Malo Sai Fua--1/10/10

Kia-Ora (Key Ora) Family and friends or in English hello. This has been a rather slow week for New Zealand Standards partly because we had to drive to Auckland on Tuesday and had an extra zone conference this transfer to discuss our mission goals for the year. Just about all of our standards went up or what we call key indicators. We now are expected to baptise minimum or 2 per month and teach 14 of the 20 lessons with a member present for fellowship. It was so good to hear the words of President Porter. What a man of God!!! He assures us that this is the direction that the Lord would have us take, and plans on continual stretching to help us grow to our “Devine Potential” I really liked that. It is just like and good coach, always expecting more, but giving praise as we achieve the goals we set. He did a demonstration using a back board and some other EMT things, he and Sister Porter were bored a few years back so they decided to get their EMT license, he related the EMT training to missionary work, and how we are out to rescues everyone not just one here and two there, but EVERYONE!!! He had me come up and tighten the bands on the missionary that was on the back board; of course I tightened them to full Stucki strength!!! Fortunately for the elder that was in the backboard because then president had me and another Elder tip it side ways to see if he would fall out. Thankfully all was well!!! That night as we got home late from our drive I laid in bed and pondered heaps of things about my “life”, and I think I may want to go into being an EMT, of coarse don’t sign me up now haha, but it was very interesting to me and I enjoyed it, so you never know.

Well this week is transfer it definitely is crazy to think we have been in D’Ville for 3 months now. We have no clue what is going to happen other than pretty sure one of us will be going. I am not to sure which I would rather to stay or to go. Fortunately it is a decision that I don’t have to make. Mulan and Jamal the 9 year old boys we found a week or so ago will be baptised on Saturday, so there is a chance I wont get to see that. The best news is now the mother has a desire to be baptised. The Lord fulfils his promise when he says that he will make the path for us to keep his commandments. Parents this means that he will you any and all means to do so even your children no matter how young or old. Listen to them and help them to know that there opinion and feelings matter. We also have a man here to play rugby from Canada that is way keen as well so things are still looking good even though it is still holiday season for another 2 weeks or so.

To answer a few emails/questions Aunt Cassie unfortunately I could not see your card you sent since the computer I am on was unable to read it sad day!!! Aunt Teresa I did get your card a few weeks back, I thought I thanked you for them, but it must have just been in my head and prayers sorry, but thanks heaps!!! Mom I finally got your Christmas card haha the postie (mail service) is rather slow here and the money was there. That card was perfect by the way I figured it was from like Deseret book, but was surprised to see Hallmark on it. Today we will be going out to the Midgleys to work on the farm and hang out since it could be our last few days here. Oh and last night at dinner Sister Midgley said that I can live there while they go on a mission and keep up the farm so that would be super sweet! Not much else planned which is nice since every other day is planned to the minute ha-ha. Alyssa good job on your stunt group Kylie showed me the video it was pretty mean!!! I can’t believe that coach ran the duals w/o varsity, who ran it ha-ha? That is one thing I don’t miss all that much is moving the mats and stressing about who is working where. To everyone that receives this email I hope you are doing well, and having a great start to the New Year!!! I send all my love and blessings to all of you. I know that we all can reach our “divine potential” and we evoke the powers of heaven to be with us constantly and petition heavenly father in all we do. As we qualify for the blessings I know that he will pour out the blessings of heaven upon us all. May we all count our blessings each day, and especially the days that we feel that we are all alone!!! This is God’s work and I am so grateful and blessed to be a part of it!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!
Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

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