Tooth Fairy!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Due to the subject let me reassure you mom that my teeth are all good, well at least I still have them all and I brush and floss all the time or in Kiwi talk heaps lots of ages!!! So the subject comes from my testimony on Sunday at church. I was bearing testimony on the difference of truth and belief. Truth is an Eternal Principle, something that will never change, something like I love food or Jesus Christ is our Savior never changing. Beliefs come and go with age, wisdom, knowledge, and all sorts of things. I gave the example over the pulpit of the tooth fairy then as saying the sentence realized my audience and thank goodness for the talent of being quick on my feet and covering up, very well might I add, that the tooth fairy is just a belief. The congregation laughed and the kids were puzzled and my comp and I have been laughing ever since!!! Elder Stucki the dream killer hahah. It was just to funny! We had quite a good week just working very hard at solidifying people for their baptisms and coming to church and everything in between. We had a conference call this morning with all the ZL's and President Porter, and he said now Elder I don't know about you, but some days I wake up and have nothing left or go to bed and wonder how I can do it all over again. He said now I know none of you have ever felt that way, we all laughed because most of us were just wondering that. Questions like how can we continue to progress as a mission or in our personal life. How can we find another 144 people that want to be baptized or more for August as we had in July. Plain and simple we are just tired or exhausted is more like it!!! I have a testimony that as we do what is required we will always find the strength to last another day or week or ___ Months haha. A huge pick me up for my companion and I was last night at dinner. We had a MEXICAN food which never happens. One of the recently married couples in our ward the wife is from Arizona and she made enchiladas. It was so nice to have that like a taste of home it was also a big treat to hear and American girls accent haha. Her husband is a Kiwi, but they plan on moving back to the states at the end of the year. She told us "man it is so good to have American humor in the home", but I don't know where that came from I don't know how to make others laugh . So ya it was really good and for the first time in my entire mission they brought up the topic of how they can do missionary work we were really thrown off, because usually member work is like pulling teeth. Unfortunately the work in the ward they are in is really slow. They live in our "rich" or what we like to call prideful area, but we are really going to work hard this week to find some one for them to work with or something, because we can't waste this perfect opening to have them help us.

Things are going well with our investigators, we are staying very busy with the Zone and working on their finishing skills. This zone has always had a problem with getting people set for baptism and then falling through so we must build our missionaries capabilities, by helping them recognize the spirit and to teach to the needs not just what is next on the list of lessons. We are going in to august strong, but like I said last week we will have lots of distractions from the opening of the new MTC. We have got so much work to do, but thankfully being busy means the time flies. I swear I was just here emailing you. My come and I have the joke that we tell every Monday night just before we go back out to teach. We just say sweet only 7 days left til P-day, then look at each other and say that will never come then Sunday night comes and we laugh and say remember last week when we thought this day would never come. Yes lame joke, but if you have served a mission you would understand haha. Not to much planned today just some things we have to get done for the zone like mail and delivering supplies, I miss the days of Dargaville when we would go and hike and see stuff, but right now I will serve God, and have plenty of time to see everything when I come back and am not on a schedule. Well family that's about it for updates I have made a goal this week to write down a few things each day that I can share with you through out the week, so next week when I get here I can actually have something to write about, but its hard I never remember what I have and have not told you so forgive me, but my only excuse is I am a missionary and that is a pretty good one!!! All my love and prayers from this tiny country in the Pacific!!! Ofa Atu eh?

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