Tear drops are rolling down my face 4/4/10

It has been a day of answered prayers and much love felt. This morning I was Studying the December, January, and March Ensigns (2009 &2010), and I feel like at least I am headed in the right direction in my life. I first read a story about how a man was on his way to church and saw a father helping his son on their bikes pg 80 in the March Ensign. It reminded me of the fun little things that I used to do with my parents. With my dad it was and is 7-11 trips, working, camping and cooking dutch oven. With mom it is and was ditching class to go to lunch, shopping and making her and the rest of my family laugh. I think that I know why the Islanders like me so much it is because I was trained to eat from a young age haha. Then I read a story about how God wants us to find him and they had a story about a family that played hide and seek and hid easily so the kids could find them. That made me remember what I have been searching for with a great desire, one what the Lord would have me do for work, and the other one is personal so ya. I flipped back a few pages, and read a story about a man who had started his own business doing, you guessed it Lawn maintenance, and such. They were going through tough times, but they made it work. They felt it was what God wanted so they trusted in him. He was then called to be a Bishop. A calling he could not have had if he worked at his other jobs. Although I still am unsure of exactly what I want to get into I do know that I want to be the boss. I want to make a schedule for myself so that I can do like my parents did for me and be at all the sporting events and things that I needed them for. Talk about an answer to a prayer. The other amazing answer to my pray came when I was reflecting on life and wondering if my mistakes truly have been forgiven. I then began my reading in D&C 36 Thus saith the Lord God, the aMighty One of Israel: Behold, I say unto you, my servant bEdward, (Elder Stucki) that you are blessed, and your sins are forgiven you, and you are called to preach my gospel as with the voice of a trump. Some may say coincidence other may say luck, but I know it was an answer from my Father in Heaven. I am so blessed to be serving, and we are all so blessed that when we repent with real intent (we have a true desire to change and show our desire by our works) that he will forgive us. The Atonement is a beautiful thing.

Many of you asked about Easter here, well people celebrate it the "Hall-Mark" way with bunnies and such, but only 1 in 20 would know that it is all about Jesus Christ. It was a great opportunity to bring up the Gospel. Nothing exciting for us though with re guards to the holiday just another day at work. We were blessed to set another woman named Renee for baptism this month and her and her friend Jason came to Church it was amazing. Our last lesson we had her pray and ask if this was God's will to have her baptized, by the end she was in tears. The same with after church she came out of Relief Society with tears and many women giving her hugs she was so welcomed which was GREAT!!! The work is still Chugging along and we are still finding more people, the Lord is always working for his children sometimes we just have to get out of his way and let him do his thing. We get in his way through lack of faith or diligence and when we are not obedient. I really feel like I am doing what he wants which is a great blessing.

Lastly the reason for the subject of this email is because of the Email I got from my Aunt Teresa, she wrote it to me and my cousin Brian. For those of you who don't know of him he is one of my biggest heroes, he passed away on his mission about 7 years ago, and he is with me every day. I wear his badge she gave me inside my pocket and I would have it no other way. Along with my older brother, they showed me it was cool to be a member of the Church and a mission is the only way to go. Any ways my Aunt bore her testimony to "us" and I felt like he was right beside me reading over my shoulder and filling my heart with love. I am so blessed with family and friends that love and care about me. Although many times I feel not worthy of the love I am deeply grateful for it. I received a lot of love today and what a blessing it was!!! This Church is true through ridicule, middle fingers, vulgar words, near fights, mocking, and ignoring us we stand strong for what we know is TRUTH. No one can discredit what we say, our message is not fact. Fact changes. It is truth and truth is eternal and unchanging. The gospel was restored through the prophet Joseph Smith, TRUTH. We have a living prophet today, TRUTH. God lives, TRUTH. Jesus is our Savior and redeemer, TRUTH. I love you all with all of my heart, TRUTH. May god bless us each day as we serve faithfully to the end, and as we love one another by more than just word, but through our acts is my pray today!!! N.Z.A.M. is the best mission ever, FACT haha.

Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

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