Cafe Rio?!?!?! 6/6/10

What a week what a week what a week!!! Things have been madness both good and bad, for the bad first I have been sick as a dog with a cold/flu/fever and chest congestion like no other. HAHA it has been great, but my comp and I, both sick, refused to sit in the flat. We we blessed because of it and had a very good week. This past week we went to dinner at the Sorenson family, some member from the West Harbor ward. He was just recently released as a member of the 70 and is now our ward mission leader. They have been to the states many times and are very fond of Cafe Rio so for dinner we had you guessed it Cafe Rio from the sweet pork to the lime rice to the famous house ranch. It was so incredibly close that I was just in Heaven!!! I have not had decent Mexican in way to long!!! It was just Delicious. During dinner President called us about a concern from a companionship in the zone and I let him no what we were eating and he was very jealous. It didn't help when I talked to him later and told him that we had Root Beer floats to wash it all down haha. Root beer in a fine delicacy here and is all imported and too expensive to buy. I don't care for it all that much, but some Elders just go nuts when they get it. It was just a great night. It has been weird getting used to white people food again, and not having to finish all that is on the table. Gaining weight is just something you can't help on this mission, but wrestling season is now in sight and I will be back to it ASAP!!!

This week we also had a wedding for an investigator Taryn and Wairama. She will be baptized this Saturday, and he will be baptized later this month!!! It was very very humble wedding. Lets just say that girls back home would not have it that humble when "hanging out" with friends, but we are just happy that they had the desire to live the law of Chastity besides the Temple is where we need them to end up!!!

We also have another baptism on Friday man named Tanifa he is from Tuvalu (spelling?) He is the man and part of a big family so we will start teaching all of them tonight and that should be a big boost for the month of July. It sounds far away, but if we don't prepare now then we will get to the month and have nothing to work with. There is about 6 potential baptisms besides his in his family so we have a lot of work to get that all sussed out. We are working to get him the priesthood as well so he can preform the baptisms of his wife and children.

We had a great Zone Conference this week and heard crazy news........Well the old record of 123 baptism in a month was set a side for a whopping 144 yes 144 the month of May was massive!!! We were so amazingly blessed, and the mission is just stepping to the next level. We have such great leadership throughout the mission. Elders of pure faith and determination to save souls constantly. It is incredible what Heavenly Father has done with the mission since President Porter Got here 2 years ago. It went from 60 or so baptisms a month with the occasional 80 to what we have now. The Lord is mindful of the work and his children here in New Zealand and what a privilege it is to be here at this time!!!

Also I got the COOLEST card from Grandma and Grandpa Tryon this week all the other Elders we coveting it hahah. I wish I could explain it, but I can't so ya haha. Thanks heaps and heaps for that Grandma and Grandpa!!!
Well that's about it time is cooking like Stucki boys behind Dutch ovens (oh how I miss that!!!), and the work is progressing like KFC in a Polynesian community!! They just love the Cournel!!! I love you all and am deeply grateful for all of your love and support!!! Keep doing what you do and look for ways to improve yourself in this life. After all what we do here will determine ETERNITY!!! God lives and love us all these things I know more and more as I live and strive to be more like the Savior!!!
Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

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