November, the month of Miracles!

November is here!!! Holy cow this month I will be 20, Scott Mitchell and his wife Khadine will be coming up on the 29th, from my last area, to have a little party I guess you could call it haha. I remember when my birthday had fallen on a Sunday in the past I didn’t like it much, but now everyday is like a Sunday except we get to attend church so it doesn’t bother me much. Everything went great with Scott’s interview with President Porter, and he will be baptised this coming Saturday, unfortunately too far for me to travel to, but that is just a part of missionary life. I got an email from him today as well so that was great to hear. Well as everyone talked about in their emails it was Halloween back home, they celebrate it here, but nothing like it is in the States. Uncle Les it has been one year since we went to go and buy the dump truck it seems like just the other day that we were out looking. Mom we do have daylight savings time, but it was 3 or 4 weeks ago. For the first time in my life it actually was needed because it makes it easier to work late when there is still light out. The Scott I was talking about to send him my address was Scott the investigator sorry I should have been more specific, but I guess it is good that I just think everyone knows the people I teach and such means that I am losing myself in the work. Things have been going really well with my new companion and the work here is going good as well. We found, through the help of the lord, 11 new investigators and have referrals for 5-6 more. Our branch is a huge support and they have people for us to teach which is so great. We have done heaps of service this week out in the farming community, I am keeping my lawn mowing skills and gardening skills up to par. Grandpa Stucki you would love it here you can grow anything and never have to put the hose on it. The rain takes care of it all and the soil is like gold. We can’t even buy this good of stuff back home haha. President Midgley and his father (Branch president and Stake President) have been a great support and since Senior Midgley just had surgery we have been out to the far to help him a few times. Grandpa and Grandma Stucki you guys would get along with them really well they are like my temporary grandparents for a while. They keep me busy, but don’t have the good PEPSI like you guys haha. It is great to hear that the Yankees are doing well I guess it is like when dad went on his mission when they started winning heaps. I guess we better serve the lord more often to help out our Yanks. Dad you said that the Halloween party was at the Smoke Ranch building is that where we are back to? I like that building a lot and have some great memories there. Tomorrow is zone conference so it will be back up to Whangarei for my companion and I. I really enjoy the little road trips that we get to have each week make it feel like vacation just a little though. Estee congratulations on the Contest you and your friends one you know how much I love sushi, but that will have to wait it is too expensive here haha. And I’m glad to hear that you are ok with going to Samoa with me as well because you didn’t have much of a choice haha jokes jokes. Well that is about it for this week hopefully I answered most of your questions. Thank you everyone for the emails and advice about being a senior companion. Dad I definitely do remember what it is like to be new I still feel new, and I agree with what you said about communication is key. Also making decisions together makes it so that there is no contention or confusion. I take it that that is a lot like marriage haha. Man the mission really does prep you for the rest of your life. This is the Lords work and I am so happy to be serving him I Love you all take care and find someone that need the message we have to share it will change their life and definitely bring blessings to yours Take care and be safe we will talk to you next week!!!Elder STUCKI

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