Good times in South Auckland

Well Kia Ora to all!! What a week of adventures it has been. It is so true that emailing just does not do the stories justice, but I guess I will give it my best shot and your imagination can fill in the rest!!! I guess I will start with the things of no real value other than a good laugh. This past week between Elder Rea and I along with one other companionship, in a 3 meal event, ate 58 pieces of KFC Chicken, 12 chips (Fries full containers), 3 mash potatoes and gravy, 5 Coleslaws, and 5x 1.5 liters sodas. Boy was it tasty ha ha. It is really quite fowl if you think of it, but you only live once right? Point taken if I continue to eat like this my life will not be as long, but when it is put on the table you eat and don't say a word! It is funny the food we consume while serving in South, but what can I say I have always been a fan of food!

Well on a more missionary side of things we double our member present lessons this week with 18 and are really seeing some great progression in those we teach! This weekend a 19 year old boy named Charles will be baptized. He is doing really good and has been working very hard to give up smoking! Also Michael who is 11 will be baptized he is a very smart boy that comes from little parental support. It is super sad to see, but if he continues in the Gospel he will change generations and generations of lives just by one decision!! We are working closely with them this whole week to make sure Satan will be kept away! It will be a good weekend.

This week we also had interview with President Porter. He is pleased with how things are going for the most part, but he is the kind of man that just plain tells you what he expects and so we have got some things to work on. I find that style wonderful because we know exactly what he expects and so we know what we need to do!!! I will be forever grateful for him and his wife they truly have been called of God to guide this mission and they are doing s fantastic job. We had a fireside that they spoke at yesterday for all of Auckland, and I saw heaps of people from old areas it was really cool to see them and know they remember me. It is a good feeling when you see people still strong in the church or they thank you for the impact you have had on their life.

Eseta's lesson had to be rescheduled because of a family thing so I am hoping that this week we can set her for baptism! I went to Tangaroa wards primary program (my first ward) the kids were so cute. That definitely is the best Sunday of the year! In our ward my companion and I spoke. I spoke on the power of an example and how Christ mentions multiple times to "Come Follow me." He does not just bark orders, but he sets the example and then asks us to follow him! I am so thankful for that! Elder Rea spoke on the worth of souls! Things went very well and the word is very supportive. On the 31st I have been asked to speak in the Stake Priesthood meeting to encourage the youth to serve a mission so I have been gathering my thoughts for that. I love speaking I know that that is a big way that I am able to be used as an instrument in his hands!! For most people it is a dreaded assignment, but I guess I am just weird!

Well family and friends I love you and am thankful for all you do. Stay strong in what you know is right, and may God bless you as youmake decisions for good!! Remember that God lives and loves you!

So attached are some pictures! Police in New Zealand, Bentley which is Grandma Stucki's maiden name (hopefuly spelled right!), and I founs Uncle John's rd. ( John Stone's Rd), and the one year burning of the shirt! (mom the shirt wan no longer wearable to many stains that yould not come out)

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