Hello 2/22/10

Well I am sorry already because this has to be really short. I am going out with the Zone Leaders, and I have very little time. So let's jump right in the baptisms got puched back a week because the mom was getting married. So we will have 3 baptisms on Saturday!!! James will be married on Thursday. Kyle I want you and Aunt Cassie to know that the NZAM also baptizes Koreans I interview Hyekyoung Stewart This week and she was baptised on Saturday she is on my ward, but the sisters have been teaching her she is way awesome and I now understand partially why you love the Korean people so much. Very humble patient people. Mom the fireside went well it is for all those we are teaching recent converts, and less actives our mission puts one on each month at different stake centers in Auckland. It was great to see scott and many others from old areas that I had taught and are now baptised. Today is Scotts birthday so he was going to come see me but I am too busy wil the ZL's. The Mission tour was great a lot of questions and answers with Elder Neilson of the 70 he is a spiritual giant as well as his wife. Sister Nielson's father was the mission president over Chile Santiago just a couple years before dad went. I sat by them at lunch and had a great talk. It just shows how important the one you marry is. She is so supportive and they strenghthen one another. He was called to be a bishop 6 yrs after his mission crazyt eh? Just before lunch President porter told us that some of us would be interviewed by him. At lunch guess who president chose? Yes me haha. I was interviewed by a general Authority not too many people can say that so I was nervous nervous, but it went really well we mostly talked about the mission in general. He also told me that he had been assigned to go to a stake conference with Elder Stucki (Grandpa's Cousin) so he knew our family name. It was very good to sit at the feet of someone like that!!! This week is transfers who knows what will happen I think I will stay, but crazier things have happend. Things are still going well. It was good to hear about the wrestlers and I am definately proud of them. I can't believe that one wrestling season has already come and gone CRAZY!!! Other that I got Uncle Les's and Aunt Pam's Package this week 27 packages of reeses, 3 huge bottles of Hot Sauce, and a big box of Fere Roche or how ever you spell it. I think Aunt pam forgot I am in New Zealand not AUstralia because she sent it to Ausralia, but it got to me all is well. Well Just some last word of "advice" is to not give up on yourself or others. So many times in my life people could have said ahh worthless and let me go by but they didnt!!! Wrestling work scouting church all of it. I am who I am today because people found a reason to stick with my weaknesses. I exhort all you parents to do the same with your children and with any one that you have power to influence!! Never give up. Remember the Saviour doesnt give up on you!!! Just as Alma when he prayed for Alma the younger through his faith things were made right, and his son became one of the best missionaries this world has ever seen. The worth of souls is GREAT in the sight of God!! I love you all and pray for you often!!!

Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

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