Don't Blink 3\28\10

What is going on I keep blinking and I am back in the email shop goodness I better stop that and actually do some work haha. This week was nothing to special or out of the ordinary, but a few cool things did happen. On Thursday one of the AP's that is going home in a week or so came and did a trade off with me and my companion went with another companionship. I was nervous as all get out, but it went very well he was quite impressed, but was able to give me some minor tips to improve in leadership, and general missionary work. His name is Elder Bledsoe from California, and his sister I am pretty sure is in Justin McClellan's (spelling?) mission and probably was in the MTC with him because she is speaking Spanish as well. Any ways that was really good and interesting I was able to observe a lot of things that I can tweek or add so that I can me a more effective missionary. Then on Saturday the La'kulu's had us over for their house warming party now that all the fences and shade covers are done, and they asked if I would dedicate the home it was a great privileged. In the prayer I asked that the home would be recognized as a place of peace and safety in the community and all that entered would feel of the spirit. On Sunday they talked to me at Church and said that after we left more people came to the party and one lady, whom is not a member, said that she just felt really good in their home. It is nice to know that prayers are answered, and as we do our part Heavenly Father will fulfill his promises. Also Brother La'kulu showed me his Hawaii Temple recommend cover, so I pulled out my Vegas one needless to say he loved it so I gave it to him and just laminated mine this morning. They take very good care of me and it was the least I could do.

Interviews were also this week they were pretty good, but confusing as no idea on what will happen next transfer!!! Crazy that transfers are next week, but I don't think anything can surprise me I am just use to saying yes and having faith in Heavenly Father to take me on a new adventure to shape me and get rid of my rough edges. This reminds me of when I told my mom that I am going to such a beautiful place to help me become a diamond and she said quote "They have a lot of work to do." Little did I know she was right. It is crazy to know all the rubbish we have around us until we begin eliminating it and finding what else we can do to be better. We ALWAYS have ways to improve and to be more like Christ. How are you improving today??? Well that's about it from me not many emails to answer questions from this week so I decided to up the font, but it still looks very short haha. Just know that I am healthy happy and full of love for all. Which I really need since I have never been persecuted like this area not a day goes by with out some one yelling at us we just smile and walk away. Something I would not have done pre-mission, but I have learned that taking them down and throwing in the legs haha just doesn't work for missionary work!!! May we all press forward with faith I pray always!!! I send all my love from New Zealand!!!

P.S. I have attached a few pictures of me cutting Jacobs (Recent Convert) hair.

Stucki N.Z.A.M.

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