What a week!!!

No clever subject titles this week just kept it basic, but our week was anything but basic that is for sure. Right now as a zone we have accomplished 13 for the month of August with 17 more set for the month and an additional 8 sets that we hope to set for this month. Our Zone has truly taken off, but the best part is how humble everyone is staying, we definitely know that it is not by our power that these miracles are wrought, but definitely by the power of God!!! No Zone in the mission has ever done over 28 so we are working ever hard to help the work of the Lord to progress!! My favorite part is that each number has a name, face, and story that makes them unique and special to us and to our Father in Heaven. In studies one of the Elders shared a scripture in Mosiah 27: 25 & 26, in those verses it teaches us that we must be cleansed of our sins through baptism to return to live with God, but the part I like is that it, being the Gospel of Christ, must go to all nations and people. What a blessing it is to be apart of helping that scripture come to pass!!! Each time I see someones life changes it helps me to change even more so that I may have the blessings that God is so ready to give all of his children!!!

When I first came in to the area one of my converts sent me to her mother's house to re-activate her! Morehu Body is the mothers name. Probably the easiest reactivation ever, one visit and she was back to church!!! Since that time we go over weekly for a wonderful meal that her husband, Fred, always cooks for us. He is a mean cook!!! We usually leave with a spiritual thought and close at that. Over the past 3 months Fred and I have gained a very strong relationship, and Morehu kept telling us to just teach him. He showed no signs of even being remotely keen, but we decided to give it ago. About 2 weeks ago Elder Larsen and I went and literally laid it on the line with him. He said about half way through the lesson, "So what you are saying is that you are right, all of my beliefs are wrong." Some missionaries may dance around the subject and say well not wrong just not fully correct. NOT Elder Stucki!!! We told him straight up that yes that is correct and that he needed to learn about the Gospel and make the decision for himself!!! The lesson went FLOP he was a bit annoyed and ended it at that!!! We left thinking this guy is going nowhere, he is done for, and we felt bad for Morehu because she so badly wanted him to be apart of the church, and be an eternal family!!! About a week later we had a call telling us that Fred was ready for baptism, needless to say we didn't believe it really, but decided to follow up with it. We went back this past Friday and sure enough, a mighty change of heart. The spirit had worked on him over that week and a bit, and other members had been over there to see him and soften his heart. We taught about Faith, Repentance, and baptism and told him this is what he needs to do. He accepted, and is planning on being baptized on September the 11th. His only concern was that he doesn't have white pants haha, we laughed and said Fred we will work out the pants haha. He then asked well what about you, I said what about me. He said what if you leave the area, he was aware that transfers were coming up, but they were the day before on Thursday, by the way my companion and I are both staying, and he said are you leaving. We told him the good news and he looked at me and said good I was hoping that you would take me to the end, you are the one that came first, and asked me to listen, and I want you to see me through. That in and of itself was an answer to my prayers. I actually was hoping to leave the area, but Heavenly Father had other plans for me. I am grateful that I now have a purpose in the next six weeks, and his name is Fred!!! Funny too because that was like my favorite name as a kid I named everything Fred one thing that I can remember is a bird that Grandma Stucki and I nursed back to health or death can't remember which?!? So I definitely stand as a witness that miracles do happens and peoples hearts can be softened!!! I truly do love this work. I love watching people make life changing decisions and come closer to our Father in Heaven!!! The past few weeks have been a huge roller coaster, but I know that because of our diligent service, and staying the coarse of obedience and consecration we have been blessed beyond measure!!! I know more now than ever that were are merely instruments in the hands of God. We do nothing, but allow him to do his work, and that is all that I desire, to just simply be an instrument in saving souls!!!

I love you all and request the prayers of everyone for the many souls that we are striving to save this month within our Zone and within our mission. This truly is a mission of Miracles and we are doing our best to hearken to the counsel of a Prophet, To Save Souls Monthly!!! I love you all and am thankful each day for the blessings that I have been given. Each of you is a blessing and I for sure would not be the same Elder Stucki with out all of yous!!! I LOVE YOUS ALL!!!


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