Hello from PAPAKURA--1/17/10

Well as many of you know I have been shifted back down to south Auckland to a Suburb called Papakura. Our Address is 2/36 Willis Rd. not sure of the postal code, but that should be enough for google earth. So this is the situation I am currently in haha: I got double shifted into the area, meaning neither me nor my companion have been here before, and I have also been made district leader of the biggest district in the mission. I got the call from President on Tuesday, and left Thurday Morning. It is always fun to go to "Grand Central Station", where we meet with all the missionaries that are shifting, and hear president, talk to old companions, and just see the excitement for the adventures ahead. So in my district there are three sets of male missionaries including me and my companion, and there are 2 sets of Sister missionaries. My ward, the Papakura 1st ward is double covered by us and one set of Sister Missionaries so it was great to be at church with their investigators, and ours. This ward is crazy huge what a drastic change from the 30-50 members in Dargaville!!! We have a great ward mission leader that is so on top of things, and really good support from the ward. The bishop is quite young 30 or so, and very very missionary minded. It is great being the district leader and talking to the elders, and sisters each night, but it is a lot more work no more "hangin out" after nightly planning it is straight to the phone updating all sort of record and checking on missionaries, and then reporting it all to the zone leaders!!! It has been really great so far though. The miracle of the week came from a referral we received from other elders, we went to the house that was the not the one they had told us because they wrote 48, but it was 48a. While at 48 we asked is we could share a message they said no we then asked if they knew anyone that was interested, and they sent us across the street, where we met Rhonda. She is less active, and has been praying for help to come back, she also has a 9 yr old son that wants to be baptised. We also have 2 other baptisms coming up in the next 2 weeks from the work of the previous elders. My favorite part of this area is that we share a flat with one other companionship so we have great fun and really good studies all together. It is way cool to see there energy and just feed off one another. We are blessed again with a car so that I am grateful for. My new companion is another Auzzie so the American streak was short lived. His name is Elder McKinley, and he replaced me when I left Panmure. It should be a great transfer!!!

Probably the best part of my week was last night at a Fire side that was put on my our mission back in OTARA my first stomping grounds it was so great to go back to the area. Before the meeting started my companion and I knocked on the Lavea's door to say hello they were so happy and surprised!!! Also another family from my first area have just moved into my current ward, and when Sister Laakulu saw me she said hey come here and gave me a big hug. Atleast I know now I wont starve. It is a big concern in the mission when you will eat. Some times only 7 or 8 times a day it is rough haha jokes jokes. Other than all that not too much news to report I am just loving mission life and thinking about home less and less which is very good. I love all of you to death and would love a short note from everyone that receives this email just so I can get an update on your families!!! It is perfectly fine to email me directly at ElderMStucki@myLDSmail.net I look forward for the updates, and I hope you all know that I pray for you often and hope that we may all try a little harder to be a little better. God be with you all till my next email. Have a great week!!!

Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

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