I hope they call me on a Mission 3/21/10

Not all that much to report on this week things are going well and things are progressing our teaching pool is a little low, but Heavenly Father countered that by providing 9 more people for us that want to be taught. We had to do a lot of "weeding" out in our teaching pool people they were not progressing or have lost the fire. It is sad, but in this mission it is necessary because we only have so much time to do things that it can't be spent on people that have no desire. I have really enjoyed trade offs this past week with the zone leaders it shows me what I need to work on and also a time to "prove" myself, it is great to not feel like the new guy or feel like you have no idea what to do!!! That is something that I remember and use as I conduct trade off with younger missionaries. I do my best to remember what it is like so they don't feel like I am just a square. It is great to be able to evaluate them and give feed back and mostly show love. It is crazy what a touch of gratitude can do for others, sprinkle in some love and it makes for a unified and strong district. I am loving it all, and just working at preparing myself for what ever else God has in store for me. This past week I finished the Book of Mormon again, but instead of starting over I am now reading Doctrine and Covenants. It is great to see the missionaries of old get called to labor. It tells them that they are there to reap or harvest, but they first must have a desire then faith with works and be humble. The recipe for the perfect missionary. I am grateful and humbled by what Heavenly Father has been able to do with me in his hands, and look forward to an unending life of service for Christ and our Father in Heaven.

We had our monthly mission fireside where we bring our Recent converts, and investigators last night it was really powerful. The music was great, and the testimonies were true testimonies. It was also a great time to see old companions or investigators from other areas. I Learned that Dargaville is still chugging along, and has a few more people set some I was teaching and a few new ones. As for Otara Eseta who I love to death is praying for a date and the Elders Say man she sure talks about you a lot ha-ha. That felt really good. They also have a few others that I taught that will be baptized shortly. It is nice to see that hard work pays off and that other missionaries are taking care of the ones that I came to love. Also in Pakuranga the work is still at train speed, and it was great to see many of them last night and they would ask, do you remember me as if I could forget and they were so proud of the decisions that they made. Things like that are just fuel for missionaries. I am just blessed beyond measure!!! I like what it says in True to the Faith that some times we come out thinking that we are here to pay the Lord back for the past 19 or so years of our life, but then we serve for a bit, and we recognize that we just owe him more, fortunately it is a debt that we don't have to physically pay, all He asks is for a broken heart and a contrite spirit!!!

To respond to a few emails Aunt Doreen I do love the stars and the southern cross, but I really don't notice that it is different than back home ha-ha I wish I had more time to just look up at the stars, but I don't ha-ha. Estee I have never seen Lord of the Rings nor do I care to maybe thats why Heavenly Father sent me here because he knew I needed to see it in person ha-ha. Thanks to everyone else who wrote to me and sorry if you have questions I didn't answer.

Well sorry the short email, but not too much to report on. Things are good and my 10 month mark is on Saturday crazy eh? It feels really good to be honest yes it is going fast, but I enjoy the speed it makes me miss things a lot less. Of coarse I miss my family and friends along with MEXICAN food and the fast pace American life style doing what I wanted when I wanted, but the changes in me and the "MAN" I am working on becoming is more important than the selfishness of not spreading what I know to be true. I love you all I pray that you will examine your lives and make changes for the better. We all know right and wrong, but unfortunately we choose the later all to often I pray that we may all come to a better understanding of the atonement as we plead with our Father above to forgive us of our weaknesses and help us to make them our strength. I send my love from this beautiful land that I call home for a time. God be with you all and bless you with your needs, and righteous desires I pray as a servant and representative of Jesus Christ is his name Amen.

Much love!!!
Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

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