not that it really changed much, but here people shut everything down for there minnimun one month holidays. Many people we have heard are so upset that they only get a month which is funny because except for school we only get days off here and there never huge breaks like here. So our teaching has slown down a bit, but we did happen to find twin boys that are 9 that we set for baptism on the first lesson. It was the firs time on my mission that i have been able to do that so it was a neat experience. They have been to church before, so it wasn't to crazy, but it was still great. They are set for the 16th so that should be really good!!! Im terribly sorry that my emails have been way slack compared to usual, but life is just ticking on day by day not to many new things. Although Dad I did make out famous breakfast burritos so that was nice to have only problem I made them the day after I used all my hot sauce. Yes all the sauces you sent me for my birthday are now gone. Mom you said something about a christmas card, but I never got one so i am not really sure where it is!!! Did you send it through the mission or to kylies? New years was also very quiet here we decided that we would celebrate US new years which was 9 o'clock our time a day later so then we still could go to bed early!! It is crazy how much I enjoy having a bed time and many days it just cant come quick enough. Tomorrow we head down to Auckland for a large mission or maybe half mission conference, we are not sure. I am excited for the road trip, and the goals for 2010. It will also be the first time we see president since we beat the mission best, NZAM 2009, best in history, but the best best is yet to come. We were so stoked when we noticed that if we would have not baptised here in Dargaville the goal would have been missed by just a few. It was so close to failing, but we did it and waht a super blessing it has been!!! Transfers are nearing, but it will be another week before I find out what is happening. This past week we went out to the Kai-iwi lakes where the Midgley's run the food stands, and the lake is like blue as the ocean, President Midgley again said Elder when you come back we can take you out on the lake for some real fun. So Estee I am thinking a 6th month vacation. I will work on the farm so that will pay for our food and rent, and then we have the ocean and lake just minutes away. I think it will be the meanest, so start saving your pennies ha-ha. Heavenly father has been blessing us so imensly and it is definately apparent that you dont go on a mission to pay him back.

Just as a spiritual note I was teaching gospel principles which I am glad that we are studying that in priesthood as well. Anyways I taughta lesson on Family responsibilities, and it was one of the best lessons I have ever taught the whole class was tearing up and the spirit was thick and very uplifting. For all you parent this is a message you can tell your children in stead of because I said so. You can say, "Because I love you , and I want whats best for you." What kid could argue with that? That came to me as I was preparing my lesson, and I definately knew that that is probably what my parent meant, but I was good at selective hearing. I am so thankful for everything I have and the things that I have learned while out, and how I want to use these things to guide and uplift the family that I will have someday. Mission= life preparation 101-8239872982374987 haha Well I love you all thanks for all you do and help with have a wonderful week!!!

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