What a day!!!

Well it has been another week in the BEAUTIFUL countryside of New Zealand. It has been 3 weeks since starting this new are with my hard working companion who has been in New Zealand for 3 weeks now. We, together, for the first time hit the standard of excellence by teaching 20 lessons. We were stoke especially since we have been the builders of this great place. The Lord uses us each day to find his children that are lost. We also had interviews with President Porter this past Saturday so we were on the road a lot driving back and forth from D’Ville and Whangarei, but the drive is nice. At interviews President was so happy at the work we are doing and couldn’t say enough nice things it was nice to know that he and the Lord both know of the things that we are doing here. He also informed us that for the past 2 months he has been battling cancer. I was shoked. He is such a man of great strength and spiritual knowledge. Thankfully three doctors now have cleared him and the cancer is all gone. I was relieved because I definitely don’t want him going any where. Kylie is still doing beyond amazing and the Lord definitely prepared her for us to help. She was at church again and is just loving it all. If you want to see what she looks like just ask Kyle because they are now friends on facebook haha. Her kids liked the lollies (that is what candy is called here) that I received in my package. Mom hopefully you aren’t mad that I opened it before my birthday, but I definitely couldn’t wait. Thanks heaps for the 2 calendars the candy the sauces, which were much needed, and the birthday supplies. Oh and the Cd’s I am allowed to listen to, we can listen to any church music which is way cool so that was great to have some new music!!! I was also glad to hear the pictures got to you safely and you liked them they are way better in person though!!! The cows were not President Midgleys just some cows that were crossing the road in front of us. There are pictures of Scott on there under the Pakaranga folder. Oh and all the land that President Midgley owns is what he has bought not inherited I think you asked about that mom. (I am trying to get better on answering questions that you all ask me.) Also you don’t see many surfers the water is cold and the ways are not so good where we are maybe in other parts of NZ, but I am not to sure. Estee that is awesome you speak in church in a couple of weeks what is your topic? Oh and mom the email rule is not really set I have never been told what exactly we can do, so if I have a few extra minutes I send out a few other emails, but Brynn, Lyndsey, Lane, Jared, Chris, and a few others write me well, we write back and forth so that is nice to get the letters in the mail.

Well we came and checked our emails in the morning and then had to leave because of time then we spent the day with Scott and Khadine at the beach and saw the light house today. Last week we went to go and see the trees that were around when Christ was on the earth they are huge that is why there were no light house pictures on the ones I sent home because we decided to go today instead of last week it was amazing and now have even better pictures to be sent home, but that is ok if you just send the memory stick back at Christmas. I am sitting here and can just feel the sand all over my body, but I knew I would be dead if I didn’t get an email out!!! Mom Scott also said that his feelings are very hurt that you didn’t respond to the email he sent you. We had such a great day he is so much like uncle Scott it is scary, but way good. It was like having a piece of home with me all day. They are starting to save for Vegas which will be awesome!!! They also will be back for the big 20. (My age)

This week I also got a letter and some pictures from Jared he sounds so great and has almost been out a full year I am so happy that he is loving it just like I am. It is crazy how everything just works out timing wise, if I look back on when I put in my papers and when I was sent out if any small detail would have changed there is a good chance that I would not have met the people that I have met and so many of the experiences I have had could have been totally different if just a few things would have changed. I am so glad that Heavenly father can see the eternal perspective and guides us all to exactly what we need to be doing. I am thankful to leaders of the church that help guide us to do the things that God wants us to do. I wish that we could write more often so I could relate so many experiences that I have had, but when time comes to email we forget lots of then haha. I guess the phone call in a month we will all be able to catch up. As far as I know we are not restricted to a time limit, but we will find out as that day gets closer. I also might see if we are allowed to sky which is talk over the computer so that we can see eachothers faces. I just am completely loving life right now. I pray for you all often and feel your prayers that you offer in my behalf. I am so lucky to have the support system that I have, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thanks mom for the “preaching” as you called is making sure that I am staying in line, but if I use the advice that Kyle gave me I will do just fine. That was that I need represent the two names that are on my name badge Jesus Christ and STUCKI that is something that I take very seriously I never want anyone to hear that name and get a negative thought. I love doing what a missionary does even though it feels like yesterday that I was singing I hope they call me on a mission when I have grown a foot or to, I hope by then I will be ready to teach and preach and do as missionaries do. I am not sure if anyone can be prepared to do what a missionary does, but I know for sure that whom the Lord calls he qualifies. I am grateful everyday that he qualifies me for the work as it talks about in D&C 4. I love you all have a great week!!!
Your little Kiwi/Photographer,
Elder Matthew Lee Stucki

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