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Well I just had the coolest experience. Just now some of our investigators just came into the email shop. Renee and Jason who with Heavenly Fathers help will be baptized this weekend, they have been struggling with the word of wisdom and so they have to quit smoking. Now each time we see them we make sure they have no smokes or beer so with 10 missionaries around I held out my hand and said hand it over. She said no I cant, then with a little coaxing and 20 eyes on her she handed them over. This week my comp and I have gathered around 10 lighters, 3 packs of cigs, 2 beers, and one blunt (pot, marijuana). The last was a little scary because it is illegal here and if I would have been caught with it then I would have had to do some time in jail haha. All in a days work for a servant of Heavenly Father. Unfortunately these 2 investigators we are counting on so that we baptize this month, if they don't go through it will be the first month since I was in my first area that my companion and I have not baptized in. Fortunately we have the Lord on our side so we are very excited. Please pray for them by name Jason and Renee to have the strength to over come addictions with the word of wisdom.

The other miracle of the week is that we were contacting a referral from the zone leaders and the family invited us right in to hear the message. We taught and they asked questions and are just super keen. We are finally back up to 7 set with a date, five for May, and two for April. This family ended up being best friends with a family in our ward. The funny thing is no one knows where the referral came from it just came to the zone leaders, and now we are teaching the family with 3 potential baptisms. When we told the Hapeta's (the member friends) they were shocked and a little embarrassed for not sending us there. It made me think of who from pre-mission that I didn't give that opportunity to hear the Gospel. I hope that none of us have the experience of the missionaries calling us and saying why didn't you tell me about this family they need what we have so badly. May we all think of a family this week and present them to the Elders or Sisters so that we can all have the blessings of what we know to be true. As for the work, things are going well and working everyday to just do as He would have us do.

This week is our zone conference and temple trip so I am stoked. 6 months is way too long to have to wait to go to the temple. Speaking of the temple I got a call from Scott and Khadine Mitchell and they told me thy have started their temple prep class and in 6 months have asked me to take them through the temple and to also be sealed as a family. I can NOT wait!!!

Aunt Laurie thanks for the update and I can't believe that Cole was baptized, what a stud!!! Brother Randall, man I haven't heard from you in ages, thanks heaps for the wonderful email and kind words, but I can promise you don't want your sons to be like me, but I would love to help them be better than me. Which won't be to hard hahah. By the way New Zealand is way better than Aus. haha. Alyssa thanks for the over due email!!! I also saw KA many years ago haha and loved it too!!! I am glad you got to go to the dances and enjoy yourself. Mom to your questions: McKinleys parents are from Australia, but are currently living in Tasmania. I doubt I have mono, but I would never know I am tired from missionary work. Fortunately the sores are going down and all should be well. As for my bike it is fine and my wrist will heal eventually and the bike it self is fine. By the way about 8 months ago my original bike was stolen so I had a junk one for a while then put 3 bikes together to make one and it is pretty good. Sorry for never telling you, but I like to be self reliant. HAHA Estee I think you are right about health insurance for life, for some reason I get hurt a lot, I guess in my "old-age" I am not as invincible as I once was haha. Kristina Sullivan thanks heaps for the email, and I am glad to hear all is well in Dargaville. Definitely miss the country!!! Thanks to all the other emails, prayers, and support. This would not be possible with out all of you.

This week I was sitting in the living/bedroom/dining room/lounge and I looked up to a picture of the family and asked my companion who is that. I guess I have been out a long time when I am forgetting who people are in pictures. I am very excited about the phone call next month it should be good and I can remember what everyone sounds like!!! Oh one last thing Elder Vaolupe met his brother for the first time in person in his whole like. He is not a member and Elder asked him to listen to the message and he accepted. It was great to see him come in last night and with watery eyes and share his feelings with us after meeting his brother. I could never imagine having direct family in the mission, but with the Samoans and Tongans they all have Aunts, Uncles, some parents, and brothers and sisters. We always tell them they are just on holiday not even serving a mission hahah. Things are good, the days keep ticking by. I love you all and pray for you often. Mom I am glad that you feel that our family is blessed because of me. Each night I plead with Heavenly Father to send the blessings home to the ones I love over myself. Thanks again from a kiwi to all of you Ofa Atu.

Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

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