Surgery?!?!? 6/14/10

Well this past week I have spent heaps of time in hospital. The doctor looked at the X-rays and saw that the "great" toe had been broken, and the bone was sticking up so it needed to be reset and then a plate put in with screws, boy was it a pain. Luckily it was for a missionary in the Zone and not for me, hahah got you all. Any ways his name is Elder Wiggington and he is from California and fell down some stairs so this past week we have been nursing him back to health so to speak. He is a great missionary, but will be out for 2 straight weeks resting the foot. Things are crazy as a missionary, but fortunately he didn't have to go home for the surgery and it was free since NZ has ACC medical system.

I also got to speak in our other ward this week they told me to take 17-20 minutes, but I was only left with 7 so it was a mad rush to get in what I planned to say. People said it was good, but I felt it should have been better!!! I spoke on being spiritually prepared so it was a good thing for me to learn more about as well. We were also blessed with 2 baptisms this past weekend with Tanifa and Taryn and then later in the Month Taryn's husband will be baptized!!! It was great to see, but the member attendance at the baptism was pathetic. Again it is one of those wards that had had good missionaries for ages so baptisms are just another thing. It is really sad to see, but we are working to get more people excited about the work.

For me the best part of my week was meeting a man named Jared Smith. Jared works at the Pacific Area office which is just behind our mission office. Earlier in the week I ordered a new cell phone since ours was no good, and he is the one that takes care of the Technical support for the area. We went in to his office and I asked him where he served, and he told me Cape Town, South Africa, I asked him when and he said 2001-2002 I think. Most of you should be able to put those two things together, but for those of you that don't know. That is when my cousin served and passed away. I asked him if he knew my cousin, and he said yes, when he came into the mission I was working in the office. Everyone just instantly loved Elder Staples, he was just a great guy. He then shared with me that he was the one who answered the phone when they called to let them know that two missionaries had been in an accident. He also went to the hospital and his companions were the ones that packed Elder Staples things. He said that the whole mission was just changed and different for some time!!! What are the chances that I serve in this mission, at this time, in this area, and need a new cell phone. Then for me to be sent to him, and he knows my "ALL TIME COMPANION" Elder Staples. I left his office and walked down the stairs with tears in my eyes humbly grateful for the words that Jared Smith shared with me and how highly he spoke of Elder Staples!!! What a blessing and a much needed pick me up on the week!!! He has invited us to dinner , but he is not in our ward, but is in our Zone, so I hope that I will be able to have time to go and talk to him more!!!

To answer a few questions I would love to continue coaching when I get home, but we will see what happens I definitely wont be able to stay away for too long. The Cafe Rio was just a nice surprise they had no idea of my obsession. Alyssa you have MONO boy that is no fun I definitely know what that is like. I hope all went well with girls camp and with buying me a new car mom you are just tooo nice, hahaha you just know how much I loved the Aveo. I think an Audi R8 will suit our needs nicely hahah. Thanks everyone for all our your love and support please keep all the investigators and Recent Converts through out the world in your prayers. The world is really jumping to new heights and the help of the members is a must!!!

Well that is about the week in a nut shell I love you all and am grateful for all the love I recieve each day take care and have a wonderful week!!!

Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

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