Life is GREEEEEAAAATTTT.... 8/22/10

What a week it has been I say that every week but good gravy we have been incredibly blessed this week. We set 6 people for baptism this week, 1 for August and then the rest for September. We had 7 at church , and heaps of Lessons. Any missionary will tell you that that is what we love to do teach. Finding can definitely be a fun adventure, but teaching people is second to none, other than maybe baptizing. Well we were blessed in that regard as well this week!!! Te Whahuia was baptized on Saturday and confirmed as well. My last companion Elder Davidson came back and we both spoke, and then Te Whahuia Chose me to baptize him as well. The meeting was one of the most powerful of my entire mission!!! There was not a dry eye in the house. The Richardson family has literally become my home away from home, and my family in New Zealand. We absolutely love going over there and being with their family!!! The Mother is a member and hopefully before I go home John the dad will also be baptized!!! Sister Richardson also got up and spoke at the baptism and she calls Elder Larson, Davidson and myself her sons. I wish I could put into words the feelings of that day, but it would never do it justice!!! That night they took us to a Thai restaurant which was yum yum, and only like the 2 time I have been in a legit sit down restaurant since I have been in New Zealand. On our way there it felt like we were just meeting up with family for a dinner. Heaps of their extended family were there that are not members of the church, so were are looking for more opportunities from that as well! It was definitely a weekend to remember. Fred also came to church all three hours, and loved it again. He has quit all of his bad habits i.e. drinking and what not since we started coming over, and before we even taught him that it was bad!!! He is really doing great!! Also we found a 9 year old girl that there family just started coming back to church, and she will be baptized this weekend so long as we can get everything taught that we need to!!! That usually would be no big deal, but Tuesday- Thursday we are in Leadership meetings so that will be something we have to work around, and get to her in the night! Also there is a 12 year old girl named Lauren. Her dad is an active member, but the mom turned anti after being given some anti-Mormon stuff a few years back, so she won't let here get baptized, but now the Dad has full custody. She is really keen and loves the things that we teach so it has been a blast!! Then we have a young Samoan man that is also set for September. We taught him 3 times and set him that 3rd time. after that lesson we left him a plan of salvation pamphlet that he studied hard out, and the question he asked was this, "Will Satan be able to tempt those that are in spirit paradise after they die"? Pretty deep eh? He is just incredible unfortunately he was unable to make it to church since he was sick, he dances for a dinner show for some Poly restaurant, and they had a performance outside in the rain, and he got sick so that was stink! We truly have been blessed by our Heavenly father as we seek out his children where ever they may be! As for the zone we had 11 baptisms go through this week to put us at a month total of 24 which beats the old Zone best of 22, and we still have this weekend to count for August. We have 11 more set throughout the zone, but have heaps of work to do. It is super humbling to know that as we keep our covenants that we are blessed beyond our comprehension!! There has never been a zone in N.Z.A.M. that has ever done more than 29 yes we know it is not about the numbers, but it is about progression and we are ready do take the work to the next level!!! Each number has a name and a story and it is humbling to see how much God cares about each and everyone of his children!!!

Well that is my update for the week things are good busy, but good. I am thankful to be able to serve full time as a representative of Christ, and to help others be able to make it back to Heaven with their families. I love all of you and can not do this great work with out your support please continue to pray for those that we teach and for missionary opportunities of your own!! This is his work, and best case scenario I am just an Instrument in his hands. Love you all!!! Keep up all the good work!!

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