Transfers 4/11/10

Well this past week has been one of CRAZINESS I am still District Leader in Papakura, my companion moved to the other ward in our building. My new companion in Elder Hunt from Mississippi, the first one that it bigger than me, and he has only 2 months left on the mission. Also we had a set of Tongan Elders move into our flat one from Arizona, and the other straight from Tonga, a brand new missionary. It it so much fun I will send a few pictures so you can see that we all sleep in the living room and have the 2 bedrooms as personal study areas. It is great fun to cook for 4 instead of just two, the only down side is the phone is always being used, and the shower. Other than that It is a party everyday. Of course a spiritual one, but a party none the less. Our mission is now the biggest in the world with 195 soon to be 196 Elders and Sisters. We also have another new sister in my district from Hawaii. My district was split since it had more missionaries than country zones so Elder Johnson my MTC companion is the other district leader. I was ready to have all of them, but the lord gets his way ha ha. The work was rather slow this week with transfers, and General Conference. Not as much time as usual to hit the streets. I also now share the car with the Tongans so it is a juggling match to try and get everyone where they are needed. To bad I am not a mother and can get 9483759837598374 children to 9834598347598347 activities and the same time. Maybe in the next life that talent will come ha ha.

So lets talk about conference my Favorite talk was like a few other emails I received was the Man in the 70 that spoke on mothers I definitely gained a much greater love for the role of women as it seemed to be the main message along with bringing the family together. Unfortunately not too much for me at this time, but I took notes for the future. The one talk that was directly for me was PATIENCE by Uchtdorf at the priesthood session. He was looking straight into my heart I tell ya. The attendance at conference was rather sad!!! We watched them all at the chapel and only the Sunday morning was full the rest were under 20. I was very embarrassed that members could not find time to listen to the prophet of God. Many talked about watching it at home, but still there are a lot that don't have that luxury. All in all I thought it was a good conference and am looking forward to the Ensign of next month!!!

This week I have received many gifts from people. I got the great package from Aunt Cassie with all the necessities of Easter. By the way Elise and Rachel you are not allowed to grow any more!!! Thanks Aunt Cassie heaps as well as thanks from the other elders. I am excited to make tacos and use the salsa!!! Also Gandma Tryon sent me a card and money and it was great to hear that they are doing well and getting all my updates I though a lot of her when they talked on Geneology. Grandma you will have to train me on that when I get back!!! Also I now have three tavala's or the tongan mats that the males wear so me Kyle and Dad if Dad will be a true man and wear a skirt haha. You told Brian to make fun of me so I am not sure if you were joking or if you think it is silly either way I have one for all of us!!! Also I got a woven back pack I plan on sending it all home so I dont ruin it or other missionaries barrowing it haha. Estee I will definately do pavers for your house as long as I can live with you for a while!!! but that is ages away. I cant believe base ball season is back I love it and go YANKEES. Alyssa I need pics from your dance and an email would be sweet haha but I understand I was the worst for Kyle.

Well things are going well enjoy the pictures and just know I am safe and doing great in New Zealand I am happy to serve the Lord for as long as he needs, so the rest of my life. Mom I now have the ulser things on the back of my throat again so I hope that will pass quickly. The weather is turning quickly. Other aches include my wrist from my first bike crach in which I went of the handle bars and slid 6 feet to a curb nearly getting hit by a car. hahaha I love mission life never a dull moment well I love you ALL have a wonderful week stay safe and strong in the faith of Christ!!!

Elder Matthew Lee Stucki N.Z.A.M.

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