I Finally Get To e-mail!!!

Well it is finally my p day and my day to email!!!! The MTC is amazing. Lots of hard work but the spirit is super strong and we r obtaining the word before we can teach it. We taught lesson one a few times this past week and it gets better each time. My companion is Elder Johnson from Moapa NV so pretty close to us. His mom is from New Zealand and his dad served his mission there. He is a very chill elder and we get along great. The food is awesome and i never go hungry so no worries grandma and grandpa. I cant wait to get out it the field hopefully the whole swine flu this will die off and no more missions will be delayed there are now 5 confirmed cases i think and like 30 that have been tested. they are all in Quarentine, so no one else gets it. But if we do get held back its because we need to know the gospel more and the people of new zealand just are not quite ready. The RC (call center) is amazing i go almost everyday and have had some amazing sucess as well as a few people that are not to kind but thats missionary work for you. Our district is amazing its like a group of brothers we all love eachother so much and enjoy being with one another. The spirit is phenominal and i love hearing the testimonies of my fellow elders. I have to give the invocation next tuesday ad the MTC devotional. Last tuesday we had Elder Gonzalez from the quorum of the 70 presidency. So i could be praying for just about anyone we are hoping for a quorum of the 12 member but we will see. Its a little scary but the lord blesses those that try. We have a challenge to read five pages a day out of the book of mormon and if we do that we will ready the BOM 7 times over the next two years. P day has been fun we got to go to the temple today which was gtood cause its been 2 weeks since ive gone which is way to long for me haha. Gym is fun and yes aunt teresa i have been playing basketball up until yesterday when we were told that there can be no contact cuz of the flu so we are only allowed to shoot around and play volleyball. Thanks for all the letters and im super excited for the pictures!!! ive takin so pretty good ones so far so i will have to send you a cd with all of them here pertty soon. Estee good job on the blog post i cant see it but im sure its great!!! Mom if you can send this to everyone that would be great!!! Uncle leses email is pastucki@cox.net and you should have everyone elses. Its cool if you email me back but i rather have you do the dear elder thing cuz then i can get the letters sooner. I am supposed to be leaving the MTC june 15 so ya im outta here im loving it and I LOVE YOU ALL. Keep up the prayers and letter!!!!! KIA-ORA

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