Sunday of Miracles

Well friends and family this was probably the fastest week on record at least for me. I finnaly feel like I am a missionary and getting used to the schedule so the days just kinda fly by. It was just as my Zone Leader Elder Larson said three months into you mission the days fly by, and he only has one transfer left!!! Although I am happy the days are going by fast, I am not “wishing away the present” I enjoy every experience I get and this week there were some good ones. The best one of all happened yesterday at church. ESETA WAS THERE. Through our continued prayers and faith along with some revelation from the lord we were able to teach some really good lessons, well the spirit taught them we were just the physical being, but they went really well. The best one was on Thursday night I was on a trade off with Elder Afoa and we were going back to follow up on the commitment that we left for them to read and pray about Joseph Smith. We figured since we taught them everything already we would go back and help them gain a testimony of living prophets something that no other church has on earth. So we watch a general conference talk in Samoan and then discussed it with them, after which we asked her 16 year old son David to tell us about his experience praying. He said he is beginning to believe, but not for sure yet. The 25 year old daughter had the same response. I had the thought to ask them a question that I have never heard nor asked before in my life. The question was, “When you do receive your answer what will that mean to you and what will you do with your answer?” As the question was asked i got a little nervous because I wasn’t the one in control of the lesson any more, the spirit was. They looked at each other then back at me and both agreed that they could someday in the future see themselves as members of the church. That was such a greatfeeling to hear them say this. We then bore strong testimony and asked if any one had any questions concerns or comment this is when the miracle happened. Eseta thanked us as usual for coming and said I did what you asked I prayed to know if Joseph Smith was a true Prophet and i felt peace and happiness. She then said as you asked David what he would do with his answer it was something a I asked my self and something I never thought of before. She then went onto say that with further study, lessons, and a more solid answer to her prays that she would become a member of our church. I'm telling you that I wanted to do a back flip and shout Halleluiah. Aunt Cassie she is starting to accept the “Kingdom of God.” Thanks to everyone for your prayers on her behalf!!! I know that someday she will make the covenant, of baptism, with our father in heaven. Marc also loves the church as a new member. They both stayed the whole 3 hours ofchurch which is a really big step for both of them. The Lord is blessing us greatly as we try our best to be faithful. That was my spiritual story for the week and one I will never forget.
Some other bits of information I learned this week is that President Porter was set apart as a Stake president by President...........STUCKI, the same one who is now the Las Vegas Temple president. Man we have some good blood in us. Speaking of good blood I was watching a church history movie this week, a segment called and Ensign to the Nations, it is a movie showing the growth of the church throughout the world and the missionary work. The First place was England, then NEW ZELAND, then CHILE, then KOREA, and SOUTH AFRICA. So besides England I'm serving in New Zealand, Dad you served in Chile, Kyle in Korea, and Brian in South Africa. Those were some of the top places for missionary work. Our blood line runs rich with sacred places to serve missions. By the way I tracted into a woman from South Africa this week and I know that Brian was the one that led us to here!!! Now to some questions, Brynn no letter yet I think it takes almost 2 weeks by the time it gets to me, but thanks in advanced for it. Its always nice to get letters in the mail. Mom no worries on the bank thing just get to it when you can. Oh happy birthday Hugh what arte you like 58 now hahah. Mom we don’t have sprinklers in New Zeland only at the church and I have never seen them on. The rain is more than sufficient for all the plants here which is crazy. So far I havnt been to any historical site. My area right now doesn’t have many and since its the city no real place to go and see awesome things. Most of my pdays are spent playing volleyball, shopping for food, and writing emails and letters. Uncle Les I did think of one thing that I need. It’s a DVD called reflections of Christ. You can get it off the internet @ it is an awesome movie that missionaries like to show at baptismal services, butif you cant get it no worries!!! The weather is starting to warm up, but the past 2 days have been really windy and raniy. Well time is up so I love you all and keep up the prayers and everything!!! Thanks for all the encouragement and love!!! Elder Stucki

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