Did the yankees win? hahaha woo woo

Well the Lord sure does bless us and that has been very apparent the past week. The Yankees won and if that is not a blessing I am not sure what is. I think we should send the whole team Books of Mormon!!! We definitely need them in heaven haha. On the more spiritual side of things WE SET SOMEONE FOR BAPTISM!!! We have only been here two weeks and already the blessings are flowing. Her name is Kylie she is our next door neighbour and she is progressing so well. I was on trade of with my district leader on Wednesday when it happened. We just woke up and both said that we felt today was the day that we would set someone for baptism. Neither of us were sure who it was going to be, but through out the day there was zero doubt in our mind that it was going to happen. So we dropped into Kylie’s after lunch to see how she was going. She said good and we asked if we could go get someone for fellowship (we have to have a man in the house when we teach) she said yep and so we drove to go and get Brother Going. As we drove we discussed we would talk about the restoration and then half way to the house I said no we are supposed to teach lesson three (The Gospel of Jesus Christ) and she was the one that was prepared for us to be set for baptism. Elder Larsen agreed and we went back to teach. We got through the lesson and then asked will you follow the Example of Jesus Christ and be baptised by someone who has the authority. She said yes and Then we said we are preparing a baptism for the 28th of November will you prepare yourself for that date? She was very shoked and hesitant so we explained a little more the importance and bore testimony, but she still thought it was quick. Then I taught her the steps of prayer and asked her to right then and there get on her knees with us and pray to heavenly father if this is the date that would be right for her. By the end of it she was in tears and she felt that she had received her answer and excepted that that was the right date for her. It was incredible. The only bad part was that my companion Elder Heslop was not there to experience his first set, but there will be more to come. I know that the Lord prepared us for her and her for us!!! I later found out that the flats we stay in were the second choice because a few others fell through. Do you think that that is a coincidence? I sure don’t I know that it all happens for a reason and it is so great to feel that we are doing what God wants us to do!!! She came to church on Sunday for all three hours and volunteered to come help with cleaning the chapel grounds with the rest of the branch on Friday. She is doing great and is such and example to here 2 young kids (5 and 2). Today we are headed to the beach and possibly a light house one of our members is taking us out so it will be a blast. The Flash drive will be sent home this week mom with heaps of pictures if you could download them all save them and the ship it back that would be great!!! Aunt Cassie it was great to hear from you and the update with your family. Thank you Rachel for reminding everyone to pray for me!!! Elise keep reading the Book of Mormon it is the best book you will ever read, because it gives you direction for your life (Ashby that is, but Elise Dondero I would love to get you a copy of the Book of Mormon as well!!!). Elise Dondero I also wish I was there to have some of your mom’s chilli it is definitely the best EVER. Oh some of you asked about my health and everything is good compared to the first part of my mission!!! Aunt Cassie I will have to get back to you about my Christmas package haha I cant believe that it is November yet alone almost Christmas. Aunt Teresa the weather is wacky never a dull moment here. You truly see all for seasons just about everyday, but it never gets as hot as home. Mom the service we did was mostly mowing lawns and just cleaning up around the 650 acres of beach fron property he has. This week he told me that I always have a place to stay in New Zealand as well as my family so that will be cool. Hopefully I will get the package you sent at interviews this week, but you never know the mail here is crazy. I also got a call from Scott Mitchell now Brother Mitchell telling me about his baptism. His wife already is a member, just less active at the time, but not any more. They will be up in one week and then again on the 29th (my birthday). Brian it is our birthday month this time last year we were at the mini Grand prix beating everyone on the race track. I miss you little guy, but we can have a party together when I get back!!! Dane I am sorry to hear about your nephew you and your family will always be in my prayers. Don’t for get to trun to the Lord in times of need. Well everthing else is going great I am glad to hear from everyone, but I know I always for get to answer your questions. Sorry!!! Just know that I think and pray for you all often and am thrilled for the day when we all will be in heaven together. I pray that we will all try a little harder to be a little better!!!Love Elder Stucki

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Boo Yankees! Hope all is well Matt!