Two e-mails

We had two e-mails from Matt this week.
Here's the first: i had a huge email all typed but the computer froze hopefully i will have time later today to write again sorry all is well happy birthday alyssa and estee talk to you all later!!!!
Love Elder Stucki

Here's the second : well i managed to get a few more minutes on a computer so i will write you a short email. First of all thanks to everyone who sent me emails this week it was so awesome to get so much love all in one day!!!!!

My flat adress is 5b wroughton Otara, South Auckland 2023

Everything is going well the work is getting hot and I am excited to be a tool in the lords hands to bring his chirldren back to him!!!! The weather has been crazy rainy the past three days all day and it never falls down it comes from every direction because of the wind last night was the worst yet even my comp said that he has never heard the wind and rain so hard. Also a few big claps of thunder and a little lightning which is pretty rare for new zealand.

Its great to hear that everyone is doing well I love you all and hope you have a great week may the Lord bless all of you in every way as long as you are trying to be obediant and working each day to become like our Saviour jesus Christ. I love the people here and they are teaching me so much. the biggest thing is patients i definately need that and its some thing that i have never really been able to master, but thith the help of the lord i am getting better each day.

Sorry again for the short email i had a huge one all typed and then mycomputer froze so next week I will have more time and it will be better i promise. Mom please keep sending these to my friends all the ones that you have emails for. I love you all and will talk to you next week!!!!

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