He's gone Country, ya he's gone!

Well I hope that no one was too worried about the late email, but it was Labor day here in New Zealand so this small town of Dargaville was all shut down. So yes I am in a new area and it is a good thing I guess something new I need to learn of coarse. My companion is Elder Heslop from Plain City, Utah. He is the 11th of 11 children. He has been out for quite a while now, about 6 days yes days. So you guessed it I am now senior companion and trainer. President called me Tuesday night which means you are going into leadership, he told me I am opening a new area and he expects me to begin baptising straight away. There are two branches I cover and definitely one of the biggest areas in the the mission. From the Wells Ford branch to the Dargaville branch. The area is about 4 hours from end to end and maybe 2-3 hours in the other direction. Thankfully we are in a car, but we will focus most of our work here in Dargaville. After I got off the phone with President I felt like I was hit by a bus; I am still so green my self and have heaps and heaps to learn. I straight away went into my bedroom and pleaded with heavenly father for strength to do his will and to know that this is what he wants for me. The next morning I woke up, and was just really excited about the move. Fortunately my companion is willing to work and do his part so we are going to do great things here with the help of the Lord. I would really appreciate it in your fast this week that you could fast for us, because I really need the extra support, I have been pushed to humility once again and have to rely on the lord to get me through the task at hand. I know that This is where I am supposed to be and I am with my companion for a reason. This area is ready for missionaries so I am excited and nervous and every other emotion. So today was district meeting and I had to drive about an hour to Whangarei to meet the rest of my district. Mom I have been driving super safe I promise!!! The roads are funny, a lot like the road to Hanna in Hawaii hahaha JOKES JOKES. So far today it has pored like no other rain I have seen before in my life, but the roads don’t get like Las Vegas when it rains which is a very good thing. Oh and crazy enough I have now been out for 5 months time is just clicking away, but I am happy doing what I am doing. Estee, Alyssa, Lizzy, Aunt Teresa, Brynn, Mom and Dad thanks very much for the emails I know that it is not easy writing all the time, but it really helps when I feel all the love!!! Today in District meeting we talked about things that motivate us. We found that love is the motive behind almost all that is good. I love these people from the depths of my soul and that is the reason I am here. I care about their eternal progression and salvation. This is the reason missionaries are able to do what they do it is out of love for the people and for our Saviour Jesus Christ that we are able to leave behind so many things. No matter where I go in New Zealand I will always have a great love for them, because when you serve some one you gain a love for them. It is such a privilege to be a missionary although we have rough days the good far out weighs the bad and I know that is serving here my friends and family will be blessed for it. Sorry I got to go hopefully I will get some more time tomorrow Love you all heaps!!!!

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