From dutch oven to 7-11 to wrestling tournaments and Yankees games he is my DAD!!! 6/20/10

What a week it has been!!! Things are just never dull when you have to account for 24 missionaries. I don't think my companion and I had a regular proselyting day this week. Then last night I got word that he is leaving me. He is headed to the office to be President's new assistant!!! It is way cool, but it stinks because he is one of my favorites and we are just like bread and butter!!! He will do great, and the mission needs him. So I will be a solo Zone Leader for 1.5 weeks before transfers comes. I am nervous, probably more than him, I stayed up late into the night just reading trying to get some direction and revelation on what the Lord would have me do to continue the progression instead of it coming to a grinding halt!!! I am so blessed to have a loving Heavenly Father that "comforts me when faint" or completely exhausted!!! The past 3 P-days we have been playing rugby in the rain and mud, so we have just been so tired. Plus the daily duties that are required. Today will be a lax day just running some errands for other Elders and taking my companion to the office, but all is well we always have just enough energy to survive haha. I got an email from Sister Bawden that was very touching please tell her thank you and I will be using her story as I teach those that have strayed away from the fold!!!

Well I think that today is fathers day back home, but I am not sure because it is different here, but Happy Fathers day Dad and to all the "Father figures" I have had in my life. Words can not express my gratitude and love for each one of you. I just pray that my life will merit one of a Disciple of Christ so that I may live how I was raised!!! Yesterday while at a fireside something reminded me of an event that I will never forget. One night after Mutual I was driving home with Dad, and we pulled into the drive way and he turned off the truck and asked if we could talk. I won't mention what was talked about, but I will never forget the look of concern he had for me and who he expected me to become. As many of you know I am blessed with a father that expects a lot out of his children, and we usually whine or whinge, but eventually we grow up and recognize that we are who we are today because he was who he was. He didn't settle for mediocre or average, he pushed us to do hard things and to earn all that we have!! I fought tooth and nail with him for the majority of my life, but looking back there is one thing that is very evident, he loved us and because of that love he wanted to help us reach our potential. Was his strict and bold and demanding yes, but make no mistake he loves his children, and it is not by chance that we are all active in the gospel, 2 missionaries, 2 college graduates, 3 seminary graduates, 2 eagle scouts, and the list continues. I would not be the man I am today with out the man I call Dad. Also as many of you know he has a soft side, and a testimony that is rock solid, he is passionate about the Lord's work and strives to magnify all of his callings. I still remember the days he would come home with dairy queen after his visits with Brother Presser!!! For everything we did we usually had a Pepsi on the side and never went hungry haha. I am so blessed to have a dad that loves me and wants what's best. Only if I realized this 10 years ago I could have avoided many silly situation and grief, but " I knew better" and when I came to my senses there he was with open arms!!! Happy fathers day dad I pray everyday that I will honor the family name and the name of Christ in whom I represent!!!

Sorry for the short email, but I am toast I love you all and appreciate the love and support I receive!!! From my heart to your Ofa Atu of Alofa Atu!!! (I love you in Tongan then Samoan)

Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

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