Tick Tock goes the Mission clock 3/7/10

Holy Horse (those of you that are new I prefer to eat horse over cow yes I am serious!!!) This week was a bullet fast fast!!! Things are going pretty good still in our ward and rumors of a split are in the air. I reckon I will be long gone by then, but you never know!!! This past Sunday James received the priesthood which was amazing!!! He will now be able to baptize two of his children on Saturday. We have 3 set for Saturday so we have a busy week of interviews, and making sure they understand all that they need too. It is definitely a great problem to have!!! We were also able to set a man from Fiji this past week and his family was all at church on Sunday. His wife is Less Active, but they want more for their children. I said wife I meant partner so we will have to play wedding planner again in a few weeks to get all that sussed!!! It is a great blessing to be able to do all God need you to do. Probably for the first time, besides the times on my mission, in my life I can look back on the past week and be very pleased with the things that I have chose to do with the time Heavenly Father has given me!!! It is a wonderful feeling to not fear meaning after life or ridicule. This week has been full of rude comments and "angry elves." I am really working at seeing people through the eyes of Christ instead of my human eyes!! It is way fun for people to yell at you while you ride past then turn around and go talk to them they get really nervous must be from my large stature of my flash badge. Usually they won't even admit what they said. You just feel sorry for them and Elder McKinley and I just ride off with a smile and have a good laugh. We really get along well and am pleased to have him for at leaast 4 more weeks. I am loving life and am grateful to be serving in a wonderful place.

So here are some people we are teaching. The Whakaara family (wh makes and f sound just like ph) James got the priesthood Sunday and 2 of the kids will be baptized on Saturday. Also Jacob a 19 year old "Born Again" will be baptized on Saturday he is coming along great, and has really opened up to the teachings we share with him!!! Then Ashwyn the Fijian man and his family of 3 boys who love to wrestle me and show me the moves they see on TV of coarse I never let them win. HAHA jokes jokes. Also Marian who we are still working with her smoking and a few others a pretty small pool, but 80% or so all have a date to be baptized. Heavenly father has blessed me alot. I often ask myself why. What am I doing or what is the difference in me compared to other missionaries in our mission. I never have a real answer, but when Elders ask how do you do so well my only answer is I don't let myself know what its like to do bad. Also I really work at observing the best and taking good qualities from all missionaries I am around. And then become humble and recognize that no matter how much success there are other that are doing more, and then come to the conclusion that we are on the same team and heavenly father needs all of his "Soldiers" in tip top shape so he can lad them to do hard things. I enjoy all hard things that come my way now because we all are who we are because of the trials that we have been through!!! I an excited to see the new things the new week will bring. It is Zone Conference so that will be really great!!!

This past week we needed a meal appointment so I called the La'kulu's they are the ones that lived in OTARA and they now are in the same ward as me again they said no trouble elder we will see you tonight. We got their and they bought Burger King literally Burger King haha. 4 Whoppers 4 Cheese burgers, 4 fries, and 4 cokes. Haha my companion and I just laughed and went to work and took the rest home haha. We sat there talking after dinner and Brother La'kulu said we are turning the garage into a room and then you can come back after the mission and find a wife haha I just laughed and said I will take the room, but marriage is not thoughts I need right now hahah. Then we were talking about Tonga and his mission, and then got on the subject of mats (woven things for around the skirts they ware) He said he wants to get me one so now Kyle you can wear one with me when we go to church!!! They are just the kindest people ever and will literally give you the shirt off their back. Then Sunday came I saw him in the hall, and we hugged and he said hows things my brother? I said oh things are great thanked him again for all the support and he then pulls out 50 to 100 dollars and tries to shove it in my pocket, but as missionaries we can't take money and if we do we have to put it into the ward mission fund. It is amazing the bound that are created with people and how generous they are I have gotten very close with that family and love them to death. They always have a kind word and a smile just what a missionary needs. The list of people that I want my family to meet just keeps getting longer, but good thing we have an eternity to do it all in!!!
Well that is my letter for the week it is a pleasure to receive so much love each week may the Lord bless us all as we work to reach our Divine potential and do all we can to please him. I love yous (kiwi thing "yous") all and hope you have a great week!!!

Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

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