Another one bites the dust

Date: Sunday, May 15, 2011, 4:24 PM

Well it has been a very busy, stressful, exhausting, fun, exciting, etc. etc. week. All in the week of a missionary of course haha. So as for right now we are looking at 5-9 baptisms on the 28th when you all come so that should be good we are working hard to solidify these people. This week we found two kids that their parents are members but don't attend church due to work. So we brought them on Sunday they loved it and we now teach them everyday. They have been added to the baptism on the 28th. Miracles are just all around. Tina's mother in law is doing fantastic she is really solid and stoked for her baptism. It will be a very special experience because I will have to literally carry her into the water. Dad would you like to baptize some one while you are here? Things are all sorted with the car. I talked to the Moigoa's and we will have it for the whole two weeks and I told them the plans and what not so they are totally fine with any where that we will be going. It is probably the most American car in all of New Zealand so that is a special treat haha. Other than that things are going well just trying to get everything taken care of. Finishing the mission involves so many emotions. Especially when there is just so much to get sorted, but it is all wonderful, I always have just enough strength to get through the day and then I fall asleep faster than anything ha. Well I do recognize this email is pretty lame, but if I make it long we will not have anything to talk about in a few weeks make that 12 days but who is counting haha. I love you all and pray for you daily. Our zone and mission can really use some extra prayers as we do our best to help President Porter and the mission finish strong and get it ready for the new mission president. Have a wonderful week!

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