Kia Ora--2/7/10

Hello again it is good to sit and breathe for a minute and review the week and read things about home. It is crazy to see how time is ticking for everyone, and the pause button has not worked for anyone haha. I was glad to hear that UNLV won and the updates of rain. I feel like I am wet all the time weather it is raining or just humid and hot!!! Things went very well this with with regards to numbers, and spiritual experiences. Brenda's baptism was a huge success, and she bore a wonderful testimony even through all the things that Satan has been throwing at her. She is a very strong woman and will be a great addition to the Papacura 1st ward. We also had a great temple trip with ours, and the sisters investigators. We went down and they got to watch prophet of the restoration, and take the tour and just feel of the great spirit of one of the Lord's houses. It was great. I would love to serve in the visitors center, but I guess that we are just not as pretty as the Sisters. oh well. This week has been a busy one many hours have been spent on the phone with the district trying to comfort lead guide support exhort, and all the onther fun stuff. It has been a humbling challenge that I am truly grateful for. This week we jokingly created a mental list of the roles a missionary takes on everything from wedding planner to bike mechanic to counselor and part time teacher haha. What a blessing it is to be able to adapt, and support in all kinds of situations. I think that it would be a little similar to a parent, the Lord has shaped me since I was young, and it is interesting to see how he continues to shape me each day in ways I can't even imagine!!! What a joy it is to serve and grow. My companion and I are getting along great I haven't worked so hard, and laughed so much since I used to work with Uncle Les (say brotha) he will understand that, but I reckon that most of you wont haha.

Dad you asked why there were so many General Authorities, and it is because the South Pacific Area is so big Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, NZ,Aus and a few other Islands. It just so happend they were in NZ all together since that is where the area office is in Takapuna a block from the mission office. Aunt Teresa You asked how I got the Elder Staples badges... I had to get special permission from the office and they I just ordered them and ya hope they mean a lot I know he never wore them, but they are official :) Pam Gubler it was great to hear an update from your family and that you can go back to PVHS although I am thousands of miles away my blood still runs thick with PANTHER PRIDE!!! It is just mixed with N.Z.A.M. pride, and an intense and unmeasurable love for Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ. I also got lots of questions about what we do on P-day here. Not to much today we arew taking the train to Pukekohe which is apart of my district. We will be playing table tennis and volleyball. I will also be cutting hair something that I picked up out here was cutting other elders hair, and my own. It saves alot of money since the average cut is $15. Just another way that we try and save our pennies. Although I hate being broke there is some fun to it. We turn it into a game and just get creative. Other than that we just like to get together as missionaries and relax not too many crazy things to see in this area, but we enjoy the train its like a holiday (vacation as we would call it at home).

I would like to close with thanking all of you from the bottom of my heart for the thoughts prayers, and love that come from all over. Missionary life is tough, but most things that are worth it are ie wrestling, life, children (so ive heard), and the list goes on. I am truly enjoying serving it is a big blessing and am grateful that the Lord is taking care of all of you. Keep doing whats right and loving the lord. Continue to be examples , and let the people you love know it. This is a great time to be alive and we are apart of a chosen people. May we all be humble, and moldable in the hands of Heavenly father I pray always!!!

Elder Matthew L. Stucki N.Z.A.M. (Records are made to be broken)

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